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    1. "No, I rented out the cabin and have a cash crop in the field that I've got to get in next week

    2. Ezek: 34:27: And the tree of the field shall yield her fruit, and the earth shall yield her increase, and they shall be

    3. field you are involve in, God have plans to walk with you

    4. prepare us for this sacred field

    5. It was what had led her to study the field of explosives with such passion and tireless commitment

    6. There are a number of NGOs doing good work in the field of healthcare, bringing up parentless and destitute children, care of physically handicapped, education of poor children, nourishment for patients and disaster management and rehabilitation

    7. No wonder he stayed back at the base; how was anyone supposed to think clearly when they were out in the field with all these distractions?

    8. He has a mobile but doesn’t tend to give the number out to all and sundry, preferring to keep a bit of freedom from the perpetual messages that so many of his colleagues have to field as a result of being more profligate with their own mobile telephone numbers

    9. A couple of dozen Longhorn cattle graze indolently in a field next to the highway

    10. This unified field of energy, that runs through all things

    11. Remember, we are all co-creators with this unified field of energy that created this world and all things in it

    12. The place itself was nothing more than a large field with a snug old lodge in the middle of it

    13. field, roaming at will, laying their tendrils to earth and sprouting back up in a cat’s

    14. Bolt, covered in dust and fresh goat gore, sits on his ass in the mine field

    15. they lay side by side staring at the rising field of stars that glistened above the olive

    16. We stroll along the field together as I contemplate the subject

    17. The first field we come to is full of cows, most of them lying down chewing the cud in the warm sunshine

    18. Fortunately, it is far too hot for the cattle to do more than look at us curiously as we walk across the field

    19. CRAACK! The ball flew off the bat into shallow left field for a single

    20. The next batter came up, swung and missed the first two pitches, then hit a line drive into right field for a single

    21. entire star field of breweries than could an ant recite the works of Rabbie Burns across

    22. Finally two others appeared in their field of view riding animals

    23. He opened a gate into a field in which there was nothing but a hill of grass with a path leading down to it

    24. ’ She said huskily, appearing in my field of vision

    25. And they were scattered, because there is no shepherd: and they became meat to all the beasts of the field, when they were

    26. "Columnator? You mean the focal field generator? Half the time that's a software problem," he said

    27. I go over to the bed and try to get into her field of vision

    28. The whole debris field was less than a million Ks out

    29. "Now, Luxor is part of the debris field from the last battle with the Squidies

    30. As a technician, of course Bahkmar knew that the view rendering busses that supplied all souls eye-stream input was dependent on all objects in the field of view

    31. My man, Wrigley? My man down on the prospecting console? He can read the distortion a foil wrapped prophylactic makes in a stellar mag field from 120,000,000Ks out

    32. After only a few seconds of silent flight with the debris field passing below, Burn’s voice spoke in his ear

    33. The Squidies came at them from all sides after that, but in this densest part of the debris field he didn’t have a clear shot

    34. Burn pulled up out of the field and accelerated ahead of that deadly bow wave of debris so hard that he thought she'd rip the nacelles off their mounting

    35. After she got out in front of it, she rotated her nacelles again and blasted the junk almost straight down into the field again

    36. He turns to see where the dog has got to and we wait while Buster catches up with us before climbing over the stile into the field

    37. Once Hardway’s battlegroup and convoy had finally rendezvoused with Admiral Ming’s combined fleet over the debris field that had been an alien task force only hours ago, the Air Group Commander called the Lancers to Bay 23 in full flight gear

    38. To the south there is a vast field of cultivated vegetables

    39. The central field is still full of nut-trees at the shadow of which we have set up our tents

    40. They were both seeing what the bot's cameras saw as their only visual field

    41. Right below him on the desolate plain was an endless field of dogs, mainly dobies, stiffs and weilers; too thin, a little bloody, with dripping mouths and crusty yellow teeth

    42. I held my hand out, groping forward through the tears that filled my unbelieving eyes, desperate to feel the electricity of his form and field

    43. Alan turned toward her and the phone was brought into a position where her face filled the field of view

    44. Field edging hedgerow spotted with brazen blackberry blossom, petals white against the green, issued a mute warning of the shorter, colder days that were to come

    45. Field: A green field symbolizes a great improvement in your social status

    46. Now satiated, dripping sweat and smeared with Cretan soil, they lay side by side staring at the rising field of stars that glistened above the olive trees

    47. I did a sabbatical in the wilds, hiked all the way up to the ruins of Numidor, did the monastery scene and then became a migrant field hand for thousands of fertile-prairie miles out east somewhere or other and wound up in Hrrst decades later

    48. Across the green of the hedges and the field beyond, she could just see the sparkle of the sea

    49. The young people strolled along the field footpath towards the shore

    50. the field looking at each other with hate in their eyes

    1. ‘I know Chris has fielded some flack because she is firm with the boys and demands that they learn manners

    2. Peterman fielded the ball

    3. I sat down, and fielded a few questions about my adventure the night before

    4. Noah fielded a bunch of questions, and Manda listened carefully to his answers

    5. She said she had fielded complaints about his behaviour while

    6. Lucy and her mother fielded phone calls for about

    7. I had thrown a few casual questions at Jon during the morning, which he fielded automatically

    8. Another member from the Ministry fielded that one

    9. The Colonel fielded half a dozen calls on three different communication devices before he

    10. However, Skowron fielded the ball but couldn’t make a play

    11. The messenger caught up to us two hours into the march, we learned that the enemy were fifty strong, warriors of the Eagle, the much-feared personal bodyguard to the Teoti, we were very disappointed, we had fielded three thousand soldiers against a measly fifty, it looked as though our revolt was not being taken serious, they were heading in the direction of Tulancingo proceeding at a slow pace, they had no scouts out, the whole operation seemed to be very sloppy and undisciplined, the Teoti were not taking us serious at all, this captain of the Eagles certainly thought he was dealing with a rabble of misfits, a mistake he would not live to regret, with this information we sent the bulk of our forces back to Bo-elon, keeping only a hundred Toxon to engage the Eagle squad, we then hurried ahead to lay our trap in the small valley Coatl had chosen, we arrived there with plenty of time to spare, we took our places on either side of the valley, as we had planned time after time, six archers spread themselves every hundred yards to the road, Coatl and I had a vantage point on the highest ledge of the narrow valley, we watched as the column came down the road, the captain must have belonged to a Teoti noble family, he was being carried on a chair by eight slaves, the chair had a canopy to keep the sun off the aristocrat, as they came close to the valley, the first archer revealed himself, fired two shafts and scored two hits, the column halted and he released another arrow and another warrior collapsed, he then began to race away along the valley floor, the Teotihuacan army in hot pursuit, fifty feet further on and two Toxon arrows passed him and brought down the two leading Eagle warriors, he was joined by his two grinning companions as they ran ahead of the pursuit, the other four concealed bowmen remained hidden not being needed yet as the Eagle warriors showed no signs of giving up the chase, on reaching the fallen tree both archers turned about and stood waiting, bows at the ready, as the Eagle warriors came to within twenty paces of them, a whooshing noise filled the air, the Toxon warriors were exacting their vengeance, swift and bloody, each archer had been assigned a target and it became a matter of pride to see how many shafts you could put into the target before it dropped to the ground, it was over almost before it began, an almost comical ending came when the captain came around the bend, escorted by the remaining four Toxon bowmen from further down the valley, all of his arrogance and pride gone as the Toxon took it in turns to move him along by kicking his backside

    12. It wasn’t classed as a full international by Wales,’ Watkin recounts on his subsequent return to the club, ‘who fielded a Wales XV, not the 1st XV,’ he continues

    13. It was he that fielded the question

    14. Department was the front end of financial reporting for the Area Office, it fielded all

    15. While Loyd fielded questions

    16. production and fielded systems

    17. Olsen fielded the call from dispatch

    18. Johnson fielded that question, “That is a definite yes but they would be kept

    19. Lancandia had always been known as the most peaceful of the seven kingdoms and as a result they fielded the smallest of the seven armies

    20. Philanthia was a kingdom long at peace and, while they fielded an impressive army, there were few with much, if any, battle experience within the ranks

    21. place, you fielded in succession Duos and Stars, totally overwhelming Heather, who had no

    22. Joel fielded all

    23. Morristown had fielded just two teams in the past ten

    24. Before leaving the press car, he dutifully congratulated Ky Ebright and then gamely fielded the barrage of questions leveled at him

    25. Just how desirable is a call-center job at Zappos? In a recent year when it hired 250 new employees, the company fielded 25,000 applications—for a job that pays only $11 per hour!

    26. The mayor fielded questions about the shooting, then took questions about the SFPD, specifically about the crime rate and why so many crimes were unsolved

    27. I FIELDED PHONE CALLS for the next couple of hours

    1. Ali the freak, Ali the freak,' a kid fielding at mid-on shouted and

    2. Fielding sucks, but other than that, he is

    3. Philip took his fielding place at the boundary near me

    4. One particular heavily pregnant woman was asking some very awkward questions which the spokesman for the company had trouble fielding

    5. It meant fielding ground balls with

    6. The friends were kept busy fielding questions

    7. He had been fielding questions all morning about the current state of Harry’s health and the likely timescale for his recovery

    8. The Rowlandson Bank’s press officers were in full flow fielding questions from reporters on the background of Harry and the reasons he committed this heinous crime

    9. Being of quick mind, he had become quite a legend within the secure walls as the resident unbeaten scrabble champion but he had to pick his opponents with care; only last week he had been attacked for fielding a „ZA’ on a red square to gain 64 points

    10. Let‘s hit a few before fielding and wind sprints

    11. To tell the truth I’ve been fielding my calls in case Morton or O’Brien pulled me off this job

    12. Fielding and he had responded in kind

    13. � ��Mister Fielding, have you alerted the F

    14. � Agent Fielding took out his badge and identity card from the Secret Service and showed them to the policeman while looking at the scene of carnage

    15. � Fielding, having just examined the three dead men, gave a somber look at Nancy

    16. The French Air Force is only now fielding their first jet fighter, a French design that is frankly already obsolete, but even that aircraft is not scheduled to serve in Indochina

    17. But besides lacking state-of-the-art weaponry, the Persians were fielding a multi-cultural army manned by subjects from the breadth of the vast and diverse empire that may not have been

    18. Her job here was largely done, and she was spending most of her days here in Las Vegas fielding calls from lobbying firms across the country

    19. administrator’s name, according to the plaque, was Fielding, R

    20. It complicates life,” Fielding, R

    21. Tammas stood, as he could see Fielding, R

    22. He nearly blushed as he remembered his talk with Fielding, and the thoughts of

    23. Fielding suggested I drop by,” Tammas said, feeling compelled to rub the

    24. in those years was fielding

    25. We practised fielding, fielding and then some more

    26. Waugh, fielding in close to the

    27. Fielding thought that, if he existed at all, this particular mother’s little treasure lacked imagination

    28. ‘No fingerprints then?’ Fielding asked

    29. But was she as sure? Fielding knew how easy it was to get a fixed idea and then interpret everything to fit in with it

    30. Fielding wondered whether this was all but looking up at Wright’s face, she saw it was clear there was something else

    31. Fielding wondered how she would put all this down on paper

    32. Fielding imagined he was good giving evidence in court

    33. It was from Fielding

    34. Fielding came into his office with an exaggerated air of confidence

    35. And the odds would be even longer if Fielding couldn’t be sure the stuff was relevant to England

    36. Fielding relaxed back into the seat

    37. If she had failed it would have been as much a black mark against himself as against Fielding, perhaps even more so

    38. Fielding saw immediately that she had made a mistake

    39. Later that day Fielding found herself in one of those country towns where the agricultural show is the event of the year and murders take place elsewhere

    40. Fielding wondered where the poor working people lived

    41. Fielding imagined that this constituted an adequate explanation for whatever the man was guilty of in Carstairs’s mind

    42. Fulsome praise for the local lord was one thing but pints of sickly adulation could pall on even the most ardent royalist and Fielding was not one of those

    43. Fielding decided to ignore the ’love‘

    44. Fielding wondered who was supposed to be interested in whom

    45. Fielding found it hard but she kept smiling

    46. Fielding could see it on his face

    47. Did he have to get rid of his scruples about giving away a fellow man’s secrets before talking? Finally Fielding saw that the struggle was over — she had won

    48. Fielding knew what that meant: he didn’t think much of the police

    49. Fielding imagined the place must have been besieged by the press

    50. Fielding knew what was coming

    1. I barely remember Earth and when I try to picture it in my mind today I notice the fields covered with ribbonleaves and archwoods shading the houses

    2. The fields are grown over with weeds, the farmhouse is falling apart, and the fences are collapsing all around

    3. Lo and behold, it's like a completely different place -- the farmhouse is completely rebuilt and in excellent condition, there are plenty of cattle and other livestock happily munching on feed in well-fenced pens, and the fields are filled with crops planted in neat rows

    4. While Hammaker advocates going out and remineralizing all forests and fields, the average homeowner usually does not have the time to take on such a large task

    5. We started small, making improvements here and there across so many fields of the

    6. gardens, the woods and the fields of this watery land, the dreaded days that heralded

    7. by the apartment complex that he could see set back against the fields and olive

    8. ‘I was just thinking, it is far too long since I last wandered around in fields of long grass

    9. It was set in the middle of extensive well-tended fields and pastures dotted with fat eight-legged cattle

    10. The Al-Harron's main section appeared to be a thousand-foot chunk of heavy rock with a hundred foot hole bored thru it that twinkled with containment fields

    11. I just wonder at the worth of all this," he waved his arm at the harem, the fine carvings, the fountains, the sky and fields in the distance

    12. They left us to rot out there in the fields just like the crops

    13. He was getting slightly concerned by the apartment complex that he could see set back against the fields and olive groves

    14. It seems that he was as skilled at investment as he was in other fields

    15. Kin Across The Fields

    16. across these fields, to the south,

    17. It was very strange standing (I think) where Blue Anchor is across and seeing nothing but fields and dunes

    18. He was with me all the time, hidden under my coat while I worked in the fields

    19. A few weeks later, we were all in the fields harvesting the corn crop before winter set in

    20. released into the fields after winter sheds and dull bulbs,

    21. “Actually my dear, you feel pretty good,” he gave her his best WC Fields imitation

    22. If it were not so high, it would merely merge with the flooded fields

    23. The evening mist is gathering over the fields now, catching the last rays of the setting sun

    24. above the fields upon which I feed,

    25. that I might spy the blades of grass in the fields,

    26. We travel in silence, each alert to the slightest movement in the fields around us

    27. and the brown earth of fields in foreign lands,

    28. Berndt drops behind me and we move ever onward in line across the endless fields

    29. across the stubble fields of cheek and chin

    30. And these were not ordinary students; each was superior in different fields of the sciences

    31. We might well have been in the Mourning Fields where the spirits roam in everlasting punishment

    32. Almost two weeks later Sarah and Jackson were both in the fields working when they received the call

    33. Fields bounded by low stone walls stretch off into the distance

    34. I shiver, and not because the air is cold, but more from the chill feeling pouring off the fields

    35. An obscure but historically rich family of age old standing first came to live in one of London’s green suburban idylls when those self same suburbs were nothing but virgin fields and meadows recently subsumed into William the Conqueror’s new realm

    36. When your sentence is a pastoral existence, that work will be in the fields

    37. 'We will follow the sublime but wild and desolate grandeur of the dusty fields and high plateaux

    38. back yard or the fields that your partner grew up around, you can provide your love with a

    39. Duncan could see farms off in the distance, large enclosed areas where farmhouse and barn were located, and fields of plantings laid out like the spokes of a wheel

    40. cities and the fields and the seas of the world, the prince had reason

    41. green fields and sweet smelling meadows, but now the house and

    42. My gut tells me that the magnetic fields between these bodies are not enough to move them, but I'll have somebody check that

    43. Little things, like the fact he used to bring his mother flowers from the fields near where they lived, and that, as a very small child, he would follow Peter everywhere

    44. With over 25 years of experience in the fields of self-development, mind power, and Law of Attraction, he has created several well-known systems

    45. It was actually two rooms, the outer one a bit smaller, the inner one with a bay window behind him overlooking a scene of Bantu laborers toiling in the fields

    46. radiating energy fields that surround all living things

    47. it has been determined that the biomagnetic fields

    48. electrical fields of the heart and brain

    49. Their fields were all over the other side of the harbor and behind the beach

    50. The view of the fields and the brook and the mountainside in Wescarp was better than these plain block walls

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