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    1. Soon Ava continued on up to the house and Venna came quickly down the remaining path

    2. God who came to introduce His Father and Holy Spirit to

    3. Next up then – and with my expectations now slightly lowered – came

    4. Herndon tried to tell him something but he had a toothbrush in his mouth and it came out unintelligible

    5. Gen: 21:22: And it came to pass at that time, that

    6. It never felt like Ava came from YingolNeerie in a way, it just felt like she came from a ghost

    7. This man came here honestly from YingolNeerie, in the flesh, on a big flaming starship like Jorma had seen in sci-fi movies all his life, and pictures in the news twenty one decades ago

    8. "I've been in a dozen initial infatuations since I came to the surface, this is different

    9. "You didn't want to hear that I was created from the Yingolian ghost, so I just never came right out and said it

    10. A realization came for me when I got disgusted about not achieving the

    11. Gen: 15:17: And it came to pass, that, when the sun went down, and it was dark, behold a smoking furnace, and a

    12. The shower had not been run recently, since before Ava and Herndon came down was his guess

    13. Matt: 21:30: And he came to the second, and said likewise

    14. She came here on a starship miles long made almost entirely of various metals, high in aluminum

    15. Luke: 7:45: Thou gave me no kiss: but this woman since the time I came in hath not ceased to kiss my feet

    16. But he was tired and it came out a weak, sad sound

    17. because Jesus made it clear, that He came for the

    18. It came more from their depression than reality, but it had hurt Kira a great deal

    19. The thunder came from something glowing, flaming, and falling from the sky, something coming in far too fast and coming right at him

    20. I’m glad I came

    21. Normally when she came over for lunch they rummaged the kitchen and took their booty to the fourteenth floor balcony on the far side of this yacht basin

    22. came with the perfect way to worship and

    23. "No, I mean the ones that came down

    24. "If that's the one that came down

    25. "Well, to be honest, I lost one or them, the one that came with my expedition

    26. She came down the marble steps to the main floor of their home, eleven floors above the water

    27. 1Sam: 30:3: So David and his men came to the city, and, behold, it was burned with fire; and their wives, and their

    28. Another test came when Saul tries to kill David, and after

    29. The closet was on the end of the wall where the roof came up to a steeple, probably three or four times taller than it was wide

    30. by your faith even though nothing came out of it, He

    31. A screen came up on the elevator wall with Ackers’ face on it

    32. After what seemed like an eternity of silence, mostly because Ackers was scrutinizing them from the view screen, the elevator finally came to a stop with a sudden lurch

    33. The yelping came from the kitchen where mermaids were tying up our dog

    34. On his way back home, the ant came across a large anteater

    35. 1Sa:3:10: And the LORD came, and stood, and called as at other times, Samuel, Samuel

    36. There was a low whine that came from under the other desk

    37. “What about the Super Chip? That’s the reason I came all the way down here

    38. It dragged its small body out and then came up to stand before the three of them, looking tentatively up at Ackers

    39. Jer: 1:11: Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Jeremiah, what sees thou? And I said, I see a rod of

    40. As Ackers spoke, a three dimensional representation of the building came up on the screen

    41. "Thanks," she said, and came back inside

    42. “What do you think you’re doing?” a female voice came from the computer as Ackers was typing

    43. Blade Runner and They Live, both of which he had seen once before, came on in the afternoon

    44. She had various types of explosives strapped to her, and while Big Petey wasn’t watching, she came up behind him and slapped some ball-shaped goo onto his back

    45. He had to admit it, the native women had shocked him enough that he came to her

    46. “Good,” Silence responded as she came in closer with her spinning weapons

    47. As the waters came up higher a man in a rowboat came up to the house and told him to get in

    48. “Did you see how close that came to me?” he asked, but no one was listening

    49. The waters rose to the edge of the roof and still the man sat on the roof until another rowboat came by and another man told him to get in

    50. The waters covered the house and the man was forced to sit on his chimney as the rain poured down and a helicopter came by and another man urged him to get in or he'll drown

    1. "So where'd the aluminum come from?" Herndon asked

    2. When cold water did not come down, there was almost no winter at all

    3. Venna claimed Tdeshi would have come around by the time she was twenty decades

    4. You can still achieve success if you're not consistent, but if you are consistent your success will come so much faster

    5. "Come on aboard, it's as safe as any moderately tested engineering prototype

    6. the afternoon, and twenty seconds in the evening to do ten push-ups at a time? One minute out of the twenty four hours you have in your day to do ten thousand nine hundred and fifty push-ups this year? Come on now,

    7. "But we made for you also, I invite you to come up

    8. "Nor fjords to put it in, come to think of that

    9. The fact that there were a lot more eyes available made the price come down, but eye-time still wasn't without significant cost to the average plots-man like himself

    10. sure that they haven’t come out again

    11. A Crimewatch reconstruction appeals for the “the sweating, suspicious looking man in a wool hat” to come

    12. “Kevin Harlow? That jackass doesn’t even have the right to come around here

    13. "And one that will come back now that their energy age is over

    14. "Oh come on Jorma, read the history of even this planet, much less the fiction

    15. No matter how hard you try to change it, unless you come up with a new way to measure time, you have 24 hours in your day, seven days in

    16. My parents never told me about this, of course, until I was fifteen, but I remember Mom being really afraid that Dad wouldn’t come home during those days

    17. My soul was read into this empty brain, there was never an atom in this body that didn't come from food this body ate here on the planet Kassidor

    18. · Ability to meet the demands of life by handling problems as they come

    19. They may come back again, you might have a second opportunity, but you will never have that first opportunity again

    20. that, Jesus loves us regardless of the mess we come to

    21. Another factor here is that, there is no way you can come

    22. “Left to himself, he probably would have come barefoot, and insisted you do the same

    23. “How come?” Kevin asks

    24. “Oh, come on, Tobe

    25. “Ruthie! There’s a raid! Come on out!”

    26. He wondered where she was now, playing in the snows of Kugenzglaw? Or did she experience one winter and head right back down to her old place down Sinbara point? What if she'd come up to the Wild Catch last Nightday?

    27. “And you want to ask me about this? Are you kidding? Are you expecting me to feel sorry for you?” Kira was not angry, exactly, but she wondered why on earth he would have come all this way to have this particular conversation with her

    28. think about shower after we come from His presence

    29. come and have fellowship with us regardless of how we

    30. When we come into God’s presence, we come with one

    31. Exod: 32:26: Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, Who is on the LORD's side? let him come unto

    32. When you have an open heart you allow love to come in

    33. Watch how each of the elements that were discussed in this first section come into play

    34. This information will come in handy when determining how many snails your property has, and whether the snail population is growing or dying back

    35. Matt: 15:18: But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man

    36. She had to come all the way down around the staircase and back up the entry hall to see who it was, but she was confident it would be the Brazilian with the boat

    37. come down in his season; there shall be showers of

    38. Maybe he shouldn’t have yelled quite so loud? Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything at all? Maybe he should have come in early to give his computer a head start in booting up? What was he supposed to be doing again? Looking for the sales report!

    39. 1Tim: 2:4: Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth

    40. But where did it come from?"

    41. The mermaids keened like whales all around the house, singing for their friends to come

    42. "Mom, come home! It's the mermaids!"

    43. She could see more than a mile up the canal, but they had come farther than that on the way here

    44. The paste will kill many insects that come into contact with it

    45. Some come as a powder and some as a liquid

    46. “Naturally you’re sorry, but you still have to come out and face what you’ve done,” Ackers said

    47. The fantastic creatures in Maya carvings that could only have come from serious drug abuse ate you in the wilds on this planet

    48. should not come as an alternative and pretence to

    49. Psalms: 100:2: Serve the LORD with gladness: come

    50. Every year, they come to this very spot, bury their faces in the ground, and howl into pillows made of dirt

    1. comes to witnessing about Jesus

    2. Then somebody else comes to you and they say, “Can I have some time please,” and you think,

    3. I jump off the bike before #2 comes to a complete stop

    4. the sin is big and obvious than the need to repent comes

    5. comes as the result of experiencing unconditional love of

    6. that, when it’s comes to forgiveness or dealing with

    7. Here is the best way to live your life when it comes to your expectations of commitment and integrity

    8. But when it comes to who you are honoring your

    9. Three-quarters of the air we breathe comes from diatoms

    10. · When it comes to preparing and cooking food, naturopaths advise the following:

    11. The bait which comes with each trap is made of food material and releases an odor slugs/snails like and find attractive

    12. This is where medical insurance comes to the rescue

    13. It comes from an incredibly rich glacial sea sediment

    14. When it comes to plants, they want the type of energy that can be converted into sugars that they need for the various plant functions such as assimilation and flowering

    15. long, that word comes with revelation and connects with

    16. The wear-and-tear that comes from these longer relationships can be quite devastating

    17. Sticky Traps, comes in either yellow or white

    18. learn or study a lot but never comes into maturity, is

    19. Accept what comes to you, appreciate it, learn from it and then let it go

    20. until Jesus comes back

    21. (God’s help comes in many ways only you have to recognize it)

    22. ’ Comes the reply

    23. As he comes of age, when he is able to analyse the inputs, he is ready to receive wisdom from you

    24. She comes from a poor family that wants her to dance because she was good at it when she was little and it makes them feel like they can schmooze above their social status if they have a daughter who does ballet

    25. The door opens and a woman comes in with a tray of sandwiches and coffee

    26. of that comes from bad judgment

    27. Though why I should be, I don’t know … we live in a very exposed world when it comes to what is considered newsworthy

    28. Yet again, I am left with the definite feeling that Liz is popular … I wish I knew her properly … Stephen seems to like her and he is pretty picky when it comes to people generally, and especially women

    29. Yet again Stephen comes to my rescue, grabbing a handful of tissues from the box I keep in here and holding them out for me

    30. ’ I told him as the kettle comes to the boil

    31. ’ He said as the kettle comes to the boil

    32. Men are mono tracking; if a phone call comes they would ask for the TV to shut, child to stop crying and so on

    33. Her interest is going to be more on that asteroid than on that shuttlecraft, and that comes in second in her attention to the crippled Christial starship she's trying to talk in

    34. The 'starship' that came down in the Yakhan, you could roll this thing onto the freight elevator that comes down out of its cargo bay, and that isn't really the starship

    35. Humic Acid: Comes from Leonardite Ore, millions of years old

    36. He looks chirpy enough when he comes back into the room and settles into his chair again

    37. He walks over slowly and closes the window, comes over to John, takes his pulse, makes a notation

    38. It comes from you, John

    39. It is just coming to the boil when Stephen comes into the room looking anxious

    40. Here it comes, thought Dan, and he squeezed Jen’s hand tightly for a moment

    41. With this knowledge comes the search for safer, more effective methods of pest control

    42. He shuts the door, comes back and sits beside John

    43. He comes over and shakes hands with John

    44. She turns and smiles at him, comes over and kisses him, puts her arms around him

    45. I have seen too many dear friends leave this world too soon; before they understood the great freedom that comes with aging

    46. some confusion is inevitable: Could he be a playful, elf-like man who comes down from the canyon at dawn to sprinkle dew over the ground before others awaken? Or simply a wonderfully unobtrusive groundskeeper who literally fades into the landscape while dutifully taking care of the foliage? Actually

    47. inevitable time comes for you, maybe you will resist temptation too

    48. His wide variety of clients - including in the past, such celebrities as Olivia Newton-John and Mark Harmon, attests to his effectiveness in connecting with people who share his motto (“happy, healthy, holy”) when it comes to living and interacting with the natural surroundings

    49. comes from the home: If people would go back to the basics and grow their own food, and take care of their bug problems naturally, chemical pollution would no longer be a problem

    50. Every penny in confiscated drug money that comes into this station would go to you

    1. Chief Cornerstone, The Truth, The Soon Coming King,

    2. Now the message that is coming

    3. during the coming winter months? Maybe

    4. Jorma was just coming off the boats at the time

    5. He got to his feet to pace but when he turned he saw that Herndon was coming around the camp

    6. Any ambitious up and coming actors / actresses should watch out for

    7. “He’s afraid about what might happen to it, what with the dead coming back to life

    8. The thunder came from something glowing, flaming, and falling from the sky, something coming in far too fast and coming right at him

    9. At the end, when Hansel and Gretel threw the witch into the oven, he’d say “now here’s a scary part coming up…” Pap Pap had told them that story a hundred times but didn’t always remember he had

    10. Clunker, are you coming or not?” the principal asked again with an irritated voice as she stuck her head back out

    11. ‘If you wouldn’t mind coming this way

    12. ‘Yes? What about them?’ I asked, concentrating on the potatoes and wondering what is coming

    13. She needed to think about what was coming after they got out of the interconnects

    14. Not a poison; all poisons should be avoided at all costs! Can also prevent dogs and cats from coming near your property

    15. coming home to find her lying there in the garden

    16. The demand for electric power, petrol, diesel, gas, wood and manufactured materials is so high that we are forced to destroy the environment to meet the demands of the current population while making the future bleak for the coming generations

    17. "I think you're so interested because there's something coming in

    18. My sister knows of a crippled ship coming in from Yingol-Neerie, is that the problem?"

    19. He knew that Ackers never left the base, and the chances of him actually coming to Johnny’s house were the same as the chances of the United Order knowing that Johnny Clunker was Johnny B

    20. The room was draped in shadows, the only light coming from an entire wall of regular monitors

    21. He kept trying to push the thought out, but it kept coming back again

    22. Seconds later they heard a rumble and saw another glint of sunlight on something shiny, now high above the horizon and coming toward them

    23. She flew off, over its head, smacking her knee on the hard shell of its big middle eye and then tumbling thru yards of splintery brush before coming to rest

    24. There was a high-pitched sound coming from somewhere inside the house

    25. Stephen’s comment in the car about my job being on the line is coming back to me now … on the floor I can see a letter with the school crest on it lying where I dropped the post

    26. Emma witters on, fussing about coming to see me later in the week while I half listen, my thoughts on the letter lying just out of reach

    27. "So we have an asteroid coming toward us and an enemy starship, and Narrulla's Tear

    28. There were messages coming in for decades after that

    29. Coming home to Kulai's home after a Nightday as an observer at an art auction was where she would rather be

    30. "Who's that?" Herndon said, coming awake and waking up the Tdeshi side of her being

    31. He’s coming over from the West

    32. There's an asteroid coming that's going to leave a crater the size of Lake Entisonggas somewhere on what may be the only planet we humans have left, and you're still chasing around after that damned shuttlecraft

    33. But the good news is, even though the Heavenly Mother is coming thru at almost exactly the same time, we have a solution that allows them to miss the asteroid and the planet and the debris that will be knocked up by the impact

    34. She was a new-age hippie who fell in love with the idea of all religions coming together

    35. His keda by the name of BobbingTwo saw the harness coming out and strolled over toward it with his eyes dancing on their stalks

    36. another year with the coming of the sterile freeze

    37. Every time you notice that your mind has wandered off the breath, notice what it was that took you away and then gently bring your attention back to your belly and the feeling of the breath coming in and out

    38. He was still at this when he saw someone coming down the steps from the back door

    39. It is just coming to the boil when Stephen comes into the room looking anxious

    40. That creepy bastard isn’t coming

    41. you got dandelions coming out the

    42. If used as a casual friend and sex partner without coming to depend on her, she was fine, but for an impressionable youngster, she might be too callous with his heart

    43. What with the tenancy falling through and that conversation I had with the inspector yesterday, I don’t quite know whether I am coming or going

    44. It is fun clearing up the sitting room of the annexe … I know Stephen said to leave it until we know for definite that Liz is coming, but I had nothing much to do this afternoon and sometimes a good cleaning session is therapeutic

    45. days up in the offices coming up with tweaks and changes, some new designs and

    46. ‘Oh … you’re Stephen’s mother?’ she said, her obvious smile coming clearly down the telephone line

    47. stop coming in dread night to torment me

    48. "He's with me," doostEr said, "he's coming out of my fee

    49. "Only because he knows what a hothead you are and no I didn't trick you, I tried to stop you coming here, remember? But you wouldn't listen to me

    50. I’d heard him coming but it was obvious that Liz hadn’t and she was shaken rigid … I saw his face when he spotted her though he covered it immediately … yes, it was the right thing to do, going and getting Liz

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    come cum ejaculate seed semen seminal fluid occur come up arrive get come in do fare get along make out follow add up amount number total fall derive descend hail issue forth turn up be convenient appear draw near approach advance close in reach spread stretch join expand develop grow become climax copulate