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Conclude в предложении (на )

  1. Then you must conclude that.
  2. We conclude that there must.
  3. We can soundly conclude that.
  4. The Fife was swift to conclude.
  5. I could conclude this chapter.

  6. We conclude by addressing the.
  7. However, we cannot conclude from.
  8. Because of this, we can conclude.
  9. We conclude, therefore, that when S.
  10. He did not conclude they are alive.
  11. Sit down and conclude them in one.
  12. Jewks smiles,--I conclude in agreement.
  13. Can not conclude, but by the yea and no.
  14. I conclude the chapter with a few words.
  15. Some people conclude that life is unfair.

  16. He would conclude just as the sun arose.
  17. I had to conclude that she was dead by now.
  18. To conclude, I announce what comes after me.
  19. So, to conclude explaining the problems of.
  20. Like so much else, he had to conclude that.
  21. I have to conclude this chapter with a plea.
  22. So you conclude what about the killer?
  23. Wiggam, it's time to conclude today's session.
  24. Then I may conclude that the hard surface is.
  25. Emily, I conclude, staggering to the intercom.

  26. We have to conclude that this attraction was.
  27. We therefore can only conclude that either Mrs.
  28. All of this led us to conclude that we had to.
  29. So, to conclude explaining the problems of life.
  30. To conclude on a more optimistic note, here is a.
  31. Nor are we to conclude that the heavenly city is.
  32. Thus you could conclude that the automobile also.
  33. Erskine had not power to conclude the arrangement.
  34. I would like to conclude by saying that I wish Mr.
  35. From this principle we can conclude that there is.
  36. I’d left no evidence for anyone to conclude that.
  37. Do not conclude this as the whole truth about life.
  38. I conclude with questions found in the final chapter.
  39. He won't conclude his business there until Nightday.
  40. And we conclude with asking if there is not in all.
  41. It is natural, therefore, to conclude, that as the.
  42. We conclude that since incentive sensitization most.
  43. Conclude from (1),(2), and the transitivity of that.
  44. In his car, Michael could only conclude the inevitable.
  46. As I possess neither, I must conclude that I have no.
  47. You have to conclude that Wile didn’t see that coming.
  48. Where Wiek is, I conclude we shall ultimately discover.
  49. We doubt them doing it, and conclude in advance that Mr.
  50. I would have to conclude that my scans are inconclusive.
  51. Should I be presumptuous and conclude that youre just.
  52. We can conclude consciousness is not composed of matter.
  53. Based on the above definition of hatred, we can conclude.
  54. I have to conclude this was the beginning of my new life.
  55. Therefore, one may only conclude that the crystal skulls.
  56. Joshua had pressing business he needed to conclude before.
  58. Thinking back on it, she could only conclude that she had.
  59. Then my wedding will conclude before your blood has dried.
  60. This observation led the authors of the study to conclude.
  61. So them, if we conclude otherwise, our error is self proved.
  62. That will give you more time to conclude your investigation.
  63. We conclude, therefore, that the passages in question in Rev.
  64. First of all, let me conclude the history of the Grandmother.
  65. Then it’s safe to conclude that they’ve been abducted.
  66. Q: From what you say I conclude that without the body there.
  67. It seemed the right way to conclude such a melancholy record.
  68. Do you mean literally or figuratively? Literally, I conclude.
  69. What would we conclude? Eternal conscious punishment for al.
  70. From this we can conclude that one of the ways to fight obe-.
  71. From this extract we can conclude that the described channels.
  72. That would seriously affect my ability to conclude my Research.
  73. No, it’s not a good time, I conclude, stepping closer to her.
  74. To conclude his argument, how-ever, Krishn reverts to the ne-.
  75. His statements to us led us instantly to conclude the FSB’s.
  76. From this we can conclude that the people in charge are rotten.
  77. DOWN) then the you can conclude that green strength is adequate.
  78. Thus we can conclude there is no duty (by law) on you to escape.
  79. If we were to conclude that capital structure decisions are an.
  80. They incorrectly conclude that in some way it was a lack in them.
  81. So it’s safe to conclude there’s no there there in this trade.
  82. Isn't it? This time it's going to conclude horribly for everyone.
  83. Conclude the meditation by dedicating the merit of the meditation.
  84. It was easy to conclude given that he was screaming into the phone.
  85. Are you usually on time or late? Do you conclude things within the.
  86. I conclude the chapter with what I discovered in the spring of 2012.
  87. From verses 1 & 2 here is what we can conclude about the lineage of.
  88. And we must conclude that we can tell absolutely nothing by its use.
  89. We conclude the subject of judgment with the question which Abraham.
  90. One could logically conclude that historical volatility lags implied.
  91. Conclude alliances with leaders of other kingdoms for the benefit of.
  92. Hence, we cannot conclude that the body does not exist in an absolute.
  93. Finally, to conclude, Conseil classified a large number of flying fish.
  94. I don‘t want to conclude this teaching before covering this question.
  95. As such, he felt no other option but to conclude that the dreams were.
  96. The RI I could only conclude to be Rebel Intruder or Infiltrator.
  97. Looking back later, Harry would conclude that things had started to go.
  98. We can conclude that none of the added asset value was reflected in EVA.
  99. Based on this it is possible to conclude that intellect of modern homo.
  100. He did conclude however, that his grounding in the bank had stood to him.
  1. Concluding Thoughts on My Plan.
  2. Concluding this part of the ar-.
  3. Dena was just concluding with, '.
  4. And so to the concluding summation.
  5. Cloud turned away, concluding the.
  6. Concluding from these premises, Mrs.
  7. Concluding Comments about Closing the Gap.
  8. Concluding his talk he said that Swamiji.
  9. With these arguments, we are not concluding.
  10. A sheep fair was concluding as Jean entered the.
  11. The concluding section of this segment presents.
  12. Prime service was just concluding, and the trio.
  13. Concluding Thoughts on the Recipients of Baptism.
  14. After concluding the conversation, Mikhail hung up.
  15. As I was concluding I knew that he had passed over.
  16. It was his concluding piece, and an apt one at that.
  17. Concluding that he was no longer in the Big Bend, he.
  18. Concluding it was to be there for him, a shoulder to lean.
  19. Other than noticing the draft and concluding you may have.
  20. I studied my surroundings intently, concluding that my best.
  21. See you soon Marc said Peter concluding the conversation.
  22. We should not make the error of concluding from this that we will.
  23. At the beginning of the eighteenth, the concluding chapter of the.
  24. Before concluding with Maimonides, we must note another side to him.
  25. This becomes evident when concluding all the facts this book presents.
  26. What leadbeater said in 1910 is exactly what physicists are concluding.
  27. As Youssaf was concluding his observations, Moshe looked toward his men.
  28. Perhaps this can be explained by concluding that the dark matter coun-.
  29. In the concluding verse of the chapter, Krishn adds that he loves those.
  30. Compare these opening lines with the envoy or concluding part of Hylas, p.
  31. Verse 9 shows Paul starting to wind up his presentation, which concluding.
  32. Said one, resuming and concluding the discussion in a funnily judicial tone:.
  33. For some unknown reason, an instinct compels me to complete this concluding task.
  34. A concluding page was devoted to an historical depiction of the political battle.
  35. After concluding his meeting with General Hughes and Dean Jamison, the president.
  36. The prosecuting lawyer returned to his seat after concluding his opening statement.
  37. I study the blurs, concluding Jada now has the stones and is trying to place them.
  38. He seemed to be close to concluding his life without publicly confronting his past.
  39. I related all the terrifying details, concluding, It was bizarre to say the least.
  40. Concluding with the project of making her bodice straighter, Anne ran her hands down.
  41. Apt concluding words are here taken from The Creation of Health by Caroline Myss:[67].
  42. Finally, I'll summarize my presentation (before concluding with some recommendations).
  43. Concluding that already, Bane listened to his elder for once, his future depending on it.
  44. Again (on page 335) the authors restate this view in their concluding chapter as follows:.
  45. Concluding that there is no ‘tidy’ way of broaching the subject, I plough straight in.
  46. Concluding that he had returned to his senses, the landlady closed the door and disappeared.
  47. Significantly, this is the only holiday stressed by Zechariah in its concluding chapter….
  48. There is no a priori way for concluding that corporate diversification is per se good or bad.
  49. Well, Yania also agrees, so this measure is approved, Noiu said, concluding the meeting.
  50. Moses, concluding his prayer with face lifted up into the night sky, illuminated only by the.
  51. In addition to concluding the sixth of seven 360-year cycles, Hebrew year 5760 also ended two.
  52. Striketh hands: Becoming a surety (a security) for another: or, the concluding of an agreement.
  53. In concluding this narrative of facts, I should be glad to take a comprehensive view of the whole.
  54. In concluding, let me tell you how very little I appreciate your continued assaults on my character.
  55. He sat down at a typewriter in his coach and pounded out the concluding lines for his morning column.
  56. But he’s a devious bastard, and I’m not comfortable about concluding that’s all he has in mind.
  57. Newton stated it is doing at present, and when facing all other concluding evidence showing that the.
  58. Now, let us turn to Poet Saxe and this chapter’s concluding reflections:And so these men of Hindostan.
  59. That’s why they are so interested in concluding the secession negotiations while I am still in office.
  60. Jacob wrestles with the angel; but he must go, for the day breaks: We must therefore think of concluding.
  61. Some viewings were concluding, good interest in an upcoming auction of Oriental art, massive growth area.
  62. In this concluding part, everything we have discussed will be brought together to create and execute trades.
  63. Concluding whatever animal which was making the sound must have left the area, he started to relax when ….
  64. Before concluding this case study (and this Middle Section), examine the movements between point G and H alone.
  65. They carried her out in the garden to revive her while Jesus spoke the concluding words of his parting message.
  66. Concluding that either he has a scanner, can hack into scanners or has someone in the department in his payroll.
  67. In concluding this little work, we could summarize the reasons why many married women are frustrated as follows:.
  68. The answer to yesterday’s concluding question is probably never, because I spent all day wondering about ‘Mr.
  69. Erskine's instructions, because he could have no object in view in concluding an arrangement with that knowledge; 2d.
  70. By the device of concluding the long period with these three sad syllables, the pathos of the statement is heightened.
  71. This reveals a steady decline in true ranges, concluding that the price trend is likely to reverse in the near future.
  72. In concluding this chapter I must again insist that knowledge of these matters will not make you compose a good picture.
  73. Now, in the tranquillity of the unfinished church, he recalled concluding that he had made one huge mistake in his life.
  74. Concluding the burial service with a last prayer, Frois then signaled to the servants to start filling the grave with dirt.
  75. Nelson, from the committee to whom the subject had been referred, made a report, concluding with the following resolution:.
  76. Before concluding, the doctor paused and said that the skin discoloration under the hair on the back of the head was curious.
  77. We should be extremely cautious in concluding that an organ could not have been formed by transitional gradations of some kind.
  78. In the fourth and concluding feature instalment on the Green Paper, the writer had analysed the pros and cons of political parties.
  79. In all there is a concluding chapter on Buffalo, two chapters on Westchester County as well as chapters on Binghamton and Syracuse.
  80. The allegations were made towards a wide range of sedatives, concluding that Suprame was as addictive as the other twenty medications.
  81. In concluding his address, he said he could think of no greater honor for an old grad than being asked back to make a commencement speech.
  82. Elinor lost no time in bringing her business forward, was on the point of concluding it, when another gentleman presented himself at her side.
  83. Jean then told Farah about the plea from the Demaersk, also giving her the data chip with the information on Marie, concluding in a sober tone.
  84. Part II of this book, “Three Peaks and a Domed House,” mentions that the Timing Model is the “concluding technique” of the 3PDh model.
  85. Gavin thought, concluding that Nicole was terrified of him because of the stories she had, no doubt, heard told of him around the water cooler.
  86. He lay on his back under the drowsy influence of the heat haze and pondered his future, concluding that he really must think about settling down.
  87. He succeeded and finished the report by concluding that the fast FAC program would prove its worth, and should be implemented as soon as possible.
  88. The watchman grinned in reply and babbled a string of Cantonese, concluding that Teller must be fluent in the language if he could use a few words.
  89. Some of them turned very red as they listened to the concluding sentences of Grinder's oration, and others laughed, but none of them said anything.
  90. The twentieth, the concluding chapter of What Is Art? is devoted to a criticism of contemporary science from the standpoint of Christian philosophy.
  91. In this way we are myndkeyed, in that we are told what we should be concluding and thinking, rather than given the information to do that ourselves.
  92. After concluding the conversation, Dorian looked at Abdul Aziz, I have to stop fucking with these Italians, I don’t think my business is appreciated.
  93. Whatever she decided would be wrong, wrong but acceptable, certainly more acceptable than the truth, which would have her concluding Julia Dundee—freak.
  94. Ingrid then spent two minutes to tell Bollins about the souvenirs of her past incarnations, concluding with a sentence while looking the captain in the eyes.
  95. A basic essay format consists of a thesis statement, three or four paragraphs expanding on points detailed in the thesis statement and a concluding paragraph.
  96. Casaubon pronounced this little speech with the most conscientious intention, blinking a little and swaying his head up and down, and concluding with a smile.
  97. So I think it is fair to say that the conservative contrarian trader would have been justified in concluding that a bearish information cascade was under way.
  98. A loud knock, which announced the arrival of the des Grassins family, succeeded by their entrance and salutations, hindered Cruchot from concluding his sentence.
  99. Ordinary Heroes In Extraordinary Times, authors Amy Goodman and David Goodman state that, Many eminent historians and economists are concluding that George W.
  100. However, in 1999, the French government published a study concluding that the United States government has withheld evidence that point to the existence of UFOs.
  1. He had concluded that he.
  2. What the hell, he concluded.
  3. As the song concluded, Dr.
  4. What a mess, she concluded.
  5. The authors concluded that St.
  6. He concluded that the ancient.
  7. It was concluded that certain.
  8. So the prince concluded at last.
  9. The first test is now concluded.
  10. I only concluded that this 111.
  11. See, it was them, she concluded.
  12. The group concluded the United.
  13. As soon as IM concluded, the HIV.
  15. This battle is hardly concluded.
  16. Mentor Master concluded that you.
  17. Another study concluded that the.
  18. I had forgot: 'tis so concluded on.
  19. Harry concluded and sat back down.
  20. So that’s it, he concluded.
  21. They concluded and maintained for.
  22. She was nodding before he concluded.
  23. Torhan has concluded his statement.
  24. The Orlov story hasn’t concluded.
  25. The session should be concluded by.
  26. That is why Einstein concluded his.
  28. The justiciary concluded his charge.
  29. Lori concluded, correctly, that 192.
  30. Consequently, they concluded we had.
  31. Definitely a Virgo, Jillian concluded.
  32. Jacob concluded his business quickly.
  33. I had to tell you, she concluded.
  34. Great song, though, I concluded.
  35. Crisp concluded her story, she smiled.
  36. It was, he concluded, a testament to.
  37. From this, I concluded the following:.
  38. Jameson concluded, If you think Mr.
  39. So everything is okay? he concluded.
  40. I concluded that my submittal was just.
  41. Sounds genuine he concluded smiling.
  42. So very early in life I concluded that.
  43. He concluded it had not been a robbery.
  44. Newton was the one that concluded his.
  45. Out of the way! concluded Trudolyubov.
  46. It was a very small world, we concluded.
  47. He then concluded with his big surprise.
  48. Randolph concluded, the House adjourned.
  49. We concluded this church has become too.
  50. I have nothing further, Cox concluded.
  51. The three concluded the man knew nothing.
  52. And now here I am, concluded Teller.
  53. John concluded that the lover was Harald.
  54. Can't be sure, no, concluded Johnny.
  55. All the redundancy packages concluded?
  56. BLOOM: I wanted then to have now concluded.
  57. We concluded that such encumbrances (the.
  58. Someone watching? Probably, he concluded.
  59. This, Tom concluded, was a euphemism for.
  60. Fine, the homicide detective concluded.
  61. They concluded that adolescent marijuana.
  62. But it’s the truth, she concluded.
  63. He then concluded that the ship that had.
  64. Then, the Ancient… concluded Reeve.
  65. Too much stress in his life, he concluded.
  66. This business ought to be concluded to-day.
  67. Blackhall concluded that both patient and.
  68. But it was for the cause, I concluded.
  69. I hope today's business has been concluded.
  70. No one would have done that, he concluded.
  71. Nigel had concluded that he was on a cloud.
  72. Concluded, dropt in the night, and was gone.
  73. That she is who she is, Brian concluded.
  74. The Kobayashi Maru test has been concluded.
  75. Medical Association (JAMA) concluded that St.
  76. He concluded Garcia was a fool and attacked.
  77. He concluded, saying, The president was.
  78. We finally concluded that it would be risky.
  79. She concluded it would be a waste of effort.
  81. Fuck the mahu's generalizations, he concluded.
  82. That is all it says here, concluded Rubin.
  83. Commr Zaccardelli concluded that this was a.
  84. Not surprisingly, the researchers concluded.
  85. Jivio!’ he concluded, loudly and tearfully.
  86. So, nothing gets done, Garcia concluded.
  87. He concluded the proceedings and walked away.
  88. The Rabbi concluded, You are right too.
  89. I have contacted everyone, she concluded.
  90. He concluded that the builder was doing well.
  91. No, he’d concluded, death would be far too.
  92. After a few minutes indecision, he concluded.
  93. And that’s an end to it, she concluded.
  94. He concluded, IBM shares have some appeal.
  95. He concluded that he had experienced nothing.
  96. Morning, he concluded but stayed where he lay.
  97. A third review concluded that acupuncture was.
  98. Colonel, I believe our business is concluded.
  99. They concluded that he’d again been captured.
  100. She concluded with a very kind invitation to Mr.
  1. The report concludes as follows:.
  2. This concludes the part on options.
  3. That pretty much concludes the setup.
  4. This concludes our segment on warm ups.
  5. Geisler concludes with these words:[171].
  6. Finally he concludes that she is grieving.
  7. This concludes the formal part of this essay.
  8. This concludes the first three levels of AZA.
  9. He concludes with a notice about missing kids.
  10. When from this the Master concludes that the.
  11. He concludes that there is evidence that direct.
  12. He concludes by saying And Jacob begat Joseph.
  13. That, I think, concludes all that I have to tell.
  14. Denson concludes, Everyone else blew him off too.
  15. Observe that one of these verses concludes each of.
  16. He concludes, God alone constitutes man's happiness.
  17. Thus concludes the Seventh Chapter, in the Upanishad of.
  18. That concludes the part on individual security selection.
  19. Krishn concludes his revelation of the omnipresent thus:.
  20. So, Hayward concludes, as Lomborg might, Deal with it.
  21. Thus concludes the Ninth Chapter, in the Upanishad of the.
  22. Thus concludes the Eighth Chapter, in the Upanishad of the.
  23. Thus concludes the Second Chapter, in the Upanishad of the.
  24. Thus concludes the Eighteenth Chapter, in the Upanishad of.
  25. Thus concludes the Fourth Chapter, in the Upanishad of the.
  26. Interestingly, this is even how Zechariah concludes his book.
  27. Thus concludes the Twelfth Chapter, in the Upanishad of the.
  28. Thus concludes the Seventeenth Chapter, in the Upanishad of.
  29. Thus concludes the Eleventh Chapter, in the Upanishad of the.
  30. This concludes our discussion on morality - for the time being.
  31. This concludes my free five-chapter sample of The Hidden Truth.
  32. Thus concludes the Fifteenth Chapter, in the Upanishad of the.
  33. Thus concludes the Sixteenth Chapter, in the Upanishad of the.
  34. Thus concludes the fifth day and the beginnings of what is now.
  35. Thus concludes the Thirteenth Chapter, in the Upanishad of the.
  36. Thus concludes the Third Chapter, in the Upanishad of Shreemad.
  37. Thus concludes the Fourteenth Chapter, in the Upanishad of the.
  38. The story concludes with ‘Except ye turn and become as little.
  39. Sanjay, who has heard the dialogue equally well, concludes that.
  40. Yet the author concludes that there are only advantages to this.
  41. This concludes the interview about the Chinese house Churches.
  42. Thus concludes the Fifth Chapter in the Upanishad of the Shreemad.
  43. Thus concludes the Sixth Chapter in the Upanishad of the Shreemad.
  44. Thus concludes the Tenth Chapter, in the Upanishad of the Shrimad.
  45. The chapter concludes with some final thoughts from Joshua about.
  46. Thus concludes the First Chapter, in the Upanishad of the Shreemad.
  47. Thus this concludes the first and second days or stages by God.
  48. Everyone concludes about mass coming into play and they are correct.
  49. Burr concludes that the fate of any group of cells in an embryo is not.
  50. Krishn concludes Chapter 14 with a detailed account of the three proper-.
  51. All that shit you told me Friday didn’t mean a thing, she concludes.
  52. In sports, every game is over in one day and a season concludes each year.
  53. Michael concludes that they need to construct a wind generator and a solar.
  54. He concludes from his experiment that visual consciousness must be non-local.
  55. And that concludes the ten essential rules for creating a successful newsletter.
  56. Ladies and Gentlemen, that concludes our business at this time, have a good day.
  57. And that concludes the charges, he hurriedly summed up and immediately sat down.
  58. The Dean caught her breath and said, I think that concludes today’s exercise.
  59. As the ceremony concludes and the interested parties wander back to their huts, a.
  60. It is at this that the age concludes and the Great White Throne judgment commences.
  61. Cowl concludes his argument by stating that the ―real world‖ of inner city 145.
  62. The court concludes that the parents isolated the children to their emotional detriment.
  63. That concludes our short trip into the basic ideas of computer programs and how they work.
  64. And thus concludes the morning in which Massie, Alicia, and Dylan learn all about modeling.
  65. He concludes that perhaps his stop order triggered unnecessarily at the unfavourable price.
  66. This practical notion has been put forth by Maxime du Camp, and his article concludes with it.
  67. The narrative starts during the 11th cycle and concludes at the start 17th cycle, which is now.
  68. This therefore concludes the seventh day, as it is simply stated that existence will be at rest.
  69. The report concludes with the following resolutions, the adoption of which the committee recommend:.
  70. In his book Coercing Virtue: the Worldwide View of Judges Judge Bork concludes that what he calls the.
  71. And from these ninety-two times he concludes, we cannot fail to arrive at a radical conception of its meaning.
  72. And that is how I passed that a-w^ul day, the first of those three momentous days with which my story concludes.
  73. We start on the Enterprise before it goes in search of Spock, and concludes after Picard returns to the Enterprise.
  74. If that’s all anyone has to say, Elizabeth glances at the two of us, I think that concludes the interview.
  75. With a global television audience looking on, and 3,700 mourners in the pews, Margaret Thatcher’s taped eulogy concludes.
  76. Stanza II properly concludes with this line, the remainder having been expunged either by the author himself or the censors.
  77. He illustrates it by life in a tree, showing it to be connection with God in all its varied forms and concludes thur:.
  78. Concludes Bernstein: In making decisions under conditions of uncertainty, the consequences must dominate the probabilities.
  79. He concludes his little contribution on page 100, saying: The doctrine of annihilation is the prime doctrine of infidelity.
  80. The initial investigation concludes that Herman Fanjoy had been injected, with what appeared to be, a flesh eating substance.
  81. The easygoing stuff generally concludes with a reprinted advertisement or one that was created specifically for the annual report.
  82. Lipton concludes, our belief filters determine how we perceive our world and therefore how we react and respond to our experiences.
  83. While we are on this topic, research also concludes that looking at attractive women before trading helps a trader take on more risk.
  84. He concludes, ‘There must be a deeper meaning in these physical facts, a deeper truth about the simultaneous interconnection of all things.
  85. That concludes the presentation of gifts, with the exception of the home we others of the immediate wedding party will build in First Valley.
  86. Sadly, Chase concludes, while public concern for improving the environment increases, public understanding of how to go about it is diminished.
  87. Wallace, who concludes that every species has come into existence coincident both in space and time with a pre-existing closely allied species.
  88. Maimonides concludes that if Aristotle could prove the preexistence of the universe, that he (Maimonides) would interpret scripture accordingly:.
  89. Cornell concludes that subtracting the 2% dilution effect from 3% real aggregate earnings growth makes 1% real EPS growth a realistic long-run prospect.
  90. The analysis shown above concludes that a book teaching on how to fry a chicken has better sum than a book hot on intellectual damage with its chemistry.
  91. These rat studies and other studies like them, he concludes, makes it clear that there is a fundamental division in an animal’s contact with the world.
  92. He sees in this the tragedy of human life, and, having pointed out all the terror of the situation, concludes that human life must take place in this terror.
  93. Gunther, concludes his abstract of Malm's paper, by remarking that the author gives a very simple explanation of the abnormal condition of the Pleuronectoids.
  94. Thus it seems that the SAP, in later years, during the 1980s, equipped their Riot Units with ineffective weapons to kill humans with and that concludes my point.
  95. The header section concludes with a blank line, after which comes the body of the message, typically containing the contents of the file requested by the client.
  96. It would sit in my notebook for the next three years, until it was time to write Motel Matches, which concludes with the refrain about another kind of lie.
  97. I always watch the credits after the movie concludes for various reasons, and for this film I noticed that there was mention of the fact that the work was fiction.
  98. He sees in this the tragedy of human life, and after depicting all the horror of the position he concludes that human life must be spent in the midst of this horror.
  99. Quincy,) because he conceives that thirty millions of dollars have been lost to the Eastern country by the measure, hence concludes that the Eastern country suffers most.
  100. He has stated to us that the Army has cost this nation much more than the Navy; he concludes we ought to be equally liberal in our appropriations for both these purposes.

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