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    1. emotional release that occurs is only accidental

    2. ‘‘The second was the woman called Sheila – again apparently accidental

    3. There will have to be an inquest, obviously, but the Coroner is a reasonable man and we shall not hold matters up – it is a clear case of accidental death

    4. "accidental" arrest - quickly handed the case over to the feds, which, unbeknownst to Hankins, was already building their own case against her and Mr

    5. accidental variation in the demand

    6. Already there had been a number of deaths through accidental discharges

    7. The price of gold and silver, when the accidental discovery of more abundant mines does not keep it down, as it naturally rises with the wealth of every country; so, whatever be the state of the mines, it is at all times naturally higher in a rich than in a poor country

    8. The suddenness of the effect can be accounted for only by a cause which can operate suddenly, the accidental variations of the seasons

    9. But the proportion between the different masses of iron which may be in use in two different years, will be very little affected by any accidental difference in the produce of the iron mines of those two years ; and the proportion between the masses of gold will be still less affected by any such difference in the produce of the gold mines

    10. this a mistake, or an accidental expression? Not at all!

    11. It is not accidental that the

    12. Violence, crime, terror are not accidental in the history

    13. This diminution of their value, however, has not been owing to the increase of the real wealth of Europe, of the annual produce of its land and labour, but to the accidental discovery of more abundant mines than any that were known before

    14. The revenue which has arisen from it was unforeseen, and may be considered as accidental

    15. Though their beneficial effects, however, have been in this respect accidental, they have not upon that account been less real

    16. These events are all, except the fourth, in their nature transitory and accidental; and the exclusion from so important a branch of the colony trade, if unfortunately it should continue much longer, may still occasion some degree of distress

    17. unfocused, negative and accidental thought

    18. In an odd way, it was an accidental retreat for them to be here, but when they left Fallingwater, their lives would be different because of this early winter night in this historic mountain retreat

    19. In some parts of Switzerland, accordingly, where, from the accidental union of a protestant and Roman catholic country, the conversion has not been so complete, both religions are not only tolerated, but established by law

    20. Every constitution, therefore, which it is meant should be as permanent as the empire itseif, ought to be convenient, not in certain circumstances only, but in all circumstances; or ought to be suited, not to those circumstances which are transitory, occasional, or accidental, but to those which are necessary, and therefore always the same

    21. The inequality with which a tax of this kind might fall upon the owners of different ground-rents, would arise altogether from the accidental inequality of this division

    22. This accidental meeting out on the road was not what he had had in mind but it was fortunate all the same

    23. The correct meaning is accidental, that is, not foreseen

    24. Even accidental effects or chance cannot occur in a vacuum, which exceeds the possibilities of Nothingness

    25. On the other hand, Shame is just as likely an accidental by-product of having had one‘s hand caught in the proverbial cookie jar

    26. Whether or not our ―decided‖ actions are informed by ―non-causal‖ factors (Free Will) or guided by the Determinate Laws of Nature (circumstantial or accidental events) or whether such actions represent a combination of both, Behaviorists are likely to agree that the latter argument is (the) more plausible of the two

    27. The German bombing was purely accidental, but even had the British government known that, there is little reason to doubt they would have acted any differently

    28. One is denial, wanting to blame most deaths on accidental disease, wanting to blame Natives themselves, assuming this was ordinary warfare, or even justifying conquest and genocide as inevitable, as best for American progress

    29. ’ And in the article, I came across as a pompous ass, something I figured was not entirely accidental

    30. It was an older version of the same parish priest Truman had once reduced to a whimpering figure curled on the ground, with an accidental kick to the groin during a football match

    31. He smiled in a return of this accidental, near-universal sign of approval

    32. This was a secret that he well knew he dared not share, even if only by purely accidental revelation

    33. It was totally impossible to project the accidental basis for the one and the vengeful purpose connected with the other

    34. The feel of that accidental, but forbidden contact

    35. But was it really just accidental? She had not just brushed against him in the course of some other movement as far as he could tell

    36. The startle response to that most accidental of touches was only barely smothered aborning, and now he began to loosen his other arm as he marveled at the depths to which her sleep of exhaustion must have taken her

    37. From the first accidental fire turning into two, with reports of others in the Pentagon and elsewhere, tiny figures appearing to leap out into nothingness, the towers coming down one after the other, and hundreds running from the choking billowing clouds of dust and debris

    38. It has only been the accidental juxtaposition of two of these elements that have piqued my curiosity to look more widely

    39. Or, had he transcribed those words from a text so ancient that it had been lost beyond the memory of those who had misplaced it, and then found by a near miraculous accidental discovery, hovering, as it were, on the verge of disintegration when it was rescued?

    40. Chapter 5, “So when did mere hominid become Man? The so-called Homo erectus seems to have been a simple, tool-making ‘animal,’ which assumes an ability to retain in memory certain procedures of manufacture, along with an occasional fortuitous accidental improvement that could then have been purposefully replicated…At what point can we say that (this) proto-man became Man?”

    41. ” Has this all been acquired only through the accidental acquisition of experience accumulated so slowly and painfully? Or has an organized system of belief somehow stimulated this enhancement?

    42. “But what about accidental deaths?”

    43. There is much that is controlled by them; there are not many accidental happenings on the world stage

    44. In an accidental explosion, a 3

    45. college students' psychological stability soon behavioral originally, the fate of the accidental helplessly asked to quit

    46. Triploidy is an accidental occurrence, and is not caused by anything that either parent could have controlled

    47. In an accidental way he had heard rumours of the blind girl who could see another side of reality

    48. As a child he had remembered very well the accidental gulps

    49. They also watch that nothing accidental y appears out of sequence

    50. causes, mostly accidental, and is therefore loosely woven

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    accidental incidental nonessential inadvertent insignificant dispensable expendable minor secondary subsidiary chance unintentional casual adventitious random involuntary contingent