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Frasi con worsen (in inglese)

  1. Help us not to worsen.
  2. Over time the conditions will worsen.
  3. This would, of course, worsen your.
  4. As economic conditions worsen, we can expect.
  5. The pain in her head seemed to worsen continuously.

  6. The situation continued to worsen, resulting in Amanda.
  7. Do you think that her situation will worsen soon?
  8. Otherwise, the fibre may actually worsen the constipation.
  9. Her depression continued to worsen, resulting in her seeing.
  10. When these periods come pre-existing conditions can appear to worsen.
  11. To worsen matters, he did not even respond to my cry and shouts for help.
  12. Be prepared to make changes in this area or your own eyesight will worsen.
  13. The desperate and restless media missed no chance to worsen the situation.
  14. Everything going on seemed to combine at that moment to further worsen Hank's condition.
  15. Not doing this is only going to worsen the problem and not present them with any solutions.

  16. Whelan, „The new standards will cost so much that they could actually worsen public health by.
  17. There are also studies that show how potassium deficiency can cause or worsen rheumatoid arthritis.
  18. Best not to interview her and only worsen relations with the chief minister,’ was the advice I was given.
  19. As with memory, mood, and behavior problems, the physical symptoms of Alzheimer's disease tend to worsen over time.
  20. Maybe her cognitive capabilities would noticeably worsen if she subtracted the exercise, the Aricept, or the blueberries.
  21. L-tryptophan, an amino acid found in protein-rich foods, is converted to serotonin, a substance that might worsen some migraines.
  22. Even if you experience symptoms year-round, your symptoms will worsen during seasons of high airborne irritants, like springtime.
  23. Republicans, not wanting Obama to succeed anyway, concentrated on tax cuts and sabotaging unions, both guaranteed to worsen the economy.
  24. She hoped he could make things better, and yet at the same time, she wondered if her being with them would only cause things to worsen.
  25. Constipation is believed to worsen haemorrhoid symptoms, and thus, bulk-forming fibres are often recommended for those with haemorrhoids.

  26. As a young adult, going to Al-Anon meetings with her best friend Samantha, she learned that with addition, things had to worsen before improving.
  27. However, as often occurs and irrespective of whatever medical help is available, the condition can worsen and this is indeed what happened to Sir Alex.
  28. Whelan, ‗The new standards will cost so much that they could actually worsen public health by lowering living standards and reducing access to health care.
  29. My greatest concern is that he hardly eats his meals, and to worsen matters, he now stays outside in the middle of the nights under the cold harmattan weather.
  30. But, both of those actions would further reduce demand for goods and services, which could worsen the recession and possibly even plunge us into a major depression.
  31. At present, France lacks both of them and, without Iraq, its situation will worsen in the future: hence, its iron strong opposition to any action against Saddam Hussein.
  32. TIP! Even when people try to avoid the things that cause their allergic reactions, they might not be aware of conditions in their environment that can worsen their symptoms.
  33. While the $140 billion price tag may sound high to simply fix bridges, keep in mind that the number will only rise as the projects are pushed back and the deficiencies worsen.
  34. The economic argument for this premium is that higher correlations hurt diversification opportunities and thus worsen the investment opportunity set—a systematic risk factor that should be priced.
  35. As the symptoms worsen, why does Alice think more about her mother and sister? Is it because her older memories are more accessible, she’s thinking of happier times, or she’s worried about her own mortality?
  36. One celebrated incident on the Temple Mount a few months ago had involved an Irish Christian Brother that had come to Jerusalem to have his arthritis healed, only to see his condition worsen dramatically once he set foot on the Temple Mount.
  37. As long as they can commit more evil: they are allowed to live because the undead love to use living pawns to worsen and blacken their souls until they die and have the shock of their undead lives when the laughing insane filth greet them and welcome them! And egg them on to commit more evil as undead filth instead of living-undead filth.
  38. Social ―improprieties‖ (I am being generous) are oftentimes conveniently sidestepped or (casually) dismissed by ―social-minded‖ reformers who, eager for ―root‖ causes, worsen matters by making (implausible) excuses like ―social disease‖ or introducing psycho-babble into the equation rather than holding these tiresome individuals responsible for their actions.
  39. From day one there was an antipathy between Marie and little Rory (in spite of his strong resemblance to his late Grandfather) and even as the boy grew older, he and his Grandmother could not see eye-to-eye, this situation seemed to worsen after the death of his father Christopher, who had died after being bitten by a Black Widow Spider in his bedroom! – a strange death indeed!.
  1. The spasms in his legs are worsening by the second.
  2. I am concerned to read that your eyesight is worsening.
  3. I noted a slight worsening in his speech and coordination.
  4. My worsening condition is having a big effect on Jessie, too.
  5. The Cayapo campaign seemed to be endless through worsening terrain.
  6. Then her condition was worsening as days and nights were progressed.
  7. And he had contributed significantly to the worsening state of affairs.
  8. Unfortunately, he had no way of knowing it but the crisis was already worsening.
  9. Starved of oxygen, dizziness and a sharp pain in his head were rapidly worsening.
  10. Hey, have you heard about the NuNo gen-trend adaption to the worsening daily chaos?
  11. This basic imbalance has been progressing and worsening ever since humans developed a settled existence.
  12. IBS may see a worsening of their condition upon supplementation with Psyllium as has been reported in some.
  13. Ma‘s health had been worsening, so I had spent most of my time visiting her each day and tending to her needs.
  14. He swept his arms wide, sweeping a closing blanket of darkness over the scene, and Jeeter gagged on the worsening stench.
  15. He is on very little medicine, and he’s not taking anything that coincided with a worsening of his symptoms in the past.
  16. What could McKinley have done differently? General Otis certainly played a central role in provoking and then worsening the war.
  17. That foot dragging has in fact contributed directly to the worsening of the general situation in Indochina in the last two years.
  18. In Clockwork, government, technology, and other social institutions are seen as only worsening the problem of man's barbaric nature.
  19. For many individuals, this lack of focus on the root cause has led to the development and worsening of a myriad of chronic conditions.
  20. With the worsening situation in Greece and Italy investors were becoming increasingly worried about the economies of many European countries.
  21. His only worry was that Amilla had somehow gotten wind of his little scheme and that this was the cause of her worsening coolness towards him.
  22. An increasingly jittery Cabinet met again to discuss the apparent worsening situation round the country, and to receive reports from the regions.
  23. The man of the house was, still at his work, so there was no-one to mediate between the two sides or, at least, to prevent a worsening situation.
  24. According to researchers, a high consumption of synthetic fats and saturated fats leads to a tremendous risk of worsening of the symptoms of depression.
  25. The European society and culture of the Middle Ages continued to slide into mistrust, betrayal, self-interest, irresponsibility, and worsening corruption.
  26. Since it is a member of the citrus family, migraine and arthritis sufferers may notice a worsening of their symptoms which are often sensitive to citrus.
  27. The worsening of all education systems across the board, world-wide, as all reading and writing skills are disappearing in the older industrialized Nations.
  28. He failed in his mishandled effort to win Kent back and he failed in securing professional help for Robert whose deteriorating condition was worsening by the hour.
  29. The cognitive impairments that had led to his original diagnosis appeared to plateau rather than worsening quickly as predicted, so his prognosis improved considerably.
  30. Getting nowhere; and creating ever worsening, newer vicious cycles as it continues to ignore that it is not only repeating the past, it is going farther back into the past.
  31. Worse, what if he is so crippled he can‘t walk? What then? How could she leave him? What about their pursuers? Maybe they were close to rescue even as things seemed to be worsening.
  32. The conditions on Earth for its population seem to be worsening, mostly because of overpopulation, and we are easy scapegoats for those billions of people living in poverty and ignorance.
  33. Most of the time my husband and I were alone in this building, especially after the secretary and file clerk quit in the wake of worsening public opinion about my father and his activities.
  34. At this present time we have three in South Africa and one in Rhodesia but the Rhodesian situation is worsening with this new Prime Minister Ian Smith who is threatening to sever all ties with us.
  35. Every new fad or wave of the latest ‘humor’… is merely helping people to ignore and accept the latest worsening trends of evil in human society like gambling and homelessness, and lotteries, etc.
  36. I don’t know how long I stay there, at one with the roughness of the elements but, as the clouds gradually become darker and darker, portentous of worsening weather, I do the sensible thing and go below.
  37. Despite the shift in global maximum coordinates and worsening of the optimal solution, the new optimal area is still located approximately in the same region of the optimization space where it was originally.
  38. So the right wing pushes hard to blame the worsening of the economy on the other party, while (two faced) they remain supportive of health insurance company operations (which burn over 100 billion dollars in waste every year).
  39. His Irish superiors, along with the Vatican, had however refused to believe Nancy, instead proclaiming that she was lying and had caused the Christian Brother’s worsening condition in order to defame the Roman Catholic Church.
  40. In the slow poisonous parasitic infiltration of human living bodies and souls by undead unspeakably evil things;: the tool and the machine has taken over the living humans who have been born into this worsening condition/state of evil.
  41. While fancy analysts tut-tut about the worsening state of affairs and give their politically correct double-speak opinions of how to stabilize things… as each new crisis, war, market crash, economic failure, and scandal keeps on happening.
  42. According to research statistics, people who consumed baked foods, fast foods and other junk foods were found to have a worsening of their depression by over 48% in comparison to those who had a healthy diet without all the trans-isomer fats and saturated fat.
  43. Even without the steady stream of media reports (and CNN was over the moon to have something this big to report on without the need to supplement it with brain candy filler), Darren had only to look outside the studio gates to see the situation was definitely worsening.
  44. Understand this: evil is unceasingly at work day and night all over the world… The assassination of the archduke of Austria, the two World Wars and 9/11 are some examples of their orchestrated planned stepping stages of worsening and ruining everything on a massive global scale.
  45. When a small handful of an educated elite joins forces with the lower class who are finally driven beyond endurance by their worsening situation; to fight back instinctively and blindly against a civilized system that is constantly trying to grind them down into complete dehumanized poverty and oppression.
  46. While the voters who elected them: are poor and broke and working, and afraid of being fired, and are constantly tired, and overworked, and do not have enough sleep, or time, or energy to do anything but veg-out and collapse after working all day? How in hell can voters find enough time and energy to watch over the hundreds of politicians they voted into office: when they are already enslaved by their own work and their own bosses and companies and corporations? The institution of modern day democracy is a guaranteed fuck-up; whose only guaranteed result is one of increasing and worsening unbridled, uncontrolled, ungoverned, uncensored, unsupervised, corruption; period.
  47. By that time, I began suspecting the cause of this steadily worsening situation, and one day I asked him point blank, even though I knew it would vex him but I could hold it back no longer,.
  1. In 1782 the situation worsened.
  2. In 1943, the situation worsened.
  3. Her anger was worsened by the.
  4. A dream that worsened each night.
  5. This often worsened his dysentery.
  6. The squawking abruptly worsened and was.
  7. Her hatred of him worsened exponentially.
  8. In the morning, her state quickly worsened.
  9. The feeling worsened as the day progressed.
  10. The same year (1563), the situation worsened.
  11. She tried to berate him but matters worsened.
  12. A few weeks passed and the situation worsened.
  13. It worsened considerably whenever we opened.
  14. This complicated an already worsened situation.
  15. My mood only worsened when I arrived at Pinehill.
  16. Obviously my drinking had worsened after the bar exam.
  17. The strain on Bo’s knees and thighs worsened and he.
  18. Health care had actually worsened under the Castro regime.
  19. The shaking in her hands worsened as she continued reading.
  20. The fact that winter had come in fast worsened the situation.
  21. In the elevator on their way up, Sound’s coughing worsened.
  22. As a result of the above, her feverish state worsened and she.
  23. The situation worsened when in 1814 –Hugo was 12 years old.
  24. May 17, 2180: Conditions on Dedov had worsened much sooner than.
  25. The pain in his rectum worsened until he reached the point where he.
  26. Normally his stuttering worsened when he was upset, but not this time.
  27. For his headache had only since sharpened and his temper only worsened.
  28. Henry became increasingly anxious –a situation that worsened when the.
  29. By October 1813, the situation worsened: Napoléon was also defeated at.
  30. In 1970, the situation worsened: Onassis and Callas were photographed in.
  31. The situation had worsened even more by the summer of 1958, and early in.
  32. Lately, her nightmares had worsened and I didn’t know how to banish them.
  33. The storm worsened and tossed the boat making the dragging infinitely worse.
  34. Not surprisingly, Bernhardt’s relations with the Comédie Française worsened.
  35. The crisis in this direction worsened so much that it reached a point when even.
  36. The fact that our long term food reserves went bad only worsened that situation.
  37. His desolation worsened because he overheard about Sophia’s amnesic condition.
  38. The strategy’s performance worsened in the late 1990s and bottomed out in 2001.
  39. Therefore, there was no relief for her; her mental state worsened with each passing day.
  40. They were not represented at the talks, and their situation actually worsened over time.
  41. Moreover: it has steadily worsened as this basic imbalance has become greater and greater.
  42. As the recession worsened in late 2008 and early 2009, Northwest was hurt by slowing sales.
  43. As both wars worsened, military recruiters had several years’ trouble meeting their goals.
  44. If it worsened, a game cancellation was imminent, just prolonging the inevitable end of the.
  45. His weeping worsened as his mind filled with a primal simplification of what he was feeling.
  46. As the Cold War worsened, Stevenson was among the first to call for an end to nuclear testing.
  47. With every day that passed without rescue, the prospects for raft-bound men worsened dramatically.
  48. She told her that their mothers condition had worsened and that she was now in hospital and very ill.
  49. There was nothing but blackness all around, worsened by looking at the glow from radar and GPS screens.
  50. Fortunately Ishtar interrupted before she could say anything that might have worsened their bad situation:.
  51. White colonists worsened conditions by squatting on reservation land, farming, logging, or hunting illegally.
  52. As soon as I entered the kitchen I developed a throbbing headache, which by the way worsened with every step I took.
  53. In Poland their plight from 1942 worsened when the systematic killings began in earnest in the concentration camps.
  54. The situation worsened when the guard had company; the guards used the captives to impress each other with their cruelty.
  55. The corruption of religious sales of indulgences was instantly worsened: it got worse because of Luther’s 95 criticisms.
  56. Shock was setting in and they shuddered uncontrollably, worsened by the biting cold driving through their lightweight clothing.
  57. He put his trust in Almighty Al’lah and then continued on his way, desperate to reach his house before the symptoms worsened.
  58. He’d worsened the damage greatly by dragging himself up the hill and into the house, but again, not as much as he could have.
  59. Their condition (and the governments) only worsened when Khmer Rouge forces gradually gained control of the banks of the Mekong.
  60. The relationship worsened, because it is difficult to give up something that is yours even though it was obtained illegally.
  61. It must be stressed that those who already have other health problems are going to have their health condition worsened by smoking.
  62. The dull buzz inside his head the last few days had worsened suddenly, erupting from a soft staticy pop to a percussive, shrieking chorale.
  63. Sophia’s vanishing strength worsened when Jericho began tracing the shape of her lips, sending powerful messages to every part of her being.
  64. As the weather worsened, Tom Bolles watched his freshman squad rapidly shrink from the 210 who had turned out in the fall to 53 on January 14.
  65. Moreover, the situation worsened because the country was afflicted with a serious drought and swarms of locusts destroyed the remainder of the crops.
  66. It seemed as if he did nothing but root for edibles; suffering hunger during the mating season and losing weight while his normal ill temper worsened.
  67. As the situation worsened his rule became harsher: Critics were arrested and tortured and he attacked the Church, which is always a risky policy in Latin America.
  68. The fact that a monster storm was bearing down on the entire ship only worsened matters; they could already feel the big waves slapping the vessel around like wooden toy.
  69. What infuriates conservatives the most is that the New Deal worked, and that conservative and libertarian economic practices obviously both created and worsened the Depression.
  70. Dr Hancox writes, and I quote, „I am afraid to say that Harry’s condition has worsened and I honestly believe that he is now suffering from a severe form of schizophrenia.
  71. The situation is worsened by the aforementioned fact that, at bottom, the public has a real aversion to the very kind of small issue that it bought so readily in its careless moments.
  72. But as the general economic condition of the Hindustan further deteriorated in time, being the poorest of the polity, the plight of the progeny of the Musalmans would have only got worsened.
  73. As they got closer to the police station, they began to be afraid, which worsened when they thought of his awe- inspiring appearance and grave demeanour, though they still expected that he would help them.
  74. Each generation was only granted one child, but the curse had worsened over the passing years to where that only child lost his or her parents by some mysterious accident before the child reached 2 years of age.
  75. As a consequence of all this, the military situation of the British has worsened noticeably in Europe in the last months and Prime Minister Churchill has pleaded with President Roosevelt to get even more help from us.
  76. The situation was worsened by discord among the leaders of the Turkish Empire, who failed to agree on ways to supply their front line troops with all the necessary provisions and ammunition to fight such a terrible war.
  77. In case you haven’t heard in the news, the financial situation of the Terran government has worsened steadily during the last months, due to increasing demands by Earth’s population for social benefits and assistance.
  78. Every civilized war effectively kills the most humane and progressive movements of its time, and crashes the populations back into a brutalized worsened condition so they are merely thankful that there is no longer any more war.
  79. For all their claims of loving, wanting, and promoting freedom, Libertarian policies have been tried exactly twice, first under the military dictatorship of Chile, where they worsened the lives of most Chileans, enriching elites while others were worse off.
  80. Faced with Roger’s inability and unwillingness to initiate a costly legal battle in favor of the prevailing sentiment, Kent left so resentful of his father that he has not been heard from since, and Robert fell into a depression that worsened as time went on, to the point that he had to be hospitalized some time later.
  81. So, says I, s'pose somebody has hogged that bag on the sly?—now how do I know whether to write to Mary Jane or not? S'pose she dug him up and didn't find nothing, what would she think of me? Blame it, I says, I might get hunted up and jailed; I'd better lay low and keep dark, and not write at all; the thing's awful mixed now; trying to better it, I've worsened it a hundred times, and I wish to goodness I'd just let it alone, dad fetch the whole business!.
  82. His condition worsened at an accelerated rate,.
  83. They rested more often, clutching and hanging on to each other as the blizzard-like conditions worsened,.
  1. Yet it worsens with.
  2. I keep trying to save you, but the thing worsens.
  3. He was mentally and physically worsens drastically.
  4. Let’s assume that the situation worsens to the point that.
  5. We’ll keep a close eye on his condition in case it worsens.
  6. If this blizzard worsens into a real white-out, hole up for the night.
  7. Pain is the main symptom, which usually worsens with exercise and is relieved by rest.
  8. A reduced saliva flow increases the concentration of bacteria in the mouth and worsens.
  9. By continuing in its course of endless accumulation, civilization only worsens the problem of human suffering.
  10. However, the cost to all of us and to the World if this conflict persists or even worsens is simply too great to accept.
  11. The market immediately reverses against them and bounces higher locking them instantly into a losing position, which then worsens.
  12. With increase W/C increases both total volume of open capillary voids and their average diameter, that also worsens frost resistance.
  13. Third, if March futures rally and the futures spread worsens, one could lose more than his initial debit (bottom right-hand point on graph).
  14. Further, even if a bad company’s performance worsens, it will not surprise the investment world; the price will probably not drop all that much.

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