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    1. There’s a little of Daddy’s cash left and I’ve always fancied a spell at the

    2. Tonight, though, he fancied quiet and peaceful, which he had to admit was a bit of a departure from the norm

    3. It seems Pantelis fancied her like mad and would flirt with her quite openly, and then someone in their class said she was lesbian and there was quite a bit of bullying until he stepped in and got everyone to calm down

    4. He didn't quite believe this, but nonetheless he fancied a change of career and scenery

    5. quite believe this, but nonetheless he fancied a change of career and

    6. He actually confessed that he’d fancied me right from the start but didn’t do anything about it because of Kevin

    7. fancied a change that night

    8. But, as he turned away, he fancied that he had seen something

    9. It was an extraordinary land that she had long fancied visiting one day

    10. But everyman then, says he, fancied himself of some importance ; and the innumerable memoirs which have come down to us from those times, were the greater part of them written by people who took pleasure in recording and magnifying events, in which they flattered themselves they had been considerable actors

    11. As soon as writing came into fashion, wise men, or those who fancied themselves such, would naturally endeavour to increase the number of those established and respected maxims, and to express their own sense of what was either proper or improper conduct, sometimes in the more artificial form of apologues, like what are called the fables of Aesop; and sometimes in the more simple one of apophthegms or wise sayings, like the proverbs of Solmnon, the verses of Theognis and Phocyllides, and some part of the works of Hesiod

    12. "It was a crummy line, but I fancied you

    13. We breakfasted in the morning and then started our steady march up to the front line as we got closer we could hear the crump thump of shells and trench-mortars and we also fancied that we could hear the rattle of machine gun fire

    14. Our RSM, bless his soul, really enjoyed being a barber in his spare time, and fancied himself mightily with the barber shears

    15. Fetish was represented by hundreds of charms of every size, shape, and description, from the common slaves' ju-ju of plaited straw to the elaborately worked charms of chased gold or leopard and lion skin, with human blood on the sacred inscription inside as a fancied panacea, of far-reaching power, to cure every disease, destroy an enemy, and grant the wearer a perfect immunity from any ills the flesh or spirit is heir to

    16. Now that created a free for all of note, which some of us looked forward to because of a certain misunderstandings like the one at the mess hall regarding beetroot! We would line up across from each other, and two cadets from opposing platoons entered the ring and battled for two rounds, or as long as the PT Sergeant fancied

    17. I fancied myself behind a steering wheel when I arrived but quickly realised that I was outclassed and preferred later years to be the crew and do the navigating

    18. Thus I felt safe enough and fancied our chances

    19. once that day, as she was playing by herself, she fancied that she was

    20. My mates were reassuring me from the other side of the fence, and since I was ex-Flying Squad weighing 230 pounds I fancied my chances until the dog unfairly became airborne ten feet away

    21. "Yer know, Peter boy, I've always fancied 'er

    22. Such fancied notions of what the world ―should‖ be like rather than what it ―could‖ be like marked a generation of socio/cultural ―engineers‖ presenting rather odd impressions of the ideal society predicated upon utopian standards rather than practical designs

    23. He fancied he floated in a vast hollow tomb where a thousand lost souls lamented, and shadowy hands clutched at his skin, and eerie spots and shapes danced before his eyes

    24. She was accustomed to wonder, when she thought about it at all, how she could ever have fancied him or felt so badly over his sudden marriage

    25. Knowing what she knew, or fancied she knew, Mary considered that Faith was far too light-hearted

    26. “So you fancied a swim in the China Sea one morning, did

    27. obviously fancied his chances after so much soil had been

    28. He had heard that Ferrante was rather impetuous and fancied himself a military leader of some merit

    29. He asked me which one I fancied and I pointed at the one painting; it looked like a father and a child sitting by the lake, they were fishing

    30. Every generation has fancied that it, unlike previous generations, now wields the tools to master nature and unearth all her deepest secrets

    31. In those days, girls let boys do that to them because they fancied them and they reckoned it was the best chance of being fancied back

    32. Misrepresentation fancied its own tail

    33. fancied him as a black Elvis Presley, at his best and without the sideburns

    34. She fancied she detected a new respect on the part of the brittle-mannered clerk at the bank, and even Clay Feister must soon start to consider her a depositor to be reckoned with

    35. I hated it all, though my meetings with the kingdom’s scribe could get lively, especially when he fancied himself a reporter

    36. Instead of admonishing her son, his mother had joined him in discussing what sort of boys he fancied and planning the roles he would have when he became an actor

    37. Blokes fancied him, pressing their crotches against him and massaging his bum while dancing

    38. At twenty-four I was already over the hill! The men I fancied no longer fancied me

    39. She obviously still fancied him and he especially didn’t want to go if Lance was going to be there

    40. “Because I fancied you and in the beginning I thought it would affect our relationship

    41. They were restaurant quality and he could have whatever he fancied to drink with them

    42. He never bought her flowers or chocolates but always asked her what she fancied doing of a weekend

    43. Of course, it is just about useless while you sit out here on the mountainside and grieve over your misfortunes, real and fancied

    44. They were busying themselves gawking at the surroundings of this demented abode, and may have fancied that I was simply looking for the right key

    45. And in one particular aisle I fancied that I heard the pitter patter of feet and saw the ends of a little girl's bright blue blouse as she turned a corner

    46. Though Gautam explained the absurdity of the proposition and offered to line up dames by the dozen to choose from, Vivek remained steadfast in his passion for the fancied woman

    47. All through his life Judas had cultivated the habit of getting even with those whom he fancied had mistreated him

    48. Besides, she said, she never fancied herself as an actress, and if pushed into the act, she would only make a fool of herself

    49. He fancied himself as a real old time cowboy

    50. could have really fancied a croissant

    1. Who else is there? Oh yes, I expect you’ll meet Harvey Wadsworth … he’s a nuisance, fancies himself a bit

    2. I discarded the wilder fancies, settling instead on asking for the small and the mundane, settling on things that might make me just a little more human

    3. He fancies a cold pint but doesn’t want to wait for a suitable break in the crowd at the bar

    4. have scarce any chance of preferment, they figure to themselves, in their youthful fancies, a

    5. The other half, therefore, or at least the greater part of them, can be employed in providing other things, or in satisfying the other wants and fancies of mankind

    6. Clothing and lodging, household furniture, and what is called equipage, are the principal objects of the greater part of those wants and fancies

    7. The poor, in order to obtain food, exert themselves to gratify those fancies of the rich ; and to obtain it more certainly, they vie with one another in the cheapness and perfection of their work

    8. "The bastard fancies himself to be a Black Mage, higher in the Order than the Keeper himself," Coba said, floating alongside Brice

    9. “Just a moment are you saying there is something wrong with any girl who fancies me because if you are you would have to include Mabel Smith in that statement?”

    10. Fancies himself a philosopher, due to the fact that he can quote Socrates

    11. according to their own fancies; and this new Costumer had charming

    12. remember the fancies of their childhood I need say no more

    13. I just sharpen my sword, fill my pipe and gulp down what Mott fancies each time

    14. “Those who later became known as Shi’ites (partisans of Ali) maintained from the beginning that such an important office could not be left to the whims and fancies of the people, and that God had designated through Mohammed a successor (caliph) who was none other than Ali, husband of his only daughter, Fatima

    15. Hebrew elements of religion and Buddhistic doctrines were also found in Mancihaeism, which appears to have been an eclectic jumble of wild fancies, among which the soberest and strongest dogmas of the Christian creed were sometimes seen to be embedded…The practical side of Manichaeism appears in the condemnation of marriage, or sexual indulgence of any sort…There were two classes of disciples, the initiated, or perfecti, and the auditores, hearers, or novices

    16. The mind is fickle and flighty, it flies after fancies wherever it likes: it is difficult indeed to restrain

    17. Invisible and subtle is the mind, and it flies after fancies wherever it likes; but let the wise man guard well his mind, for a mind well guarded is a source of great joy

    18. He also has an eye for the ladies, and although he is not married and is free to pursue any woman he fancies, I find it all somehow distasteful and I cannot quite explain why

    19. “Well he's told me and some others that he fancies you

    20. “Nigel Choate fancies himself a ladies man,” he said

    21. 5 Divinations, and soothsaying, and dreams are vain, and the heart fancies, as a woman's heart in travail

    22. almost dropped her plate of French Fancies; it was only a matter of time before 42 Blossom Meadows reared its ugly head again

    23. fancies, not with facts

    24. “He so sits at the front because he fancies that girl

    25. And crowned your head with fancies, nothing worth,

    26. I knew that an adult who likes sex with youths is called a pederast, but there was no word I could find for a youth who fancies sex with men

    27. “I know,” I responded carelessly, “he fancies me

    28. ‘Bart fancies me

    29. ‘None so blind as those who do not wish to see! He obviously fancies Asa and wants to spend the weekend with him—that’s his condition for signing

    30. “They’re for the innkeeper- he fancies himself a writer and I’m his clerk

    31. Having catered to Sneha’s whims on Ocean Organics, Gautam began to address his fancies about Global Facilitators

    32. Didn’t he derive the satisfaction that he had averted a mishap to his family? Why, life seemed to have unique ways to link the fates of the mortals and to de-link their destinies at its whims and fancies!

    33. Carmen shouted the gang, “Who fancies a farewell drink with Santos tonight?”

    34. fancies me, if it was all to do with childbearing then

    35. He fancies Gloria

    36. Of fancies floating through the brain,

    37. Old dreams and fancies coloring it,

    38. The fair, fond fancies dear to youth

    39. Painted with fancies of malignant power!

    40. fancies, longings, and imaginings

    41. (I think he rather fancies me, to tell the truth), but I really can’t come at the idea of him poring over poor Jacob’s diaries!”

    42. “I should think he fancies recounting his tales of seduction and love he encountered with other women while on his missions

    43. Enthralled by the changing of colour of the ocean from a lovely bluish green to a dank, depressing grey as the weather phenomenon passed and entrenched itself for the rest of the day, Faye smiled as the sun managed briefly to sneak through a clearing in the thick cloud cover and reflect brilliantly off the tumultuous surface of the water; it was indeed a sublime sight for those not accustomed to viewing such occurrences and one that far surpassed anything written in books or magazines or those fancies that the imagination could produce when invoked to do so

    44. All vain, habitual thoughts, wild fancies, wrong feelings, cares, worries, anxieties, confused ideas, and all kinds of imaginary fears must be done away with in toto

    45. Paul's address, which were mere "words and names" and raving fancies to his companion in the place of hearing

    46. Many a Sunday-school teacher comes home on Sunday night with a heavy heart, and fancies that his or her labour is all in vain

    47. Hell is paved with such fancies

    48. same old Toby, he goes with anyone he fancies

    49. Thinking this to be another of her harmless fancies, I did not make a fuss about it

    50. the big house fancies a bit of rough

    1. Not a fancy one with all the dangly bits

    2. Most of the yachts below were garden floats, fancy entertaining rooms on the water, most had upper floors with lavish trysting suites and rooms below decks for serving staff and crew

    3. He wore a fancy top hat, but it was a size too big and kept slipping over his eyes while he rocked

    4. ‘Do you fancy a cuppa?’ I suggested, changing the subject as, conveniently, we arrive at the tea tent

    5. It was a very small circulation magazine, but with a fancy press

    6. Fancy and the Flutter

    7. ‘D’you fancy a coffee or something, Molly?’ Liz asked as she runs a duster over the now empty bookshelves

    8. ‘I rather fancy cucumber sandwiches

    9. ‘Look, my office is only round the corner from where you are – fancy coming over and telling me about it? I can rustle up some coffee

    10. curiosity that brooked no flight or fancy

    11. She wished she didn't have to, it's really just a fancy electric dildo isn't it? But she did, and had for years while they were separated when Morg as away at B

    12. “I oughta go over there, tear off that fancy fur collar and shove it up yer ass security guard

    13. “Besides, I don't fancy that guy, I don't want him for myself!”

    14. Whenever I confide in her I like some stranger on the road, she says scornfully: “Only silly women fancy such men!”

    15. It was a large square room with a high ceiling adorned with fancy plasterwork and filled by rows of tables bearing what she knew to be computer stations criss-crossing the room, lit by natural light from the long, floor to ceiling windows let into one wall

    16. ‘What do you fancy, Angie?’ Kara asked, ‘I’ll have Victoria sponge

    17. ‘What do you think, Sefir? Fancy going to Wales with us?’

    18. It was a fancy cup like the ones from Alan’s world

    19. It doesn't even have to be fancy

    20. ‘We thought salad and cold meat and cheeses, going for quality rather than fancy

    21. Talking about whizzing – everyone here buzzes around the place on scooters … how do you fancy that?

    22. I suppose that says more about the sort of men who fancy petite blondes than anything else, but it is demoralizing all the same

    23. There’s some salad … what can I have with that? Anything in the tinned line? Ah yes, a tin of tuna in mayo … that would go nicely with the salad and maybe a jacket potato … sorted! Feeling very righteous after my session at the gym and carrying a plate of healthy dinner, I mooch into the lounge … don’t much fancy TV … a book it is! By nine thirty, I am nodding, so call it a day and go to bed

    24. ‘You didn’t fancy that?’

    25. The sound of girls in full fancy echoes around Billy's normally silent bachelor home

    26. It wasn’t anything particularly fancy by any standards, but we used to put all sorts of stuff in – it always tasted wonderful

    27. They got one that was serviceable but none too fancy or high in the branches, for an iron and a half a week

    28. with a fancy for wickedness

    29. A bit later, having changed out of my office kit and into something decidedly sloppy and comfortable, I stand in the kitchen … food … need something to eat … what’s in the freezer? … don’t fancy that … or that … oh dear … is there anything in any of those tins … no, not really … cooking for one can be pretty mindless at times

    30. It’s obviously been hand-delivered … curious, I open it to find a fancy, glitter-covered invitation from the Ladies Katie and Abi requesting my presence at an alfresco luncheon with the Richards family at Lacock Abbey on Easter Monday

    31. So it was with his companions, he only hoped that he would be able to build upon this new foundation before it might lapse into passing fancy

    32. Over the years the fancy gadgets and

    33. As she wondered about the pond, dressed in not only her fancy dress but also a full-length coat of velvet and fur, with her hair neatly tucked up, under a stylish hat with a feather dress, she was taken aback by the similar scene that had developed on the frozen pond

    34. He was in a big hall of some kind, two stories high, ornate, with fancy rails on the floor above overlooking this floor

    35. Nothing particularly fancy, but just what was

    36. "None from the fans struck your fancy for the sleep?" he asked

    37. Then the wicked sprite laughed till he almost choked, for all this tickled his fancy

    38. She was very beautiful; a more clever, or a more lovely countenance he could not fancy to himself; and she no longer appeared of ice as before, when she sat outside the window, and beckoned to him; in his eyes she was perfect, he did not fear her at all, and told her that he could calculate in his head and with fractions, even; that he knew the number of square miles there were in the different countries, and how many inhabitants they contained; and she smiled while he spoke

    39. Takes you as cramp, I fancy

    40. She was very beautiful; a more clever, or a more lovely countenance he could not fancy to himself; and she no longer appeared of ice as before, when she sat outside the window, and beckoned to him; in his eyes she was perfect, he did not fear her at all… (they flew away) and higher up appeared the moon, quite large and bright; and it was on it that Kay gazed during the long long winter's night; while by day he slept at the feet of the Snow Queen

    41. don’t fancy his chances with this cold weather coming on

    42. ‘I have a fancy to visit the region south of

    43. Fancy giving that away!”

    44. Worse yet, several of the other soldiers Gunt had been able to scrounge from the refugees lacked limbs with which to even wield their fancy weapons

    45. Fortunately, my fancy was gone and I realized that the

    46. someone deludes himself with the fancy that the

    47. Boys like me don’t fancy combs

    48. Do you really need the big house in the fancy neighborhood? Or could an

    49. These are things in which further expense is frequently rendered unnecessary by former expense; and when a person stops short, he appears to do so, not because he has exceeded his fortune, but because he has satisfied his fancy

    50. They are founded upon the most absurd of all suppositions, the supposition that every successive generation of men have not an equal right to the earth, and to all that it possesses ; but that the property of the present generation should be restrained and regulated according to the fancy of those who died, perhaps five hundred years ago

    1. in its own way, to the ‘ome I fled, me father fancying

    2. Such statesmen, and such statesmen only, are capable of fancying that they will find some advantage in employing the blood and treasure of their fellow-citizens, to found and maintain such an empire

    3. I debated a moment, wondering if this were a corpse partially buried, or a sick man, but as I looked, fancying I could see him breathing, I jumped down and pulled off the cloth

    4. 6 When therefore Adam and Eve saw the light fancying it was real they strengthened their hearts; yet as they were trembling Adam said to Eve:

    5. He had never said a word to anyone, not even to Phil when he had confided in him about fancying Sabrina so many years before

    6. Anne turned toward her bed again, fancying that she had smelled

    7. Deneb walked stealing covert looks at Cleo now and then under the star lit sky, fancying a morning walk with her, their hands entwined and her head on his shoulders, Cleo snuggling to him for warmth

    8. Deneb walked stealing covert looks at Cleo now and then under the star lit sky, fancying a morning walk with her, their hands entwined and her head on his shoulders, Cleo snuggling to him for warmth in the future

    9. When there's no outlet for it and it gets clotted, you begin fancying

    10. When you were writing your article, surely you couldn't have helped, he-he! fancying yourself

    11. Katerina Ivanovna, however, put off expressing her feelings for the time and contented herself with treating her coldly, though she decided inwardly that she would certainly have to put Amalia Ivanovna down and set her in her proper place, for goodness only knew what she was fancying herself

    12. If he was persuaded that this was true, and that his lady had wronged him, it is no wonder that he should have gone mad; but I, how am I to imitate him in his madness, unless I can imitate him in the cause of it? For my Dulcinea, I will venture to swear, never saw a Moor in her life, as he is, in his proper costume, and she is this day as the mother that bore her, and I should plainly be doing her a wrong if, fancying anything else, I were to go mad with the same kind of madness as Roland the Furious

    13. The curate was holding Don Quixote's hands, who, fancying he had now ended the adventure and was in the presence of the Princess Micomicona, knelt before the curate and said, "Exalted and beauteous lady, your highness may live from this day forth fearless of any harm this base being could do you; and I too from this day forth am released from the promise I gave you, since by the help of God on high and by the favour of her by whom I live and breathe, I have fulfilled it so successfully

    14. Don Quixote, fancying that his foe was coming down upon him flying, drove his spurs vigorously into Rocinante's lean flanks and made him scud along in such style that the history tells us that on this occasion only was he known to make something like running, for on all others it was a simple trot with him; and with this unparalleled fury he bore down where he of the Mirrors stood digging his spurs into his horse up to buttons, without being able to make him stir a finger's length from the spot where he had come to a standstill in his course

    15. Don Quixote pursued his journey in the high spirits, satisfaction, and self-complacency already described, fancying himself the most valorous knight-errant of the age in the world because of his late victory

    16. ' To which the owner of the ass replied, 'It's an excellent plan, I declare, gossip, and worthy of your great genius;' and the two separating as agreed, it so fell out that they brayed almost at the same moment, and each, deceived by the braying of the other, ran to look, fancying the ass had turned up at last

    17. One of those, however, that stood near him, fancying he was mocking them, lifted up a long staff he had in his hand and smote him such a blow with it that Sancho dropped helpless to the ground

    18. Don Quixote, who was not used to dismount without having the stirrup held, fancying that Sancho had by this time come to hold it for him, threw himself off with a lurch and brought Rocinante's saddle after him, which was no doubt badly girthed, and saddle and he both came to the ground; not without discomfiture to him and abundant curses muttered between his teeth against the unlucky Sancho, who had his foot still in the shackles

    19. always cockering up his honour, dining miserably and in secret, and making a hypocrite of the toothpick with which he sallies out into the street after eating nothing to oblige him to use it! Poor fellow, I say, with his nervous honour, fancying they perceive a league off the patch on his shoe, the sweat-stains on his hat, the shabbiness of his cloak, and the hunger of his stomach!"

    20. Charles sank back into his arm-chair overwhelmed, trying to discover what could be wrong with her, fancying some nervous illness, weeping, and vaguely feeling something fatal and incomprehensible whirling round him

    21. Then she let her head fall back, fancying she heard in space the music of seraphic harps, and perceived in an azure sky, on a golden throne in the midst of saints holding green palms, God the Father, resplendent with majesty, who with a sign sent to earth angels with wings of fire to carry her away in their arms

    22. As he fell he commended himself with all his heart to God, fancying he was not going to stop until he reached the depths of the bottomless pit; but it did not turn out so, for at little more than thrice a man's height Dapple touched bottom, and he found himself sitting on him without having received any hurt or damage whatever

    23. Emma watched him with a look of anguish, fancying she saw an accusation in every line of his face

    24. Madame Homais was very fond of these small, heavy turban-shaped loaves, that are eaten in Lent with salt butter; a last vestige of Gothic food that goes back, perhaps, to the time of the Crusades, and with which the robust Normans gorged themselves of yore, fancying they saw on the table, in the light of the yellow torches, between tankards of hippocras and huge boars' heads, the heads of Saracens to be devoured

    25. "Oh, leave off!" she murmured, fancying she heard Binet's lathe

    26. This Cide Hamete Benengeli thought fit to reveal at once, not to keep the world in suspense, fancying that the head had some strange magical mystery in it

    27. The viceroy, fancying it must be some fresh adventure got up by Don Antonio Moreno or some other gentleman of the city, hurried out at once to the beach accompanied by Don Antonio and several other gentlemen, just as Don Quixote was wheeling Rocinante round in order to take up the necessary distance

    28. The manner in which Miss Steele had spoken of Edward, increased her curiosity; for it struck her as being rather ill-natured, and suggested the suspicion of that lady's knowing, or fancying herself to know something to his disadvantage

    29. I say awakened, because time and London, business and dissipation, had in some measure quieted it, and I had been growing a fine hardened villain, fancying myself indifferent to her, and choosing to fancy that she too must have become indifferent to me; talking to myself of our past attachment as a mere idle, trifling business, shrugging up my shoulders in proof of its being so, and silencing every reproach, overcoming every scruple, by secretly saying now and then, 'I shall be heartily glad to hear she is well married

    30. Morel had white tips in her bonnet, and some white on her blouse, and was teased by both her sons for fancying herself so grand

    31. Yes, indeed, I replied, and equally incompatible with the management of a house, an army, or an office of state; and, what is most important of all, irreconcileable with any kind of study or thought or self-reflection--there is a constant suspicion that headache and giddiness are to be ascribed to philosophy, and hence all practising or making trial of virtue in the higher sense is absolutely stopped; for a man is always fancying that he is being made ill, and is in constant anxiety about the state of his body

    32. Well, then, do not be angry with them; for are they not as good as a play, trying their hand at paltry reforms such as I was describing; they are always fancying that by legislation they will make an end of frauds in contracts, and the other rascalities which I was mentioning, not knowing that they are in reality cutting off the heads of a hydra?

    33. And though frequently, when she looked in to bid me good-night, I remarked a fresh colour in her cheeks and a pinkness over her slender fingers; instead of fancying the hue borrowed from a cold ride across the moors, I laid it to the charge of a hot fire in the library

    34. I went at five o'clock, and walked; fancying I might manage to creep into the house, and up to Linton's room, unobserved

    35. Yes, I said; and there is another thing which is likely, or rather a necessary inference from what has preceded, that neither the uneducated and uninformed of the truth, nor yet those who never make an end of their education, will be able ministers of State; not the former, because they have no single aim of duty which is the rule of all their actions, private as well as public; nor the latter, because they will not act at all except upon compulsion, fancying that they are already dwelling apart in the islands of the blest

    36. Danglars brightened up on beholding it, fancying that it gave some promise of safety

    37. ‘Into the infantry when they need artillery more than anything?’ said Katavasov, fancying from the artilleryman’s apparent age that he must have reached a fairly high grade

    38. When there's no outlet for it and it gets clotted, you begin fancying things

    39. And I cannot help fancying somebody is about the house

    40. I have no ground for the nonsensical vanity of fancying everybody who comes near me is in love with me

    41. Emma watched him with a look of anguish, fancying she saw an accusation

    42. At last, unable to bear it any longer, and fancying she had gone to Rouen, he set out along the highroad, walked a mile, met no one, again waited, and returned home

    43. I sav’d the Bellars Missive for later, fancying that ’twould cause me the greatest Inquietude, and open’d the one that was splotch’d with Mud

    44. And though frequently, when she looked in to bid me good-night, I remarked a fresh colour in her cheeks and a pinkness over her slender fingers, instead of fancying the line borrowed from a cold ride across the moors, I laid it to the charge of a hot fire in the library

    45. I went at five o’clock, and walked; fancying I might manage to creep into the house, and up to Linton’s room, unobserved

    46. Cosette, although this is a strange statement to make, in the profound ignorance of a girl brought up in a convent,—maternity being also absolutely unintelligible to virginity,—had ended by fancying that she had had as little mother as possible

    47. Fauchelevent arrived with Cosette, the porter had not been able to refrain from communicating to his wife this aside: "I don't know why it is, but I can't help fancying that I've seen that face before

    48. Rochester, to witness their repeated failure—herself unconscious that they did fail; vainly fancying that each shaft launched hit the mark, and infatuatedly pluming herself on success, when her pride and self-complacency repelled further and further what she wished to allure—to witness this, was to be at once under ceaseless excitation and ruthless restraint

    49. She looked and looked, longing to know which might be least valuable; and was determined in her choice at last, by fancying there was one necklace more frequently placed before her eyes than the rest

    50. The manner in which Miss Steele had spoken of Edward, increased her curiosity; for it struck her as being rather ill-natured, and suggested the suspicion of that lady’s knowing, or fancying herself to know something to his disadvantage

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