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Accidental in a sentence | accidental example sentences

  1. One more accidental death and.
  2. It is not accidental that the.
  3. In an accidental explosion, a 3.
  4. The accidental is always monstrous.
  5. The theory of accidental emergence.

  6. And some of them were not accidental.
  7. No, it could not have been accidental.
  8. His hand on my belly, an accidental nap.
  9. But what about accidental deaths?
  10. But I suppose it was an accidental thing.
  11. He will never meet with accidental death.
  12. It could have been accidental or otherwise.
  13. This curious contradiction is not accidental.
  14. He wondered too, how accidental this visit was.
  15. The kick your daughter received was accidental.

  16. And there you have an accidental shooting, yo.
  17. The feel of that accidental, but forbidden contact.
  18. The cops, each of them, raised an accidental eyebrow.
  19. The death was accidental, not murder, he began.
  20. The known is accidental, the unknown is the home of.
  21. There are thousands of cases of suicides, accidental.
  22. We were unexpectedly thrilled by its accidental success.
  23. The correct meaning is accidental, that is, not foreseen.
  24. Violence, crime, terror are not accidental in the history.
  25. These cuts don’t look like accidental cuts in that there.

  26. I thought at the time that it was quite accidental that we.
  27. As a child he had remembered very well the accidental gulps.
  28. What would not be? The Colonel said with accidental irony.
  29. As long as he escaped accidental detection, he would be safe.
  30. Accidental death was what the medical examiner wrote on Joshua.
  31. When he was three he accidental y threw his Frisbee into old man.
  32. They also watch that nothing accidental y appears out of sequence.
  33. Out in the world, mostly accidental pockets of clarity shimmer in.
  34. Ashon never told him that his involvement was strictly accidental.
  35. Whether it was deliberate or accidental, you caused this to happen.
  36. Already there had been a number of deaths through accidental discharges.
  37. The only thing accidental about those events is that the monk didn't die.
  38. By accidental, I saw an ominous outlook here as I was passing through.
  39. Whether the damage was intentional or accidental, the result is the same.
  40. She wondered occasionally if these meetings were not more than accidental.
  41. Lezura said, It was all accidental how we got mixed up with that woman.
  42. He smiled in a return of this accidental, near-universal sign of approval.
  43. It might be accidental, no doubt, certainly, but it was a menacing accident.
  44. They have been artificially conserved by those strange accidental conditions.
  45. That can’t have been accidental, can it?! Alilia demanded of Yazadril.
  46. I remember a lot of stuff about what can seem accidental is the real destiny.
  47. In case of accidental fire in HEMM’s the emergency action plan shall be put.
  48. Pain and pleasure, success and failure, fame and defamation -- all is accidental.
  49. Brink, while not certain, believes Steinhauser's death could have been accidental.
  50. In the end, whatever I said made no difference to the verdict of accidental death.
  51. Accidental villas among olive trees appear; and men-servants watering the cactuses.
  52. It was Noel himself who decried his accidental connection to a purveyor of enslavement.
  53. The latter has resulted in many self-imposed punishments and accidental electrocutions.
  54. She was the only one with whom he took drastic precautions against accidental pregnancy.
  55. You have taken some accidental case and twisted it into a universal law, which is unjust.
  56. I was an accidental clubber passing as my brother, and I had not been briefed on the game.
  57. With his ribs only half-developed, he couldn’t afford any kind of accidental collision.
  58. The revenue which has arisen from it was unforeseen, and may be considered as accidental.
  59. Haven’t you heard of accidental journeys stolen against the grain of time, bending fate.
  60. After years of analysis we were able to report that in 100 cases of accidental death the.
  61. From these reports and accidental circumstances, the same conclusion became evolved for me.
  62. It is probable that they are occasionally transported by what may be called accidental means.
  63. Happy to share in the belief that life was more than just an accidental set of circumstances.
  64. Relieved that no one had spotted the accidental double-entendres, he placed both hands around.
  65. Furthermore, the New Testament is not just the mistaken or accidental misinterpretation of a few.
  66. I have been told by the Fire Marshall that this was an explosive device, not an accidental thing.
  67. An accidental mess is the last thing any of us need, and he seems to be good at getting into them.
  68. It is important to keep all water containers sealed to avoid accidental spillage or contamination.
  69. In an accidental way he had heard rumours of the blind girl who could see another side of reality.
  70. You mean to say, Gandhi was an accidental hero; a leader by coincidence of sorts, Ashish said.
  71. What was clear, from his departure if nothing else, was that this haziness couldn’t be accidental.
  72. For Fanny, somewhat more was related than the accidental agreeableness of the parties he had been in.
  73. There is much that is controlled by them; there are not many accidental happenings on the world stage.
  74. This was a secret that he well knew he dared not share, even if only by purely accidental revelation.
  75. In our view, based on much study of this problem, the change in the Dow-theory results is not accidental.
  76. Various opinions had been expressed of him, but his importance was Archducal, dynastic, purely accidental.
  77. This accidental meeting out on the road was not what he had had in mind but it was fortunate all the same.
  78. Even accidental effects or chance cannot occur in a vacuum, which exceeds the possibilities of Nothingness.
  79. What reanimate will arise from those accidental vivisections of frequencies, vibrations, and oscillations?
  80. The improbability of rescue, coupled with the soaring rate of accidental crashes, created a terrible equation.
  81. Triploidy is an accidental occurrence, and is not caused by anything that either parent could have controlled.
  82. They had lounged away in a poverty-stricken, purposeless, accidental manner, quite natural and unimpeachable.
  83. Physicians, also, were subject to having their hands hewn off for accidental death or eye loss during surgery.
  84. Drives me crazy when the fire department decides the fire’s accidental without an arson investigator present.
  85. The more unbalanced these dynamics are, the greater the degree of an accidental, that is, unconscious choice.
  86. The Captain, for once, was solemn: We have orders to tell the passengers that they are accidental drowning victims.
  87. Three months after Roger’s brother Enrique’s accidental death in 1972, their father passed away of natural causes.
  88. It can be intentional or accidental but in either case, the writer sees not a penny from the sale of some of his books.
  89. But what if it is not only a lower thing, but something entirely distorted, an accidental deviation towards distortion.
  90. She had always seen the odd pauses and dark lines in the colours of his words and assumed they were accidental hitches.
  91. It was totally impossible to project the accidental basis for the one and the vengeful purpose connected with the other.
  92. It has only been the accidental juxtaposition of two of these elements that have piqued my curiosity to look more widely.
  93. But it is certainly not established that this accidental violation of the law of production is the fundamental law itself.
  94. It reminded Angel that he was somewhat unfairly taking advantage of an accidental position; and he went no further with it.
  95. The horses, with their riders mounting without saddles or even bridles, adopted a smooth trot to avoid accidental dismounts.
  96. Jennifer immediately froze in order to avoid an accidental shooting, but kept her pistol in one hand, pointed at the floor.
  97. He said that they are of the opinion that Christi’s death was accidental, probably the result of a hunter’s stray bullet.
  98. The rest I could guess, although whether the blow which killed him was one of defence or purely accidental, I might never know.
  99. Phelps never said so, and nobody else knew anything of the matter, then the thief's presence in the room was purely accidental.
  100. Though their beneficial effects, however, have been in this respect accidental, they have not upon that account been less real.

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