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    1. “Still”, he muttered, “none of the other ugly pot bellied bastards

    2. Green bellied emerald flies swarm up and out of the blackness, causing the police officer to throw himself backwards

    3. they had HIS money, and it bellied up

    4. "I'd call it a shovel nosed, flat bellied, corner slicing, ground loving hoorah

    5. But a clean tanging wind bellied her silken sail, and as a wild swan cleaves the sky to her nest, she sped seaward, flames mounting higher and higher from her deck to lick at the mast and envelop the figure that lay lapped in scarlet on the shining pyre

    6. The anchor chain, unshackled, splashed into the water, the sails unfurled and bellied in a rising wind

    7. The sail bellied as the wind swept over the waves with renewed force, and the white crests danced along the sweep of the wind

    8. in time, even the swollen bellied lager lout was

    9. Inside there was a bed, a table and two chairs, an old pot bellied stove, a few pans, some cupboards, some boxes, a few mining tools, and a miner's two way radio

    10. There he sat, bellied up to the bar, expecting a good rea-

    11. ” Doguru picked up a glow in the dark pot bellied pig

    12. The metal was cold and she was afraid to get to close but realized that the pole was an intricate part of the stage show so she bellied up to the stage prop and grabbed onto it like it was a fire hose

    13. Immediately the apron bellied

    14. They walked to Macnock's store and after entering Olin and Lloyd warmed their cold hands at the store's hot pot bellied cast iron stove

    15. Pot bellied, has risen through the ranks

    16. woman thinks and feels? What would attract her to a man? Money? Power? He was short, plump, pot bellied, with a shiny balding pate and ugly, though not unpleasant to look at

    17. bellied a rising anger

    18. was soft and almost feminine in quality which bellied a superior awareness that was wont

    19. to me to observe, as it bellied out, or rose and fell, according to the

    20. As for my spark, he was presently undressed, all to his shirt, the fore-lappet of which as he leaned languishingly on me, he smilingly pointed to me to observe, as it bellied out, or rose and fell, according to the unruly starts of the motion behind it; but it was soon fixed, for now taking off his shirt, and naked as a Cupid, he shewed it me at so upright a stand, as prepared me indeed for his application to me for instant ease; but, though the sight of its fine size was fit enough to fire me, the cooling air, as I stood in this state of nature, joined to the desire I had of bathing-first, enabled me to put him off, and tranquillize him, with the remark, that a little suspense would only set a keener edge on the pleasure

    21. Uncle Henry was a short, pot- Charles’ Uncle Henry Hamilton, who lived in bachelor state at the Atlanta Hotel near bellied, irascible old gentleman with a pink face, a shock of long silver hair and an utter lack of patience with feminine timidities and vaporings

    22. Her eyes were hot and pregnant, swollen with child of terror behind the bellied, tautened lids

    23. Her eyes were hot and pregnant, swollen with child of terror behind the bellied, tautened lips

    24. Almost instantly the tent-flap bellied and a large man stepped out

    25. The sail bellied no longer, and the sailors held the ship now up, now down, the tide, beating backwards and forwards in vain

    1. "Did you get that around here?" They were big, long-haired, long-bearded guys, one dark brown, one blond, both with big arms and tight bellies

    2. My limbs had been torn from my body, my entrails were in the bellies of dactyl's roosting in the swamps of the Ttharmine

    3. The kids did the best they could to keep themselves to themselves and to fill their half starved bellies with scraps and leftovers from take aways and half finished fry-ups

    4. to fill their half starved bellies with scraps and leftovers from take

    5. Finally, as lunch time approached and more people began to drum on their bellies, it began to slow down

    6. No doubt that he was not far away, for there were still clients with empty bellies to feed at least for a few more hours

    7. awkwardly out of it with brilliant green bellies

    8. We saw the Indian muleteers again with their charges huge strings of mules loaded with supplies moving ever forward as on the opposite side of the road empty mule trains returned to the supply dumps to pick up more loads we could see that their bellies and legs were caked with the white chalky mud of this region

    9. She got us onto our bellies and we did the positions that could be done with that side down

    10. Teeming generations of immigrants from all walks of life, with their bellies full of hunger and a pocketful of dreams, bravely migrated to distant shores hoping to discover a better life for themselves and their families

    11. They had to fill their bellies and get fat before the winter’s frozen hell descended upon them

    12. They were hungry and they were going to fill their bellies and that was the only thing that had any importance at all to them

    13. You should also be aware that I have complete information about the horses you ship to the US with cocaine in their bellies

    14. Hilderich had finally slept, his protestations about the lack of a night sky silently put aside when his fatigue took over and the anxiety and nervousness subsided after their thirst had been quenched; when the warm, tasty meal of mushrooms sat comfortably in their bellies

    15. After a time period of grace that Amonas seemed to be less than averse to and once they both felt they could do so without pain and anguish from bellies about to burst open, they started off towards what Amonas had declared to be the proper direction

    16. Centralians tended to pudgy faces, big bellies and a vacant look, perfect teeth, artificial boobs for the women, penis augmentations for the men, and the most useless minds he had ever met

    17. At least there, they could find something to fill their bellies

    18. It was apparent that we were in a motel of some sort, what was also apparent was that Sharika and I had smacked bellies relentlessly

    19. Bellies of hills, steep as the sides, the breath of woman, speaking, calling

    20. But they can be muzzled … We must give full weight to the claim that nothing but science, and science globally applied, and therefore unprecedented Government controls, can produce full bellies and medical care for the whole human race: nothing, in short, but a world Welfare State

    21. 7 And when the Egyptians drank, their bellies were filled with frogs and they danced in their bellies as they dance when in the river

    22. Everywhere we found men and women lying prone, their faces and bellies

    23. 7 And when the Egyptians drank their bellies were filled with frogs and they danced in their bellies as they dance when in the river

    24. over my shoulder, caused his four bellies to wiggle like a shaken,

    25. bellies fat with rain

    26. disappeared into the bellies of these animals

    27. LeeAnn smiled and tried to see if they were hungry, asking in questionable grammar, "Etan thu—Eat you?" Gestures followed, and soon they were greedily filling their bellies

    28. They were immensely strong so we attached braces front and rear and dragged them up until they fitted like a second skin; deep into bum cracks, splitting balls and squashing cocks against our bellies

    29. They were huge flying sting rays with the same red symbols glowing on their bellies, huge horns protruding from their heads, a large spiked tail, and huge eyes that could see for millions of miles

    30. ‘We carry the developing embryo in our bellies for two hundred and seventy days, then contract our muscles and he pops out the same orifice the sperm went in

    31. We wash him and carry him on our backs or bellies in a sling made of woven plant fibre, feeding him with milk produced by glands in our chests that’s excreted through the nipples, which enlarge for the period of lactation, then resume normal size—like our bellies

    32. An hour later, bellies full, they relaxed around the pool in the warm shade and, for the first time in three days let all tensions go

    33. Why so many elderly people left homes and families in the south, to spend their final days in this teeming ant-heap of retirees, stuffing bloated bellies with cheap R

    34. Be that as it may, for the plunams it would have been a period of growth as their bigger bellies would have occasioned greater appetites and their improved reach could have enabled them greater catch

    35. Up they went, and lying on their bellies among the boulders, saw a painted mast jutting up beyond the trees to the west

    36. "Mitra would have folks stand upright before him—not crawling on their bellies like worms, or spilling blood of animals all over his altars

    37. "What do you say? Shadows? Into the bellies of shadows?"

    38. But whatever flesh filled their bellies that night, it would not be his

    39. The merchants, confronted by a power they could not control with money, fell on their fat bellies and licked their oppressor's boots

    40. The water swirls about their horses' bellies and the clang of sword against sword is deafening

    41. They learn to trust humans by constantly being handled when taken out to be fed, and they learn to associate people with the comfort of being touched and of having full bellies

    42. Even as they yelled and dug their heels into the animals' bellies, bullets thudded eerily into the stable building

    43. On their bellies, combat style, they slithered through the grasses

    44. However, the sniper kills one more, and the surviving prince and one guest dive back to the ground and continue their escape on their bellies

    45. He could still see the muskrat traps they set down by the dam, smell the pungent smell of blood when he split open their bellies, and feel the warm entrails as they seeped out onto his hands

    46. bathers, their bellies full of seafood, she

    47. The reason it didn’t notice the two Nycarmans was because they were a seven meters away, wearing leafy camouflage and lying flat on their bellies

    48. They walked through street that led out of the docks, past the run-down warehouses, past the chandlers and sail-makers and various traders who gathered round the newly docked boats and tried to sell fresh fruit and savoury snacks to fill the long-deprived bellies of the sailors

    49. Why should you have such an easy end whilst I am left here to die in the throes of agony? No, I will let hunger work her ways on ye, 'tis much more fitting; for it was your bellies that drove you to treachery and it will be your bellies that punish you for it

    50. One night thirty feet from his bed, on the silver workbench, the couple with unhinged bellies broke the bot-tles and ended up making love in a pool of muriatic acid

    1. ” Jesse gently rubs his wife’s belly

    2. Matt: 15:17: Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast

    3. A good belly laugh may have repercussions all the way up to the heart

    4. Every time you notice that your mind has wandered off the breath, notice what it was that took you away and then gently bring your attention back to your belly and the feeling of the breath coming in and out

    5. In his fifties, but he had been a powerful Rugby player in his time and still had that aura of invulnerable solid strength that the Rugby boys have, even if his hair was a little grey and his belly bursting out over the edge of his trousers

    6. Russ directs traffic as John and Khalid log the moonshine crates as they trundle up the conveyer belt into the belly of the plane

    7. rabbit and the rat and vole just to fill your belly and your veins

    8. Teekra stands, puts her hand on her belly

    9. She’s pregnant! John comes over, gives her a hug, then puts his ear against her belly to listen to the baby

    10. Even the little black box that was nested against her belly seemed to hum with its own sense of vigor again

    11. And the last thing he saw was the cute little carry-on being flung into the belly of the jetliner that was destined to fly it straight into the glowing red sunset

    12. Moreover, her huge flatulent belly has now disappeared

    13. That was her mother’s choice, the path that lead to feeding on carrion, of chasing down the rabbit and the rat and vole just to fill your belly and your veins

    14. Take a deep belly

    15. "We need to find something more to eat around here," she said, while stroking the arm that was around her belly

    16. was then passed around and secured the bikes to the belly side of

    17. The child in your belly, the pregnancy with which

    18. Then horrible thrashing erupted in some nearby water, and a scream that turned Alan's hair white and made his nuts crawl up inside his belly

    19. The keeper obviously knew his type and without a word, brought out an optic and looked in Yarin's eye, then a ruler and calmly measured the width of his belly

    20. I crawled back up the beach on all fours, gasping, triumphant - cold belly, warm back, and for some reason, laughing out hot tears

    21. Him in his bathing shorts, scratching his belly, engrossed in his book and me stretched out on a towel in the shade

    22. He looked at her and then at her slightly protruding belly

    23. He saw her standing there in her black puffer jacket, with her long black hair and her belly button piercing, and his heart started to pound

    24. ” Not at all shy, she slowly began to run her hand over his chest and down to his belly

    25. cringed and whined as he hunkered down on his belly in abject

    26. Rayne noted movement in its belly area and pointed it out

    27. black hair and her belly button piercing, and his heart started to

    28. Ava had to suck her belly in as far as she could to get the thing fastened, and it was not comfortable

    29. The only thing left was the half-blouse, and he looked at his kilt as he reached for the buttons at her belly

    30. His boner bumped on her belly as she got the winds of cloth unwound

    31. 16And he would fain have filled his belly with the husks that the swine did eat: and no

    32. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of

    33. They were up at a bow of the ship, a place that would be busy during the weeks they would spend on the belly of that open water, but now it was pretty quiet

    34. On the belly of the lake itself they were in a universe of blue

    35. There were some small but wild designs worked onto it in beadwork around the belly of the bottle

    36. After twenty years of evolution in club land white stilettos and plastic handbags may have given way to belly button piercings and porthole dresses, but the ritual stand-off between groups of rhythmic girls and leery boys is alive and well

    37. He was low sized with a round belly and a cheery

    38. He could still see the expression on his mother's face, hands on her hips, and the apron over her huge rounded belly fluttered in the breeze as her uncle turned to face her and promised to guard 'her boy' with his life

    39. He turns to Ted and unzips his fleece to reveal straining shirt buttons barely containing the enthusiastic expanse of his belly

    40. Her breasts and belly hung down over it anyway

    41. He parks up in front of a solid nineteen-thirties semi-detached house, its bow front belly and mock Tudor adornments standing proudly against the night sky, a cipher for deep suburban, middle-aged contentment

    42. from her stomach as the ice cream slid down her throat and reached her belly

    43. only came down to just above his belly

    44. He lost most of his shoulders and his chest had sunk to his belly

    45. He plunged into the chop of that lake like a diver doing a belly flop from a high branch of a tree

    46. Instead, he slid on his belly toward the end of the car, his

    47. He was way too conscious of her naked soft part pressed to his belly

    48. His arms went around her, caressing her sides, her hips, her belly, and then her softest curves

    49. was no good; the pounding only displaced the wave of fat that was his belly

    50. Heather kicked the jelly belly again several times, only to get flung

    1. He was holding on his hat, and the rude wind, thwarted in its desire to frolic with it, frisked instead about his apron, twitching it up, bellying it out; so that his remaining hand had all it could do to smooth the apron down again decorously, and he was obliged to carry his umbrella pressed tightly against his side under his arm

    2. And the light mounts over the faces of all the tall blind houses, slides through a chink and paints the lustrous bellying crimson curtains; the green wine-glasses; the coffee- cups; and the chairs standing askew

    3. See, where their white sails, bellying in the wind, speckle the

    4. And the talk, the wonderful talk flowed on—or was it speech entirely, or did it pass at times into song—chanty of the sailors weighing the dripping anchor, sonorous hum of the shrouds in a tearing North-Easter, ballad of the fisherman hauling his nets at sundown against an apricot sky, chords of guitar and mandoline from gondola or caique? Did it change into the cry of the wind, plaintive at first, angrily shrill as it freshened, rising to a tearing whistle, sinking to a musical trickle of air from the leech of the bellying sail? All these sounds the spell-bound listener seemed to hear, and with them the hungry complaint of the gulls and the sea-mews, the soft thunder of the breaking wave, the cry of the protesting shingle

    5. For several minutes, the sharks took turns bellying onto the raft with gaping mouths, always launching themselves from the same spot

    6. Bellying forward to the edge of the clearing, he found Hans, lying on his face, feathered with arrows like a porcupine

    7. He swaggered as he came up the aisle, then walked through the gate as though he were bellying up to a bar

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