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Hook in a sentence

Hook me in for real.
Slung her hook, she did.
A hook was attached to.
The phone is off the hook.
The hook was set within.
She has a mean right hook.
The phone came off the hook.

Third, the hook has an eye.
You let her off the hook.
Second, the hook has a bend.
I still have my sky hook.
But at least I wear the hook.
Best to let him off the hook.
Then I would be off the hook.
Finally, the hook has a shank.
But Cherrie has me on the hook.
How could you hook up with C.
You’re wanted on the hook.
The hook appears a moment later.
The lines and airwaves hook up.
A hook is something interesting.
He put it back on its hook and.
Maybe we'd better hook up Ethel.
Let’s hook her and sink her.
Maybe I should hook her up with.
Binoculars! They're on the hook.
And Bam! A left hook to the nose.
The hook and bolts were actually.
The bait was gone, the hook empty.
I'm not letting them off the hook.
I’m not letting you off the hook.
He saw me hesitate and set the hook.
First, the hook has a "gape" or gap.
It was hanging on a hook by the door.
There was a chart hanging on a hook.
Tie the fibers down to the hook eye.
He threw the end with the hook over.
He reached the hook into the water.
My paranoia was getting off the hook.
The hook landed on Martinez’s chin.
Shorty, hooking the geezer.
She wasn’t hooking up with him.
What about hooking back up to the grid?
She blocks before hooking them with her hands.
But I could be talked into hooking up again.
If this is hard for you to do, try hooking your.
She was tired of only hooking up with him in secret.
Hooking up with him was the worst thing that ever happened to her.
Have we heard anything about hooking back up to the main grid?
He slid his hand up her thigh, hooking his finger around her thong strap.
But now he’s dead and there’s no chance of hooking up with him anymore.
He poured and with his finger hooking a coffee cup, pointed towards the heavens.
Barbara hooking up with her drug connection and obtaining some GHB, or as it is.
The aroma must remind him of the strippers he’s been hooking up with lately.
Daniel turned to look at her and the bags that she was hooking up on the stalls wall.
After all, he is much more successful than any of us in hooking up or whatever he does with his girls.
Soon after he passed us Doc Grant raised his cane and snaked it out, hooking the leg of the young man.
I had been entertaining the idea of you and I hooking up, right up till you mentioned you were….
The key that she was trying to turn had another small key attached to it with string hooking it up in.
Hooking out a chair, I sat down and pushed one of the dripping glasses to join the row in front of him.
What about you, Gabrielle? If you are finally hooking up, then living with a roommate would be the best move.
The best part is, with crankbaits, the lures typically go deeper into the fish’s mouth before hooking onto it.
He looked at me teasingly, I had no idea that when I married you I was hooking myself up with such an heiress.
A: The fast line responds immediately to the change in the market by hooking higher on the first price bar of the uptrend.
Still, were they doing the right thing? He’d spoken with Beth about it while Truman was in the hold hooking up his nets.
We couldn’t let that thing stomp your house! Diehl said, slapping me on the back and then hooking his arm around my neck.
C: The fast line again responds immediately to the shift in the market by hooking down on the first bar that breaks the trend pattern.
Hooking his arm around the man’s neck, Terry caught him in an arm lock, but the man span on his toes, flicking Terry over his shoulder.
So it had been completely shocking for him to find her hooking up with Kyle Forest, a childhood friend of his, at the end of year at a party.
Once he had all the pieces in place, and bolted together, hooking up the wires, cables, and mechanical links were easy, though time consuming.
He simply raised an eyebrow in acknowledgement, hooking an ankle around the nearest chair and pulling it under him as he sat in one easy motion.
He managed to catch Lee’s arm, but the boy twisted out of his grip, grabbing at Conal’s jacket, hooking his fingers into his pocket as he fell.
Another popular chart, the line on close, is also good when watching the ticks, because it helps to show a trader when they are rolling over or hooking.
But Nolan knew the answer to his own question, Ashley Frayer, Aaron's girlfriend was busy hooking up with Joel Elliot in the parking lot like she always did during lunch.
James Voskuhl had been an aspiring musician who had floated on the edge of the music scene in Seattle, finally hooking his way into representing a couple of upcoming bands.
She dragged her fingers in his coat hooking them in his cuff, using all her strength to pull him under a rocky boulder of some sort, away from unruly vampires for the moment.
After a downtrend, the market transitioned to an uptrend at the point marked A, and the MACD fast line immediately responded by hooking upward, just as in the inflection marked A in the previous chart.
Worst case scenario that I wouldnt be presenting to Mia any time soon – what if she was hooking to make a few bucks? Or maybe the guy could have been a total stranger who grabbed her off the street.
Claire Lyons walked home alone that night -her boyfriend was busy working on some showcase with his new dancer, and Claire couldn't help but think that they were secretly hooking up behind her back (they probably were).
Hooking up to a machine and seeing no heartbeat, well, let’s just say that would be one for the history books, as well as some poking and prodding of the alien kind, and basically, it was a lot more hassle than good.
I knew he was hooked.
The wires are hooked up.
I hooked one and held him.
A fish is hooked and caught.
From then on, I was hooked.
He was caught, heart hooked.
He hooked his thumbs in the.
He hooked his fingers in the.
Quinn hooked into that one too.
Tommy hooked up my electricity.
You are goddamn hooked, Alex.
Is (now?) hooked into the sign.
Are the hoses hooked up?
Colin hooked a thumb toward her.
He hooked the finger and exited.
She hooked a left onto Williams.
And when they are hooked?
Her arms hooked around his neck.
Maybe I’m hooked on the fame.
From that moment on I was hooked.
I’ll leave out how I got hooked.
He will get us hooked up for sure.
Plays a chime when a fish is hooked.
She went inside and hooked the door.
Cruz hooked a towel around his waist.
Computers Hooked up to the Internet.
She was hooked to a cardiac monitor.
That was probably where I got hooked.
Akenji hooked his foot behind one of.
One time, and you are hooked for life.
After hearing that remark I was hooked.
Is the medical computer hooked in?
Janelle hooked her palms under the mast.
That chick you hooked me up with —.
We hooked up in the first week during a.
They've hooked me up with 'heated bitches'.
One time, in Vegas, we got hooked on this.
He is hooked up to some tubes and monitors.
Ben picked one up and hooked it to his belt.
I was hooked on putting my capital to work.
One of the hooks goes off.
The hooks on the sideboards.
Ay, soon we drop our hooks.
See, these hooks are bent to.
Some hooks are designed for use in.
Grab cups off hooks, plates off racks.
Then the hooks were secured to the chains.
She hooks up a lot with different guys.
It simply describes the hooks in the cart.
Sam will never get his hooks into that one.
Why fish are stupid enough to swallow hooks.
A couple of old kerosene lamps hung on hooks.
We have no rods, reels, hooks, lures or line.
The phone hooks up and he can hear a ring tone.
Everyone knows that I found the hooks, but only.
That’s it! The hooks are only part of the an-.
Dry fly hooks come in a variety of shapes and size.
Their hooks are usually longer than the rest and.
Most species have hooks on their wings which they.
Nymph hooks vary in design more than any other type.
At the back of the panty there were four brass hooks.
Coils of ropes and tools hung from hooks on the walls.
This can be done with the help of conversational hooks.
Upon arriving at the pond and placing our hooks into the.
He handed over Thaniel’s coat, being nearest the hooks.
No way to buy new hinges or lubricants or hooks for that.
Enzo hooks his titanium bo staff over the middle row and.
The hooks in the cart were removed and Gene’s dad slid.
No, the fasteners and hooks couldn’t reach each other.
He was confronted with a room ful of rubber bands on hooks.
Then he hooks up with ladies while hes dressed like a swan.
Use the dough hooks in a mixer using relatively slow speed.
There were archers on its deck and men with grappling hooks.
With string bows, snaps, hooks and fasteners on them?
D hooks fingers with adjoining hands of B and C to aid lift.
The rest of the hooks anchor around the rocky exterior of the.
Use also pole-nooses, lines with baited hooks and gullet jammers.
Only Benchmarking and Hooks are brought into play at this stage.
Them hooks are sharp too; one caught me here years ago, the.
The example I used above from bell hooks clearly illustrates that.

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