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    1. Introverts were a whole lot easier to find and way more dependable

    2. Through the door I could see it was good old dependable Aristethes standing in the square, legs astride, head back, holding a bugle to his lips with both hands

    3. that is dependable is given greater responsibility

    4. “You don't need me to tell you,” Pneika said, “I always thought he was about as dependable as Trastrab weather

    5. competent, dependable Frater Millan

    6. And during my working years, Mr Snickerty, sir, if I did not earn myself a fortune, at least I earned myself a reputation as a trustworthy and dependable fellow

    7. was the only dependable way to wisdom and

    8. “We"ve needed repairs for quite a long time, but it"s impossible to hire a dependable worker

    9. I could tell him all my troubles, and he always comforted me with a dependable purr and a sympathetic look in his golden eyes

    10. Finding spoor is dependable on regular patrols with conventional forces that are not always trackers or ability to speak the local languages

    11. They are dependable on unreliable interpreters who cannot be trusted and probably works for the terrorists also

    12. regular and dependable in his habits as a mailman

    13. We would be replacing those with stylish, dependable - and above all perhaps - inconspicuous-looking fedoras

    14. But times change, and dependable solutions must be adjusted to meet the times

    15. b- Find a dependable car that costs $1,000

    16. Shoulder: Strength; government; assist; bearer; authority; dependable; stubborn (also relates to the shoulder on a road)

    17. The toilet is more dependable than it was, but sometimes it won‘t stop filling

    18. You were never intrusive, but were always there to solve any little problem which came along, and above all, you were always cheerful, positive, dependable, and indeed, the “mortar” which held everything together

    19. Constant negative criticism can have a devastating effect on a person’s morale and emotional well-being – it can turn a brave and dependable leader into a nervous wreck, into one who is always looking over his shoulder with dreaded expectation, waiting for the next blow, his life spent 'tiptoeing on eggs' listening for the next crack of the whip

    20. CGBI seeks to provide access to dependable data,

    21. There is a lack of something solid and dependable also the lack of ability to delegate work

    22. man, dependable when necessary, but unfortunately it had to be truly necessary, otherwise he couldn’t

    23. One thing is certain, John was thoroughly dependable

    24. Africa being volatile, proved to be a dependable source of “missions” for the “Inner Circle Group” which grew and flourished, as did a much-matured Rory…

    25. They are dependable, trustworthy and enjoy a challenge

    26. From then on there was a steady, slow, but more healthful and dependable growth in favorable sentiment; a new following was built up which was better grounded in spiritual faith and true religious experience

    27. They grasped the teaching that God is no respecter of persons, races, or nations; that there is no favoritism with the Universal Father; that the universe is wholly and ever law-abiding and unfailingly dependable

    28. 7 Successful living is nothing more or less than the art of the mastery of dependable techniques for solving common problems

    29. His early home life was not such as would produce a wholly dependable person

    30. Your whole afterlife will be more happy and dependable because you spent your first eight years in a normal and well-regulated home

    31. Her mother kept telling her that she was special, a truly good and dependable person, and attractive as well, but what else could a mother say? And it was revealing that her mother often added that lots of men didn’t want women to outshine them anyway

    32. Further-more, the parish priest arranged for her to travel under the care of a group of Franciscan nuns who were going to Toledo, where they hoped to find dependable people to accompany her to Belgium

    33. That pleased Nancy, as the PKM was a good, dependable weapon capable of providing heavy, sustained support fire that could become crucial for the police patrol in this fight

    34. A successful corporation depends on a good, safe product, dependable employees to bring it to market and consumers that will buy it

    35. Therefore, observation and experiment would be less dependable

    36. � In short, my historical information, while dependable at first, will become more and more inaccurate as it is used

    37. strong and dependable, and < and a rock in defence

    38. A lot of that is due to the fact that General Dows made sure first that new jet engines that are more dependable and more performing than the ones we had before be developed according to specifications and designs coming from her, as she did with all our prototypes

    39. dependable dividend income, while technology stocks have mirrored the peaks and troughs

    40. products and services might affect them, how they perform, what features they have, and how dependable they are

    41. ‘’While I do have a very loyal and dependable nanny for my younger children, I actually cheat time in order that they don’t miss me for more than a few minutes at a time, Madam President

    42. head of the Gestapo's Jewish section was chiefly responsible as the organizer of the "Final Solution"), a man who was relatively conscientious and dependable

    43. ‘’To return to the talks to come, we still have to select dependable and solid members for our delegation

    44. The closing of the external channels of sensation is usually the signal for the opening of the psychic, and from all evidence it would seem that the psychic sense is more extensive, acute and in every way more dependable than the physical

    45. one another may calm be dependable upon thigh optimal scented priestesses sceptre

    46. thing, dependable and pure in its essence

    47. meant that involuntary nature can be relied upon to not deviate from its patterns__is dependable or

    48.  Highly motivated and Dependable

    49. They were mongrels, but apparently they provided dependable security for the camp

    50. This is a dependable and strong when formed properly

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    Sinônimos para "dependable"

    dependable reliable good safe secure rock-steady steady-going honest true faithful trustworthy trusty