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    1. So hey, shall we stow my gear and spend a few hours on the beach?"

    2. She was bringing some of their gear up to the house when Venna appeared on the path and reminded Jorma about the fire

    3. ’ I said, my mouth operating before my brain has a chance to get into gear

    4. There were some toiletries in the bathroom, her other jersey and all the camping gear out in the courtyard

    5. "You save the camping gear we picked up," she said, "I hardly ever use it at the inns where I travel

    6. One thing it could be is the Brazilian's stealing some lab gear from the Kassikan with this woman from the Kassikan as an accomplice, "But I figure it's really lab equipment

    7. She put her old car in gear and ground away at a snail’s pace into the blackness of the night

    8. The three of them were still not too crowded on the plank he had set up over the front truck of the rockasaur but the gear shelf behind it was overflowing

    9. ’ I said, stunned by her fantastic head gear which towers a good foot above her head and wobbles most precariously every time she moves her head

    10. She made sure his sailfish gear was stowed as he always kept it

    11. She knew he had updated his navigational gear and looked thru his catalogs to find the ones she thought he had and re-installed them without Ava's help

    12. "Rare gear," he said

    13. Once Hardway’s battlegroup and convoy had finally rendezvoused with Admiral Ming’s combined fleet over the debris field that had been an alien task force only hours ago, the Air Group Commander called the Lancers to Bay 23 in full flight gear

    14. Below us the road was full of trucks in low gear crawling to the West

    15. They went over and helped Desa pick up the shards of their gear

    16. In spite of the lightening they had done, and losing a lot of their gear to the kranjan weeks ago, Alan's pack was still way too heavy to be running with

    17. snorting, grazes her knee on the gear knob

    18. It was only about half the size of the instrument room, with racks of gear on one side and a large well-equipped workbench complete with foot-pedal on the other

    19. 'Listen, now here are all the positives: you've got the safe sounds of the flaps and the gear, and just regard turbulence like you would a bumpy road, that's all it is

    20. She patted his hand, "I hope this gear you're building works, but I hope you won't be too hurt if you don't find condensates here

    21. Then she asked, "can this gear do that?"

    22. Duncan felt a small quiver beneath his seat as the pilot began turning a lever and he rightly guessed that the pilot was lowering the landing gear

    23. All her gear was invisible

    24. "We're getting a divorce, she could corrupt this gear

    25. "Oh it's possible, but she'd have to learn a lot about it to fool us both, yeah she knows the logic in the substrate it all runs on, but there's a lifetime of applications knowledge with this gear, whatever user interface you have it hooked up to

    26. " Pete kept all his gear on a one-sided screen that he sized as needed for whatever he was working with

    27. "I suppose, and she could have sabotaged my gear to get what she wants instead of getting a divorce

    28. For my part, I’ve had to re-think how I organise the bathroom as he has a set way of laying out his shaving gear and, as I am given to understand it, the world will end if it is not laid out just so

    29. "Unless this gear has been tampered with, Alan is in his universe within fifty feet of his gate

    30. He changes gear and indicates left, waiting for the traffic to clear so he can turn

    31. "Five weeks ago planting signals in Thom's gear wasn't very hard

    32. But the protection applied would work just as well against signals that actually originated in Gordon's Lamp and bounced off Thom's gear

    33. Thom attached his gear with a DNA, a Diagnostic Network Adapter, and one of the functions in that device is a remap block

    34. Ava put his gear in a separate address space that can't be mapped in

    35. “As soon as his gear passes one more test,” Heymon said

    36. They’ve been thru his own gear, they’re going over the instrumentation that was sent over with the quantum mechanics texts now

    37. “I need to know if that operative that got in here, the one in the Yellelle cherub, did something to his gear

    38. “He still has a problem in his instrumentation sir, we can’t trust anything his gear shows us, we don’t know it isn’t all another hack

    39. I wouldn't be surprised if all the signals Thom has received from his gear is something Alan has hacked into the instrumentation layer

    40. "The one I just shut off came in thru Thom’s gear," Ava said

    41. If Yellelle had come in thru Thom’s gear, Ava thought the her best chance to track her down would be to go out thru Thom’s gear

    42. I slam the car into gear and, muttering curses on the impatient man behind me, move off

    43. manage with all of that expensive fishing gear you keep buying

    44. excited, watching them pack up their gear, and then

    45. They gathered their things, returned to the spaceship, and stowed their gear

    46. gear neatly in cubby-holes provided for that very purpose

    47. He sells quality gear at a reasonable price

    48. He has two hours to shift his gear and be on the road

    49. Jim palms the gear into his jeans pocket and thinks about saying thanks but Shaun has already blanked him

    50. The only thing that Alex has learned from this particular venue is that the gear is cheap and badly cut, and that his clothes stink of cigarette smoke

    1. It was geared for the very young; the young geniuses who would someday come of age and run this world of ours

    2. When I was all geared

    3. enhanced features, primarily geared for the leisure of those using them

    4. structures geared for outdoor use

    5. Also, remember that high protein diets are only geared to those that are

    6. These are geared to provide your body with the foundation of producing

    7. Nor is Corporates geared for such a crisis and thus we attempt here to give you at least a basic idea of what to do and not to do

    8. This was geared to outdoor sport and physical fitness as much as the study of the classics

    9. ” He said, and when his eyes found the red-painted lever geared into

    10. I glared at Ishvara, and then at Levi as he approached me with a menacing look in his eyes geared at my vampire compatriot

    11. It was geared to sex, hot steamy, one-night-stand sex, with no strings attached

    12. In her letter, she said it was a good hospital, but not geared towards

    13. All your training and experience should be geared towards those moments

    14. “Their sails are large windmills, six to a ship, and geared to water-screws below the surface

    15. Further, the whole world wide communi�cation system is geared to UHF operation

    16. Properly geared surf crews stand ready to rescue fishing crews and respond to the 600 distress calls sent out annually

    17. It would have been a hard ride even with it geared for easy

    18. Geared to the axles, they whirled faster as the train picked up speed

    19. They are geared towards Web

    20. This article is geared toward

    21. better geared towards trading profitably

    22. Laura geared down and slowed the car

    23. in getting ourselves geared up and positive for the New Year, with var-

    24. ‘I oversee the Aristocrats who run the breeding program that produces nearly perfect physical specimens, intellectually geared by Xanthippe’s education program to their future employment

    25. The men, fully geared, stood in the

    26. Either it’s a spell that you hit or something just geared to your physiology

    27. It is geared to each individual, the magic chooses what the most appropriate spell is

    28. Freed of its wartime obligations the automobile industry geared up for good times

    29. He‘s geared up for action and thinking

    30. specifically geared to their readers

    31. magazines geared to both men and women,

    32. When the soldiers had geared up they stood in front of their commanders in three lines

    33. Until only recently, he had not been able to even find this timeline, while every equipment, weapon and tactic of the Time Patrol was geared towards using the secrets of spacetime to the fullest

    34. Maybe half are not geared for advanced education, but still deserve homes as much as the more educated

    35. Many of my HIV patients have a much better prognosis, when their life is geared towards optimism

    36. Gazing at his innocent child, Mitchell felt somewhat patronized at his roundabout tactics; even though he knew his motivations were ultimately geared to improving him psychologically

    37. for the entire Marine Corps, which was geared towards the old system of ‘Judo’, Karate, and

    38. Her entire being was geared to the cause

    39. Kay touched her arm and geared up out of a corner

    40. General Marshall wanted all resources to be geared towards a cross-channel operation, any surplus forces not required for the Channel operation; should be employed against Japan

    41. prospects are geared to funding projects with a high net present value (see the chapter

    42. that isn’t really geared toward supporting either teachers or children in

    43. Chances are that after reading this book, you will be all geared up

    44. Guangzhou is a trading port geared towards the exportation of goods towards foreign lands

    45. While Marie's full attention was geared towards what was

    46. Special Agent Carter and his team of men geared up and

    47. TK runs out of the bathroom; dressed and geared

    48. Secondly, our management system was geared to various checks and balances and there were various controls in place to nip such misbehaviour in the bud

    49. who are fully geared and prepared to get out of this bondage and

    50. It was, after all, only to brief the two men from Northern Ireland on what had happened this weekend, and to get them geared up for the next stage of the operation

    1. scheduled they are gearing toward the creation of a more competitive structure where by the first place prize will be the most phenomenal in the history of women’s golf

    2. Frank appeared to be gearing up for one of his stories, and was clearing the throat

    3. Leading edge business owners are constantly eliminating distractions and gearing up to deal

    4. Their greatest advantage is shown when conditions are absolutely becalmed, for the windmills can be disconnected from their gearing, allowing the water screws to be turned by manual labor or magic

    5. It was obvious when their windmills were disconnected from their gearing, for the windmills began to turn faster even as the ships began to slow

    6. she found herself gearing up expectantly to the culmination of the

    7. According to the intercepted conversations and staff meetings, the Imperium was now gearing towards total mobilization of its forces and pushing for the emergency retrofitting of its ships with time distorters, with the ultimate goal of finding the Time Patrol and its supporters and eradicating both in a massive nuclear strike

    8. I started breathing, same as usual, making my mouth aperture smaller, gearing up my breath, zinging it up, feeling the current, both eyes focussed on the dot on the wall

    9. Sally just leaned back against the wall she was gearing up for a wild story

    10. With the accelerating speed of the bus, my dreams were also gearing up

    11. “One last thing, OK? Despite everything I’ve just said, I sensed there was still more: that Joan/‘Y OCHEVED’ was unconsciously gearing up for something

    12. A part of him was already gearing up for a lawsuit

    13. The so-called politicians are gearing up for a real hullabaloo in Legco and the media is fanning the flames as they always do

    14. Belfast Civic leaders and the tourist industry is gearing up

    15. Conseil, whom I hadn't alerted, mistook it at first for a gigantic sea snake and was gearing up to classify it in his best manner

    16. He was gearing up ahead of the harvest, presumably

    17. I was gearing up to reacquaint myself with my family

    18. The drinks are being carefully drunk: Insley and Campbell both have vague appointments the next morning, and I have work, so we aren’t gearing up for a big night, we are winding down, and we are getting dull-witted, bored

    19. He had been gearing himself to make the long walk back to Pimlico, late though it was

    20. Note that since spread bets are leveraged trades, the actual profit may be much greater than 26% depending on the amount of gearing

    21. Enormous gearing, the prime motor of which is the gnat, and whose final wheel is the zodiac

    22. Stop while there is yet time, and save yourself! Otherwise, it is all over with you; in a short time you will be among the gearing

    23. The letter had evidently been intended for Cosette to read on the following morning; after the two discharges that were heard between eleven o'clock and midnight, nothing more has taken place; the barricade will not be attacked seriously until daybreak; but that makes no difference, from the moment when "that man" is concerned in this war, he is lost; he is caught in the gearing

    24. Kantos Kan had shown me a trick of gearing, which is known only to the navy of Helium, that greatly increased the speed of our machines, so that I felt sure I could distance my pursuers if I could dodge their projectiles for a few moments

    1. He sat and made stupid faces for a moment or two, as though manually grinding the gears in his head

    2. After each halt the truck then began its ponderous attempts at acceleration, jerking through the gears, sliding me slowly towards the rear of the box where my head would hit hard metal

    3. The front doors of the van banged shut and I heard the gears whine as the driver engaged first

    4. There is a clunk, a handbrake drops, gears mesh

    5. wind down through the gears and stop,

    6. whine of gears and the rumble of tyres on tarmac seemed to them

    7. Grinding sawdust between the gears

    8. Granny changed gears on us

    9. "So what does the story have to do with a stone, and what does it have to do with this valley?" It wasn't going to be that easy, she’d shifted gears, but they were stuck

    10. Quickly Todd shifted gears, returning to the problem at hand explaining that she’d broken two ribs and bruised three more

    11. Nearing the entry, the trio saw a series of huge iron gears partially hidden within the building's interior

    12. The gears, they soon learned, were used to raise and lower a bridge resting at the bottom of the brackish water

    13. He slams gears, a pissed look on his face

    14. As an analogy, the Universe can be viewed as a huge intricate machine, made from gears of various sizes with Earth being a cog right in the centre of all these moving parts

    15. I could see the gears that had been turning in his head before I rescued

    16. Phil raced through the streets in his black, 1963 split-window Corvette, tires angrily screaming as he pounded through the gears

    17. But then everything in Roller Alley was loud, from the roaring engines driving the wide roadways above, to the gears, cogs and sprockets he had to keep greased every day

    18. As if in sympathy, the RV’s gears also ground when Stan drove off again

    19. The sound of grinding gears sparked off a memory for Betty

    20. So tell me, Truman,” he said seeming to mentally switch gears, “what did this Walston guy have to say about his case? Is he crying the blues about being wrongly accused?”

    21. “Nothing? I saw on the news that the guy was killed by machine gunning,” Truman said, shifting gears

    22. Nothing worse than trying to put power to it and the gears keep skipping

    23. We can back up the vehicle, without any need for gears or a transmission

    24. It troubled me for an endless amount of time, during which I spent long years trying to figure the exact way in which he had wrenched the Centron’s gears

    25. " Bones shifted gears

    26. Gears behind the wall screamed in protest and exploded

    27. Now that the cypher had disappeared and the break battle had ended, the DJ immediately switched gears back into house music and started playing this song called, “Deputy of love

    28. ‖ Jack aggressively changed gears and gunned the BMW

    29. A large table occupies that space, covered with tools and scraps of metal and gears and old computer parts and wires

    30. the cannon off its gears, the metal crinkling beneath his might as if it were

    31. combination between a Chinese Erhu and the gears within a music box

    32. I switched gears a bit

    33. With stiff fingers, I find the gears and slide my foot on the gas

    34. ” I grin and toss the gears

    35. She shifts the gears with extra care this time, and I smile at her, admiring the little daisies pinned to her hair

    36. She knew when the gears

    37. ” He glances at me briefly, shifting the gears

    38. He doesn’t smile as I expect, but threads his fingers with mine, using our hands to shift the gears

    39. The driver of the Diamond T could barely change gears over the arms and legs of the three other occupants

    40. Let me switch gears

    41. Harry shifted gears and pressed his foot down on the gas

    42. watch and the motors began turning the gears

    43. He couldn’t elaborate and changed gears without mention, pushing questions onto transportation itself

    44. Amanda could almost see the gears in Peter’s head turning, as he struggled to remember

    45. Herring eggs are also considered a delicacy in Japan and Korea and when the herring begin to show up in Sitka Sound, the town gears up for the impending Sitka Sound

    46. But even our tour bus got stuck as the driver had trouble with his gears and could not get fast enough in lower gear to get out of the way of a wave

    47. I could almost see the gears turning

    48. Noise erupted all around us, of a million gears grinding, as if the whole pool were turning into one giant machine

    49. strip was scorched where the landing gears had collapsed

    50. gas pedal when she changed gears

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