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    1. She compressed her lips but replied, "Some alien artificial life form in the information domain

    2. start with WordPress with your only cost being that of a domain name and to pay

    3. “Fifth order condensates in the information domain

    4. here to this human domain

    5. The other drinkers in the bar, mostly solitary males, are all drawn to the stranger entering their domain

    6. Allcock was pleased that his young charge got to see his own domain, and voiced as much in hearty approbation

    7. The second avenue, or way, is through the moving center, and is the domain of the yogi

    8. The library was his domain of choice

    9. He has delivered us from the domain

    10. They worked in music recording studio’s using frequency domain transforms of audio signals in fluidic circuits

    11. That was most near the root of his conflict, he was also determined to stay in his kitchens where he was the chef and lord of his domain

    12. All other stories and illustrations are taken from internet sites and are part of the public domain The stories have been adapted for the ESL audience and the resultant materials are copyright Courtney E Webb, 2013

    13. World by world the universe became their domain

    14. Dingle’s lower domain,” she whispered

    15. use anything that it really is in the public domain

    16. Crafty Coyote was a devout carnivore, fully dedicated to and focused on his daily hunting activities of small animals that might be found innocently and naively wandering around his territorial domain

    17. Galloping Gopher, on the other hand, was a devout omnivore, fully dedicated to and focused on her daily searching for a variety of grasses, seeds, nuts, berries, grains, and worms and insects (protein primers!) that might be found innocently and naively hanging out in her territorial domain

    18. [16] Note: The SWLS was developed by Ed Diener, and is in the public domain

    19. And now that very enthusiasm could even get him killed; the idea that someone so important to science was about to have all of his most disturbing experiences, however improbable they may be, put into the public domain

    20. How else would a Designer, outside of time, ensure that all people, living in a time-bound environment - having limited life-spans and being alive at different periods in time - get exactly the same relevant message? Furthermore, if this is a supernatural document, outside of our space-time domain, you would expect to find evidence of pre-existent knowledge contained within - information about future events still to occur

    21. The Designer would need to know, and also be able to influence, all history from outside the domain of space-time

    22. flatmates, sharing the same domain

    23. The latter are considered as a branch of the domain of the crown and are levied by a different set of officers

    24. “These tunnels are the domain

    25. domain and also a hosting account

    26. can buy a domain, and I actually have a reseller account

    27. But Autumn quickly established her domain, inside

    28. Whether he would admit it or not, the arena was Khan’s domain, and when he entered it, all else drifted into insignificance

    29. Upstairs was our private domain, a master

    30. Trespassing into a foreign domain

    31. They passed the headmistress’s domain and tapped on a door labeled Scholarship Office

    32. Grindel stood now on the ramparts of the giant earthworks he'd had built, surveying his new domain with a broadening smile, already savouring the absolute power that would soon be his

    33. Grindel looked out over his domain and sighed happily

    34. Once this curse has been lifted from our beautiful domain, our cubs will inherit a land of plenty

    35. Perhaps they could learn more of it before they returned, but that would be something more relevant to Hilderich’s domain and not his own

    36. In the Holy Land though, in His Land and His Domain, it would be sacrilege to utter these words in anything above a whisper

    37. principles of NLP started finding correlation with any domain that

    38. Even in a domain like healthcare where technical abilities are a

    39. One of the best uses of NLP is in the domain of education

    40. He looked back past Ninsan to view the vastness of the domain now under the thrall of the Lord of the Flood

    41. This process began with a suspicion which had been growing within me that Physicists today, (and more generally Scientists) give the appearance of being led along the largely unexplored frontiers of their domain where their almost-sightless awareness of what they try to envision is drawing them toward a conclusion that many are reluctant to accept and only a brave few dare to tentatively posit

    42. electronic domain of the Institution and it will be distributed

    43. application of eminent domain without forced resettlement

    44. Only the great stone itself knows it is there, sovereign over its domain of ever-changing forest and seasons passing through

    45. Rome was known for her law, an outgrowth of the administrative and technical problems posed by its expanding domain

    46. Those images or illustrations which have not been credited are used according to the rules of Wikimedia Commons, are in the public domain, are used under the free licence agreement, purchased for commercial use or they are images I have taken myself

    47. Big polluters have big responsibility that is within their domain, but the smaller polluters are responsible too, like most of us as individual drivers for example

    48. It is widely recognized that input values at the extreme ends of input domain cause more

    49. than finding those exist in center of input domain

    50. 1) Test cases with test data exactly as the input boundaries of input domain i

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    domain knowledge base knowledge domain world domain of a function demesne land area arena field orbit sphere margin scope range operation