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    1. It was something that could be maneuvered into place around something and used to jack it up because the backbone was covered in tackle hooks

    2. They carried the tackle over to where he parked the rockasaur, then hooked it up

    3. If you eat them, you will tackle a serious problem

    4. 'Don't worry I'll tackle him,' the man said even as Ish bit his arm

    5. It was on one such occasion during this last mentioned avocation, that two visiting gentlemen who had arrived only that morning, accompanied by a third---one of the bachelors staying at the Lodges---happened into Hasting's Equipment Store to peruse his stock of angling tackle

    6. I am indeed surprised by your ignorance of the presence in your own community of an internationally renowned rod-maker, and not fifty paces from this very spot! Might I direct you just down the boardwalk to the Mercantile? There you will find not this sad pole's equal, but its lord and master!” The Sportsman exclaimed; then added, “I'm sure the tackle you sell is adequate for the leisure fishing interests of the tourists or stray visitor who might of caprice decide to 'go fish a bit, since there's a lake here and all,' but do not impugn the truly exquisite work of master craftsmen by putting these on offer for anything but what they are

    7. Allcock made a grand announcement that his pursuit of New York City merchants for his tackle merchandise had at last yielded some success---thanks in large part to Harry

    8. He carried two cane poles in one hand and a tackle box in the other

    9. “Yes, use him as your excuse if you have to, you work with him at Gel’s tackle, you’re cargo riggers, you’re a clerk in their dispatch office

    10. Roman entered, followed by Carl who was carrying a tackle box

    11. tackle box, but instead of containing the usual hooks and lures, it was filled with

    12. He packed up all his tools into the tackle box and stood at the door

    13. There was no way he was in condition to tackle a major mountain range

    14. Each picture told a story like ‘Elza, Klubi and Barfet walk home with their tackle after fishing at sunset

    15. Many loggers had gotten an early start also and the woods sang with ax and tackle

    16. By now he had his tackle tied to a big root across the brook ready to pull the wheels around

    17. They made that other corner with Knume using his tackle to steer a little

    18. An idea was already forming in his mine to tackle the situation

    19. And whatever problems that flung in her face she was prepared to tackle, head on if need be

    20. Then Ivy and Nobby came over to join us and Ivy sat down right on my knee crushing my wedding tackle as she did causing a whoosh of breath to escape my lips

    21. Adam’s request, to deliver to him, in behalf of the government of the United States, the ship in question, with her tackle, apparel, etc

    22. It had been too uncomfortable to admit the truth even to herself, so she had come out for this walk, hoping to get her mind sorted out, to tackle the difficult truths

    23. You can then tackle the problem with more information

    24. The San Francisco went off tackle for a couple

    25. As there were no customers in the Shoppe, I decided to tackle the phone calls

    26. Magic would have to be very strong to affect him and it would take many wizards combined to tackle him, as an heir to Borgan Tahl

    27. In the time reloading would take, Sicarius would either run back into the tunnel—she doubted it—or close the distance and tackle her

    28. After all, who hasn‘t an ax to grind nowadays? By having succeeded in its efforts at marginalizing the individual, group grievances and special interests have provided the Democratic Party an opportunity of gathering fish with a mesh net rather than reeling them in with bait and tackle

    29. It knew instinctively that the prey was too big for it to tackle on its own

    30. I encourage you to continue reading into the Appendix to see some resources that can help separated-fathers in the challenging areas we must tackle

    31. In the end he got a local building firm to tackle the job, while he went to stay at a hotel

    32. "Sold 'em to that fishing tackle shop in Oldburgh for thirty quid

    33. We try to tackle it by doing it step by step

    34. When he saw the movement he instinctively rushed towards the ground in an audacious tackle

    35. When we begin to tackle this stress matrix we will begin to see results

    36. “The book’s title refers to the idea that our emotional states are themselves examples of what Minsky dubs ‘ways to think,’” Shapiro offers, as he continues quoting Minsky: “‘…general methods of problem-solving that our brains use to tackle the tasks of everyday life…Rather than being impediments to reasoning,’ Minsky argues, ‘emotions can actually help us to focus our attention in ways that are relevant to our immediate goals…They do this by changing the “resources,” or processes, that our brains use at any given moment

    37. He breaks off, tackle, breaks a tackle, and Smith goes in standing up

    38. “But you should tackle the Pire

    39. If we gather all of the strength and power to tackle

    40. The best solution to this whining, screaming or whinging behavior is to tackle it immediately, ideally before it establishes itself as an ingrained habit - try to nip it in the bud as they say

    41. and the Jewish armed forces could tackle the task, and victoriously succeed that

    42. would have plenty of resources, tackle dangerous creatures and

    43. wanted them to be so that they could tackle the

    44. Not every husband would tackle the house with seven kids

    45. issues are more complex and we would recommend caution in trying to tackle separate issues at

    46. to do play a huge role in how you tackle those tasks that need to

    47. tackle a Finnish winter? It would be an experience, if nothing else

    48. tackle that remaining 20%

    49. If you’re short on time, then you should just tackle one of these sections per day

    50. To tackle life’s tasks

    1. As senior citizens this is an area that can be tackled by reporting all cases of injustice, corruption (both giving and taking), flouting of rules and so on

    2. Before the man could draw his sword, Son tackled him

    3. The sour looking fox terrier, which was called Pele, stuck out his paw and tackled the young boy with ease

    4. My hands shivered as I tackled another fat man

    5. his paw and tackled the young boy with ease

    6. Following that interesting but tiring job, I tackled a few independent businesses that failed

    7. The next morning Emma tackled the rest of the first list, and started the second

    8. Dad Perols said the grass was green and would not burn but Fred stuck to his guns and went to fetch his ride on mower with a capture unit attached whilst his neighbours tackled other jobs around the home

    9. Sighing, I tackled my breakfast

    10. First he tackled the sink where Rosemary had been sick

    11. She had tackled climbing these rocks during spring deluges and winter ice storms

    12. running-back was tackled, he slid for two more yards

    13. He rushed the room and tackled me to the floor, spinning me onto my front and twisting my arm behind me

    14. She had her chance now and she tackled him on world politics

    15. The man tackled her to the ground as other

    16. We have also visited the cathedral of Notre Dame, and have tackled the many stairs to the top of the tower where we enjoyed a wonderful view over the city

    17. astonishment she embraced both his hands as he tackled the bread,

    18. For some reason Elle was about to say something, but Gabe and Brie tackled her and tied her up, covering her mouth in an instant

    19. A black-clad figure has tackled her from behind

    20. I did a wrestling move on him, tackled him around both knees and tilted him out of the floor to ceiling window headed towards the tiled walkway three floors below

    21. Bathke heard our fight, then tackled me, saving Stigler’s sorry ass, so that I even ran into him back in CT years later where he and I were corporate counsels

    22. He hadn’t tackled a man who didn’t exist before, but that was no reason not to try

    23. Youssaf was left to wonder aloud, “Can he do it one more time? I’ve seen him rise to one tough challenge after another in the short time that I’ve known him, but can he really step up to one of such immense proportions? This is by far the biggest operation that he’s ever tackled, including the river, the plagues, the labor camp, starvation, and the trek that brought us all here

    24. The anger almost drove her back, but Annyeke had tackled worse situations than this, so she stepped forward, ignoring the elders

    25. tackled, including the river, the plagues, the labor camp, starvation, and the trek that brought

    26. noises when Batistuta tackled him to the ground

    27. brief second, and he tackled him into the cabin's wal

    28. tried when Nuuke thrusted forward and tackled him into the

    29. Trask tackled the furnace with his trouble light, examining as thoroughly as he could, and making it a promise

    30. Saturday they tackled the room with renewed vigor, having decided to finish the outer foot or two of the floor and buy a large cheap rug to cover the center

    31. No sooner were the groceries on the kitchen counter than Charly tackled him

    32. Calvin practically tackled Rafael as he darted inside and closed the door

    33. Before I could chamber it, a zombie tackled me

    34. She ran up to me and nearly tackled me when she embraced me

    35. switched out the mags, but before I could chamber it a zombie tackled me

    36. I shot as Chuck tackled me

    37. remaining fourteen rounds as I stabbed him in the shoulder and tackled him

    38. Raya looked a little too late and was tackled

    39. Frankie nearly tackled me with her hug

    40. Grandpa granted me permission to redecorate the room and I tackled it with enthusiasm

    41. In the chaos, Thalia and I tackled the other two skeletons on the stairs and sent them flying into the condiment table

    42. I turned and got tackled by Grover’s bear hug-or goat hug

    43. seeing my mother tackled to the ground by the officers with her face

    44. You can read more on how negative attitudes towards sex can be tackled in the topic above titled ‘Cultural expectations’

    45. He was discovering that there are some problems in life, which, unless tackled head on, corrode the soul

    46. Actually, it was the vampire genre that tackled me

    47. I went to help out when suddenly Jeff the guy who sat the melee out changed his mind and tackled me to support Duncan

    48. Tim, who had his gun out, vaporized two of them before he was tackled from behind

    49. With Limpy leading the attack, they rushed the snowman and tackled it

    50. She tackled him

    1. was the gun tackles, which were used to position the guns

    2. The Alena was the first capture for the Shenandoah and more importantly, a valuable prize in that she furnished the blocks for the gun tackles, a variety of other blocks that were also needed, and cotton canvas, which was suitable for sail making

    3. The same tackles used to transfer the armaments from

    4. DD Daniels had two sacks, four tackles, intercepted a pass, pressured the quarterback half a dozen times and had now taken out the QB for the season and there was still eight minutes to play in the second quarter

    5. Oliva broke two tackles and went in for the score

    6. Jaden tackles him and he knocks over some other pieces

    7. Initial episode tackles the two deaths although police could not definitely say that one killer committed these crimes

    8. He tackles al sorts of projects—big or little—

    9. information about how he tackles problems in general

    10. avoided three tackles, in turn passing the ball to JPR Williams

    11. Another white male reporter comes and tackles Charlotte's shoes and shouts, “What is in your shoes?!”

    12. teleport tackles into Xzavier, before they hit the ground

    13. A sphere hits one of the blue players in the shoulder as he runs away, then a red player charges forward and tackles him to the ground

    14. All these sorts of slides and tackles are as common upon the legal bench as in any type of sporting events that a ball has to change hands by acrobatic moves that anticipates what is going to happen out next

    15. Jay Glides over to where Rage has fallen and tackles him

    16. One more way of learning about bass fishing in Texas is by means of going to the local bait and tackles shops

    17. One important aspect of bass fishing is all about finding the best bass lure and bass tackle to use, and knowing how to use these different lures and tackles using different techniques

    18. Keep pails, mops, fishing tackles, docking lines and other items stowed in their appropriate place, not scattered around on the docking station

    19. This chapter tackles the all-important third step

    20. I was reading Abnormal Returns: Winning Strategies from the Frontlines of the Investment Blogosphere, in which Tadas Viskanta tackles the issue of the failure rate of a professional trader

    21. (One classic Buffett proverb: “When a management with a reputation for brilliance tackles a business with a reputation for bad economics, it is the reputation of the business that remains intact

    22. I've said many times that when a management with a reputation for brilliance tackles a business with a reputation for bad economics, it is the reputation of the business that remains intact

    23. Some years ago I wrote: "When a management with a reputation for brilliance tackles a business with a reputation for poor fundamental economics, it is the reputation of the business that remains intact

    24. Chapter 23, in contrast, tackles survey-based (subjective) measures of ex ante returns

    25. Buffett once said, “Our conclusion is that, with few exceptions, when management with a reputation for brilliance tackles a business with a reputation for poor fundamental economics, it is the reputation of the business that remains intact

    26. The phantoms, for so they then seemed, were flitting on the other side of the deck, and, with a noiseless celerity, were casting loose the tackles and bands of the boat which swung there

    27. In the first place, the enormous cutting tackles, among other ponderous things comprising a cluster of blocks generally painted green, and which no single man can possibly lift—this vast bunch of grapes was swayed up to the main-top and firmly lashed to the lower mast-head, the strongest point anywhere above a ship's deck

    28. The end of the hawser-like rope winding through these intricacies, was then conducted to the windlass, and the huge lower block of the tackles was swung over the whale; to this block the great blubber hook, weighing some one hundred pounds, was attached

    29. And thus the work proceeds; the two tackles hoisting and lowering simultaneously; both whale and windlass heaving, the heavers singing, the blubber-room gentlemen coiling, the mates scarfing, the ship straining, and all hands swearing occasionally, by way of assuaging the general friction

    30. The vast tackles have now done their duty

    31. But, with a full grown leviathan this is impossible; for the sperm whale's head embraces nearly one third of his entire bulk, and completely to suspend such a burden as that, even by the immense tackles of a whaler, this were as vain a thing as to attempt weighing a Dutch barn in jewellers' scales

    32. For the present other matters press, and the best we can do now for the head, is to pray heaven the tackles may hold

    33. It is this decapitated end of the head, also, which is at last elevated out of the water, and retained in that position by the enormous cutting tackles, whose hempen combinations, on one side, make quite a wilderness of ropes in that quarter

    34. Whether it was that Tashtego, that wild Indian, was so heedless and reckless as to let go for a moment his one-handed hold on the great cabled tackles suspending the head; or whether the place where he stood was so treacherous and oozy; or whether the Evil One himself would have it to fall out so, without stating his particular reasons; how it was exactly, there is no telling now; but, on a sudden, as the eightieth or ninetieth bucket came suckingly up—my God! poor Tashtego—like the twin reciprocating bucket in a veritable well, dropped head-foremost down into this great Tun of Heidelburgh, and with a horrible oily gurgling, went clean out of sight!

    35. "Come down, come down!" yelled the seamen to Daggoo, but with one hand holding on to the heavy tackles, so that if the head should drop, he would still remain suspended; the negro having cleared the foul line, rammed down the bucket into the now collapsed well, meaning that the buried harpooneer should grasp it, and so be hoisted out

    36. Almost in the same instant, with a thunder-boom, the enormous mass dropped into the sea, like Niagara's Table-Rock into the whirlpool; the suddenly relieved hull rolled away from it, to far down her glittering copper; and all caught their breath, as half swinging—now over the sailors' heads, and now over the water—Daggoo, through a thick mist of spray, was dimly beheld clinging to the pendulous tackles, while poor, buried-alive Tashtego was sinking utterly down to the bottom of the sea! But hardly had the blinding vapour cleared away, when a naked figure with a boarding-sword in his hand, was for one swift moment seen hovering over the bulwarks

    37. The sailors, in tasselled caps of red worsted, were getting the heavy tackles in readiness for the whales

    38. The great hatch is scrubbed and placed upon the try-works, completely hiding the pots; every cask is out of sight; all tackles are coiled in unseen nooks; and when by the combined and simultaneous industry of almost the entire ship's company, the whole of this conscientious duty is at last concluded, then the crew themselves proceed to their own ablutions; shift themselves from top to toe; and finally issue to the immaculate deck, fresh and all aglow, as bridegrooms new-leaped from out the daintiest Holland

    39. As good luck would have it, they had had a whale alongside a day or two previous, and the great tackles were still aloft, and the massive curved blubber-hook, now clean and dry, was still attached to the end

    40. During the most violent shocks of the Typhoon, the man at the Pequod's jaw-bone tiller had several times been reelingly hurled to the deck by its spasmodic motions, even though preventer tackles had been attached to it—for they were slack—because some play to the tiller was indispensable

    41. And then Marks trots up the child, and that young one hollers: “Papa! papa!” and tackles Hank around the legs

    1. Tackling questions of race, gender, and sexuality

    2. Ask yourself if there are any alternative ways of tackling the task

    3. Try finding an activity that is new to both of you and you will be able to bond while tackling new challenges and adventures

    4. potatoes and passed the bowl on to Alistair, before tackling the

    5. The Lodge-Mistress and her two little helpers had already laid Mandy Hill's Dining Hall schedules and menus on the sitting room tables in each bungalow, as Mandy had bid them, before tackling the landscaping projects they were now finishing

    6. “I feel more secure with a direct route to a population I can investigate than tackling those mountains

    7. Now, after writing professionally for 15 years, I am tackling this book on happiness, which is my biggest challenge so far

    8. The communication engineer and two electronic engineers were already tackling the problem so Chris’ job on this one would just be supervising

    9. Her leadership hitherto based on diplomacy, rather than the more proactive – and some might say aggressive – US-UK approach to tackling any potential outside threats

    10. He is adept at tackling tough problem sets to uncover hidden truths because it’s a

    11. By tackling the skill and mastery of smart budgeting, you will have a greater understanding eventually of exactly where and by how much, you need to adjust expenses to either live within your means or know how much extra you need to maintain your current lifestyle

    12. But before tackling the agenda, we received a little lecture from our chief

    13. Tackling the GMAT itself may sound daunting to prospective students who haven’t taken a traditional test in some time, but preparing for the test can help remove some of the anxiety

    14. after the tour before tackling this album,” added the man at the window

    15. Every soul in the village unto babes in arms was there for this rodeo-like spectacle, as if a mob of five-year-olds were tackling the biggest, meanest Brahma bull in all Chihuahua

    16. No mention of tackling the problem causing excessive

    17. We’re tackling a reroof job

    18. Care and caution are no solution to tackling the desert

    19. Tristan saw the figure lunge toward where Resa sat atop the horse, and he acted, leaping to the ground and tackling the figure, sending them both sprawling to the ground with the sound of ripping fabric

    20. Appreciating what causes your stress -Then, instead of blaming yourself or failing to cope, you enumerate and end up pinpointing the sources and then tackling that

    21. On the negative side they are inclined to sidestep or slough off problems, to let things slide until they build to a crisis (rather than tackling them directly or thinking them through)

    22. time, he had not even been given the luxury of tackling his assailants in his

    23. He said, “After lunch we are going to start tackling the logistics of moving and relocating most of the eastern seaboard, parts of Florida and the Gulf coasts

    24. A Spirit for tackling problem to protect and help by picking up the pieces left by the devil

    25. he turned to mason, and ran towards him, tackling him off his feet

    26. Apparently he had been awake for days on end, not sleeping, and the General thought it would be best to have a rested mind before tackling the evidence

    27. It leaped for her, tackling her to the ground

    28. There's a split second before it happens when he catches the impish sparkle in her eyes, and he has enough time to think oh shit, before she lunges, throwing her weight at him and tackling him to the ground

    29. The team that could make the other team laugh so much that they lose all concentration and drop their passes, fumble the ball, and make silly mistakes… then all the players would end up tackling each other so gleefully, so funnily, and have so much fun that… oops

    30. No human being could envisage tackling one of

    31. Then I remembered that I had my arm in a cast, and thought I had better have something to eat and drink before tackling that challenge

    32. Smith's always tackling some collective nightmares; it's an uphill battle, but I help out when I can

    33. Our research proves that your success in tackling this

    34. Tackling the last leg to the summit was the final test of will and endurance

    35. By tackling risky projects, they appear courageous and engaged

    36. He could see the officers getting out of their vehicles but, before tackling them, he looked back to his partner

    37. Burton informed us that we would split up, with my team tackling the storage area and Agent Jordan's team handling the house

    38. during the tackling, a bullet nicked Karel's shoulder

    39. Bert had pushed a cart up this road many times before and consequently knew the best method of tackling it

    40. Maybe Claire was tackling this from the wrong end

    41. Noah bears down on Wheaton and leaves his feet, tackling Wheaton in midair and knocking him over the back of the wood supports

    42. She was aware of his growing frustration with his trial lawyer friends, none of whom were showing any enthusiasm for tackling Casper Slate

    43. “This is a blot on the reputation of our organization and we have spared no effort in tackling the issues and holding those guilty to account

    44. ” Worse yet, they’ll probably start jetting around the country attending seminars on efficient coin-flipping and tackling skeptical professors with, “If it can’t be done, why are there 215 of us?”

    45. By tackling the issues before they become major problems will result in more money up front, but a lower amount in the end

    46. That's why I recommend you first learn everything you can about the Advance-Decline Line before tackling the McClellan Oscillator

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