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    1. One has to provide a moral and spiritual compass that will guide them throughout their life

    2. Rain water harvesting, cleaning of small tanks before rainy season, closing of running taps, not allowing drawing of water directly from mains through electric motor, recycling water for WCs etc are some of the areas where we can generate awareness and guide others to act

    3. ‘Want to watch anything else, Mum?’ he asked, his nose in the guide

    4. "We'll have to take an aisle out over here to get it out of there on a dolly," their guide waved his arm at a pile of crates at least twelve feet high

    5. help guide tourists along a winding path from these studios to the taverna that

    6. Word, so that He could guide you and lead you out of any problem, any

    7. "That war, so we need a detonation, we need to destroy that asteroid so there is no single chunk to guide into the planet

    8. (24) Teach and guide the faithful men so they can teach others (2:2)

    9. One day children will leave their parents and sometimes the only protective guide

    10. the necessity of having elders to guide the direction of the church according to the truth set forth in God's Word, the New Testament

    11. They would dislodge a boulder, guide it to the Kassikan itself

    12. especially congregations who do not have shepherds (elders) to guide and encourage them

    13. “Sing to the moon and let the stars guide you

    14. “You will have to guide

    15. We'll search the sky for a star to guide us

    16. After the oracle told Son this, she offered to guide him to the Land of

    17. lost for many days, but used the stars to guide his path when the sandstorm

    18. "I made you promise to be my guide to Zhlindu, but I think I can find my way now

    19. Since they were the same age, Nuran and Alan hit it off well enough that night in the inn that Luray wanted to suggest to Lmore that Nuran wouldn't be needing a guide to Zhlindu, but she also sensed that Nuran and Lmore already had a little history that Lmore wanted to continue

    20. Nuran began to like playing the 'space man' game with Alan and showed off how well she had studied for this trip by taking over duty as his guide

    21. But at least I was in Greece and I'd read somewhere that 'Greece always gives more than it takes', so with two weeks of immeasurable contrasts stretching out before me on my very own quest with nothing to guide me but sweet ignorance and a ferry, I drained my glass and moved out under a parasol

    22. Standing to one side was a sort of orange fig, giving off a fragrance that would guide anyone to safety even with their eyes closed

    23. In order to guide you in your choice of foods for your Yoga diet I will here outline the principle vitamins and their easily available food sources

    24. Still, I've only known him a little over a year, he's just a kid and he's only with me because he was convinced he needed a guide to Zhlindu

    25. "I promised him only that I would be his guide to Zhlindu

    26. The youngster you meant to guide on this trip to the city is manning his mast as one of my ablest crew

    27. And I told her I would be there to guide her

    28. They just have to choose and follow that inner guide or sometimes seek an outside sign to find redemption

    29. It wonders who should guide these people now? Who now?

    30. ‘Berndt, you have been guard and guide for this woman as she follows her way – I am proud to call you brother

    31. All I had to do was guide it into my mouth, chew and swallow

    32. TV guide – where did that go? Oh, that’s the phone again

    33. She consulted an antiques guide book and after much humming and page thumbing, she turned to Annie and said, “Your father never was very bright, my dear

    34. Take a fishing trip with a local guide

    35. You’ll learn a lot about how your guide watches the river or lake and what you have to do to achieve that same expertise

    36. No matter what the color of the water is they are able to rely on their vision to guide them

    37. As we covered in an earlier section of this guide, those fearful thoughts have a way of snowballing out of control in no time at all

    38. 'Here, take this maths guide to show at home,' I said and passed her a book

    39. This guide, that I always looked forward to since I started

    40. It took an amazingly long time with a clueless guide to find out what he may have meant by ‘the snakes

    41. Without you as a guide I’m actually leery of going into it

    42. Hasting's chagrin he approached the one sportsman in his store, perhaps then present in the entire Tahoe lake region, who had for several years made his living as Wilderness Guide and Instructor, in short: a Professional Sportsman

    43. “Not only is this poorly crafted---note how the threads of the wraps bulge over the burrs left on the guide feet, and the gaps between reel seat, grip and hardware---now listen:” and he pulled on the rod to separate the two pieces which made not a sound at the parting

    44. cadge a lift to the crossing to meet with his Guide Master

    45. probably don’t really need a Guide at all

    46. The redness in Mickey’s cheeks is fading, leaving the veins on his nose as a rough guide to the state of his liver and coronary function

    47. They did indeed begin explorations, with Harry serving as erstwhile guide

    48. Harry proved a most excellent guide to Chloe and Kaitlyn's constant delight

    49. Anna grabs the pen by the TV and writes the number down in the margin of the TV guide

    50. She can guide us through safe passageways and tell us which foods are alright to eat if we come across some wild berries in the middle of the forest

    1. We don't have time for delicate maneuvers, that asteroid might be guided

    2. "Be guided but not let that decisions guiding you choose

    3. He told his apostles that they would be guided into all truth (John 16:13)

    4. Since Christ’s words are truth and the apostles were guided into all truth and we have all of truth today (2 Peter 1:3)

    5. Allow yourself be divinely guided by this question: “What

    6. the Universe guided you to a more optimal way of life later

    7. Will I be thankful I guided you with a Mother’s

    8. The eldest, a girl about twelve, stepped forward, her friends trailing like the children of Niobe, and guided me to the door of a large grey building back on the central street

    9. The very next day, guided by the hotel concierge, the soldier went to the finest tailors and shirt makers in Saville Row

    10. He happily and unabashedly guided Naria through the political process

    11. sequence that when heard while being guided into a deep meditative state, will assist in the reprogramming of your non conscious mind to block unwanted thought and behavior patterns

    12. "No one else has duplicated Darryl's work and found that the impactors are in fact being guided, much less found changes in that guidance

    13. In addition to the BWE technology you will be guided through a proven process that installs a

    14. Her legs came up and wrapped around him, with her hands she quickly guided him inside and pulled him in with the scissors hold she had on him

    15. very next day, guided by the hotel concierge, the soldier went to the

    16. “My love for you is total Tar,” she looked at him and continued in a soft voice, “It guided my actions and stayed my hand last night

    17. guided by rogues and traitors from the Other World, renegades who

    18. Tom recognised as the man who had guided Bram to the money-

    19. He briefly guided the new arrivals through the grounds, rattling

    20. Hasting's face next to the Sportsman as he was guided step by minute step through the inspection

    21. Alistair guided Tom to the Public Transportation building at the

    22. Guided by Alistair, the two men made their way into the house

    23. spoken Sergeant that had previously guided Tom and Alistair on their

    24. Allcock continued, “As we strolled the Park paths, 'on a whim' I guided them by the waters you happened to be fishing and waited for them to notice you, your skill with the rod and, once we were close enough, your equipment

    25. Cruttwell guided him to an adjoining classroom

    26. shoulder and guided her to a chair, as Richard remained

    27. " he went on, tucking his hand under her arm and guided her back towards the house

    28. “Then once she had rescued my shriveled male pride from the depths of despair into which I was ready to be plunged, she painstakingly guided me through rebuilding my imploded inner world, brick by brick

    29. heart, and guided them by the skillfulness of his hands (Psalm 78:70-72 MKJV)

    30. As the giant rectangle of red stone reached the apex of the pulley, a team of workers roped it in, guided it to its destination, then signaled to the ground below where the counterweight bucket was uncorked and the slug mules untethered, allowing the stone to settle into its final resting place

    31. A pair of heavily armed soldiers guided them over the black water with incredibly long wooden poles

    32. Having caught their puppy the Clearys raced for home where their anxious parents guided them quickly into the car and off they went just missing the fire engine as it came round the bend heading for the fire ground

    33. The ultramarine boy helped lift the bicycle whilst Sam gathered his raincoat from the shelter then he lifted Snags into the wheelie cart, then guided Sam into the saddle

    34. The leaves will have fallen and we can be guided by the sun and stars

    35. When he had guided everyone through he patted the beast on the huge head and wriggled through himself only to be met with a huge wet slosh on the other side

    36. Brontes guided the frightened and disheveled group to the gathering, then turned to Adros and the others

    37. Their previous encounters with the Dark Army had been conducted under the Treaty, making their journey to the Sanctuary a safely guided exodus

    38. All to be connected by its readers—movie stars guided By celestial stars

    39. along with a guided meditation to build her business

    40. “Come here, here’s the way!” guided my mom

    41. I guided Izzy to sing her energy into a spun web, which expanded into delicate strands she could pluck and project towards the objects in front of her

    42. the Fates have guided me into your protection

    43. He nudged her with his heels and guided her out of the stables into the sunshine where her skin shone as the early rays bounced off her rippling muscles

    44. Mukan -da is concered with the defense of life and whole life and reconizes that defense against all of lifes threats is dealt with the spirit and guided by the soul

    45. The pieces on the great chess board were always moving, guided and pushed by a multitude of hands

    46. You have been guided through the elementary disciplines of shape changing---to protect yourself from forces you are not yet able to confront

    47. She intimated as she guided the Elf to the platters, “Good meals are the one real pleasure we all are able to enjoy that has nothing to do with the other pressing issues of our lives

    48. The dolphins left their positions and guided Danny toward the top of the cavern

    49. Being guided or gravitated to unfamiliar places with amazing sights and sounds

    50. We are guided by wise souls in the spiritual realm, to plan for all the ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ of our human life

    1. Had comics, posters, zombie survival guides

    2. He finds the car and guides himself toward the driver’s side window

    3. He extends a hand, pulls Ahmed from the car with the help of Russ, who guides the prince to safety

    4. Without coercion, without laws and governments, isn't it something akin to the ants that guides these people, that makes them do what they have to do to make their world function?"

    5. Stephen guides me through the windows onto the patio

    6. "Thank you for being such great tour guides," Alan continued

    7. 'Like the medical entrance guides, they have thousands of multiple choice

    8. 'Don't they have some guides or something?' she said, totally ignoring my

    9. Half lifting me, he guides me along the corridor

    10. TGG, but was frequently shortened to “The Guides

    11. George had custom rod orders to fill and set Harry to the task of sectioning and planing the strips while he directed the girls in wrapping the guides, strippers and tips

    12. His old friend Alistair was now assigned to the Guides where, as had

    13. Dave guides Carol through the same scuffed corridors that Billy followed when she kicked him off the ward earlier that morning

    14. “Well, that’s the way of the Guides,” he replied, “At the beck and

    15. collectively as the Guides – the Guild of Directions in Lyndesfarne

    16. The theory was that natives of a world made better guides since

    17. equivalent to the Guides – and the mysterious organisation know as

    18. The Guardians and the Guides

    19. He could wrap guides and strippers as well or better than most, and intermediates no longer stumped him with their mere three or four turns

    20. talked about his assignment to the Guides

    21. Alistair already knew that he would be joining the Guides, and

    22. are not the directors of the Body of Christ but rather guides

    23. "Study how Emily guides the flow, both in its shape, size and element

    24. fellow that they are the fitted men to be their guides

    25. I had a couple of valiums as I was very nervous, invoked protection from my guides, and then popped a Red Dragon tab

    26. out of bed, and guides him over to the telescope

    27. She’d sent the terns as guides

    28. They were the Shepherd-Gardeners of Stars and Planets, as well as the revered guides and mentors of the Elhehrim---and that people weren't what, or who, Dena and the others supposed them to be at all! The temple in which the the 'star' had been resting

    29. ” She prodded, “That ruined temple your Gorim guides took you to on your visit to that out-of-the-way little planet

    30. knowing that your Gorim guides on one leg of your tours would inevitably make that particular planet a side trip---Chéri is quite right that many cultures share these stories and some are prouder of their heritage than others---the Gorim and Seranim are two of those

    31. Enthilé are the cherished servants---hear: guides, mentors, teachers---of the Enthilesté of the seven Orchards

    32. ” “The reports said you and your guides were extracted from this spot nearly as soon as the ship broke into the atmosphere

    33. However, in certain cases this may be just an illusion to help comfort the newly arrived being, as these souls could eventually turn out to be their spiritual guides or guardians

    34. He has ten employees, including four supervisors, Kana and Thomas (guides), Nolan (driver), and Jane (receptionist)

    35. guardian angel, spirit guides, souls of the ‘deceased’) help orchestrate chance encounters so that we meet the right people at the most appropriate time, to help us with our daily lives

    36. Motion to hire more tour guides, moved by Thomas

    37. This helps you set the direction for your business and guides you along the way

    38. These Blueprints are Action Guides that tell you step-by-step what you need to do to put what you learn into action

    39. I consider these Action Guides to be worth the entire cost of the course all on their own

    40. In this march, he is said to have been misled by his guides ; and in a country which he did not know, was surprised and attacked, by another standing army, in every respect equal or superior to his own, and was entirely defeated

    41. And, in the end, the civil magistrate will find that he has dearly paid for his intended frugality, in saving a fixed establishment for the priests ; and that, in reality, the most decent and advantageous composition, which he can make with the spiritual guides, is to bribe their indolence, by assigning stated salaries to their profession, and rendering it superfluous for them to be farther active, than merely to prevent their flock from straying in quest of new pastors

    42. The people did not long retain their right of election; and while they did retain it, they almost always acted under the influence of the clergy, who, in such spiritual matters, appeared to be their natural guides

    43. mean, these are awesome, easy, step-by-step guides on

    44. What did the king mean by the words ‘Korrich ranhynn tohyrm Madra ayz’? They were going to Illeander, a place where no one had been before and there were no maps or other layout guides, not even hearsay

    45. It was agreed and the seer and his son agreed to act as guides again when they return

    46. ” “I think that the way of gaining entrance is simple enough, but we will have to watch out guides very carefully

    47. Manna returned to the guides

    48. A wholesome environment, that is morally and spiritually instructive, guides and directs the activities of an individual

    49. guides in our lives

    50. journey, it is polite to thank those guides who have helped you

    1. "Be guided but not let that decisions guiding you choose

    2. shepherds of the flock to be in the front leading and guiding them

    3. God's way is always best; that is with elders guiding and leading the flock

    4. She went to Jake and asked for his help; he and Michael have been guiding her

    5. He took out a handkerchief and wiped his face, saying nothing, guiding me through a dark corridor to a space outside

    6. My aunt paused on the threshold then pushed the door ajar, guiding me inside, 'Welcome to our love nest

    7. There was no wind for steerage, they were guiding the ship with poles

    8. My aunt was guiding us out of the wind, taking us somewhere special, this was no random meander

    9. 'Er, is this anything to do with the village kids needing a guiding hand?'

    10. An alien power driving a cherub from Alan's universe and guiding the impactors that were destroying Angel and secular simulate civilization

    11. guiding his horse across the causeway in the chill of a hazy spring

    12. I can't move my hands with my thought, watching and guiding every movement any faster than at a snail's pace

    13. ‘This is the kitchen, you say?’ Williams said, guiding Andy through into the room where Mrs Brown was fussing about

    14. Home for him was always with him, comforting and guiding his thoughts and feelings

    15. 14’ all around the village, guiding the children to rediscover their true selves

    16. The Holy Spirit is always there when we call out to him and he is always leading and guiding us

    17. “Will someone get me a Mage to rid us of this thing!” he shouted to a pair of giants who were guiding a cart laden with large stones through the walkway

    18. LeCynic followed the trail of light guiding him toward the bathing chamber and the pair of girls trapped within

    19. "But they already in the wheelbarrow, you see it was in front of you when you were guiding the stepladder along

    20. “Now for that promise, Adros,” he said, grabbing his arm and guiding him away from the others

    21. With the power of the Maker guiding her way, she went straight to the army of giants, delivering the massive hammer back into their hands

    22. There is a way and system of heaven and earth that is guiding us through this time

    23. That he is aware of the Illian destruction, but knows no more about it than we do, suggests that he took it as divine providence guiding him to his chosen destiny---a new Naud Empire cast in his own image, with himself as sole Lord of all

    24. without the souls guiding them throughout their remaining journey

    25. Apparently, instinct was guiding him, for he very properly turned his body about and lay down on top of her, his face near her cunt, his rock-hard cock within kissing distance of her lips

    26. Again his internal transponder was guiding him over the dusty surface to a specific location

    27. Jack Lewis the small cockney who was guiding us said

    28. “You have come to us in the hour of our greatest need, when Darkness rises in the hearts of men, you bring us your courage and your strength, you fill us with hope, and you will be our guiding light when the Shadow returns to cover the lands in darkness

    29. ―big guy‖ guiding things along? In the military police squadron at Topeka Air Force Base, there was a man named Thaxton

    30. Political Correctness, rather than securing our nation‘s (legitimate) interests abroad, is guiding military policies at the State Department

    31. The work he’d done on the rewiring had paid dividends, the new sonar set-up guiding him safely to his destination, and even the seal he’d replaced was holding up

    32. Darkburst swam with strong strokes, his back bumping along the roof of the tunnel, guiding him through the darkness

    33. Reese was supporting her in a moment, guiding her back to the couch

    34. We came up renewed; our lives would start new, fresh and with the Holy Spirit guiding us

    35. It is we who oftentimes fall asleep at the helm; we who reject His guiding presence and wisdom

    36. It is up to each of us to mange our own private and public affairs in accordance with God‘s gift of Reason and Conscience that properly instruct us in the manner of good and evil and right and wrong however many of us oftentimes choose to deny or ignore His guiding light

    37. As the party entered the clearing, the two guards took up position each side of her again, guiding her at an angle across the packed earth clearing

    38. Guiding the Healer through the tunnels towards the chamber below Fire Rock where the other prisoners were kept, Cherva pondered on the reasons why the Preceptor might be so interested in the Healer's cub

    39. Good Intentions, limited and flawed as they oftentimes are however, are not enough! The believer must (first) place his or her trust in God, alone, who reminds each of us, who are receptive to His Wisdom, that every kindly deed, however ―ordinary‖ or ―exceptional‖, or every Act of Faith, cannot properly achieve its intended fulfillment without God‘s guiding intervention; that is to say, unless properly informed by God

    40. He wondered if he was drawn to the song because he knew that someday it would be his guiding force

    41. " Guiding me into a room off the corridor, he asked, "And do yer know why?"

    42. Shooter put his hand on the top off my head, guiding me into the back of the police car

    43. “George,” she complained while succumbing to the weight of his hand in the small of her back steadily guiding her towards the exit, “I was just getting going in there

    44. “There is a dressing room through here,” he said, guiding me to an inconspicuous side door

    45. He arched an eyebrow, guiding the way up the stone walk to the house

    46. She turned aside, seeking the nesting site, her sensitive tentacles guiding her in the darkness

    47. Why had he not been here in the caves, close beside her, guiding her, helping her?

    48. You are the guiding leader and your forceful encouragement helped break this case,� replied Steve with a broad smile on his �face

    49. Guiding loops of cable that slowly descended from the crane, she had a perky manner he warmed to, and a likeable smile when she jauntily waved ‘all clear’

    50. Giselle led the way, guiding the group through the forest

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