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    1. In the end, it was left with the Area Manager who would be consulted

    2. He saw that there were speakers for music in there, and in the kitchen area

    3. Cornwal is a wet, windswept area of the UK that didn’t actually

    4. "And what of Kulai, he doesn't mind moving to a Yingolian area?"

    5. His ancestry is from that area also, but before the lake

    6. A good suggestion would be to flush the earth of snails in your area

    7. This technique is called that because you flush out the snails from any particular area and remove them

    8. Start off by watering the area you want flushed

    9. Put the castor oil into this container and spray the entire area that has the gophers

    10. It was a local year by air to reach Alan, three to six weeks by air to reach the area the Brazilians had settled

    11. “Just show us to the debrief area,” Johnny said with a tired voice

    12. This was still the inhabited part, this cove was a small area of wilds in a thickly settled region at least as large as Asia

    13. the area where you need His guidance in

    14. The kitchen was a paved area three steps down on the lagoon side under a framed canvas that was tied to the overhang of the roof

    15. “Boo,” she said, as she skipped on ahead to monitor the area

    16. We searched the area and, as I said, we found the gun in the hedge bordering your property

    17. Use a towel to dry This mixture can also be sprayed around the dog’s bedding area and around the entrances to the house as mentioned in step 1

    18. It is a great this means is that cockroaches will detect pesticides and natural product to use for the laundry but this product avoid the area

    19. As senior citizens this is an area that can be tackled by reporting all cases of injustice, corruption (both giving and taking), flouting of rules and so on

    20. Another important area is the influence of Media, particularly the TV

    21. Place the bottle in an area that they are seen, lean the bottle against something so that the roaches will have a way to climb in

    22. That was one area where no one could compete with Henry; he had a big heart and wasn’t afraid to show that he cared

    23. This area is well populated, but there are enormous tracts of this basin with scarcely any population at all

    24. The land was almost desert in the area they traversed by late Afternoonday

    25. The vents can also be dusted to dust the area with

    26. PCP includes the proper selection of the types of grasses for your area and the lawns use (are you going to play on it, walk on it a lot, or just enjoy its beauty)? Having a healthy lawn without harsh chemicals is really very easy to do

    27. German archaeologists and historians have long speculated over a large amount of deaths in the area dated from the 12th century

    28. "Exactly, it would actually run without it, but saturate the surrounding area with neutrons

    29. Frank swept the area and swept it again

    30. A counter divides the room into an office for the secretary and a small waiting area with a few chairs and a coffee table covered with magazines

    31. A modern apartment complex surrounded by towering palms somewhere in the Los Angeles area

    32. All the countries of this area knew the ocean- India, Japan; all have learned to rely on the ocean and her bounty

    33. "I'm here to claim a crate that I believe is stored in that area," he said to the guy sitting there, bringing out a piece of paper

    34. ‘We could have a bit of a drive around the Glastonbury area perhaps

    35. Raised beds allow you to grow from 4 to 7 times more food in the same area then in the same ground

    36. You will have to use what you find in your area

    37. A small container would be useful to have in the kitchen area for this purpose

    38. That’s odd, they don’t say why they are leaving … I’m sure they said they were intending to be in the area for at least five years when they took the place

    39. He briefly toyed with the idea of convening a council meeting but knew how contentious that could be if aluminum was flashing in the area

    40. This gives the on going programmes of the central government in the area of social justice

    41. The area is high desert terrain, barren hills and sandy, rocky soil

    42. "How about, all the way out of the secure area

    43. By the time she reached the covered area by the main doors she was

    44. Biggs gave a deep angry sigh then indicated the nearest house across the road from the small wooded area in which they stood

    45. Theo sat down in the one rickety chair provided in the reception area and checked his phone

    46. The big man began to shuffle around the counter and squeeze through the small entrance into the reception area

    47. ’ I said, as they take up another story about a prospective wind farm in the Bishop’s Lydiard area

    48. "This area is the center of Brazilian settlement," Tahlmute said, pointing at the saddle over the door

    49. She was the only person his age in the local area, a pretty black-haired, ochre-skinned Elf girl just two and a half decades of age

    50. ‘So have you always lived in this area, Stephen?’ I asked, moving along the wall a little to attack another patch of plaster

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    area expanse surface area region country arena domain field orbit sphere yard enclosure patch courtyard lot quadrant plot tract sector zone section territory belt district margin scope range operation distance stretch space