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    1. Don’t allow them to let you off the hook

    2. If you use the Underground Exterminator ( see more information on this product at end of chapter) then you simply place one end of your garden hose into the tunnel and hook up the other end to your cars exhaust system and run the car for about 1/2 hr

    3. Dave finishes cleaning a fish he has just caught, takes a strip of the flesh and re-baits the hook, tosses it over the side

    4. ‘Oh, that’s all right – lets me off the hook as far as rehearsal go

    5. Hook ‘em up

    6. Hook me in for real

    7. A hook, buried in the cracked wall above the lintel,

    8. ‘Caderl is going to move in here, then, is he?’ I asked, not letting her off the hook

    9. It's relatively easy to hook lon with stripped archwood fronds, and in a few minutes they had a quarter of the water cleared and a nice little pile of the thick leaves beside them

    10. Several potted plastic plants filled in the gaps amongst fresh jasmine trailing round the room from every hook and pin

    11. "I'm sorry, I hope you didn't hook up with Greta or Imogene and forget me

    12. The craft came down and bounced once at the outer edge of the runway and then all of a sudden they were thrown forward as the tail hook was grabbed and the craft slowed

    13. Of course, he knew that wasn’t really the case, but once the thought had thrown its grappling hook and caught on the battlements of Tom’s mental castle, there was nothing he could do about the waves of nausea that battered at the door of his mental redoubt

    14. Finally, with that hook of uncertainty still snagging and scratching at their hides, they decided to seek out a talisman, a lucky charm that would protect their love for each other forever and ever more

    15. A spinning hook will be trailing off the end of it

    16. “When I first met her I thought she was a cherub until she winked out, but now that I know she was there, I can get a hook onto her veron grant record

    17. Lucy had never bought into the concept that art or music could change lives or move mountains, but with every hook and drum beat, with every lilting nuance of the boy’s soft voice, she sensed a shift in the world and she knew instinctively that she had to download the song immediately

    18. its grappling hook and caught on the battlements of Tom’s mental

    19. Finally, with that hook of uncertainty still

    20. and then managed to hook up with a rather forward thinking

    21. Once we have got over our initial enthusiasm at seeing each other, Dave takes my bag upstairs and dumps it in the bedroom while I take my coat off and hang it on a hook in the hallway

    22. “Yeah, how are we to have ice whenever we wish, Great-uncle?” asked Harry, pulled into the story hook line and sinker

    23. I got the hook out and began to throw it back

    24. The lines and airwaves hook up

    25. Tdeshi took sign painting jobs, you would have been a good one for her to hook up with

    26. Gale Pentoch exited the shower, grabbing her olive-green robe off the hook

    27. She put the lantern back on it’s hook, the stub of what had once been a small branch in the house trunk flanking the chimney

    28. Suddenly as if she’d touched him, he looked up at her and said “Sorry, that beast has avoided my hook for thirty years

    29. “I've invited him for a round at a course I know he enjoys, that should let you off the hook

    30. Jim wasn't off the hook yet, she would just find him, and ask the things Alex wasn't ready for her to hear

    31. As she reached to place it on a hook near the back door, the voices she’d been hearing for quite some time grow even louder

    32. Snagging the hook at last, she turned to find who was there, but the voices had grown quiet

    33. Indicating he’d taken the phone off the hook, she was so mad; it was probably better that way

    34. "They are all taking classes via satellite, with a computer hook up

    35. John had taken one of the receivers off the hook downstairs

    36. is if there was trouble with the phone lines or the phone was off the hook

    37. He'd had only a few hours sleep when he was brought instantly awake when a candlelantern flickered to life as a woman was tossing her street wrap toward the hook

    38. The addressing to read the other senses is already provided by my environment if you can find a way to hook them up on yours when and if you want to

    39. than helpless worms dangling on the end of a hook

    40. my haste I caught the leg of my shorts on a hook or

    41. On the same day that she cast out Rapunzel, however, the witch fastened the braids of hair, which she had cut off, to the hook of the window, and when the king's son came and cried:

    42. The purpose of a headline is to hook the prospect’s attention and promise

    43. Maybe I should hook her up with

    44. Complementing this, his beak has been ingeniously designed, having a hook at the tip for being able to get a quick grip on his targeted dinner (got ya!), and then tearing it up with ease (no sweat, dude!) once he’s got it captured

    45. To see the letter “J” in your dream means that there is something that you need to hold on to and grasp, as reflected by its hook shape

    46. Chymides stuck a boat hook down his throat and out the back

    47. Don’t simply let them, or yourself, off the hook

    48. I gave her a harsh stare as she scratched her nose with the hook on her left arm

    49. He baits her hook and shows her how to let out the line

    50. He then removes the fish from the net, removes the hook from the fish, shows her her fish, and then drops it into the bucket

    1. “It’s not the plants that are hooked on the chemicals,

    2. They were hooked together with a four-strap double-cross at the shoulders since there wouldn't be room for a long-rope in the city

    3. They carried the tackle over to where he parked the rockasaur, then hooked it up

    4. He said the Chief, herself was alright, but the neural interfaces where she’d been hooked up to Tipperary were damaged

    5. As the locals hooked up and went to their Dusksleeps, another couple lingered for the sleep at the inn, toasting some morsels from the left over stew in the fire

    6. She hooked her arm in his and smiled sweetly, “So you’re a doctor…”

    7. "Oh it's possible, but she'd have to learn a lot about it to fool us both, yeah she knows the logic in the substrate it all runs on, but there's a lifetime of applications knowledge with this gear, whatever user interface you have it hooked up to

    8. The table was laid for one person, with Danny’s laptop already hooked up via means of temporary network and telephone cables in the place where she usually sat

    9. was hooked up to electrodes to measure the electrical

    10. After he was hooked up to the electrodes, he was

    11. She hooked her thumbs in her jean pockets and faced the wall, where there were pictures of Brownie and his parents and relatives

    12. Leona's blood glucose level is already being checked and she is hooked up to the onboard oxygen supply

    13. And there in the middle of the room is Bex, cannulated, intubated and hooked up with wires and tubes

    14. “Your father graciously taught me to use his fly rod and let me fish with it for a just a few minutes, and I was hooked,” added White Feathers

    15. It was like Tdeshi’s corpse was still hooked up to ropes to animate it, just more advanced technology

    16. By week’s end, she’d gotten the phone and computer systems hooked up, and had got the construction crew started on the village

    17. “Maybe I’m hooked on the fame

    18. In the tank, Mushin’s wrists were placed in steel cuffs hooked to two chains

    19. I couldn't wait so I called Carol on my cell phone because they still haven't hooked up our regular phones at our new location

    20. Although this is a lovely spot here, and the experience of it is very real with all the senses hooked up

    21. I think it and you would sound just like that concert if it was hooked up in there

    22. "No no no, if it was hooked up in there its weakness would be more obvious

    23. "What news have you from your meeting with the Council?" The man had an incredibly long and hooked nose and a head that was nearly as thin as his neck

    24. his fiftieth summer, with a hooked nose and a stooped

    25. Is (now?) hooked into the sign

    26. Angered, Asmodeus hooked his hand around my neck and squeezed

    27. As she struggled to regain her breath, Trumpet hooked his front hooves over her shoulders

    28. Helez sat close to him, her arm hooked into his

    29. ” He hooked his fingers into his tunic under his arms, confident that they had the solution

    30. If your long hooked nose has been bothering you for years and you

    31. “By the breath of God – you’re beautiful,” he whispered as she hooked her arm into his

    32. “What my colleague is chastening me concerning is that clients ten, fourteen and eighteen,” she hooked her thumb over her shoulder at the ward behind them, “are clearly over-medicated! The Captain can't possibly expect to have what he wants from clients stuck in la-la land all the time!” Jista held her breath, this was a dangerous gambit Reia was playing

    33. I had left the mobile battery charger hooked up, so every time the power was on, the juice was flowing to the battery

    34. She had him hooked

    35. One look at the sexy young man and Helen Garlin was hooked

    36. I could tell that they were hooked and that it would be smooth sailing

    37. Harvo-alpha was now a mass of exposed circuitry hooked up to various monitors the likes of which Roidon had never before seen

    38. Martin hooked on to the dropped cable and was quickly lifted up to the Skimmer

    39. Both men hooked the wire through their wrist cuffs

    40. Aspen thrust her elbow into the crook of Sebastian’s arm, making him fall as she hooked her leg around his knee

    41. They were straightening up now as whatever they had hooked came closer to the top edge of the well and all the strain was now on their arms

    42. would last hooked up to this monstrosity

    43. The whole queue was listening now and the mention of Gallipoli had them all hooked and I could see the astonishment on some of their faces as well as on this jumped up Captains and he looked like someone had just fed him a turd as he turned to me again saying

    44. I hooked my thumbs into the sixty pound pack I was carrying and eased my poor aching shoulders and the muscles that were now burning and sore from the rubbing of the straps

    45. handheld device hooked on it

    46. up and figure out that the autoresponder was hooked up

    47. One paw extended upside-down in full body stretch and hooked onto my sweater

    48. He’s the only cat who could ever do that, but I think I’m hooked

    49. Alex feigned and then hooked Josh’s leg again with the toe of his boot, sending Josh to the floor twice in as many minutes

    50. Then, typically, a tractor truck hooked up each trailer with one half the house on it, and hauled it to the site

    1. She had freely chosen to follow the more traditional path of her gender by hooking up with a steady boyfriend from her high school days, getting formally engaged and then married to Joe shortly after graduating, their buying a house and car and all the stuff you’re supposed to take possession of when you form a conjugal union, and her bearing three children before she reached the age of thirty

    2. Hooking his arm around the man’s neck, Terry caught him in an arm lock, but the man span on his toes, flicking Terry over his shoulder

    3. He simply raised an eyebrow in acknowledgement, hooking an ankle around the nearest chair and pulling it under him as he sat in one easy motion

    4. He poured and with his finger hooking a coffee cup, pointed towards the heavens

    5. Dorian plucked the duffel out of my arms as I stepped back into the living area, slinging it over his shoulder as I put the sunglasses and my own coat on, hooking the one that Worth had given me that morning over my arm along with the purse

    6. He managed to catch Lee’s arm, but the boy twisted out of his grip, grabbing at Conal’s jacket, hooking his fingers into his pocket as he fell

    7. Worst case scenario that I wouldn"t be presenting to Mia any time soon – what if she was hooking to make a few bucks? Or maybe the guy could have been a total stranger who grabbed her off the street

    8. Still, were they doing the right thing? He’d spoken with Beth about it while Truman was in the hold hooking up his nets

    9. Shorty, hooking the geezer

    10. But now he’s dead and there’s no chance of hooking up with him anymore

    11. “Have we heard anything about hooking back up to the main grid?”

    12. “What about hooking back up to the grid?”

    13. Hooking up to a machine and seeing no heartbeat, well, let’s just say that would be one for the history books, as well as some poking and prodding of the alien kind, and basically, it was a lot more hassle than good

    14. She dragged her fingers in his coat hooking them in his cuff, using all her strength to pull him under a rocky boulder of some sort, away from unruly vampires for the moment

    15. After all, he is much more successful than any of us in hooking up or whatever he does with his girls

    16. What about you, Gabrielle? If you are finally hooking up, then living with a roommate would be the best move

    17. since she started hooking up with Rodney

    18. The key that she was trying to turn had another small key attached to it with string hooking it up in

    19. Daniel turned to look at her and the bags that she was hooking up on the stalls wall

    20. Barbara hooking up with her drug connection and obtaining some GHB, or as it is

    21. He slid his hand up her thigh, hooking his finger around her thong strap

    22. Hooking out a chair, I sat down and pushed one of the dripping glasses to join the row in front of him

    23. If this is hard for you to do, try hooking your

    24. queens wouldn’t mind hooking up with the three Delmon boys

    25. She blocks before hooking them with her hands

    26. Once he had all the pieces in place, and bolted together, hooking up the wires, cables, and mechanical links were easy, though time consuming

    27. I had been entertaining the idea of you and I hooking up, right up till you mentioned you were…”

    28. ‘Too right’ said Jacques hooking an arm around her waist and pulling her close

    29. around and hooking on another corner

    30. ” Ralf was distracted by PT hooking the cable to a ring in the opening in the center of the crate

    31. prostitute, hooking for survival and the basic necessities of life

    32. really had ulterior motives for hooking up with Dr

    33. She wasn’t hooking up with him

    34. “The aroma must remind him of the strippers he’s been hooking up with lately

    35. Hooking up with him was the worst thing that ever happened to her

    36. then the kids were hooking up and from their council estate they were living out a modern Greek tragedy

    37. ’ Said Cherish glancing over at Kena who was hooking up Butterfly

    38. She was tired of only hooking up with him in secret

    39. So it had been completely shocking for him to find her hooking up with Kyle Forest, a childhood friend of his, at the end of year at a party

    40. But Nolan knew the answer to his own question, Ashley Frayer, Aaron's girlfriend was busy hooking up with Joel Elliot in the parking lot like she always did during lunch

    41. Claire Lyons walked home alone that night -her boyfriend was busy working on some showcase with his new dancer, and Claire couldn't help but think that they were secretly hooking up behind her back (they probably were)

    42. He looked at me teasingly, “I had no idea that when I married you I was hooking myself up with such an heiress

    43. The best part is, with crankbaits, the lures typically go deeper into the fish’s mouth before hooking onto it

    44. My left hand hooking you round the waist,

    45. Soon after he passed us Doc Grant raised his cane and snaked it out, hooking the leg of the young man

    46. A: The fast line responds immediately to the change in the market by hooking higher on the first price bar of the uptrend

    47. C: The fast line again responds immediately to the shift in the market by hooking down on the first bar that breaks the trend pattern

    48. After a downtrend, the market transitioned to an uptrend at the point marked A, and the MACD fast line immediately responded by hooking upward, just as in the inflection marked A in the previous chart

    49. “We couldn’t let that thing stomp your house!” Diehl said, slapping me on the back and then hooking his arm around my neck

    50. James Voskuhl had been an aspiring musician who had floated on the edge of the music scene in Seattle, finally hooking his way into representing a couple of upcoming bands

    1. It was something that could be maneuvered into place around something and used to jack it up because the backbone was covered in tackle hooks

    2. He dealt in hooks and ropes and wheels, getting bulky objects from here to there

    3. coats and hung them on the hooks, removed the wellingtons

    4. and their spears into pruning hooks:

    5. At his side stood a fishing basket, corked round the top and studded with lethal-looking hooks

    6. There's already a jacket over the backrest of my chair and the table is scattered with hooks, some twine and a knife

    7. For Ken the song let him know in his soul that Alan loved him and that they would meet up soon enough, while for Lucy the lyrics and the bass hooks seemed to tell her that the singer knew she was innocent and that she had not killed her step-brother

    8. ' Bill commented as I hang my coat up on the hooks in our office

    9. enough, while for Lucy the lyrics and the bass hooks seemed to tell

    10. There’s a good big cabinet above the headboard and plenty of hooks over the foot upon which most of his clothing was hanging

    11. “Ah, it’s warmer in here,” she said while he grabbed that clothing down and moved it to some of the hooks over the front wall

    12. Most species have hooks on their wings which they

    13. “Them hooks are sharp too; one caught me here years ago,” the

    14. The medic finds a vein and despite the distraction of rapid motion caused by hanging drip lines he is deft and assured as he inserts a catheter into her forearm, hooks up a bag of saline and begins to administer four hundred micrograms of naloxone through the intravenous connection that is keeping Bex in touch with the physical world around her

    15. The phone hooks up and he can hear a ring tone

    16. Allcock's still made hooks, of course, but Harry was most taken by the planing machines and commercial lathes churning out components so quickly and efficiently

    17. tackle box, but instead of containing the usual hooks and lures, it was filled with

    18. There were things that climbed in the trees with furry tentacles and lots of little jointed snakes with hooks at the joints that inch-wormed thru the trees

    19. Why fish are stupid enough to swallow hooks

    20. 4I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your

    21. of the cable was a metal rectangle full of large hooks

    22. assistant I suppose—inserted the hooks into her back one by one

    23. Rapunzel had magnificent long hair, fine as spun gold, and when she heard the voice of the witch, she unfastened her braided tresses, wound them round one of the hooks of the window above, and then the hair fell twenty feet down, and the witch climbed up the tower

    24. Flitter was at that moment fishing off the bridge over Dort river and dropped both his bait and hooks into the crystal water below, trouble was they were also in his Mum's best shopping bag at the time

    25. She laughs and hooks her arm through his as they continue walking while teasing each other

    26. The power of a good headline hooks the reader to scan your release fur-439 ther & puts you one step closer to coverage

    27. We will then wait for the water to be loaded onto the mules and escort them back to our lines the engineers have rigged some hooks which will allow the water cans to be filled quicker

    28. He took Captain Melstone to one side as we watched the Engineers tying ropes on to the hooks then onto these they tied the water cans that were made from old five gallon paraffin tins

    29. The light walls of the circle fell, and the demons placed their captives both in the air, as if on invisible hooks

    30. There were a variety of tools, knives, and hooks used to strip the blubber

    31. The hooks and gaffs

    32. Foul black talons the size of tuna fishing hooks sprouted from his

    33. They were fastened onto hooks about three storeys high, and we had to climb to the top within a certain period of time, which we did since we understood the consequences if we did not

    34. Taking off his raincoat, Ollie Harris shook the water off, closed the door, then hung his coat neatly on a row of big brass hooks farther along the hall

    35. Heavy uniforms and shielded aprons hung on hooks, presumably to protect workers from the heat and molten detritus

    36. hooks, that people's mouths might water gratis as they passed; there

    37. ” I entered, peeling off my coat and shoving my sunglasses in the pocket before hanging it on one of the hooks behind the door

    38. An adjacent oil painting almost fell off its hooks and he momentarily juggled with it before catching hold and firmly replacing it

    39. hooks mounted in the bottom

    40. “See, these hooks are bent to

    41. pounds of fish because of those hooks mounted in the bot-

    42. ing forks to lift the salmon out of those hooks in the bottom

    43. That’s it! The hooks are only part of the an-

    44. The hooks in the cart were removed and Gene’s dad slid

    45. weigh of salmon held back by the hooks

    46. It simply describes the hooks in the cart

    47. blame for the hooks

    48. Everyone knows that I found the hooks, but only

    49. “TAKE THAT! for finding the fish hooks in the cart,

    50. He hooks a thumb in one of his belt loops and says, “How are you, Beatrice?”

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    hook hook shot draw hooking claw bait come-on lure sweetener crotchet accost solicit snare addict crochet abstract cabbage filch lift nobble pilfer pinch purloin snarf sneak swipe fleece gazump overcharge pluck plume rob soak surcharge cop glom knock off snitch thieve barb bill scythe clasp grapple fastener catch lock curve bend angle crook twist arch turn snag fasten pin capture ensnare secure stab