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    1. and into red light, the boys step in feigned nonchalance,

    2. Berndt has the grace to look shamefaced as I turn to him in feigned astonishment, but retorts in kind to his friend, protesting that it wasn’t his fault if Joris had made that assumption; it was just that he hadn’t corrected him

    3. He laughed at her feigned anger

    4. There was a short staring contest between the two men as Alexei feigned an attack on his honor and good name

    5. ” He patted his benefactor on the back as Samuel smiled and wagged a finger at his wife, whose turn now it was to adopt the blank look, but of near feigned innocence

    6. ' My own part in this was a formality to be sure,” and he feigned a resigned sigh

    7. As it was, his feigned

    8. followed by feigned innocence, and – when she realised it

    9. ” I feigned a yawn, “I’m suddenly exhausted

    10. I feigned disinterest, but was secretly thrilled that it bothered her

    11. He feigned interest by laughing and smiling every now and then at something she said, but his mind was somewhere else

    12. “Is such a thing possible?” Zarko asked, a look of feigned shock on his face

    13. My show of annoyance was feigned though, and he was aware of it

    14. ” Feigned interest and a

    15. Alex feigned and then hooked Josh’s leg again with the toe of his boot, sending Josh to the floor twice in as many minutes

    16. He feigned several more sips, then set the empty cup on the table

    17. Settling back down again, he feigned sleep, snoring loudly, but staying alert, every sense quivering with expectation

    18. Feigned indignation and fabricated reprisals designed to redress historical grievances in matters of gender, race and ethnicity should be a troubling proposition for any society whose lack of (dialectic) proportion makes it increasingly difficult to correctly assess the (determined) aspects or (appropriate) limits of free speech

    19. He was then tried in Spain but still avoided punishment due to claimed (likely feigned) ill health

    20. Was this guy totally whacked out, just trying to impress her with a fancy line of crap – or what? He certainly had some astonishing bullshit! Dozens of questions sprang to mind yet, with a knowing smile, she feigned having familiarity with it all and, to allow herself pause to think, began rolling a joint

    21. “Really?” His fascination was hardly feigned under the circumstances

    22. He feigned ignorance of what the man was saying, trying to give the impression that he was not fully awake as he struggled to free himself from the blanket

    23. “Brendan!” said Sim in sincerely feigned joy

    24. He was looking at the machine with a feigned look of worried expectation, when it answered with a sparkling quality in its voice:

    25. The machine assumed a more formal voice with an intense feeling of feigned stiffness behind it, intended to portray extreme seriousness though to Hilderich’s ears it only managed to sound like a dimwitted inflated egotist:

    26. Colling asked questions of the young officer when the occasion arose, and feigned enthusiastic envy when Pankovski boasted that he had once been selected to serve in an honor guard for the Great Comrade Stalin, and had stood “no more than three meters from the Great Man himself

    27. James shook his head and shrugged, his reaction floating somewhere between genuine ignorance and feigned indifference

    28. The other knit hat wearing Bboy had feigned using num chucks in his up rock battle against his friend

    29. “Blake had to go do his thing,” Braun said as he feigned an inhalation sound while putting his thumb and index finger to his lips

    30. Only this time, I had recognized his feigned grown up voice

    31. Mary cleared her throat, feigned a smile, and said, “Boogie Bob went to enter a break dance battle in the sky last night

    32. 13 And he changed his behaviour before them, and feigned himself mad in their hands, and scrabbled on the doors of the gate, and let

    33. George feigned interest but was furtively looking around at everyone

    34. They did outnumber us, but not by much, so it was very difficult getting the men to withdraw up the valley in feigned disarray

    35. I feigned interest in the dying plant on my right so I could pretend their words didn't reach me

    36. I feigned ignorance, but told him I would advise the Khakhan of his interest and let him know

    37. “Sadly no, Gloria,” he offered with a feigned hint of

    38. He listened intently to John’s words and feigned surprise at them, promising to pull out all the stops to help poor old Harry out

    39. Tess rushed towards me but I looked to where the ball came from only to see Adrianna and the rest of them giggling while Rhiannon covered her mouth with feigned shock

    40. He chuckled, “Since you grew into that—” I gestured at my naked body “—and I had to spend eight years without it,” he said and I feigned sympathy, pursing my lips

    41. 42 And Joshua and all the Israelites feigned themselves wearied out before them, and they fled by the way of the wilderness with cunning

    42. When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned

    43. the gagging, which was not feigned

    44. 42 And Joshua and all the Israelites feigned themselves wearied out before them and they fled by the way of the wilderness with cunning

    45. I feigned it when Iffenia left, the remnants of my skill such that she did not discover my deceit

    46. He was only too aware that his feigned confidence in the past had collapsed once and could only wonder when it might happen again

    47. He was only too aware that his feigned

    48. She could feel his victorious grin behind her back as he feigned his curiosity

    49. The current opponent with whom Titus exchanged blows had some skill, the wizards had spent their coin well, but against this Su-Katii he was easily tricked into a premature assault, when Titus feigned a slip on the blood going down on one knee he pushed aside the hammer blow and thrust upwards sending his sword through the guard’s chainmail vest and into his stomach

    50. Connie reacts with feigned sincerity, “Oh, Jonathan

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