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    1. " Jorma knew that Herndon was pretty excited about his boat because he popped back out the hatch and lifted one of the seat cushions to show him

    2. Fly Parasites: Attack flies before they hatch with this parasite

    3. Fly parasites deposit their eggs inside immature fly pupae, the parasitic eggs hatch into larvae which feed on their hosts

    4. The Tale of Marley Williams Hatch

    5. As soon as he was up there, Marley Williams Hatch wet his lips and blew out a tune loud enough that all the kangaroos in Australia perked up their ears, and all the whales under the sea sang at once

    6. This dusting will kill any flea eggs as they hatch and will last for a long time

    7. Poisons have no effect on egg cases and must be present when bugs hatch to be effective

    8. Burn’s flight helmet poked in the open bridge hatch

    9. It was barely even enough to be called a refusal, but she grabbed him by his exosuit’s front panel, swing him in an arc over her head, and threw him down through the open bridge hatch

    10. Parker made for the hatch like the bridge was on fire

    11. " Rampone pushed off and flew for the hatch

    12. Horcheese was fully through the hatch and clinging to a handhold near the NAV console before he turned and saw her

    13. Burn made for the hatch and almost kicked Rampone and Wambach as they came up

    14. When the Chief came through the hatch, they all cheered her

    15. I told them that I was going to follow his instructions and I was going to hatch him

    16. When your dragon is ready to hatch, he or she will call to tell you to come quickly

    17. This knowledge is shared with their rider when they hatch and see each other for the first time

    18. It was still twenty feet from the ground, but dropping toward the front patio rapidly when the hatch dropped

    19. It won’t grow and hatch properly without this information

    20. First thing Jake said to me was that my egg would not hatch until I healed

    21. There was a loud clang and all heads turned as the door to the hatch began turning

    22. Duncan turned, saluted a goodbye to Alexei, and then followed the large man thru the hatch

    23. We quickly scour the upper floor ceilings and find a hatch – dragging a chair from one of the rooms, Gary stands on it and pokes his head through

    24. “When you first board the ship and the hatch opens, look for a thin strip of blue metal

    25. The office next door used to be a dry store for the kitchen and although the conversion work was carried out some years ago, the old access hatch between the two rooms still exists

    26. He is so wrapped-up in the gathering of secrets that he doesn’t notice a tub of ladles and slatted spoons standing directly to the left hand side of the hatch

    27. He tries to straighten himself up so that he can move away from the hatch but the door to the office is already open

    28. Down the hatch

    29. to hatch their brood

    30. future lay in the balance with this test, or what? He opened the Pinto’s hatch and

    31. He opened the front door and hit the button for the vehicle’s hatch, and

    32. Ravena stepped forward to the boarding hatch

    33. The hatch opened and a ramp slid out toward them, they hopped out of it's way and the Elf made to enter

    34. The loft hatch was particularly awkward to get to

    35. Martin grabbed the shoulder harness,hooked his arms into it, and opened the side hatch

    36. “Press the big red buttons either side of the hatch

    37. ” said Hugh as he pulled back the catches, both positioned on one side of the hatch

    38. There was a quiet clunk from the hatch and then, with a low hissing sound, it gradually swung open, two pneumatic pistons controlling its fall

    39. Holding the safety line with his right hand, he reached out with his left to the handle on the hatch

    40. He gripped the handle and twisted it until the hatch popped open

    41. Looking up, or rather across, at the hatch, he launched himself towards it, trying to spin around in mid-air so that he would land on his front

    42. Risking losing his grip altogether, his pulled his left hand out of the hatch and pressed the release catch on his safety line

    43. Then in one almighty effort he hauled himself through the hatch and into the dimly lit chamber beyond

    44. “Peter? Are you all right?” she called through the hatch

    45. Faint wisps of smoke still curled around the edges of the hatch

    46. She edged carefully across the ladder and bent down to look in through the hatch

    47. Ria could see a small fire-extinguisher strapped just within the hatch so she lunged forward and pulled the release clip

    48. Yanking it from its bracket, she climbed in through the hatch to see what had happened

    49. Chris, Kate and Fletcher set about rolling the five large stones away from the hatch and then throwing the smaller ones out of the way

    50. The hatch was badly scraped but appeared to be in a good enough state to open

    1. Eggs hatched along the shoreline and the insects came back tenfold to feed upon him

    2. The insects were feasting on his personification, some eggs must have hatched because things wriggled in his skin

    3. But whilst the egg was being hatched the duck herself was

    4. Michael met me on the pathway and told me that thru his dragon he was aware that Jake had hatched

    5. Later that night at dinner, I called them to attention and told them what I had done, and how long it had been going on, and that Jake had hatched

    6. When Lady Jennie hatched, she was accepted right along into our extended family

    7. Everyone thought that they would have to wait six months before the eggs hatched

    8. One at a time, the eggs hatched and called to their riders

    9. Kate noticed that they hatched in pairs

    10. As the other dragons hatched, that love was spread

    11. She knew that once their eggs hatched, they would be moving to their own caves with their mates

    12. The big bull remembered how he hatched and bided his time

    13. Queenie called to Jake one day and told him that the egg on her hatching grounds was of such a size that they would have to make a new opening if the newly emerged dragon was to be able to leave the cave once it hatched

    14. Two were just juveniles, newly hatched by about a month

    15. Siskin was no fool; he knew what that red egg meant, so he carefully took it with him and hatched the bird

    16. No one but the Queen knew that she and Altera had hatched a plan to keep Sonia out of Lord Boras’ clutches

    17. “The dark and secret labs where I was HATCHED!” She jumped up and cackled, then paced off a few steps and turned around

    18. Maybe she was hatched for the solitary purpose of torturing me

    19. Vasy took to swimming like a sprat hatched in the sea

    20. Though hatched from eggs, the demigods Castor and Pollux both were very manly in

    21. Of a plot hatched by Antinous to assassinate the princeling

    22. Together they hatched a scheme to show the bigots the error of their ways

    23. Unless of course, he was hatched by parthenogenesis

    24. Cruzel found out from King Bordath's secretary that the King of Illeander had not attended, nor sent an envoy and a plot was hatched

    25. “You see, Longleaf, the problem began when Sheriff Bilge and I hatched a plan a few months ago, one for the big coup that would have set us up for life

    26. According to this version, that is how the impressive image of that marvelous icon of Singapore was hatched

    27. And what about Andrew? Did he have an attitude problem, not the first one I ever ran across? The little bugger could fly like he was hatched from an egg, yet at times his smirk made me want to hit him

    28. He screamed and prayed that God would kill him before the creatures inside hatched and set about their work of eating him alive

    29. Steve hatched out the back, burning off

    30. "Oh, there's no doubt the notion was hatched in Faith Meredith's brain," said Miss Cornelia

    31. While he patiently took note of the healing force, Jason hatched a plan that would capture the services of the brute

    32. Within this environment, an imperialistic larva hatched and grew into a full-fledged monster

    33. He was so obsessed, that he hatched a plan to deceive his father, and once Esau found out, he set out to kill Jacob after their father died

    34. Instead of resting in the promises of God, the very promises he just recounted to the Lord Himself, Jacob hatched a plan

    35. stuck inside with nothing to do but watch TV Norman hatched the

    36. So they hatched an awful plan

    37. “Do they cut off the other two limbs as soon as they are hatched?”

    38. Thankfully, the country was still too well oriented to free enterprise to succumb to such a secretively hatched, ultraexpensive, and ill-conceived program

    39. “People are not hatched, they are born

    40. Hatched is for chickens and

    41. He wanted She Who Gathers Stones Together to know that he took no pleasure in speaking thus to one who was hatched long before he was

    42. What must it have been like to capture the critter in the first place, even when recently hatched and much smaller?

    43. His battle plan had been hatched in his overactive mind after the first night at his new command, he had no intention of seeking glory by marching his force into the open plains below to fight a pitched battle against a mixed force that vastly outnumbered them

    44. Was he birthed, invented in a lab, or hatched? Tough as it was, I zipped my lip and let Scratch run the show

    45. The first four Puffin Picture Books were hatched in 1940 and the first Puffin story book featured a man with broomstick arms called Worzel Gummidge

    46. On top was an iron pan warming those red eggs that never hatched

    47. After about a week and only 3 genuine callers - who, after a few questions, appeared to be fleeing from the law - Gordon hatched another plan and posted another advert:

    48. Roberto though and duly kept to the plan they had hatched by keeping his

    49. hatched and the notes that Steve had taken were fleshed out over the next couple

    50. They are hatched completely naked, with closed eyes and disproportionately large, blunt beaks

    1. and free insurance on hot hatches the colour

    2. My Lady, she hatches! They could all hear the throaty roar as Jake signaled the emergence of his Queen

    3. and lowering loft hatches, leaving the things

    4. ” said Kate, “The doors are out of reach and the hatches underneath are buried beyond hope

    5. ” he laughed, “One of the hatches up ahead should provide access to the top side of the ship

    6. All hatches should be open and all halyards let go, so that the sails may hang loosely and the yards counter braced

    7. colliding with the ironclad, opening the hatches, taking

    8. Miraculously, most of the crew was on deck, battening down the hatches in advance of the storm

    9. Dave's sweater, vomit-soaked, floated toward me as a venomous wave breached our hatches and sloshed toward my bunk, but I had no strength to pull it on

    10. Waves and rain constantly entered hatches and portholes, our hasty silicon repairs back in port proving almost completely useless

    11. In addition, the preventer, which controls the mainsail, and both hatches, were all badly damaged, although still functioning

    12. Batten down the hatches

    13. The small hatches in the tops of these shafts allowed the mate and petroleum officer to stick the tanks and take samples

    14. thinking it was time to batten down the hatches and survive

    15. and old fridges an rabbit hatches with rabbits that had been dead for a long time and

    16. There were other rabbit hatches but there was only one live rabbit

    17. homes for the surviving animals and also for rabbit hatches

    18. They are battening down their hatches

    19. all of the hatches and doors are sealed

    20. Shouting to the others to recheck all the hatches, I ran up

    21. This is near the place where the great River Beaucoup hatches from water that comes from the ground

    22. This is near the place where the great river hatches from water that comes from the ground

    23. Succeed and the egg hatches into a special item awarded to the host player –with a few side items awarded to everyone

    24. Alberto led the men out of the room then checked the other hatches

    25. The first egg hatches after eighteen days of incubation, whereas the fifth egg may hatch ten days later, assuming the eggs are laid at two-day intervals

    26. “I'm afraid we have no other choice but to use the old escape hatches

    27. 'Suggesting' to the pilot that it needs to check the safety hatches, Grailem stands to one side as the robot stands up and makes its way to the elevator

    28. The reactor was cold and the access hatches for the ship’s computer were opened

    29. Their personalised hunting rifles with gold and silver inlays sparkle in the sunlight as they are handed up through the open hatches, and they prepare to fire upon the resting family group of lions

    30. The hunters are thrown about by the madly cavorting vehicles and have abandoned their valuable rifles in panic as they descend back through the hatches; however, the leading prince’s robes have become entangled with his rifle, making it difficult for him to return into the relative safety of his vehicle and he is hit by a single shot

    31. Hatches initials, C

    32. As she said that, Saul popped open one of the hatches near the aft of the ship, and a model of a P I ship fell out

    33. Surprisingly, as the vehicles closed in Old Chippy like gufders on a greshku, the thing that knotted up Joey’s guts wasn’t the faces of the nycarmans that suddenly appeared in the open hatches from the sixteenth and fourteenth segments

    34. The shots were inaccurate, but it was enough to push the soldiers away from the hatches

    35. As he arrived the six hatches of

    36. We tightened our family ties and battened down the hatches

    37. � While the departure noise, incredibly enough, was a barely audible �POP�, the powerful explosion that rocked the tank and blew its hatches open was very audible indeed

    38. ����������� Realizing by now that they were in serious trouble, the Germans piled down the deck hatches as their submarine started to move forward, ready to dive

    39. ����������� Private George Lewis stuck his head out of one of the troop hatches of his 25-ton Infantry Fighting Vehicle, or IFV in short, and stared at the rows of hovercrafts visible in the moonlight and waiting for his comrades and their vehicles to be loaded aboard

    40. The constant vigil was boring, nothing was happening on the Ocean Raider, his cramped cabin was sweltering even with the windows and hatches open

    41. The turret hatches opened like Champagne cork plugs under the internal pressure from the explosion and jet of hot plasma

    42. Seeing the turret hatches of that tank open in a hurry, Angie grabbed her M2A2 carbine

    43. Ingrid Dows had however taught her aviatrix and ground specialists that a lone tank, without infantry escort and with its hatches closed, was not much more than a big, myopic beast in close combat

    44. Still invisible to the four Russians, Nancy simply walked to the hallway junction midway between the two hatches and positioned herself there behind a corner, then emerged from phase shift, her submachine gun pointed and on full automatic

    45. Once the 32 Marines were on the wet deck, four inflatable rubber boats, still not inflated, were lifted through the hatches, along with their small outboard engines

    46. Compressed air hoses were next through the hatches, helping to inflate the rubber boats in less than one minute

    47. With the Marines then loading up in their four boats, sailors closed back the access hatches, allowing the submarine to sink back under the surface and leaving the rubber boats to float on the water

    48. Moments later, Stick had located the hatches to the storage compartments below the cockpit floor, and after lowering the carrier bags into the small rooms, both Stick and Midge climbed in and pulled the hatches shut over their heads

    49. When they heard the hatches of the cargo bay slam shut, they slowly clambered out of the storage rooms and looked out the windows

    50. Six minutes later, the FINDER’S FEE was firmly on the ground, with its passenger and cargo hatches and ramps opened

    1. Some varieties carry their egg cases with them and place them for hatching later

    2. Laid out before me was a hatching chamber

    3. Any hatching ground that survived would have gone into hibernation till the time was right again

    4. He was looking forward to his dragon hatching soon also

    5. You said that Michael reported Lady Jennie might have found a hatching ground

    6. It is a viable hatching ground

    7. When your dragon egg is too big to carry around any more, place it on the hatching ground

    8. He then took off over the mountain and joined Lady Jennie and they headed out west, towards the newfound hatching ground

    9. Daniel looked up towards the hatching ground

    10. Kate told them she was sure that his queen was hatching

    11. Daniel rushed up the mountain so fast that he was out of breath when he entered the hatching ground

    12. Two days later, Steve’s dragon called him to the hatching grounds

    13. There was one egg on the hatching ground

    14. Up above Sally entered the hatching ground and let her eyes adjust to the dark

    15. You were both in the same hatching ground

    16. And another thing; I barely picked up on this but they are hatching eggs at an accelerated rate

    17. Any of their kind who destroys a hatching ground is killed

    18. My Queen has need of the hatching ground

    19. Queenie had headed straight for the hatching grounds and remained there

    20. Unknown to the others, at first, Oreo stationed herself at the entrance to the hatching grounds

    21. While they were kept busy with this battle, a very large monstrous grizzly started up the mountain to the hatching grounds

    22. Michael rushed to the hatching grounds with Sally at his side

    23. Oreo and the ‘twins’ kept a huge mutant bear from entering the hatching grounds

    24. Jake, Queenie called to him in a soothing voice, our hatching grounds now hold twenty eggs

    25. They are aware of the locations of all the hatching grounds on this continent

    26. When she entered the hatching grounds three months ago, Lady Sally was 9 years old

    27. I have some news that I believe explains the reason for the two eggs at the hatching grounds

    28. The man and the female are in the hatching grounds

    29. Daniel and Kate headed to the hatching grounds at a fast pace

    30. Excitement and anticipation was in the air; everyone could feel it, the dragons would be hatching very soon

    31. ” She kissed him on the cheek and he watched as she left their cave and ran headlong towards the hatching grounds

    32. This means that all the eggs will be hatching very soon, she thought to herself

    33. And Emily’s falcon, Lancelot, was also enhanced at the hatching; he tripled his size and often enjoyed flying night patrol with the dragons

    34. Michael told him the story of the hatching grounds battle and the death of his friend

    35. Jason and Andrea were called to the hatching grounds on the same day

    36. They looked at each other and grinned in excitement; made an excuse and then hurried to the hatching grounds

    37. Both dragons left the hatching grounds and went to present themselves to Jake

    38. He knew where the hatching grounds were; it had cost the lives of many of the females, but they finally told him what he wanted to know

    39. That was when she saw a pack of them head for the hatching grounds

    40. Jake, dragons are approaching the hatching grounds!

    41. Jake flew like a comet towards the hatching grounds, flaming all the way

    42. She fell into a hatching ground and landed on a clutch of 22 dragon eggs in the gelatinous stage

    43. These 20 were the hardened ones from the first hatching

    44. Queenie called to Jake one day and told him that the egg on her hatching grounds was of such a size that they would have to make a new opening if the newly emerged dragon was to be able to leave the cave once it hatched

    45. He stared at the opening to the hatching ground, tilting his head as if listening

    46. She’s also enhanced; happened when Lady Sally and Rah bonded at the hatching

    47. “A large egg you say? Where is the egg right now? Where are the hatching grounds located? Please, I have to see this egg

    48. Reluctantly James left the hatching grounds

    49. Apparently they have a hatching ground in the area and they are breeding again

    50. It was very young Daniel; there may be a hatching ground nearby

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