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Frasi con relinquish (in inglese)

1. It is little to relinquish.
2. Relinquish evil! was their cry.
3. His plans will never relinquish;.
4. He can relinquish material belongings.
5. It was a lead they would not relinquish.
6. But she was not about to relinquish the spot.
7. He was therefore forced to relinquish his plan.

8. It is to relinquish inner resistance to what is.
9. The demon laughed harshly as he relinquish control.
10. Not give away something she isn’t required to relinquish.
11. I would not so soon relinquish the attempt to reconquer it.
12. Especially as mothers, we tend to believe that we must relinquish.
13. They relinquish to you a pot of gold The power of their love unfolds.
14. After you have once gained self-control, however, don't relinquish it.
15. He refused to go stupid and relinquish his surges of rational thought.
16. Treaders on both paths have to relinquish desire and the outcome of the.
17. And there was one evil spirit, furious that I wouldn’t relinquish the book.
18. As soon as it becomes a duty to relinquish that situation, danger disappears.
19. Confident the battle was over, Garcia fought to relinquish the Kelvan interface.
20. States for refusing to relinquish the liberties that made the country so unique.
21. Uzbekistan was under Russian control and they will never relinquish that control.
22. He was about to nod and agreed to relinquish command to her when Kletsova appeared.
23. But she had been a one-man band for so long, she could not relinquish that control.
24. He asked her to relinquish her virginity in return for her rightful share of bread.
25. This is the reason that in spite of knowing that anger is bad, you don’t relinquish it.
26. Held–Refuse to relinquish or renounce; to hold fast to and to incorporate within one’s self.
27. Margery seethes and plots daily to take the reign I would gratefully relinquish, just not to her.
28. You are so unwilling to relinquish your comfort that your selfishness drains you of humanity!.
29. I could never relinquish my attachments to the land of freedom, in which I inhaled my first breath.
30. He was fully aware that Hitler would never be prepared to relinquish the supreme command officially.
31. It belongs to me in more ways than you might imagine---I would request that you relinquish it now.
32. However, they don’t want to relinquish attachment since attachment comes cloaked in the blanket of love.
33. Barnes actually preferred to relinquish the reading aloud rather than use my electric light in the daytime.
34. Adams's Administration, stick to their old principles, and I will venture to say will never relinquish them.
35. In the centre where the radius line goes single the form relinquish the three dimensional form it has inside.
36. His thirst to spend more and more time in the search for truth lead him to relinquish his college teaching job.
37. Demons are always searching for more effective ways to relinquish humans from their souls with their permission.
38. One thing was manifest to both of us, and that was, that until relief came, neither of us could relinquish the fire.
39. However, a spiritually fruitful person is able to relinquish the unhealthy entrapments of a right and wrong mentality.
40. The contract between her and the other party requires her to relinquish the child to the contracted party after giving birth.
41. He determined to drop his litigation with the monastery, and relinquish his claims to the wood-cutting and fishery rights at once.
42. It gives us assurance that the dictators will be wise enough to know when to relinquish power and virtuous enough to actually do so.
43. He had some kind of problem with women in authority and he was about to relinquish control of his privacy to her; his female therapist.
44. Bear in mind that rogue imprisonment is a serious matter---you would relinquish all privileges and be set to labor in the culture vats.
45. Caris said furiously: When you’ve caught a thief, you don’t ask him whether he can afford to relinquish his ill-gotten gains!.
46. Should I be mistaken, however, I am not inclined to relinquish my opinion, merely because the practice of Great Britain is opposed to it.
47. In spite of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, the Chinese masses refused to relinquish their superstitions or their customs or their ancient beliefs.
48. If Israel doesn’t relinquish these settlements back to the Palestinians we should cut off all aid and not come to Israel’s support militarily.
49. A nation situated as this is, who has so much to lose, and so little to gain, ought not to relinquish its peaceful state but in the last extremity.
50. Not a man of them will relinquish that which is held so dear by them until they see the thin thread move the mighty iron weight without touching it.
51. He might have known that the Angel wouldn’t relinquish her children to anyone else, and then there was the fact that the Angel had gone after Resa.
52. Marraud was adamant in his heart and mind, he would not relinquish his life; there simply had to be a way of escaping and delivering the information.
53. In fact, Reagan even suggests that Great Britain relinquish its claims to the Falklands, seeing the islands as a vestige of Britain’s colonial past.
54. In the very centre of the sphere the form of the sphere dictates that the shape will relinquish space as the line run from the outside towards the very centre.
55. Our founders were determined never to relinquish that freedom to another outside power, and they took steps to make sure their children would also defend liberty.
56. For I did not expect him to understand why I was not only willing, but even eager, to relinquish a woman whom I could hold only by asserting a property right in her.
57. Whites can relinquish any sense of responsibility while waiting on the black middle class to mobilize itself and uplift the entire black race within missions structural barriers.
58. When the time came, Greg would happily relinquish the seat to one of them as Timothy had insisted Greg take it when, too old and ill to properly manage the company, he had stepped down.
59. Weeks have passed, but no trace of her has been discovered, and we relinquish all hope, tie a black ribbon to her basket, set aside her dish, and weep for her as one lost to us forever.
60. Nicholas moved, in order to do away any difficulty in this case, that when the members of the Senate were introduced, the Speaker should relinquish the chair to the President of the Senate.
61. Jefferson, then President of the United States, through our Minister in London, proposed to the British Government to relinquish the embargo as to her, on condition the Orders in Council were revoked.
62. He was unwilling to give the least evidence of a determination to relinquish any kind of opposition (though it was scarcely apparent) to the wrongful doings of other nations against the United States.
63. At this moment Anna was positively admitting to herself that she was a burden to him, that he would relinquish his freedom regretfully to return to her, and in spite of that she was glad he was coming.
64. Yet why did he not shoot himself then, why did he relinquish his design and even forget where his pistol was? It was just that passionate desire for love and the hope of satisfying it that restrained him.
65. But, circumstanced as Great Britain is, contending for her existence against the most formidable power on earth, and resting her last hopes upon her navy, I presume she will never relinquish the principle.
66. I only ask for five days as a prudent margin against the unexpected, and if I cannot achieve it by then, I will gladly relinquish command to you, or to whoever this Assembly should choose for the responsibility.
67. The barber, however, was not so ready to relinquish the prize he had made in the pack-saddle; on the contrary, he raised such an outcry that everyone in the inn came running to know what the noise and quarrel meant.
68. On a former occasion, several of the States were induced, from peculiar circumstances, to relinquish for a time their right in favor of a particular case—I allude to the first establishment of the Bank of North America.
69. John, no doubt, would have given the world to follow, recall, retain her, when she thus left him; but he would not give one chance of heaven, nor relinquish, for the elysium of her love, one hope of the true, eternal Paradise.
70. The advocates of a navy need not expect to cover the deformity and danger of the system by telling the people they are friends to the protection of commerce—and that those who oppose it are ready to relinquish our rights upon the ocean.
71. And the charter does say that the king wishes to encourage the building of the cathedral, but it does not say they have to relinquish their rights when the church is finished, nor that they are forbidden to use the stone for any other purpose.
72. And there are even rich men who, not through religious sentiment, but simply through special sensitiveness to the social standard that is springing up, relinquish their inherited property, believing that a man can only justly consume what he has gained by his own labor.
73. The buccaneer on the wave might relinquish his calling, and become at once, if he chose, a man of probity and piety on land; nor, even in the full career of his reckless life, was he regarded as a personage with whom it was disreputable to traffic, or casually associate.
74. With this evidence of hostile inflexibility, in trampling on rights which no independent nation can relinquish, Congress will feel the duty of putting the United States into an armor and an attitude demanded by the crisis, and corresponding with the national spirit and expectations.
75. The severe illness from which he had suffered shortly after his arrival had never wholly left him, and he had by degrees almost decided to relinquish his hope of farming here, though, as long as the bare possibility existed of his remaining, he kept this change of view a secret from his parents.
76. If none of the options discussed in this chapter meet your needs for acquiring bitcoins, you have another alternative to acquire bitcoins that is probably better than any other: Sell something to bitcoiners for bitcoins! Die-hard bitcoiners dream that someday they’ll be able to relinquish all fiat currencies.
77. And if, after a three, four, or five years' voyage she is drawing nigh home with anything empty in her—say, an empty vial even—then, her mast-heads are kept manned to the last; and not till her skysail-poles sail in among the spires of the port, does she altogether relinquish the hope of capturing one whale more.
78. As you may already know, the British, after clinging tenaciously to Palestine all these years despite the guerrilla war opposing them to the Jewish underground, have finally bowed to the pressure from various United Nations members, including the United States, and have announced that they will relinquish their mandate on Palestine.
79. Thenardier, by putting Jean Valjean outside in his stead, provided a prey for the police, forced them to relinquish his scent, made them forget him in a bigger adventure, repaid Javert for his waiting, which always flatters a spy, earned thirty francs, and counted with certainty, so far as he himself was concerned, on escaping with the aid of this diversion.
80. Before we relinquish the conflict, I wish to see Great Britain renounce the piratical system of paper blockade; to liberate our captured seamen on board her ships of war; relinquish the practice of impressment on board our merchant vessels; to repeal her Orders in Council; and cease, in every other respect, to violate our neutral rights; to treat us as an independent people.
81. Considering that their children would also be born mortal was of no consolation, because one must first drink from the well to attain the curse, eventually longing to return to the fountainhead and relinquish one’s self from the havoc that is bestowed upon any individual lucky enough and smart enough to have attained the serenity and peace of mind to all who visit its well.
82. She sits there, saying meek things about the weather, expressing a modest optimism, ready to relinquish even that if my uncle differs, becoming, when he takes up a book, respectfully quiet, ready the moment he puts it down to rejoice with him if he wishes to rejoice or weep with him if he prefers weeping; and the more she is concerned to give satisfaction the less well-disposed is he towards her.
83. It does not appear, from any evidence from the Secretary of War or of the Treasury, that the late Colonel Hamilton ever did relinquish his right to half-pay or commutation, nor can the committee believe that it would be proper or generous that such relinquishment should be relied on as a bar to a just claim upon the United States for meritorious services against the representatives of such claimant.
84. We are not, now, about to discuss the policy by which a princely pirate may be persuaded to relinquish his plunder; nor yet the expectation entertained of relaxation, in her belligerent system, of a haughty, and perhaps jealous rival; nor yet the faith which we owe to a treacherous tyrant; nor yet the fond, but frail hopes of favors from a British regency, melting into our arms, in the honeymoon of power.
85. It is revealed by the fact that Churchill actually wanted to start using poison gas on the Germans: which had been outlawed by the Geneva conventions after WW1 for years, and it took weeks of his entire staff arguing with him to get him to relinquish his insane plan to exterminate the entire German Nation by poison gas; thus reducing the center of Europe into an uninhabitable, poisoned wasteland for the next 300 years.
86. He knew his little girl well enough to be sure she would relinquish church and white satin without a murmur at his request, but she might want to tell her aunt of the marriage's imminence, and then the aunt would, to a dead certainty, obstruct, and either induce her to wait till the year was out, or, if Lucy refused to do this, make her miserable with doubts as to whether she had been right to follow her lover's wishes.
87. The campaign began, the regiment was moved into Poland on double pay, new officers arrived, new men and horses, and above all everybody was infected with the merrily excited mood that goes with the commencement of a war, and Rostov, conscious of his advantageous position in the regiment, devoted himself entirely to the pleasures and interests of military service, though he knew that sooner or later he would have to relinquish them.
88. My object will be to show that no such obligations exist; that the present is a favorable opportunity, not to be suffered to escape, totally to relinquish it; that it is time to manage our own commercial concerns, according to our own interest; and no longer put them into the keeping of those who hate or those who envy their prosperity; that we are the constituted shepherds, and ought no more to transfer our custody to the wolves.
89. The campaign began, the regiment was moved into Poland on double pay, new officers arrived, new men and horses, and above all everybody was infected with the merrily excited mood that goes with the commencement of a war, and Rostóv, conscious of his advantageous position in the regiment, devoted himself entirely to the pleasures and interests of military service, though he knew that sooner or later he would have to relinquish them.
90. Although the above decrees partake of municipal as well as external regulation, yet the French Emperor, foreseeing that Great Britain would not relinquish the ground taken while the continental system, so hostile to her commercial interests, was continued, and yielding for a moment, as is supposed, to the groans of subjugated States, stipulated by the above letter for a relinquishment of his system by an entire repeal of those decrees.
91. The question then at issue, I take to be this—Shall the war with Great Britain be continued to oblige her to relinquish the practice of taking from our merchantmen her native British sailors? If we could obtain the principle by continuing the war, I think it can be demonstrated, that it would be injurious to the American seamen to have it so established, inasmuch as it would, by increasing the number of our seamen, necessarily diminish their wages.
92. For, it cannot be concealed that unless, in the present contest, Great Britain can be compelled to relinquish her claim to the right of impressment, unless it be made the sine qua non by the American Government, to any arrangement of the existing differences between the two nations, our claim to exemption from the practice must be forever given up, and Great Britain will feel herself at liberty to continue to exercise it with ten-fold rigor and severity.
93. Out here in the higher dimensions, while high and happy on acid, or sad and blue on base, waiting for a homerun to bring you in, while the gods are masturbating up in their box office seats, spewing their holy jizz onto their worshipers below, possibilities exist in both fleeting and permanent states that are difficult, if not impossible, to comprehend or pin down and don’t make a whole lot of sense unless you completely relinquish control of your senses.
94. Pon had told Vitchae and Cenat that his love for Kim was too strong and he wanted to protect her, although he would always remain on the path to enlightenment, he would do this with his wife, but as it was forbidden for monks to marry he would relinquish his role as Tinju Prime Master, and no longer be a monk, however, he would remain the defender of the Monarch and protector of the relic, Pon would always remain a loyal servant of the Tinju and Royal Family.
95. What an agonizing day I spent, torn between my desire to regain my free will and my regret at abandoning this marvelous Nautilus, leaving my underwater research incomplete! How could I relinquish this ocean—"my own Atlantic," as I liked to call it—without observing its lower strata, without wresting from it the kinds of secrets that had been revealed to me by the seas of the East Indies and the Pacific! I was putting down my novel half read, I was waking up as my dream neared its.
96. And an expectation was also entertained, that if one of the parties could be induced to relinquish their orders or decrees, the other party would follow the example; and, if this just expectation should be met by a perseverance of either of the parties in their orders or decrees, after their adversary had accepted the invitation thus given, it would test the sincerity of the various and repeated declarations made by them, respectively, that their orders and decrees, affecting our commerce, were reluctantly issued in their own just defence.
97. Given Zuma’s actions over his entire term as president and given the ANC’s wish for a two-thirds majority in the upcoming general election in order to be able to change the Constitution, it is perhaps time to ask the critical question: will Zuma be prepared to step down and relinquish power at the end of his final term, or will he finally complete the Zimbabwefication of South Africa, change the Constitution and stay on in the Presidency as one of Africa’s Big Men, the next Robert Mugabe, making South Africa his personal fiefdom?’.
98. After stating the opinion they had formerly expressed, that although the British Government did not feel itself at liberty to relinquish formally, by treaty, its claim to search our merchant vessels for British seamen, its practice would nevertheless be essentially, if not completely, abandoned, they observe: That opinion has since been confirmed by frequent conferences on the subject with the British Commissioners, who have repeatedly assured us that, in their judgment, we were made as secure against the exercise of their pretension by the policy which their Government had adopted, in regard to that very delicate and important question, as we could have been made by treaty.
99. Anselmo was completely satisfied by the words of Lothario, and believed them as fully as if they had been spoken by an oracle; nevertheless he begged of him not to relinquish the undertaking, were it but for the sake of curiosity and amusement; though thenceforward he need not make use of the same earnest endeavours as before; all he wished him to do was to write some verses to her, praising her under the name of Chloris, for he himself would give her to understand that he was in love with a lady to whom he had given that name to enable him to sing her praises with the decorum due to her modesty; and if Lothario were unwilling to take the trouble of writing the verses he would compose them himself.
100. Will you not only go to war, but wage a bellum ad internecinum for it? Will you wage an endless war of extermination for this right, which, you have known for two and twenty years of your national existence, she will not relinquish? A gentleman from Tennessee, of whose capacity few men have more respectful opinion than myself, has quoted the diplomatic correspondence as far back as 1792, to show what General Washington's opinions were on this question of impressment, and this opinion of the Father of his Country is now held up to the people of the United States for the purpose of enlisting their prejudices in the conviction that, by involving the country in warfare, we are at this moment treading in the footsteps of that great man, and acting upon his principles.
1. The relinquishing of.
2. Not all is as it seems, Burning Cloud said relinquishing.
3. What’s the matter? she asked, relinquishing the gun to Terry.
4. As the oedipal son passes through the stage of relinquishing his mother, he begins to.
5. Motivation is usually squandered by us relinquishing our power and responsibility in the hands of someone else.
6. You wish! cried Jai, holding the satchel firmly behind his back with no intention of relinquishing anything.
7. Finding wounded by the roadside, he insisted on mounting his horse, relinquishing the hospital wagon for their use.
8. Many a time I have shared between two claimants the precious morsel of brown bread distributed at tea-time; and after relinquishing to a third.
9. The leader was the last to go, not relinquishing his position over me too easily; but when he was alone and saw his now useless gun—he did run.
10. Viscount Berkeley had financial difficulties and King Edward paid off those debts, resulting in Berkeley then relinquishing his claims to the Mowbray estate.
11. Organized violence, whether it be nations at war, criminal gangs, or political uprisings are dependent on the relinquishing of individual responsibility over to others.
12. You give it up very gleefully, said he; I don’t quite understand your light-heartedness, because I cannot tell what employment you propose to yourself as a substitute for the one you are relinquishing.
13. If a bridge receives a BPDU message with better values than those in its own messages, it stops transmitting BPDUs over the port through which it arrived—in effect relinquishing its duties to the bridge better suited for the job.
14. In the midst of these scenes of devastation and murder, the Moravian missionaries have wandered in deserts, in mountains, in dens and caves of the earth, never relinquishing their purposes, and they have obtained a good report through faith.
15. In the resolute readiness with which you cut your wealth into four shares, keeping but one to yourself, and relinquishing the three others to the claim of abstract justice, I recognised a soul that revelled in the flame and excitement of sacrifice.
16. The true husbandman will cease from anxiety, as the squirrels manifest no concern whether the woods will bear chestnuts this year or not, and finish his labor with every day, relinquishing all claim to the produce of his fields, and sacrificing in his mind not only his first but his last fruits also.
17. Rostopchin was so pleased with the fine role of leader of popular feeling, and had grown so used to it, that the necessity of relinquishing that role and abandoning Moscow without any heroic display took him unawares and he suddenly felt the ground slip away from under his feet, so that he positively did not know what to do.
18. Rostopchín was so pleased with the fine role of leader of popular feeling, and had grown so used to it, that the necessity of relinquishing that role and abandoning Moscow without any heroic display took him unawares and he suddenly felt the ground slip away from under his feet, so that he positively did not know what to do.
19. And I did this for the purpose of impressing upon the House an opinion, that if the Administration had practised upon the principles of their predecessors, all had been well; or, that if retracing their steps, or relinquishing the path of error and misfortune, they would still be the learners of wisdom and experience, it would not even now be too late to retrieve the affairs of the country.
20. As a result of this mass amnesia, this push to forget and block out everything that happened in WW1 and WW2, the seminal book of the 20th century: Mein Kampf was forgotten and ignored, discounted, misperceived, misunderstood and buried in the American wild rush into hedonism and the relinquishing of all traditional Protestant morals and ethics under the barrage of the Jewish culture of greed and amorality spreading all over the world.
21. This pledge, although it does not necessarily import, does not exclude, the intention of relinquishing, along with the Orders in Council, the practice of those novel blockades, which have a like effect of interrupting our neutral commerce: and this further justice to the United States is the rather to be looked for, inasmuch as the blockades in question, being not more contrary to the established law of nations than inconsistent with the rules of blockade formerly recognized by Great Britain herself, could have no alleged basis other than the plea of retaliation, alleged as the basis of the Orders in Council.
22. Pinkney, of the 31st of August, 1810, when he states that he is commanded by his Majesty to repeat the declaration made to this Government in February, 1808, of his Majesty's desire to see the commerce of the world restored to that freedom which is necessary for its prosperity, and his readiness to abandon the system which had been forced upon him, whenever the enemy should retract the principles which had rendered it necessary; and to assure us that whenever the repeal of the French decrees shall have actually taken effect, and the commerce of the neutral nations shall have been restored to the condition in which it stood previously to the promulgation of those decrees, he will feel the highest satisfaction in relinquishing a system which the conduct of the enemy compelled him to adopt.
23. The suitor, kissing the hem of the garment again before relinquishing it, replied,.
1. I have relinquished the power.
2. She relinquished the bracelet with a smile.
3. Florida relinquished command to Lieutenant C.
4. Carrie nodded and gratefully relinquished the.
5. She had relinquished all control of the situation.
6. Summers relinquished her weapon without complaint.
7. It is the only possession I have not relinquished.
8. Both the relinquished property and the replacement.
9. At the close of the relinquished property sale, the.
10. He had relinquished his marriage with Christine Daae.
11. Then the proceeds from the sale of the relinquished.
12. Keisha quickly relinquished the thought and opened her.
13. Those rocks never relinquished the singularity connection.
14. However I relinquished enough of my reserve to say, Warm.
15. It was me and me alone who relinquished my own freedom as a.
16. He had relinquished everything above the surface of the earth.
17. I gripped a hold of the wheel and Flynn relinquished it to me.
18. Once relinquished, we had as well abandon the ocean altogether.
19. Jeremy relinquished his hold on her and she clung to me, sobbing.
20. His test results from this morning relinquished me of that duty.
21. Third, that all actions should be relinquished, for they are all.
22. Finally, apparently satisfied, he relinquished the sword back to Jai.
23. But the actions of those who have relinquished all- of true sanyasi (so.
24. Captain Bigelow received three bullets before he relinquished his company.
25. But the British Government would have relinquished the principle of taxation.
26. Garcia stepped off the treadmill and slowly relinquished his grip on the rails.
27. It was relinquished, and a non-intercourse was substituted as to both nations.
28. In the end I relinquished my favourite country, and he his homeland and family.
29. Akira forced himself to remember his dream and relinquished his grip immediately.
30. Roric looked at her wanting the rest and grudgingly Abby relinquished her secret.
31. Though Jackie had signed the document stating that she relinquished any rights to.
32. And so she ran on, till I relinquished the endeavour to convince her of her mistake.
33. I relinquished my labour of agony, and turned consoled at once: unspeakably consoled.
34. California took the lead, then relinquished it to Washington, then reclaimed it again.
35. This place… it's cursed! He relinquished his resentment and joined in a weak chuckle.
36. He has not relinquished her patient hand in getting out, but still holds it as he promised.
37. It was an alliance which he could not have relinquished without pain; and thus he reasoned.
38. And if this sentimentality is not relinquished, you will be unable to practise cultivation.
39. She relinquished herself to him, but it was a sacrifice in which she felt something of horror.
40. All the girls liked him and wanted him; many had willingly relinquished their virginity to him.
41. He says you have a strong psychic ability yet you have relinquished all interest and use for it.
42. As he got to this point, his spirit loathed everything and relinquished all that had occupied it.
43. When the self is relinquished, the mind is not fenced in by the self, but is open to the universe.
44. Garcia tapped on her shoulder and she spun the chair to face him, and then relinquished the chair.
45. The child, relinquished by the nurse, rushed across the room and rooted shyly into her mother’s dress.
46. He relinquished editorial control to me with grace and understanding, agreeing to let me tell his story.
47. Kissing her neck one last time, Ray relinquished his hold on his wife’s waist and took a few steps back.
48. There was no gainsaying this difficulty, and we relinquished all thoughts of pursuing Orlick at that time.
49. He then relinquished his command stating that the campaign in East Africa was finished and left for England.
50. As Spain relinquished her sovereignty over Cuba, the Island passed under the military rule of the United States.
51. When Calvin approached, Summers relinquished the command position and Calvin collapsed in the chair with a huge sigh.
52. His once relinquished human spirit shining once more he downed his pint and threw back his chair, heading for the door.
53. The Prison relinquished Mikael’s soul of its own volition so this assured the existence of the soul beyond the gates.
54. Perhaps you have some negative feelings towards him even though you have relinquished expectations of him being different.
55. He relinquished the endeavour, folded his arms, and stood quiet and mute in the rain, now falling fast on his uncovered head.
56. Their boots crunched the snow underfoot and for a few seconds, it seemed as though the aerial beast had relinquished the chase.
57. He had already explained to her that his concealment from herself of the name he had relinquished, was the one condition--fully.
58. Patty neither rested Keela in her cot nor relinquished her from her arms; both were content within each other’s immediate space.
59. The spoons were moved slowly: I saw each girl taste her food and try to swallow it; but in most cases the effort was soon relinquished.
60. The out-of-control appendage had relinquished its orbit around Richard’s body and re-entered the atmosphere in the region of his groin.
61. Grundy, from the gentleman's own declaration he is bound to support us in the war, if the principle of impressment is not relinquished by Great Britain.
62. It was a policy that had brought the Soviet leaders so close to defeat in 1941 that they finally relinquished it when the Germans launched their 1942 offensive.
63. Three times they entrenched, though without tools, and cheerfully relinquished the result of their labour to the Americans, when the lines extended to the right.
64. A note was accordingly addressed to that lady, who returned for answer, that I might do as I pleased: she had long relinquished all interference in my affairs.
65. As she relinquished the energy she gathered from the titans, because she had used so much on Elijah and Mikael, she was left with less than what she had even before.
66. When he was satisfied I was wet enough he sat on the little bit of my towel I had not occupied and slowly wiggled his way sideways until I had relinquished half of it to him.
67. If the Preceptor left his planned attack on Badachro Sett much longer, he'd be forced to postpone it until after the cold winter winds had relinquished their hold on the forest.
68. The Mohican now found an opportunity to make a powerful thrust with his knife; Magua suddenly relinquished his grasp, and fell backward without motion, and seemingly without life.
69. When little Vladimir finally relinquished her, with assurances that he was `desolated to leave so early', she was ready to rest, and see how her recreant knight had borne his punishment.
70. Cora was in the act of speaking, with an intent to advise the woman to abandon the trifle, when the savage relinquished his hold of the shawl, and tore the screaming infant from her arms.
71. Luigi slowly relinquished Teresa's arm, which he had held beneath his own, and Teresa, accompanied by her elegant cavalier, took her appointed place with much agitation in the aristocratic quadrille.
72. But the proprietor appeared already to have relinquished, as hopeless, the effort to perpetuate on this side of the Atlantic, in a hard soil and amid the close struggle for subsistence, the native English taste for ornamental gardening.
73. There are many who will not have relinquished these ideals and those who have crossed over from the physical existence who will not immediately understand and are not granted the ability to return to it so that greater peace may be held.
74. There are many who will not have relinquished these ideals, and those who have crossed over from the physical existence who will not immediately understand, and will not be granted the ability to return to it so that greater peace may be held.
75. God says: And when an apostle came to them from Al’lah confirming what was with them, a party of the people of the Book cast off the Book of Al’lah…: that is, they relinquished Al-Torah, and their scholars turned away from God’s words.
76. Being a domestic man, John decidedly missed the wifely attentions he had been accustomed to receive, but as he adored his babies, he cheerfully relinquished his comfort for a time, supposing with masculine ignorance that peace would soon be restored.
77. Like a genuine Frenchman, Albert had employed his time in arranging for the evening's diversion; he had sent to engage a box at the Teatro Argentino; and Franz, having a number of letters to write, relinquished the carriage to Albert for the whole of the day.
78. A fiduciary is a legal standard adopted by a relatively small but growing segment of independent financial professionals who have abandoned their big-box firms, relinquished their broker status, and made the decision to become a registered investment advisor.
79. His journal had been so long suspended, that it was considered as virtually relinquished; his health was undermined by repeated attacks of illness, and science and society had to lament his sudden departure, when he had scarcely attained the meridian of life.
80. At first he relinquished his hold of Alice; then he caught up a thong of buckskin, which had been used around some bundle, and when he beheld his enemy with his two arms pinned to his side by the iron muscles of the scout, he rushed upon him, and effectually secured them there.
81. As a result of that transfer, the United States has governed the island of Puerto Rico, and the San Juan castles, which have never completely relinquished their constant vigilant status, are today principally custodians of five centuries of an inheritance rich in history and in culture.
82. Elinor tried very seriously to convince him that there was no likelihood of her marrying Colonel Brandon; but it was an expectation of too much pleasure to himself to be relinquished, and he was really resolved on seeking an intimacy with that gentleman, and promoting the marriage by every possible attention.
83. Having only just got going, the driver, was unwilling to pull over for some daffy tourist who should have stuck to the dish of the day, until Mark pulled on the saving the day trousers and menaced the guy into pulling off the road at whcich point I gratefully relinquished the cheese sandwich and most of my internal organs.
84. Because he had voluntarily relinquished a title that was distasteful to him, and a station that was distasteful to him, and had left his country--he submitted before the word emigrant in the present acceptation by the Tribunal was in use--to live by his own industry in England, rather than on the industry of the overladen people of France.
85. The Master could have relinquished the struggle this day on Mount Hermon and returned to his rule of the universe domains, but he not only chose to meet the requirements of his order of divine sonship embraced in the mandate of the Eternal Son on Paradise, but he also elected to meet the last and full measure of the present will of his Paradise Father.
86. None of it flung down, no, but deposited gently and with feeling, with decorum, upon the dusty edges of the road, as if a whole city had walked here with hands full, at which time a great bronze trumpet had sounded, the articles had been relinquished to the quiet dust, and one and all, the inhabitants of the earth had fled straight up into the blue heavens.
87. They grew also behind my house, and one large tree, which almost overshadowed it, was, when in flower, a bouquet which scented the whole neighborhood, but the squirrels and the jays got most of its fruit; the last coming in flocks early in the morning and picking the nuts out of the burs before they fell, I relinquished these trees to them and visited the more distant woods composed wholly of chestnut.
88. To a communication, from our minister at London, of a revocation, by the French Government, of its Berlin and Milan decrees, it was answered, that the British system would be relinquished as soon as the repeal of the French decrees should have actually taken effect, and the commerce of neutral nations have been restored to the condition in which it stood previously to the promulgation of those decrees.
89. Gabrysia had relinquished her title as head of the family for all intents and purposes, though if one was to look and study her closely she retained a slight air of, not superiority, but something almost akin to an observer who was not actually experiencing the events of the days as they passed, but was on the outside watching on and not interfering in a way that would change the natural course of things.
90. As it was an inviolable law for every gallant to keep to his partner, for the night especially, and even till he relinquished possession over to the community, in order to preserve a pleasing property, and to avoid the disgusts and indelicacy of another arrangement, the company, after a short refection of biscuits and wine, tea and chocolate, served in at now about one in the morning, broke up, and went off in pairs.
91. I relinquished the intention he had detected, for I knew him! Even yet I could not recall a single feature, but I knew him! If the wind and the rain had driven away the intervening years, had scattered all the intervening objects, had swept us to the churchyard where we first stood face to face on such different levels, I could not have known my convict more distinctly than I knew him now as he sat in the chair before the fire.
92. By having surrendered our inherent right to make personal decisions considered appropriate to our own particular lifestyles and needs, we have summarily relinquished our customary right to appeal such decisions made on our (own) behalf by government institutions that we‘ve provided with (reckless) authoritative powers far exceeding their intended scope and purpose; institutions that no longer pretend to be our servants but the masters, rather, of our own determined way of life.
93. That it is stated by the petitioner, that her late husband, Alexander Hamilton, served as Lieutenant Colonel in the Army of the United States during the Revolutionary war; that, in common with other officers he was entitled to five years' full pay as commutation for half-pay during life; that her husband, being in Congress at the time the resolution passed making this provision in favor of the officers of the Revolution, in a letter to the Secretary of War he relinquished his claim to commutation; and the petitioner prays for the amount of said commutation.
94. Do gentlemen mean an abject acquiescence to those iniquitous decrees and Orders in Council? Do gentlemen mean that that liberty and independence that was obtained through the valorous exertions of our ancestors, should be wrested from our hands without a murmur—that independence, in the obtaining of which so much virtue was displayed, and so much blood was shed? Do they mean that it should be relinquished to our former masters without a struggle? Gentlemen assign as a reason why the embargo should be removed, its inefficacy—that it has not answered the contemplated purpose.
95. That all right and claim of the United States to British property, which may have been captured by American privateers, arising from forfeiture under any provision of the act entitled 'An act to prohibit commercial intercourse between the United States and Great Britain and France and their dependencies, and for other purposes,' and an act entitled 'An act concerning the commercial intercourse between Great Britain and France and their dependencies, and for other purposes,' and an act supplementary to the last mentioned act, be, and the same is hereby relinquished for the benefit of the owners, officers, and crews of the privateers respectively that may have captured the same.
96. The Slenderman relinquished his grip on the prisoner,.

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