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    1. You do not have to take control of the conversation; let your grandson steer it in a direction that interests him

    2. "What can that map show in this wasteland that we can steer to?" Ava asked him

    3. Stephen said that she tried to steer onto the hard shoulder but skidded on something and went into the bridge

    4. I have to pretend steer the stupid ship, too, because Staas Company only wanted three, non-union bridge officers

    5. It was better when I didn't know, but you did try to steer the conversation into telling me this

    6. Along here you just have to steer between the banks and don't hit another ship

    7. ‘But I’d recommend that you steer clear of erupting volcanos for a while, young woman

    8. As we returned to shore, Nikos encouraged Alessandra to steer the boat

    9. So although it was their first time on a sailing vessel for which they had to trim sails, steer, and navigate through the wind, they were exceptionally capable sailors from the outset

    10. He tried to steer him in the right direction, “What leads do you have from the other end?”

    11. Lean down and steer, try to cut air resistance, try to stay just awake enough to steer but asleep enough to rest

    12. They made that other corner with Knume using his tackle to steer a little

    13. Then the front windscreen had been smashed out and two drivers sat in the front two seats, one to control the horse’s reins and the other to steer the Jag

    14. endeavoured to steer the conversation onto cheerier

    15. Seaboy managed to stare and steer his ball over the obstacles and it rolled within a metre of the hole

    16. while you steer the conversation to access helpful information for your

    17. animal or just heads of steer or sheep, remnant

    18. Also have a regular meditational practice established which will help you to steer your trip and to also integrate what you learn

    19. And hoped and prayed as hard as he could that she would manage to steer clear of such characters on her journey to his camp

    20. “There are wild animals about, but they normally steer clear of humans

    21. There are also companies and organisations offering free autoresponder services, but my advice would be to steer clear of these, as you will be disappointed by the quality of the service you’ll receive from them

    22. having a harbor pilot aboard to steer the ship into uncharted

    23. Shenandoah, and that they should steer westward to avoid a confrontation

    24. Although no vote was needed or requested, the vote would have been unanimous to steer to the south immediately

    25. He continued to steer south and thought it would be more fitting to intercept merchant shipping on the routes from San Francisco to

    26. Gina noticed Milo's suspicious look towards the psychiatrist; she wanted to steer his gaze away; there was no point making the situation difficult for the children (to her they were still children)

    27. His heart heavy, Dorro directed the sailors to steer the craft back towards Water-Down in all haste, while he continued to tend Longleaf

    28. The steer was missing so he told me it had caused a wreck over on highway 18

    29. The only thing he wanted me to do was to get the steer off the road as soon as possible

    30. I didn‘t have any idea how I was going to get this steer which weighed about eleven hundred pounds in my pickup to haul him away

    31. Tom and I met on the highway where the steer was

    32. My homeowner‘s insurance took care of the man‘s car that hit the steer paying for all the repairs, a rental car, and motel fees

    33. At least four soldiers moved alongside it, helping to push and steer it in the inky blackness

    34. "What are you doing here anyway? Are they going to kill you too?" Comfrey asked the stranger in a quiet voice, trying to steer the conversation away from his embarrassing behaviour

    35. At his waist shimmered a silver belt buckle in the shape of the horns of a steer and his skin-tight jeans were tucked into boots with high heels and pointed toes

    36. “Ferguson’s buddy gave us a bum steer

    37. Power through the hands and steer with the feet…maybe if he throttled back a bit

    38. Although you never refuse outright, you just adroitly steer around the subject

    39. The man was a terrifying mystery, an uncanny wildfire people tried to steer away from

    40. The tracks had brakes, so you could steer the machine at slow speed on the ground

    41. As if trying to steer his mind away from a dark precipice, Molo was careful with his words, not only because the language was difficult to speak properly, but because he found the Pilgrim’s question deeply incisive, the answer still unknown to him

    42. The men around him had managed to steer the herd from the sides and rear, but they had known better than to ever get in front of the animals when those beasts were in such an urgently demonstrated near-panic of movement

    43. We use the sciences of both electrodynamics and aerodynamics both to steer the car, and keep it stable when going straight at high speeds

    44. “Without wheels touching the road, it would be hard to steer the car otherwise

    45. Elizabeth asked if Colling would show her how to steer, and he found she did a passable job of holding the boat on a steady course

    46. “I can steer them into the memories that take me out of this place!” His voice boomed out again into the silence that surrounded him, but his mouth always seemed to bring him back to his present woes

    47. He had left it to Fyaile to steer the carriage that steered itself thought mostly following the rest of the army

    48. It takes all the willpower I have for me to steer myself toward the chair and sit down in it again, pressing my skull into the headrest

    49. I blink the tears from my eyes, wipe my cheeks with the heel of my hand, and let him steer me toward the door behind the computer screen

    50. He was willing to humor the boy at least for a while—enough to steer his reading

    1. As they came to the bottom of the stairs, she steered him towards the back of the house, towards the kitchen entrance

    2. Roman steered the van off

    3. I steered the Pinto with one hand and pulled

    4. waited as he steered his craft to the bank

    5. With great skill and experience, Father steered our boat into the cove

    6. He didn’t pursue the matter, but steered the conversation in another direction, noting her discomfort and the tension at the mention of his name

    7. Nerissa steered due

    8. Ben steered his front carriage by positioning his weight from side to side and occasionally tugging at the hand rims on the wheels

    9. The powerful blue field emanating from Danny's body reached out with a second pod-like arm toward the diamond and steered it out of the Leader's way

    10. He was being steered into the tunnel entrance as though he were a prize fish

    11. Doris grasped his cock firmly and steered it into her slit as the boy pumped furiously

    12. He had pulled his cock out of her again, so once more she seized it and steered it into her cunt while he thrust hard and entered her deeply, wonderfully

    13. Close to the end of the road, Lewis steered across to the opposite kerb, next to the converted church, and stopped

    14. She quickly steered her niece to a chair before the fire

    15. Doc steered him towards the bed

    16. Gently, I steered my mother toward the first of many corridors crammed with cages of cats stacked to the ceiling

    17. The Mercury immediately made contact with the whaleships Florida, Corinthian, and Peru, and they all steered westward, hoping to keep out of sight

    18. After entering the North Pacific, the Milo steered southeasterly and the Shenandoah also headed southeasterly, but was a few days behind the Milo

    19. The rebel pirate appeared in June in the Okhotsk Sea, where she sneaked up to the barque Abigail of New Bedford, commanded by Captain Nye, captured her, stole what was valuable, fired the vessel, and steered for the Bering Sea

    20. Frederic’s leadership had steered the company into even more success and growth by

    21. How could he be a threat? Even so, he steered the craft in a circuitous route, trying not to appreciate the ‘post-invasion’ verdant landscape

    22. One more reason why the course of his destiny had been steered

    23. He had steered the craft using a topographic scanner alone; the moon base emitted no signals

    24. Halon changed course again and steered toward Chram

    25. At that, the entire company steered off the main road and down the secret forest trail Minty Pinter had discovered behind the viburnum bush

    26. The sergeant steered a frosty look her direction

    27. The music continued soothingly and as I strained my ears to hear where it was coming from, it steered me toward the back of the stage

    28. I knew of course there were no white women on the border except for a few very old ladies of the Southern Cross, and a few military types who we steered clear of since not only did they have fearsome reputations, but as commissioned officers they outranked us

    29. Frank steered his car behind the kid

    30. She left only reluctantly, steered away by George’s persistent pressure on her arm

    31. Dawley gently steered us back to the main topic, staff organizations

    32. As Piers steered the boat across the choppy sea, he hummed to himself, feeling happy for the first time in years

    33. A few soft-spoken words in an alien tongue and Sim sat back as the vehicle steered along a busy thoroughfare

    34. Catching the point duty policeman’s eye, Steve steered his car across a phalanx of waiting traffic, in the direction of the Derby road

    35. Jenny and Fergus said no more but steered their way down Coven Hill with Mister slinking at their heels just as he had done on the ascent

    36. The rear wheels were the ones that steered, otherwise, these machines wouldn’t be able to shove big objects into tight rows

    37. With it scraping along the ground, the car refused to be steered, but he forced it along, jamming the accelerator to the floor while remnants of the wheel grated thunderously

    38. He steered around every bend with apprehension

    39. “I’m saying that agents of the Mythological Institute have infiltrated the Simulator Corporation and steered the research into a very special end

    40. Both of them looked up ahead to where the road steered off course and into a dirt path that seemed to lead slowly upwards onto a small ridge

    41. Services as well as its Post Office is alleged to have improperly steered UN contracts to several Indian

    42. He had left it to Fyaile to steer the carriage that steered itself thought mostly following the rest of the army

    43. “This is going to be a lo-ng trip,” I told myself as I steered the car away from the lowlands of Montreal, heading north into the Laurentians

    44. She counter steered, treating his hit like a bad patch of ice

    45. It was steered by a central sternpost rudder that the crew adjusted by means of a large lever on a lower deck

    46. We steered away from them aiming instead for the mouth of the Yuma River

    47. Leaning forward, I steered us as best I could in the direction of the parked cars

    48. Noah steered the car out of traffic and stopped at the side of the road

    49. After a span of time had passed where Yuella had said all she could think to say; Elizabeth steered the conversation to pitching her into their house

    50. My co-counselor seized the moment and steered the conversation from

    1. " He concentrated on the traffic, the steering was very, sluggish and he had started to yaw back and forth

    2. How on earth do you know which ones to press and when? Then the array of dials set into the surface above the steering wheel caught her eye … what did they all mean? She’d been in taxis many times but never in a personal vehicle like this

    3. Nothing about their steering, strictly personal

    4. Berndt is talking to Drens in the steering cabin place at the back of the boat … the stern? … Joris hasn’t appeared yet

    5. In all his previous trips to the Kassikan, the farthest he'd been was level 121, the balcony of the Astronomical Research Steering Committee that he often pleaded for funding in front of

    6. It could be the Curitiba that was steering the impactors using the same technology that Major husband was discovering

    7. ’ I said - very conscious of him sitting there leaning on the steering wheel beside me

    8. He parks outside his house, turns the engine off and sits, his hands on the steering wheel, staring straight ahead

    9. He manages to edge the car onto the hard packed ruts of a field entrance and, bending forward, he rests his head on the soft plastic of the steering wheel

    10. With his mention of Jasari, Alex tightens his grip on the steering wheel again, hammering through bends to keep the Lexus in view

    11. She grabs at the steering wheel, yelling at the Doctor, and he fends her off, pushing her forward into the dashboard

    12. Helen's arm snags in the steering wheel spokes and as she falls back into her seat the wheel is yanked to the left, hauling the car away from the anonymous body by the fence

    13. His huge stomach pressed against the steering

    14. He grabbed the steering wheel with his free hand,

    15. Still, as she watched the icy road and gripped the steering wheel with both hands, she knew how rarely she was able to hold her ground when it came to him

    16. "Why in the world would I want a key to a book store?" Lowering her head to the steering wheel, to allow a few more tears to pass from her cheeks, she thought, that isn't even to what he was referring

    17. After assisting her in to the truck, he climbed in the other side and lowered his head to the steering wheel

    18. sat in the driveway and I could see her fingers tapping the steering wheel

    19. was more the man behind the steering wheel

    20. Nimblefax was quite intrigued at the speed at which the carriage achieved without any apparent steering mechanism, Beauty just used her hands to direct its movement, calling out 'Whoa' to slow and 'Away' to speed up

    21. I however have found that a wholesome life combined with understanding leads to a calm inner strength which is far more effective in navigating and steering these phenomena than what can be achieved by ineptly interacting with them

    22. He drums nervously on the steering wheel

    23. With his slender finger tips toying with the cool steering wheel, he daydreamed happily

    24. Mood-enhancing steering wheels didn't come cheap

    25. Humility notwithstanding, we should acknowledge ourselves as powerful quantum beings steering the direction of this world and beyond

    26. Even though he was sleeping, his hands shot out and found her head and held her firmly as if steering her head up and down on his prick

    27. I think we're steering off topic a bit with this

    28. He went too far to the edge, feeling himself lose that vital balance as he futilely tried to correct the errant steering bar

    29. arm and dragged it across to the steering wheel to sound her own

    30. Lewis lifted a hand from the steering wheel to

    31. Bradlee was in the driver's seat now, his expensive timepiece and the blue of his tattoos showing behind his hand at the steering

    32. Grant said and held on tightly to the steering wheel!

    33. was taped to the steering wheel

    34. board and assume the steering oar

    35. steering the whaleboat during such a ride, as the lives of the

    36. Jones were cruising in the Bering Straits and steering north while the Shenandoah was in the vicinity

    37. Halon, now steering, corrected the course and made the sail full again as they pressed on in their journey

    38. fingerprints were on her car, but nothing showed on the steering wheel

    39. He was indeed exceedingly good behind a steering wheel

    40. It made little difference that he’d heard about the cat’s cinema attack because his instincts took over and he yanked the steering wheel hard to one side, hoping the cats would scatter before he hit one

    41. The nearside wheels dropped into the shallow ditch beside the road and Contin’s smile of triumph quickly turned to one of fear when the steering wheel wrenched to one side, breaking his thumb

    42. After the car came to a shuddering stop, Contin let out a long, ragged breath, resting his forehead on the steering wheel

    43. Terry fought for control, the steering wheel bucking in his grip

    44. I fancied myself behind a steering wheel when I arrived but quickly realised that I was outclassed and preferred later years to be the crew and do the navigating

    45. Gasping, blood oozing down his cheek, he stamped his foot on the accelerator, leaning forward into the steering wheel as he urged the car to greater speed

    46. Gonzalez tapped his fingers on the steering wheel trying to think

    47. Evelyn climbed in behind the steering wheel fighting the tears that wanted to fall out of her eyes as she drove us home

    48. The commander on the left (we drive with right hand steering wheels in South Africa) had the police siren, public address system, radios and side spotlights to operate

    49. I ran out to the car and saw that my driver had fallen asleep with his head resting on the steering wheel

    50. As I slipped the car into gear and made ready to drive off, he grabbed the steering wheel

    1. ’ My persistent daughter commented as she steers the empty buggy round a corner

    2. John points southwest and Dave steers the boat in that direction

    3. He swings his prayer beads lazily back and forth while he steers the bus with his knees and smokes a cigarette

    4. that gathers itself up and steers the tethered land towards dusk

    5. I’ve come to a full stop in the middle of the pavement but he takes my elbow and, jolting me back into motion, steers me towards the park that backs onto our office block

    6. It says much for Karen’s power in the classroom, that Lucy mumbles a ‘sorry’ in my direction … before I can respond, Karen grasps my elbow and steers me away towards another group

    7. Dave steers towards the path of least resistance

    8. Johanna steers us toward the rendezvous point, where she saw Uriah and Cara

    9. The 4H and FFA clubs throughout the region show hogs, lambs, steers, rabbits, and other animals

    10. That is the belief that a given child is a blank slate, and he will become whatever his environment steers him to

    11. “Cristal, do you believe in kismet? A predestined moment, where fate steers your life

    12. steers clear of idealizing any of the artists in there

    13. Helmsman: the person at the wheel; the person who steers the ship

    14. This answers their questions, but also steers the readers towards opting in to learn more about my particular work from home option

    15. “Them steers like ta jumped straight up offun the ground, then cut loose in all directions

    16. It was as if the Primagnons were pushing a small herd of unruly steers with some sort of sophisticated cattle prods

    17. “It is faith that steers us through stormy seas, faith that moves mountains, and faith that jumps across the oceans

    18. “Nothin but steers and queers

    19. that just as the pilot drives his plane, the captain steers his ship, the engineer

    20. on my sister’s farm delivering speeches (I can’t say if they were lessons) to the steers and hogs

    21. on the back of her neck and gently steers her

    22. By turning his long-gone shoulders, he steers the car around

    23. "We have a small herd for milk and a couple of beef steers getting ready for slaughter this fall

    24. Steers are bulls that have been castrated

    25. Steers are usually fed low quality feed in order to cut

    26. Hormones are administered to steers for the enhancement of

    27. Although he/she looks and acts funny the animal that he steers

    28. These are the heavenly lights by which mankind steers its way through the ages

    29. Confucius said, “If the captain steers north, his seamen will follow

    30. The torch of doubt and chaos, this is what the sage steers by

    31. It would have been very easy for someone to ride up and cut out a couple of steers, then ride up into the canyon over the last couple of days while the hands were bringing down herds from the high country

    32. steers wandered up here, and that’s the truth

    33. completed the task of removing the steers from the enclosure

    34. Houston knelt down beside the carcasses of the steers that were

    35. The carcases of several sheep lay bloated in an ungainly heap in the middle of a paddock together with the inert shapes of two steers, on their backs with legs protruding like four poster beds

    36. “You wanted four, you’ve got four,” he shouted as the blade of the machine despatched the last of the Hereford steers to the same fate as Lorene Eagles and Wannenburg Morne

    37. The pensive steers around the physique

    38. This finite aim contains all our future intentions that steers and motivates us all to toil, labor, slave and do whatever is deemed necessary for us to accomplish out an aim which cannot ever be stipulated or expressed out into a logical statement or term over here

    39. If you have believed in Al’lah who dominates the heaven with its constellation and steers all this universe, remember then the Doomsday when you will stand between the Hands of this Grand Creator who observes everything

    40. If you ponder it; you shall find it a connected unit directed entirely by one Hand that steers it upon such discipline

    41. His knowledge (cpth) was directly obtained from the Presence of Al’lah, who is the Manager and the One who steers the reins of heavens and earth at the top level of perfection

    42. Faith is not achieved merely through speaking, through being mindful and witnessing that the Almighty is the All-Hearing and the Omniscient force who steers every motion

    43. Reaching this point and achieving this witnessing – that is to say, witnessing that there is no God except Al’lah and believing in Him – creates a kind of feeling of awe inside one’s spirit for the greatness of that supreme Will, which controls this universe and steers it with science, wisdom, potency and mercy

    44. He makes out the store fronts ahead, and steers towards them

    45. Superstition steers the crews’ attention to the folklore every sailor knows by heart

    46. He “toots” the steam whistle and “blows” the horn as he steers the flower covered flotilla away from the cheering port

    47. Taking my arm in his, he leads me into the hallway and steers us toward the living room

    48. " He taps the sides of his horse with his legs and steers in front of me

    49. From Vincenzo Cartari's Images of the Gods (1571) and a letter of Annibale Caro (1562) we have the following description of the Moon-Isis: long and abundant hair, lightly curled; on her forehead a polished object with snakes on either side and ears of corn above; a garland of wood and sunflowers or other flowers; a dress, to either her feet or her knees, very thin, and showing the colors white, yellow and red; or a shining black dress (black, white, yellow, red: the colors of the alchemical Great Work), decorated with stars and a central moon, flowers and fruits hanging from the border like tassels; bare arms; a lighted torch in her right hand and two snakes in her left; or her left hand holds a golden vase, decorated on the base with palm leaves, and with a snake-like handle, looking swollen with venom; she is in a chariot drawn by two horses, one white, one black, or drawn by a mule, or by steers with small horns and a white spot on the right flank

    50. intentionally steers clear of the Sea of Galilee and its vicinity

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    bullock steer confidential information hint lead tip wind channelise channelize direct guide head maneuver manoeuver manoeuvre point pilot fly conduct navigate