hook sätze

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Hook sätze (in englisch)

  1. Hook me in for real.
  2. A hook was attached to.
  3. Slung her hook, she did.
  4. The hook was set within.
  5. The phone is off the hook.

  6. She has a mean right hook.
  7. The phone came off the hook.
  8. Third, the hook has an eye.
  9. You let her off the hook.
  10. Second, the hook has a bend.
  11. But at least I wear the hook.
  12. I still have my sky hook.
  13. Then I would be off the hook.
  14. Best to let him off the hook.
  15. Finally, the hook has a shank.

  16. How could you hook up with C.
  17. You’re wanted on the hook.
  18. The hook appears a moment later.
  19. The lines and airwaves hook up.
  20. But Cherrie has me on the hook.
  21. Maybe we'd better hook up Ethel.
  22. He put it back on its hook and.
  23. Let’s hook her and sink her.
  24. A hook is something interesting.
  25. Maybe I should hook her up with.

  26. Binoculars! They're on the hook.
  27. And Bam! A left hook to the nose.
  28. The hook and bolts were actually.
  29. I'm not letting them off the hook.
  30. The bait was gone, the hook empty.
  31. I’m not letting you off the hook.
  32. He saw me hesitate and set the hook.
  33. He reached the hook into the water.
  34. It was hanging on a hook by the door.
  35. Tie the fibers down to the hook eye.
  36. There was a chart hanging on a hook.
  37. First, the hook has a "gape" or gap.
  38. He threw the end with the hook over.
  39. The phone was ringing off the hook.
  40. My paranoia was getting off the hook.
  41. Corlaer's Hook, vicinity of New-York.
  42. The hook landed on Martinez’s chin.
  43. But we’ll let him off the hook here.
  44. She put the receiver back on the hook.
  45. He dropped the phone back onto its hook.
  46. The actual explosive he would hook up.
  47. I wasnt going to let him off the hook.
  48. Attach a hook to the end of the spindle.
  49. It was hanging on a hook in the hallway.
  50. My phone permanently stayed off the hook.
  51. Rob, Megan and Jennifer team off the hook.
  52. The total hook on Weasel's books was $85.
  53. Each sentence must have a hook and a tease.
  54. And the hook where they hung Macchiavelli.
  55. Davidson bought it hook line and sinker.
  56. Because it seems way off the hook to me.
  57. Don’t allow them to let you off the hook.
  58. He was about to toss up a baby hook when C.
  59. A bungee cord connected the hook to the pole.
  60. You can't hook a husband without a 'dot'!.
  61. Hook up water connection hose to dishwasher.
  62. Most fish you hook will run you into backing.
  63. Do you know of anyone who can hook me up?
  64. He had been reeled in hook, line and sinker.
  65. The phone was ringing off the hook everyday.
  66. Have a "hook" at the beginning, of the story.
  67. He hung the jacket on a hook behind the door.
  68. I could hook him up with Steve, he said.
  69. But in this case the hook is too sensational.
  70. You guys took the bait, hook, line, and sinker.
  71. There are four parts of the touchstone or hook.
  72. But I couldn't let him off the hook so easily.
  73. She was not about to let her off the hook now.
  74. She figured she had a high roller on the hook.
  75. They ran with his story hook, line and sinker.
  76. Finally, with that hook of uncertainty still.
  77. I got the hook out and began to throw it back.
  78. Its claws hook tightly to comfort and security.
  79. President Sarkozy bit it hook, line, and sinker.
  80. A steel cable ladder was connected to the hook.
  81. Red Hook, Brooklyn, Jacob told the driver.
  82. This doesn’t get you off the hook butthead.
  83. In one case, I was outbid and got off the hook.
  84. He popped the other hook loose and raised it up.
  85. You ever hook up with Avis? Conklin asked.
  86. The one remaining thing to fix was the tow hook.
  87. The hook position is the one who, when wagering.
  88. She admired the medieval pragmatism of that hook.
  89. Put on the dough hook and add the remaining flour.
  90. I could probably hook you up if you want to deal.
  91. At that time of day, the phone rang off the hook.
  92. He had a right hook that fisherman wanted to use.
  93. Mayhew said, Hook this up for me, will ya?
  94. Luckily she thought of a way to get off the hook.
  95. Quickly they flung a rope with a hook towards him.
  96. She grabbed her navy blue parka off the coat hook.
  97. Get the hook, said Cal pointing and laughing.
  98. Thus I caught two fishes as it were with one hook.
  99. The Dangler stared at the claw hanging on his hook.
  100. Ciere yanks off her jacket and hangs it on a hook.
  1. Shorty, hooking the geezer.
  2. She wasn’t hooking up with him.
  3. She blocks before hooking them with her hands.
  4. What about hooking back up to the grid?
  5. But I could be talked into hooking up again.
  6. If this is hard for you to do, try hooking your.
  7. She was tired of only hooking up with him in secret.
  8. Hooking up with him was the worst thing that ever happened to her.
  9. Have we heard anything about hooking back up to the main grid?
  10. He slid his hand up her thigh, hooking his finger around her thong strap.
  11. But now he’s dead and there’s no chance of hooking up with him anymore.
  12. He poured and with his finger hooking a coffee cup, pointed towards the heavens.
  13. Barbara hooking up with her drug connection and obtaining some GHB, or as it is.
  14. The aroma must remind him of the strippers he’s been hooking up with lately.
  15. Daniel turned to look at her and the bags that she was hooking up on the stalls wall.
  16. Soon after he passed us Doc Grant raised his cane and snaked it out, hooking the leg of the young man.
  17. The key that she was trying to turn had another small key attached to it with string hooking it up in.
  18. I had been entertaining the idea of you and I hooking up, right up till you mentioned you were….
  19. After all, he is much more successful than any of us in hooking up or whatever he does with his girls.
  20. Hooking out a chair, I sat down and pushed one of the dripping glasses to join the row in front of him.
  21. What about you, Gabrielle? If you are finally hooking up, then living with a roommate would be the best move.
  22. The best part is, with crankbaits, the lures typically go deeper into the fish’s mouth before hooking onto it.
  23. He looked at me teasingly, I had no idea that when I married you I was hooking myself up with such an heiress.
  24. A: The fast line responds immediately to the change in the market by hooking higher on the first price bar of the uptrend.
  25. Still, were they doing the right thing? He’d spoken with Beth about it while Truman was in the hold hooking up his nets.
  26. We couldn’t let that thing stomp your house! Diehl said, slapping me on the back and then hooking his arm around my neck.
  27. C: The fast line again responds immediately to the shift in the market by hooking down on the first bar that breaks the trend pattern.
  28. Hooking his arm around the man’s neck, Terry caught him in an arm lock, but the man span on his toes, flicking Terry over his shoulder.
  29. So it had been completely shocking for him to find her hooking up with Kyle Forest, a childhood friend of his, at the end of year at a party.
  30. Once he had all the pieces in place, and bolted together, hooking up the wires, cables, and mechanical links were easy, though time consuming.
  31. He simply raised an eyebrow in acknowledgement, hooking an ankle around the nearest chair and pulling it under him as he sat in one easy motion.
  32. He managed to catch Lee’s arm, but the boy twisted out of his grip, grabbing at Conal’s jacket, hooking his fingers into his pocket as he fell.
  33. Another popular chart, the line on close, is also good when watching the ticks, because it helps to show a trader when they are rolling over or hooking.
  34. But Nolan knew the answer to his own question, Ashley Frayer, Aaron's girlfriend was busy hooking up with Joel Elliot in the parking lot like she always did during lunch.
  35. James Voskuhl had been an aspiring musician who had floated on the edge of the music scene in Seattle, finally hooking his way into representing a couple of upcoming bands.
  36. She dragged her fingers in his coat hooking them in his cuff, using all her strength to pull him under a rocky boulder of some sort, away from unruly vampires for the moment.
  37. After a downtrend, the market transitioned to an uptrend at the point marked A, and the MACD fast line immediately responded by hooking upward, just as in the inflection marked A in the previous chart.
  38. Worst case scenario that I wouldnt be presenting to Mia any time soon – what if she was hooking to make a few bucks? Or maybe the guy could have been a total stranger who grabbed her off the street.
  39. Claire Lyons walked home alone that night -her boyfriend was busy working on some showcase with his new dancer, and Claire couldn't help but think that they were secretly hooking up behind her back (they probably were).
  40. Hooking up to a machine and seeing no heartbeat, well, let’s just say that would be one for the history books, as well as some poking and prodding of the alien kind, and basically, it was a lot more hassle than good.
  41. Dorian plucked the duffel out of my arms as I stepped back into the living area, slinging it over his shoulder as I put the sunglasses and my own coat on, hooking the one that Worth had given me that morning over my arm along with the purse.
  42. But though boats have been taken down and lost in this way, yet it is this "holding on," as it is called; this hooking up by the sharp barbs of his live flesh from the back; this it is that often torments the Leviathan into soon rising again to meet the sharp lance of his foes.
  43. Amidst the infinite variety of relations and connections, and dependencies and analogies by which all human transactions are allied to each other, he must be a weak politician who cannot, by hooking together a chain of implication like this, justify any and every measure of political policy or economy, as a means of executing some of the powers with which this Government is intrusted.
  44. She had freely chosen to follow the more traditional path of her gender by hooking up with a steady boyfriend from her high school days, getting formally engaged and then married to Joe shortly after graduating, their buying a house and car and all the stuff you’re supposed to take possession of when you form a conjugal union, and her bearing three children before she reached the age of thirty.
  45. They tried to argue it away by reminding conscience that they had purloined sweetmeats and apples scores of times; but conscience was not to be appeased by such thin plausibilities; it seemed to them, in the end, that there was no getting around the stubborn fact that taking sweetmeats was only "hooking," while taking bacon and hams and such valuables was plain simple stealing—and there was a command against that in the Bible.
  46. My left hand hooking you round the waist,.
  1. I knew he was hooked.
  2. The wires are hooked up.
  3. I hooked one and held him.
  4. From then on, I was hooked.
  5. A fish is hooked and caught.
  6. He was caught, heart hooked.
  7. He hooked his thumbs in the.
  8. He hooked his fingers in the.
  9. You are goddamn hooked, Alex.
  10. Quinn hooked into that one too.
  11. Is (now?) hooked into the sign.
  12. Are the hoses hooked up?
  13. Colin hooked a thumb toward her.
  14. Tommy hooked up my electricity.
  15. And when they are hooked?
  16. He hooked the finger and exited.
  17. She hooked a left onto Williams.
  18. Her arms hooked around his neck.
  19. Maybe I’m hooked on the fame.
  20. From that moment on I was hooked.
  21. I’ll leave out how I got hooked.
  22. He will get us hooked up for sure.
  23. Plays a chime when a fish is hooked.
  24. She went inside and hooked the door.
  25. Computers Hooked up to the Internet.
  26. Cruz hooked a towel around his waist.
  27. She was hooked to a cardiac monitor.
  28. That was probably where I got hooked.
  29. One time, and you are hooked for life.
  30. Akenji hooked his foot behind one of.
  31. After hearing that remark I was hooked.
  32. Janelle hooked her palms under the mast.
  33. Is the medical computer hooked in?
  34. We hooked up in the first week during a.
  35. That chick you hooked me up with —.
  36. One time, in Vegas, we got hooked on this.
  37. They've hooked me up with 'heated bitches'.
  38. I was hooked on putting my capital to work.
  39. He is hooked up to some tubes and monitors.
  40. Ben picked one up and hooked it to his belt.
  41. She hooked her arm through mine and walked.
  42. Once hooked the facts were laid out to them.
  43. Then it tears at them with that hooked beak.
  44. Hi Pam, I see they got you all hooked up.
  45. Salmons, males fighting, and hooked jaws of.
  46. We never hooked up, not ever, the kid said.
  47. Because once you have a child, you are hooked.
  48. A padlock was only loosely hooked over eyelets.
  49. He clung there, his elbows hooked over the lip.
  50. Helez sat close to him, her arm hooked into his.
  51. And from there I was hooked and went on to read.
  52. After he was hooked up to the electrodes, he was.
  53. Michael waked over to television set and hooked.
  54. To check your net pull it up with the hooked pole.
  55. She hooked it on the wall behind the wood heater.
  56. When they go to retrieve them, they get hooked!.
  57. Laney lay strapped to a gurney and hooked to an IV.
  58. Both men hooked the wire through their wrist cuffs.
  59. Massie hooked her finger to Talise's and they shook.
  60. I’ve hooked the television up to your computer.
  61. Rhone hooked his arms under the girls armpits, and.
  62. Rhone hooked the end of his black boot around one of.
  63. He also had a tape recorder hooked up to his wire tap.
  64. V had hooked up with a girl and began living with her.
  65. Len, I got hooked by a dead teenager, Yuki said.
  66. He was hooked to oxygen and confined to a wheelchair.
  67. No big game fish ever caught was hooked more securely.
  68. Smitty nodded, hooked his fingers once more and tugged.
  69. Toby didn’t have a web cam hooked up to his machine.
  70. But donors, once hooked, tend to give again and again.
  71. Paul had tried not to be upset when Ashi had hooked up.
  72. He was hooked up to a ventilator and medical machinery.
  73. The back plate came off with Tremble still hooked to it.
  74. He had hooked nose, a close cropped beard, shaved to a.
  75. There are certain drugs that you can easily be hooked on.
  76. You should be hooked totally on the inside edge of your.
  77. Bill, you still hooked up with HQ? the Colonel asked.
  78. I hooked it up to the charger because the battery was low.
  79. He had a hooked nose like a hawk’s, and cruel grey eyes.
  80. It’s hooked in with the fire system, Steve replied.
  81. Well, it’s time that Sathyam got hooked onto the whores.
  82. You become Unconsciously Hooked which is where the Ancient.
  83. Heather who I think is hooked up with is a petite Aphrodite.
  84. But he had hooked up with someone else and they had a baby.
  85. Sindisi froze, claws hooked on wire, then dropped back to.
  86. Then, grabbing the drink gun that was hooked into a little.
  87. Ridley turtles have been found in the Pacific Ocean hooked.
  88. I’m still hooked into your Captain’s thought processes.
  89. He hooked his bucket over a limb and went to picking again.
  90. Kathy hooked up with guys, Merrill said after a pause.
  91. Max hooked Jay’s skiff with a pike pole, pulling it nearer.
  92. Kate hooked her fingers under the edge of the lid and tugged.
  93. Yeltsa hooked two fingers in Sokika’s jaw and yanked it off.
  94. ZJ was smart, hooked, and had a mom that was in total denial.
  95. Joad hooked his fingers over the lowest bar of the truck side.
  96. I was hooked! Over the next few years, I sold more and more.
  97. One look at the sexy young man and Helen Garlin was hooked.
  98. A bird, an angry bird with a hooked nose, standing upright—.
  99. He carried it upstairs, his thumb hooked in the teapot handle.
  100. Now stop here and bang! The audience is hooked into your talk.
  1. One of the hooks goes off.
  2. The hooks on the sideboards.
  3. Ay, soon we drop our hooks.
  4. See, these hooks are bent to.
  5. Some hooks are designed for use in.
  6. Grab cups off hooks, plates off racks.
  7. Then the hooks were secured to the chains.
  8. She hooks up a lot with different guys.
  9. It simply describes the hooks in the cart.
  10. Sam will never get his hooks into that one.
  11. Why fish are stupid enough to swallow hooks.
  12. We have no rods, reels, hooks, lures or line.
  13. A couple of old kerosene lamps hung on hooks.
  14. The phone hooks up and he can hear a ring tone.
  15. Everyone knows that I found the hooks, but only.
  16. That’s it! The hooks are only part of the an-.
  17. Their hooks are usually longer than the rest and.
  18. Dry fly hooks come in a variety of shapes and size.
  19. Most species have hooks on their wings which they.
  20. Nymph hooks vary in design more than any other type.
  21. At the back of the panty there were four brass hooks.
  22. Coils of ropes and tools hung from hooks on the walls.
  23. This can be done with the help of conversational hooks.
  24. Enzo hooks his titanium bo staff over the middle row and.
  25. He handed over Thaniel’s coat, being nearest the hooks.
  26. The hooks in the cart were removed and Gene’s dad slid.
  27. No way to buy new hinges or lubricants or hooks for that.
  28. Upon arriving at the pond and placing our hooks into the.
  29. He was confronted with a room ful of rubber bands on hooks.
  30. No, the fasteners and hooks couldn’t reach each other.
  31. Then he hooks up with ladies while hes dressed like a swan.
  32. Use the dough hooks in a mixer using relatively slow speed.
  33. There were archers on its deck and men with grappling hooks.
  34. With string bows, snaps, hooks and fasteners on them?
  35. D hooks fingers with adjoining hands of B and C to aid lift.
  36. The rest of the hooks anchor around the rocky exterior of the.
  37. Use also pole-nooses, lines with baited hooks and gullet jammers.
  38. Only Benchmarking and Hooks are brought into play at this stage.
  39. Them hooks are sharp too; one caught me here years ago, the.
  40. The fish were hitting quickly, and I was baiting hooks as fast as.
  41. The example I used above from bell hooks clearly illustrates that.
  42. Hooks are what holds the fur, feathers, and any other material you.
  43. Iron chains were being fitted onto the hooks on the hull of the ship.
  44. Foul black talons the size of tuna fishing hooks sprouted from his.
  45. Lab coats, goggles and facemasks hung neatly from hooks by the door.
  46. First, you need to tell CodeIgniter that it should allow Hooks to run.
  47. The Lord here describes a square alter with horns, or large hooks at.
  48. Some vises have jaws that are too big to use with a variety of hooks.
  49. Still, he could drive some large nails or hooks into one of the walls.
  50. The troops stood and attached their static line hooks to the wire and.
  51. The meat hooks were a part of the chain itself, attached to either end.
  52. Your hooks, lines and sinkers are in the cooler box said the Khmer.
  53. Manny slid off the desk, walked over, and lifted the mirror off its hooks.
  54. Weight one end of a length of line and attach hooks at intervals along it.
  55. Scouts led the way, probing the surface ahead with the long-handled hooks.
  56. There were a variety of tools, knives, and hooks used to strip the blubber.
  57. I crouched down, collected the scattered bags and hung them on the bag hooks.
  58. The pains rushed through him, hitting him with large iron hammers and hooks.
  59. He unclipped the hooks from the mooring cleats on the jetty and jumped onboard.
  60. Looking up, she realized he was carrying chains and some large steel meat hooks.
  61. And I the palm of its hands had suction cups with little hooks around the edges.
  62. No spikes, no hooks, nothing but going about their business with no one watching.
  63. He hooks a thumb in one of his belt loops and says, How are you, Beatrice?
  64. Basically, hooks are questions that raise various other questions inside her head.
  65. I would hang very dismally, with drooping head and wings, on those exalted hooks.
  66. He dealt in hooks and ropes and wheels, getting bulky objects from here to there.
  67. He was also taught how to fish with their primitive, yet effective, hooks and nets.
  68. Look, Doc, when you had the hooks in me, if I’d went on—well, would you of?
  69. Two shiny steel hooks were attached to the ends of the two parallel lengths of rope.
  70. I understand you’re the one who hooks guests up with last-minute passes and stuff.
  71. His lips were on hers again, and he began to undo the hooks on the back of her bodice.
  72. Pots and pans hung from hooks on the walls, and there was a huge oven at the far end.
  73. Nancy did so, finding herself in a tiny room sporting a chair, a shelf and wall hooks.
  74. When I lived there, the hooks were used to hold mundane things like rakes and shovels.
  75. Phones were ringing off their hooks and officers were shouting – the tension was high.
  76. She laughs and hooks her arm through his as they continue walking while teasing each other.
  77. Fancy it still being here after all these years! Look at the things on those hooks too—.
  78. No one was in charge, and rows of towels and clothes hung up on hooks only asking to be used.
  79. From the brass hooks on the wall, he retrieved his Great-Grandfather Hamilton’s safari rifle.
  80. At his side stood a fishing basket, corked round the top and studded with lethal-looking hooks.
  81. Taking the pack of cards from the pocket, she hung her wet coat up on the hooks in the hallway.
  82. You may also catch birds using lines trailed in the water with hooks or gorges baited with fish.
  83. They clawed at passers-by with razor-sharp hooks and had an evil reputation for not letting go.
  84. As simple as those words are, they're probably one of the most significant or powerful hooks or.
  85. He was across the room, grabbing our backpacks and guns, which were hung up on hooks on the wall.
  86. Others don’t have the jaws positioned at an angle that allows the tier to work with small hooks.
  87. Even as he watched, both of them crashed aboard Captain Ohkamohto’s ship and grappling hooks flew.
  88. Moses deftly tossed a dirty cloth onto two hooks over the open doorway and said he’d be right back.
  89. I could still see the place where the hay bin was, and on the wall there were hooks to hold the tack.
  90. Anyway, the kudos should go to the councillor not the minion who merely put the hooks around the words.
  91. Each would bring hooks and lines, and such provision as he could steal in the most dark and mysterious.
  92. She moaned in agony as the hooks dragged on her wrists, blood pouring down her arms, soaking her clothes.
  93. A violent explosion ripped the grappling hooks out of the rocks and sent his father spiraling into space.
  94. Spitting out the last of the blood and watching it form into tiny hooks, Simon did as he had been ordered.
  95. One day, hopefully soon, man will indeed turn his swords into plowshares and his spears into pruning hooks.
  96. When I as the sailor hero was lifted onto the meat hooks, Alwyn ripped off my trousers as well as the shirt.
  97. And some girls might focus on the way his ears stick out, or the way his nose hooks at the end, but to me.
  98. The explosion was so forceful that it even tore one of Frosty's grappling hooks loose from fifty feet away.
  99. Put things where they work for you: vitamins by the juice glasses, coat hooks in the garage next to the car.
  100. There was no wardrobe to hang her clothes but a clothes line attached to two hooks on other side of the room.

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