come frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con come (in inglese)

  1. He will come at six.
  2. She had come for me.
  3. But you can come in.
  4. The song has to come.
  5. So the time had come.

  6. He would come for her.
  7. I'll come up with it.
  8. I knew it would come.
  9. She told me to come.
  10. Yet he will come to.
  11. Or come up with ways.
  12. What will come to be.
  13. They had come for him.
  14. Why has he come back?
  15. The time had come to.

  16. Come on then, get in.
  17. You know it will come.
  18. Ray had come up trumps.
  19. At least they had come.
  20. If it had come to that.
  21. It didn't come to that.
  22. Again u come up with it.
  23. You knew it would come.
  24. Sharon had come to him.
  25. Come on to the ECR and.

  26. That is why I have come.
  27. The One, who is, is come.
  28. You need to come with me.
  29. Said he would come again.
  30. Come back to me quickly.
  31. He wants to come with us.
  32. So, come back with me.
  33. I've come to arrest you.
  34. Here, come to the pantry.
  35. Come on, let’s get out.
  36. I told him to come over.
  37. This is where you come in.
  38. It would not come to that.
  39. That’s where you come in.
  40. Can you come and help her.
  41. They didn’t have to come.
  42. When they come out, they.
  43. But I come to you in the.
  44. The worst had come to pass.
  45. That has never come up.
  46. Angie, I want to come home.
  47. Oh, I’ll come to that.
  48. Come here, you silly lady.
  49. The One, who was, has come.
  50. It had not come so easily.
  51. Come on let's have a look.
  52. Come on, I need to change.
  53. Here come our lanterns now.
  54. Not one pound had come off.
  55. Ah, but come now, Red Mage.
  56. I would have come for you.
  57. You better come with us.
  58. The few who did come were.
  60. I come from the early 52nd.
  61. Next would come the study.
  62. The shape of things to come.
  63. You didn’t come here to.
  64. I had to come down anyway.
  65. Come on in out o' the cold.
  66. Diego had simply come home.
  67. I have come to cause peace.
  68. Come on, let’s go to bed.
  69. It had come from the most.
  70. I agree, Morg can come up.
  71. Come in from the cold awhile.
  72. Trust me, it will come down.
  73. We’ll come up with that.
  74. He had come to save us both.
  75. If I could just come in here.
  76. Come in the Opposite Spirit.
  77. Where do you come from?�.
  78. We need you to come with me.
  79. The moment had come at last.
  80. These are hard to come by.
  81. The symptoms can come return.
  82. He should have come before.
  83. Do you want to come in?
  84. Where did this daring come.
  85. Beckoning him to come closer.
  86. Come hell or high water –.
  87. She saved my life, come look.
  88. He’ll come to see you here.
  89. She’d come over to see him.
  90. Most, however, come to relax.
  91. Come on Buster, keep up, lad.
  92. Come on then, get in the car.
  93. I hoped that you would come.
  94. Come to that, what you’re.
  95. Come on my boy, have courage.
  96. Then Jack had come to see her.
  97. For the day has surely come!.
  98. Come on up, he instructed.
  99. For the time has indeed come!.
  100. Please, master, come with us.
  1. No one saw us coming.
  2. Then I see her coming.
  3. He was coming for her.
  4. M: There was no coming.
  5. The tide is coming in.
  6. He is coming for me.
  7. She met Jerry coming up.
  8. He knew who was coming.
  9. I saw the trick coming.
  10. She was coming up and.
  11. You saw that one coming.
  12. He knew what was coming.
  13. I noticed a man coming.
  14. She was not coming back.
  15. A little baby is coming.
  16. Upon coming out of the.
  17. Coming forth, one by one.
  18. I heard you were coming.
  19. And it is coming soon!.
  20. The coming of the lord:.
  21. I didn’t see it coming.
  22. Coming to the altar in.
  23. He seemed to be coming.
  24. Many were coming up the.
  25. Over coming it is another.
  26. I think I saw this coming.
  27. The world is coming into.
  28. I saw his attacks coming.
  29. He never saw them coming.
  30. KNOW that they are coming.
  31. Coming are but a minority.
  32. Then I see Chan coming in.
  33. Dad’s coming to get me.
  34. Is she coming here also?
  35. It was al coming to him.
  36. And now they were coming.
  37. They were coming for her.
  38. Coming out of the Shadows.
  39. Coming here was a godsend.
  40. Earth as the second coming.
  41. I feel a haiku coming on.
  42. Yes, he was coming around.
  43. And I saw a beast coming.
  44. It was not long in coming.
  45. You are coming with me.
  46. For their reward is coming.
  48. And the boats kept coming.
  49. It is coming from the tree.
  50. I keep coming up with her.
  51. Someone is coming to us.
  52. And the tide’s coming in.
  53. The rest are coming at us.
  54. Unity is coming from Above.
  55. The elders were coming back.
  56. I felt anger coming over me.
  57. Another case was coming up.
  58. The work started coming in.
  59. Over coming anger would be.
  60. Fire was coming their way.
  61. Yes! the sun is coming out!.
  62. And these guys had it coming.
  63. They kept coming and coming.
  64. The cold air was coming in.
  65. Over coming scared would be.
  66. They would be coming in.
  67. The bikies are still coming.
  68. I didn't ever see it coming.
  69. Look, its people are coming.
  70. Mabel was coming from Ohio.
  71. The Romans are coming to us.
  72. She met Michael coming down.
  73. I saw him coming from there.
  75. The Second Coming of Christ.
  76. The hssswwx were coming fast.
  77. I’ve a client coming at 11.
  78. Where was this coming from?
  79. I knew it was coming to this.
  80. A storm of rage is coming on.
  81. Huge swell coming to Aceh’.
  82. He should have seen it coming.
  83. The plan was coming together.
  84. Pigeons were coming and going.
  85. Thank you for coming here.
  86. The images kept coming, and.
  87. He said he hoped the coming.
  88. Ralph was coming back for it.
  89. The ground was coming closer.
  90. And the mortals are coming.
  91. You are coming with me?
  92. The game however, was coming.
  93. Thank you for coming to see me.
  94. But the dream was coming true.
  95. Force that was coming out soon.
  96. I said I was coming with you.
  97. Barbara will be coming with me.
  98. Special time is coming here -.
  99. I could feel my demise coming.
  100. It’s coming from up there.
  1. He comes to my aid.
  2. It all comes down to.
  3. A smile comes to Mr.
  4. Comes out in the end.
  5. It comes to the same.
  6. He That Comes To God.
  7. Here it comes, I think.
  8. But it comes at a cost.
  9. I know what comes next.
  10. It comes from the sky.
  11. He comes to rule the.
  12. When it comes to our.
  13. The word comes in two.
  14. M: It comes to the same.
  15. When he comes again to.
  16. In comes the heavy mob.
  17. It comes from you, John.
  18. All that comes is vanity.
  19. But then it comes to me.
  20. It comes from within us.
  21. He comes out of the car.
  22. But what comes next M.
  23. But it comes even worse.
  24. What Comes and Goes has.
  25. The Yogi comes to know.
  26. He comes to the doorway.
  27. If it comes to trial.
  28. If it comes to a battle.
  29. And then it comes to me.
  30. Alec Davis comes to tea.
  31. He Comes from the Dark.
  32. The will comes into use.
  33. It comes with the job.
  34. It all comes down to this.
  35. When he comes to see you.
  36. When it comes to sexual.
  37. Weather comes in and out.
  38. When it comes down to it.
  39. Life comes and life goes.
  40. As it comes to the shore.
  41. A man comes to you with.
  42. I guess it comes to that.
  43. So whatever comes to you.
  44. He comes not for gold or.
  45. It really comes down to.
  46. Take each day as it comes.
  47. The young woman comes over.
  48. The blow comes from behind.
  49. With a strong body, comes.
  50. So along comes this comet.
  51. The LORD Comes and Reigns.
  52. When it comes to members.
  53. The Guru comes and tells.
  54. But it comes with the job.
  55. There comes a time of day.
  56. Comes the Voyager at Last.
  57. Oh, here comes the coffee.
  58. Pride comes before a fall.
  59. Letting go comes in stages.
  60. My love comes without any.
  61. The landing gear comes out.
  62. The truth always comes out.
  63. Get ready, here it comes.
  64. It comes in various other.
  65. It comes into contact with.
  66. And it comes from the Word.
  67. There is no bad that comes.
  68. The wild rain always comes.
  69. But as with the sun comes.
  70. He comes as conquering king.
  71. That comes to €30000 sir.
  72. Still, when it comes time.
  73. In part of that comes the.
  74. That magic comes from its.
  75. It comes from a feeling of.
  76. Hatred comes from past lives.
  77. It still comes out the same.
  78. Here comes this new guy.
  79. It comes from his courtyard.
  80. My blessed Destiny, it comes.
  81. A light comes on in the hall.
  82. When the time comes, Rennie.
  83. This one comes from the.
  84. Now here comes the exception.
  85. M: It neither comes nor goes.
  86. Nothing comes apart from God.
  87. Stil water comes to the one.
  88. The announcer comes on stage.
  89. With the good, comes the bad.
  90. The new tree that comes out.
  91. The minus comes from all the.
  92. As soon as the blessing comes.
  93. For no good comes through it.
  94. Animal B comes to the door.
  95. Animal C comes to the door.
  96. Now comes the exquisite twist.
  97. Ah, here comes the preacher.
  98. This is what it all comes to.
  99. She comes near Dana’s head.
  100. When the time comes, either.
  1. The man came to me.
  2. He came to my house.
  3. He came across a car.
  4. They came in the dark.
  5. In the end, he came!.
  6. He came thru the door.
  7. Frank came up to her.
  8. When she came to me.
  9. Next I came up with.
  10. The boy came in and.
  11. And so it came to be.
  12. Suddenly he came to it.
  13. It came from up ahead.
  14. And so it came to pass.
  15. It came out as a plea.
  16. It came out all wrong.
  17. Beth came in and said.
  18. Her hands came to my.
  19. The boss man came in.
  20. The Chief came to my.
  21. And then the snow came.
  22. The pain came in waves.
  23. Tony came back from her.
  24. Eric came to his rescue.
  25. The demons came at him.
  26. Jesus came out of the.
  27. We came out of the shop.
  28. Since you came on the.
  29. And her mother came in.
  30. The Train Came On Time.
  31. Books came over to help.
  32. The agony came in waves.
  33. Out of the tunnel came.
  34. Just then a call came in.
  35. When she came out, she.
  36. She came to the parties.
  37. Came here in the winter.
  38. The boulder came to life.
  39. Daniel came to her side.
  40. Then the mist came again.
  41. And then it came to him.
  42. A smile came to my face.
  43. Now came the tricky part.
  44. They came around the bend.
  45. We got what we came for.
  46. James came over one night.
  47. I came back with two cups.
  48. A knock came at the door.
  49. Just then Crissy came out.
  50. They came out of nowhere.
  51. A hubbub came at the door.
  52. A smile came to her face.
  53. Peterman came to the plate.
  54. It all came flooding back.
  55. We came to Apollo’s cage.
  56. His words came back to me.
  57. The same voice that came.
  58. Ish came out of the toilet.
  59. ERICK: She came to my room.
  60. They came into the kitchen.
  61. This time Anon came to him.
  62. The bathroom came with a.
  63. Alex came back for you.
  64. So I came back to the shop.
  65. And with that, an idea came.
  66. The vines came at him again.
  67. Then it came flooding back.
  68. It came just before dinner.
  69. He came to me when he was.
  70. We came to a gentle stop.
  71. Hasmukh-ji came to the mike.
  72. It was then that she came.
  73. It came in handy sometimes.
  74. But the next day came and.
  75. Then she came and sat near.
  76. Robeson rapped and came in.
  77. And then she came to a wall.
  78. She came back soon, however.
  79. Frank came across and said.
  80. She came to an abrupt stop.
  81. That‘s when Smitty came by.
  82. When he came to my table, Mr.
  83. Body odor that came and went.
  84. And then came the hard part.
  85. Finally, he came out with it.
  86. I came with Ali to practice.
  87. My life came to a standstill.
  88. Christ, the Son of God, came.
  89. The awaited rain never came.
  90. She said it came from Devin.
  91. As the bones came together.
  92. We came to Vishala with you.
  93. As a goblin came in baring.
  94. But all that came out was:.
  95. He came out with a notebook.
  96. Panic and sickness came back.
  97. I came to rescue my family.
  98. A red light came on below it.
  99. Next she came back and packed.
  100. It came from under the couch.

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