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    1. One has to provide a moral and spiritual compass that will guide them throughout their life

    2. Rain water harvesting, cleaning of small tanks before rainy season, closing of running taps, not allowing drawing of water directly from mains through electric motor, recycling water for WCs etc are some of the areas where we can generate awareness and guide others to act

    3. ‘Want to watch anything else, Mum?’ he asked, his nose in the guide

    4. "We'll have to take an aisle out over here to get it out of there on a dolly," their guide waved his arm at a pile of crates at least twelve feet high

    5. help guide tourists along a winding path from these studios to the taverna that

    6. Word, so that He could guide you and lead you out of any problem, any

    7. "That war, so we need a detonation, we need to destroy that asteroid so there is no single chunk to guide into the planet

    8. (24) Teach and guide the faithful men so they can teach others (2:2)

    9. One day children will leave their parents and sometimes the only protective guide

    10. the necessity of having elders to guide the direction of the church according to the truth set forth in God's Word, the New Testament

    1. We don't have time for delicate maneuvers, that asteroid might be guided

    2. "Be guided but not let that decisions guiding you choose

    3. He told his apostles that they would be guided into all truth (John 16:13)

    4. Since Christ’s words are truth and the apostles were guided into all truth and we have all of truth today (2 Peter 1:3)

    5. Allow yourself be divinely guided by this question: “What

    6. the Universe guided you to a more optimal way of life later

    7. Will I be thankful I guided you with a Mother’s

    8. The eldest, a girl about twelve, stepped forward, her friends trailing like the children of Niobe, and guided me to the door of a large grey building back on the central street

    9. The very next day, guided by the hotel concierge, the soldier went to the finest tailors and shirt makers in Saville Row

    10. He happily and unabashedly guided Naria through the political process

    1. Had comics, posters, zombie survival guides

    2. He finds the car and guides himself toward the driver’s side window

    3. He extends a hand, pulls Ahmed from the car with the help of Russ, who guides the prince to safety

    4. Without coercion, without laws and governments, isn't it something akin to the ants that guides these people, that makes them do what they have to do to make their world function?"

    5. Stephen guides me through the windows onto the patio

    6. "Thank you for being such great tour guides," Alan continued

    7. 'Like the medical entrance guides, they have thousands of multiple choice

    8. 'Don't they have some guides or something?' she said, totally ignoring my

    9. Half lifting me, he guides me along the corridor

    10. TGG, but was frequently shortened to “The Guides

    1. "Be guided but not let that decisions guiding you choose

    2. shepherds of the flock to be in the front leading and guiding them

    3. God's way is always best; that is with elders guiding and leading the flock

    4. She went to Jake and asked for his help; he and Michael have been guiding her

    5. He took out a handkerchief and wiped his face, saying nothing, guiding me through a dark corridor to a space outside

    6. My aunt paused on the threshold then pushed the door ajar, guiding me inside, 'Welcome to our love nest

    7. There was no wind for steerage, they were guiding the ship with poles

    8. My aunt was guiding us out of the wind, taking us somewhere special, this was no random meander

    9. 'Er, is this anything to do with the village kids needing a guiding hand?'

    10. An alien power driving a cherub from Alan's universe and guiding the impactors that were destroying Angel and secular simulate civilization

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