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    1. It is careless to think that it will all come out all right in the end,

    2. How I’d react to the assumption that I’ve been so careless or uncaring that you could have become pregnant

    3. All I can say is that you have certainly lived up to your extremely well-deserved reputation, though I hazard a guess that Joris would have your head for being so careless

    4. “I think we have been getting careless with the Travel Device”

    5. “Pottypears followed us, we got careless” said Catwhiskers

    6. Porcelain fruit leaves scattered in the basket with careless abandon served to highlight the rich and vulgar colours

    7. 'Because men become blind and careless when they try to walk on water

    8. Its allure comes from it being so unsophisticated and the last thing it needs is careless tourism

    9. He certainly wouldn't be so careless as to let that happen again

    10. Normally he would not have been so careless; he knew his mother Moana would want to have a word or two with him about his messy room, having very strict views on tidiness, but Tipene was so sad that he had missed his chance to win a set of new golf clubs for Tane that he paid no attention to the teddy-bear whatsoever

    11. They successfully flew from Crete, but Icarus grew excited by the thrill of flying and began getting careless

    12. `This is the end of everything' (he said), `at least it is the end of the career of Toad, which is the same thing; the popular and handsome Toad, the rich and hospitable Toad, the Toad so free and careless and cool! How can I hope to be ever set at large again' (he said), `who have been put into prison so justly for stealing so handsome a motor-car in such an outrageous manner, and for such imaginative cheek, put upon such a number of fat, red-faced policemen!' (Here his sobs choked him

    13. The fund destined for replacing or repairing, if I may say so, the wear and tear of the slave, is commonly managed by a negligent master or careless overseer

    14. In so valuable a produce, the loss occasioned by negligence is so great, as to force even the most careless to attention

    15. was careless in some respects, but he was nevertheless a

    16. Dead bodies lay scattered with careless hand

    17. It was a good thing it had gotten careless, she would have never found it if it had been thorough

    18. careless, for his purse instead of going smoothly into the pocket,

    19. An engraved dagger would do well to dispatch the careless plunderers standing with their backs turned to the richest of shadows

    20. A frugal man, or a man eager to be rich, is said to love money ; and a careless, a generous, or a profuse man, is said to be indifferent about it

    21. Above all, Professor Spanners insists that we cannot afford to suffer a single butterfly to live - one careless flap of a wing could mean the end of all life on the planet

    22. How could they be so stupid, so careless?

    23. It was careless, but I dared every face-eater to come against me now

    24. He tried to bring his emotions down from a boil - to replicate on the outside the owner of the careless, cold voice he had used

    25. But you have, nevertheless, been careless

    26. ‘On the other hand it could be simply that you were careless, and that everything really is fine

    27. It is the interest of every man to live as much at his ease as he can; and if his emoluments are to be precisely the same, whether he does or does not perform some very laborious duty, it is certainly his interest, at least as interest is vulgarly understood, either to neglect it altogether, or, if he is subject to some authority which will not suffer him to do this, to perform it in as careless and slovenly a manner as that authority will permit

    28. The agents of a prince regard the wealth of their master as inexhaustible; are careless at what price they buy, are careless at what price they sell, are careless at what expense they transport his goods from one place to another

    29. The servants of the most careless private person are, perhaps, more under the eye of their master than those of the most careful prince; and a public revenue, which was paid in kind, would suffer so much from the mismanagement of the collectors, that a very small part of what was levied upon the people would ever arrive at the treasury of the prince

    30. He had stolen it from the surveillance room that evening; whoever left it there had been careless, maybe risking punishment if not retrieved, unless

    31. They were careless in various ways

    32. but the Darangi were not that careless

    33. "Your employer," said the philanthropist, severely, "is certainly careless if he allows his trees to be delivered in this fashion

    34. He is the careless type of guy

    35. The thoughts came, “People were careless with

    36. He felt a heavy load of guilt, even though the man was careless and stupid

    37. As they dried, my hair was curled and teased and smoothed again, then pinned and sprayed until it had the careless perfection that could only be achieved with enormous amounts of effort, tumbling from a mass at the top of my head to brush the nape of my neck

    38. ‖ And though I was stunned by his careless remark, I felt it was important to help him understand how his comment made me feel rather than get angry or ignore what was said

    39. on the careless, stoical trees

    40. Much to my surprise, Charles responded, “I don’t think that would be a problem at all, unless God did something careless in trying to come back too soon

    41. Besides, for most interventions, even careless ones, the worst thing that would happen is that it would just slow the length of time before All-knowing was again achieved

    42. who are homeless for other reasons such as those caused by careless

    43. Careless? It does not matter all of it

    44. He is handsome in a careless way, my brother, like he has no idea what he looks like most of the time

    45. He was always too careless with the blade, and scraped the back of my neck, or nicked my ear

    46. It was as though true innocence, changed by that foray to the center of the garden, was on careless display in the museum of everything

    47. "She will grow up just as careless and impractical as her father, believe ME

    48. WAS he such a remiss, careless father as she had accused him of being? HAD he so scandalously neglected the bodily and spiritual welfare of the four little motherless creatures dependent on him? WERE his people talking of it as harshly as Mrs

    49. I move away from the window, walking at first, and then running, pushing my way through the hallways, careless, blind, empty

    50. THEY wore their pretty clothes with careless grace and never seemed to think about them at all

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    Sinônimos para "careless"

    careless regardless unthinking inconsiderate negligent superficial unmindful thoughtless inadvertent reckless forgetful heedless indiscreet inaccurate neglectful slack simple artless casual unconcerned jaunty carefree nonchalant lighthearted happy