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    1. He looked back and forth between them, trying to figure out what was going on when it should have been obvious

    2. Ackers looked like he was trying to figure out what to say next

    3. Her eye reached the top of the bluff and saw a figure against the bright sky of the impending noon

    4. "I never could figure out what that wilderness map was about," she said to try and get him to talk

    5. They used the sun, the time and the magnetic reading to figure which way was east

    6. "So where do you figure he's taken the shuttlecraft?" she asked, fishing for a subject he would speak on

    7. The voice was modulated and scrambled, making it pointless to try and figure out who the person on the other end of the line was

    8. Meanwhile doostEr had to figure a way to get this wagon turned around in here

    9. One thing it could be is the Brazilian's stealing some lab gear from the Kassikan with this woman from the Kassikan as an accomplice, "But I figure it's really lab equipment

    10. More importantly he was the only independently elected figure we had in town and I knew he had a strong reputation for local grass roots community work

    11. very quickly figure out what to do with it

    12. dogged its tracks, but as Lucy moved closer, as the figure gathered its limbs together

    13. ‘I can’t compete … I’ve got saggy rings under my eyes, my figure has gone to pot and my hair is going grey

    14. It didn't take even Little Leaguers to figure out what I was going to deliver

    15. She had the kind of looks you couldn't ignore; statuesque, blonde, athletic figure and dressed to kill

    16. "Could be,” she replied, "if I could figure out where that was

    17. She joined him in a hearty breakfast, trying to figure a way to soften the situation

    18. A burly figure in the shadows across the room stood over a washbasin

    19. The shadowy figure was turned a little sideways from me

    20. The thug, and I was assuming this was Sammy the Shark, would have cut a ruggedly stylish figure except for the filthy looking street tattoos all over his arms and creeping up the visible side of his face to the left temple

    21. He knew the events, he had been there, but it took him a while to figure out what she was really saying

    22. as the door swung open and a figure walked through the oblong patch of unnerving

    23. Danton stood in the middle of the room and looked down at the squat figure by the

    24. I just figure out where to collide the streams

    25. He zoomed in expecting to see a human figure in an exosuit floating out there in the debris, clinging to a piece of rent bulkhead like some parody of a castaway

    26. He knew the Haadij had seven hundred, he had been an important figure as a mortal also and added a woman a day to his harem in his prime

    27. And by the time you figure out you don’t, it’s already too late

    28. Bahkmar could probably figure out a way to find out with the diagnostic channels

    29. As a tech, he should be able to figure a way out of here

    30. To figure out who you really are

    31. That there's something he is suppose to figure out, and somehow Antonia is there to help

    32. Klowee can do arithmetic and he made sure she knew what a year was and what an Earth year was and how to figure the difference

    33. Herndon in contrast was a dashing figure of no more than thirty, though it was three hundred and eighteen Earth years from his birth

    34. "You really need to figure this out, so why don't I make it as easy as I can

    35. He had to put it aside, figure on losing another week and just relax, or at least pretend to

    36. She pressed comfortably on him, he didn't remember her being this well turned and wondered if she'd taken something to enhance her figure a bit

    37. They bent over the torn, limp figure

    38. Kara squinted, trying to focus on the woman’s face … she ought to know who this was, didn’t she? She moved, trying to get a better look and the figure on the chair stirred

    39. On the ground the shape seemed almost frail, as though it could not carry the burden of terror that forever dogged its tracks, but as Lucy moved closer, as the figure gathered its limbs together and began to unbend, began to straighten and stand, she saw with horror that he, for it must be masculine, was tall and thick set and lithe, as if he were a wolf or a hunting cat

    40. Danton stood in the middle of the room and looked down at the squat figure by the wall, finding it extremely hard to deal with the situation

    41. She had to figure out which way this river was leaning

    42. Berndt gave her a figure

    43. Once Ava could capture the packet header as it went by and convert it to something, she could start trying to figure out how the packets were addressed

    44. "We could start at the point where we tried to pick him up, do you think we could study it well enough to figure out where he went?"

    45. And here’s a thermos of tea too, I figure you’ll need that for yourself!”

    46. She was a fine figure of a woman, and he woke up feeling pretty randy

    47. She looked up like she couldn't figure out what planet he was from

    48. The best that I can figure is that there are people that have escaped the flames of Hell, but have not come to a place of maturity in order to rule and reign with Christ in the same manner that the Bride is ruling

    49. “I think it was so romantic! My God, how sexy can you get!” said Susan, a rather good looking blonde with an ample figure that left no doubt about its availability

    50. None tried very hard to engage her in conversation at their duskmeal, Desa and Alan tried to figure out where they might be on the out-of-date and not-to-scale map

    1. Figured it’d be a change of pace

    2. “The alarm!” Ackers yelled to the paper boy as soon as he figured it out

    3. It would certainly be some kind of trick with hidden wicks and special fuel, but he'd seen people spit fire so he figured there would be some way to perform that circus stunt also

    4. After a week passed and doostEr had not heard from Tahlmute, he figured that he probably was trying to steal the cargo and had given up the game when his original ruse failed

    5. That's what he figured Tahlmute was going thru, realizing he had been receiving messages from a ghost

    6. doostEr figured her for a Yingolian wannabe

    7. Once the second decade went by with this, we figured it was here for long term storage

    8. But you looked your friend up and she'd been taken over by Ava, the ghost?" doostEr wanted to ask a lot more than that, but knew he had already figured out more of the truth than Tahlmute would tell him

    9. He figured he would pay off Sammy in one go and have seven thousand left over to pay the mortgage for a few months while he looked for another job, retrained, whatever

    10. She figured she should inform Ava when she brought up the last backup of his home

    11. "If the natives have figured it out they're going to print special editions and talk until late at many tap rails

    12. By this time she had figured the shuttlecraft would have to intercept that wagon on its next orbit or do some serious maneuvering, or wait another native week

    13. He had already figured it out before she got him interested in the problem again

    14. With that, they figured it would be no more than seventy years until a reliable source of new souls would be available

    15. He spased when he figured out they’d set him in the command chair

    16. ‘Hi, I figured you’d appreciate a lift

    17. Well I figured that Catwhiskers

    18. I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I figured you would

    19. Since channel thirty seven was also the only one to have header information, she figured there could be other things special about channel thirty seven

    20. “Lucy figured you would want something like that so she made a batch of chicken soup

    21. He figured that she stood about 5’6”, he was 6’2, and he seemed to tower over her

    22. Alan figured out that it should be, it was the better part of a thousand years old

    23. ERICK: I figured since she had changed into her sleeping clothes and asked me to stay a little while longer; I should follow her into the bedroom and get in bed with her

    24. They figured the place must have been one of the cattle towns on the ancient map, seeing as the main businesses are what they are, but most residents were eating from their plot and helping the others out now and then for some cash

    25. For a minute as she came out of her dream state Desa even had the fantasy of climaxing with him before he figured it out

    26. It was done very subtlety; I figured it out when they were watching John and Diana interacting with each other

    27. This didn't please me because I had figured it was my "furious thunder" that loosened the lock

    28. “Between the dragons burning, and the crazy dreams, I figured out for myself that things would never be the same again

    29. If he was to guess, he figured that she would go into a hang on every time slice because there was so much security preventing any signals from coming back thru Thom’s instruments to anything, including that veron store

    30. I figured out

    31. 'I have figured it out

    32. 'I figured out a way to rein in Ali,' Ish said

    33. First of all, in case you haven't figured it out yet, cold-turkey is the best way to quit, and in my opinion, the only way to quit

    34. Kelvin was afraid he already knew and was only pretending he figured it out from Kelvin’s questions

    35. "You guys haven't even figured that out yet?" she asked with some skepticism

    36. She figured the open-fronted blouse was in style here because it saved so much cloth

    37. She figured learning language was pretty much a subconscious process in children, it would probably be like that with her

    38. she's the only M who has figured so far

    39. Yellelle gave them the finger, by then Ava figured out enough of the technique to get them moving

    40. ‘I figured that the supper at the operatic society wouldn’t be very filling

    41. “I knew a guy named Ava once, but he wasn’t famous, he had a fish weir in the southern shallows (of North Lake, Jorma figured, though there wasn’t a lot of shallow water there)

    42. He figured quickly that she could hold her own against the Level 3 probationers

    43. I figured they were from the school you were going to,” she said as she turned back to Ava

    44. He figured it couldn't be too far

    45. Then I figured it was safe and I went down to the grave site to get a better look at such a magnificent creature

    46. “I figured it would be on the boat, we can’t intrude on Byara again

    47. “She must have figured you were never coming back for it by now

    48. Kulai figured it was just some salesman or messenger but trudged up the stairs to the front office

    49. He figured that was a lie, figured she had a sleeker craft of her own

    50. Things were a little tight to be taking a public needleboat, so he got on a u-paddle and figured on getting his exercise for the week on an eleven mile paddle

    1. Figures that would be something Kevin would brag about

    2. If you doubt any of the figures above, call a reputable

    3. Here are a few jokes from the west where it is not unusual to cut jokes around religious leaders and mythological figures

    4. that my age needs three figures

    5. Theo Petrakis was at the Sunnyvale crime scene when two burly figures ran up and boxed him in on either side

    6. As he drove, information about pimps, brothels, gangland figures and tattoo parlors was downloading to his phone

    7. He thought he saw the figures on top of the 4-meter mechs push off and spread out around the knuckledraggers

    8. As he picked his way through the web, gently pulling himself along in the null-gees, his helmet highlighted the figures of his fellow reds outside, out on the ring

    9. Numb now, I gazed at the silent television screen, watching black and white figures move through a scene of domestic strife, unable for the moment to comprehend what a lawnmower might be used for

    10. In a mortal lifetime, he knew as much as anyone did of the facts and figures and customs of this world, native or terrestrial

    11. ’ Liesse said into the ensuing silence, ‘What sort of figures are we talking about, Karalintze?’

    12. Like many other Yoga asanas the Swan Posture consists of two opposite movements which I have demonstrated in figures 15 and 16, page 61

    13. "It's real salty, helps them grow in colder water somehow, I ain't one of you science folk so don't ask me facts and figures

    14. Their mother, who hadn’t yet hit the cans, made a real fuss of them and told the assembled figures of authority that they were always running away and she was so relieved they had been found

    15. 'As I say, some time ago Pantelis got wind of what was going on and over a period of time he collected his evidence: names, numbers, times, photographs, dates, recordings; a comprehensive list of villains, including prominent public figures, involved one way or another in the smuggling and acquisition of priceless cultural objects

    16. With audience figures going through the roof and with advertising revenues hitting all time highs, the executive producer was, of course, paid a big fat bonus

    17. The only thing he allowed himself was a magic wand to project his facts and figures during the presentation

    18. It seemed to Karen that the hand-carved figures on the tombs,

    19. assembled figures of authority that they were always running away

    20. you could achieve all the figures I mentioned so far in

    21. Moments later at the other end of the level two silent figures slid out of the trees and landed on the balcony of Warrior Hold that led to the master bedroom

    22. what's that all about? Hang on, what happens if I add together those six figures

    23. I scribble down the figures

    24. With audience figures going through the roof and with

    25. The figures on the bridge were dwarfed by the immensity

    26. We have millions of pages on their history and culture, their biology, facts and figures about Earth and human evolution

    27. or two figures could be seen moving around, purposefully checking

    28. The door opened and two figures entered

    29. “I have to get these names and figures sorted in my head before we arrive in Chicago, Saturday afternoon, and it takes me longer these days to cement new things into my mind than it once did,” he admitted, waving the papers in his hands

    30. Thinking about the white and grey porcelain figures waltzing under a G-Plan spotlight brings Billy back to the conversation he had in the hospital car park

    31. The three figures in the parking lot began to

    32. “I understand your volume of sales; those figures were quite clear

    33. ' Titania wasn't so enamored of what she was perusing that she didn't notice their approaching figures in the reflection of the shop window, but not giving them much thought at first continued her inspection of the display

    34. Titania and Hipolyta were hidden by the clot of bodies blocking their escape route, but a moment of jostling gave Jameson an instant's glimpse of two small figures nearly with their backs to wall at the far end

    35. She peeked through a crack in the blanket and she saw three shadowy figures at her window, howling away like mad

    36. The figures then began laughing and they came closer

    37. There were only a few more figures to total before she could call it quits for the night

    38. He figures his soldiers can handle things anyway

    39. figures silhouetted along the roofline, and began to plan

    40. Big Ed prided himself on knowing all of our names because authoritarian figures have more power when they know your name

    41. Desperate for another round, Alec was working on catching the serving girl's attention when he noticed a pair of figures standing beside him

    42. "Master Brice, was it absolutely necessary to bring this man along?" The voice was masculine, gruff, and emitted from the taller of the two hooded figures who had finally arrived with their cumbersome load

    43. Layer upon layer of wooden scaffolding covered the hole, the figures of men, dwarves, and occasionally elves could be seen hard at work at that section as well

    44. Dripping with blood and sweat, Gunt filled the crack in the trunk while bent and battered armored figures laid scattered about his feet, the bodies slow to regenerate and renew their attacks considering they had been reduced to mush

    45. Several figures, including Rafe, limped from the remnants of the Outer Shell, saved by crouching against it as the swell flowed over the wall

    46. seen free-standing figures on a building of that age

    47. Only four figures remained standing

    48. On the other hand, Richard Branson and Bill Gates are prominent front figures

    49. Figures, that he would drive something black and sleek

    50. phase, with almost acrobatic figures, and I had

    1. figuring out how to make it happen

    2. Before you start figuring out what you want (because I know it is not an easy task) here are some questions to help stimulate your thinking

    3. Anyone can misplace a wallet or keys, then find it by figuring out where they are most likely to have been left

    4. As it was he lost a precious hour in that welder-bot's circular help system figuring out its fine points

    5. Figuring out where a trapped emotion is

    6. She was beginning to wish this was all Alan’s doing, she was beginning to think she might have more chance of figuring that out

    7. She got into a copy of one of his trade mags and learned quite a bit about the math behind figuring the margins and what odds to figure for the weather on any of the lakes

    8. Now that he had his people out on their shifts’s assignments, he was left with this summons and figuring out what this meeting with the committee was about and how he should prepare for it

    9. Figuring that whoever had let her out there was now returning to pick her up

    10. By the time she did the figuring a couple days later, the move was warranted

    11. She studied him a good long while before she said anything, he could tell she was figuring out that he believed it

    12. The scene, faded as quickly as it had appeared, the moment the phone rang and as usual, she was left to figuring out what it meant, by herself

    13. Of course David Wiener was turning bright red in the audience figuring that this would probably get him put in the dungeon or something when his mom finally hung up but the rest of us enjoyed every minute of that

    14. I can still remember hearing students sitting there the first day of class figuring out how much money they would make per hour

    15. "That detective won't have any problem figuring out what happened to us and that Luray was right about you," Desa added

    16. He didn’t bother to ask Clarkson where they were, figuring that he would find out later

    17. She had told the kindly carriage driver not to wait up for her back down the path and had decided that she would make her way back alone, figuring that the criminals would have their own pack animals at hand

    18. Soon enough the thief was off, figuring that retracing the Breton woman’s steps would be the best approach to begin with until he found more clues

    19. Learning a skill in isolation is not only non-productive, but also non-motivating; so making the connection between math problems and everyday situations is essential – making change, figuring out how much allowance needs to be saved to purchase a toy truck, or measuring a patio to decide where to place a new outdoor rug

    20. Anyway, who cared about figuring out matters of this kind? The important thing was that she was sucking his cock

    21. I looked the number up in the phone book and called it, figuring that Paul never got home till nearly midnight, so he would probably be putting final touches on the obits

    22. I shook my head and began walking, figuring they would leave me alone

    23. It’s not like I have hours to burn figuring out what we’re going to do

    24. Her parents still lived there, and I was figuring on seeing her by accident

    25. Word has it that he’s receiving inside help in the courts, so the bastard is probably right in figuring he’ll be out soon

    26. He swallowed the pills down with a sip of water from a disposable cone-shaped cup, and reached for his smokes, figuring that on autopilot, he could enjoy the view on the way in

    27. ” His dad was figuring it all out

    28. I had enough of a problem figuring out how to let Elizabeth’s father and mother know that she wasn’t really killed in a jeep accident without compromising her, and telling your parents that you were dead was just too damned complicated

    29. If the figuring that I did a few years ago when the subject first drew my interest is approximately correct, then the other die-offs took place at approximate multiples of 65 million years, 130 million, 195 million, and 260 million, etc

    30. “You think I believe that you would kill me without figuring out the answer to this question?”

    31. “I’m reading her journal, and I guess I’m having a hard time figuring out how they even met, or why they joined Abnegation together

    32. He left the library and Theodore clapped me on the back, congratulating me for figuring out his father’s puzzle

    33. I had never spent a night in one of the tents before, so it was fun looking over everything and figuring out how it worked

    34. I always have trouble figuring out which is which

    35. Figuring that it would kill

    36. Figuring that there was no conceivable means by which she could expect me to

    37. Figuring it all out - out by living in the moment and being

    38. She looked at me reluctantly, probably figuring since I spilled my guts; well a portion of them…then she should to

    39. Figuring that I was already deep enough in shit for my airport fiasco, and not yet being married to Dixie, when the course ended, I said, “What the hell, why go straight back to Phoenix?” Monday was going to be a “bear” when I had to face Mack

    40. She had only gotten as far as figuring out that the saddle

    41. He had only purchased three ventilators figuring that the

    42. They were still figuring things out in Central America in

    43. But it ends up political with a lot of finger-pointing instead of rationally figuring out what happened and how can we improve our response for the

    44. Without it, you spend more time figuring out what to do next, that

    45. I interviewed figuring that there was no way another huge defense (military and commercial jet engines) manufacturer would hire me at 61 after what EB had done to me

    46. figuring out the maximum cost per click that you are willing to spend and defining bid

    47. But, for the most part, figuring out breakfast, lunch, and then dinner can be a real hassle, especially if you have a family

    48. Figuring out how difficult

    49. being okay figuring out it had to be me who got the ball rolling

    50. figuring out that it doesn’t matter how much I try to separate what

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