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    1. " Jorma knew that Herndon was pretty excited about his boat because he popped back out the hatch and lifted one of the seat cushions to show him

    2. Fly Parasites: Attack flies before they hatch with this parasite

    3. Fly parasites deposit their eggs inside immature fly pupae, the parasitic eggs hatch into larvae which feed on their hosts

    4. The Tale of Marley Williams Hatch

    5. As soon as he was up there, Marley Williams Hatch wet his lips and blew out a tune loud enough that all the kangaroos in Australia perked up their ears, and all the whales under the sea sang at once

    6. This dusting will kill any flea eggs as they hatch and will last for a long time

    7. Poisons have no effect on egg cases and must be present when bugs hatch to be effective

    8. Burn’s flight helmet poked in the open bridge hatch

    9. It was barely even enough to be called a refusal, but she grabbed him by his exosuit’s front panel, swing him in an arc over her head, and threw him down through the open bridge hatch

    10. Parker made for the hatch like the bridge was on fire

    1. Eggs hatched along the shoreline and the insects came back tenfold to feed upon him

    2. The insects were feasting on his personification, some eggs must have hatched because things wriggled in his skin

    3. But whilst the egg was being hatched the duck herself was

    4. Michael met me on the pathway and told me that thru his dragon he was aware that Jake had hatched

    5. Later that night at dinner, I called them to attention and told them what I had done, and how long it had been going on, and that Jake had hatched

    6. When Lady Jennie hatched, she was accepted right along into our extended family

    7. Everyone thought that they would have to wait six months before the eggs hatched

    8. One at a time, the eggs hatched and called to their riders

    9. Kate noticed that they hatched in pairs

    10. As the other dragons hatched, that love was spread

    1. and free insurance on hot hatches the colour

    2. My Lady, she hatches! They could all hear the throaty roar as Jake signaled the emergence of his Queen

    3. and lowering loft hatches, leaving the things

    4. ” said Kate, “The doors are out of reach and the hatches underneath are buried beyond hope

    5. ” he laughed, “One of the hatches up ahead should provide access to the top side of the ship

    6. All hatches should be open and all halyards let go, so that the sails may hang loosely and the yards counter braced

    7. colliding with the ironclad, opening the hatches, taking

    8. Miraculously, most of the crew was on deck, battening down the hatches in advance of the storm

    9. Dave's sweater, vomit-soaked, floated toward me as a venomous wave breached our hatches and sloshed toward my bunk, but I had no strength to pull it on

    10. Waves and rain constantly entered hatches and portholes, our hasty silicon repairs back in port proving almost completely useless

    1. Some varieties carry their egg cases with them and place them for hatching later

    2. Laid out before me was a hatching chamber

    3. Any hatching ground that survived would have gone into hibernation till the time was right again

    4. He was looking forward to his dragon hatching soon also

    5. You said that Michael reported Lady Jennie might have found a hatching ground

    6. It is a viable hatching ground

    7. When your dragon egg is too big to carry around any more, place it on the hatching ground

    8. He then took off over the mountain and joined Lady Jennie and they headed out west, towards the newfound hatching ground

    9. Daniel looked up towards the hatching ground

    10. Kate told them she was sure that his queen was hatching

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    Synonyms for "hatch"

    hatch hatchback hatchback door liftgate crosshatch hachure hatching brood cover incubate concoct dream up think of think up deck door bear produce invent contrive design devise plot project shade

    "hatch" definitions

    the production of young from an egg

    shading consisting of multiple crossing lines

    a sloping rear car door that is lifted to open

    a movable barrier covering a hatchway

    emerge from the eggs

    devise or invent

    inlay with narrow strips or lines of a different substance such as gold or silver, for the purpose of decorating

    draw, cut, or engrave lines, usually parallel, on metal, wood, or paper

    sit on (eggs)