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Pestering in a sentence | pestering example sentences

  1. I don’t want her pestering me.
  2. Tom’s been pestering me about his holidays.
  3. They were pestering a group of American tourists.
  4. I thought that old fool would never stop pestering me.
  5. I kept pestering her about Polish and had bought a small.
  6. Unfortunately, the lion inside me kept pestering me about.
  7. He had been pestering both his parents to get back together.
  8. It broke through the boredom that had been pestering him for a while.
  9. He keeps pestering her with his offers, not honorable ones, of course.
  10. Angela kept pestering me to dance and I got up for a walk on the beach.
  11. The method I have chosen is to slash the femoral artery of a pestering.
  12. If you still insist on pestering me, I will even use secret projectiles!.
  13. She has been pestering us for years to get rid of segregation in the States.
  14. She has been pestering her daughter about our wedding from the time we were kids.
  15. Nothing worse than people pestering you with questions, once it’s ancient history.
  16. To his relief she stopped pestering him for sex and started to speak about the horse.
  17. My family was pestering me to get married and my continuous refusals would not put them off.
  18. Galloway was pestering me about something and I reluctantly turned back to him, Yes?
  19. Bobby had told Marilyn to stop pestering his brother Jack, and she was very unhappy about it.
  20. She had lunch with Henry, who had been pestering her, and realized they had nothing in common.
  21. Maybe they would stop pestering each other long enough to help the humans complete their quests.
  22. Bahit said to Karit in a cautioning voice, You really need to stop pestering the Rakai, Karit.
  23. Why do you keep pestering me? Why do you torment me? said Smerdyakov, with a look of suffering.
  24. He sold a couple, although this might’ve been so he’d simply stop pestering the individuals concerned.
  25. It was only when she agreed that he could keep the cat that he stopped pestering her and left the radio alone.
  26. Libby Hatcher was a wreck, and Kevin Maida kept pestering the police with questions – he was obviously unstable.
  27. Jessica would probably pick up the phone and tell him to stop pestering and make him understand it was a delicate situation.
  28. He was always pestering Agrafena Alexandrovna, and I was jealous; I thought then that she was hesitating between me and him.
  29. Another difficulty was that the people of the house too began to be uneasy; they grumbled, and kept pestering Sofya Matveyevna.
  30. Stay away from pointed questions about college or career plans; most sixteen-year-olds have not yet decided and resent pestering.
  31. No matter that he avoided areas where young teenagers would gather in groups he found himself facing a different kind of pestering.
  32. The usual all-news-all-the-time station appears, with the background of the same flashing photos I saw on the internet pestering me.
  33. He smiled as small children scampered about the greenery, pestering the cows and horses while adults chopped wood and sharpened weapons.
  34. I had on one side my father"s seeming indifference and on the other my mother"s constant pestering that I should get married right away.
  35. As every one had seen all they wanted they went out without disputing, though Lyamshin began pestering the police captain about something.
  36. The chap who’s been pestering me to make a presentation is Rupert Bland, who calls himself Managing Director of the new products division.
  37. At first Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch walked on without stopping, and for some time did not even listen to the tramp who was pestering him again.
  38. Then a girl who was friends with her at college rang me and said that the Italian guy had been pestering one of her friends at the beach front.
  39. I kept pestering my parents for a while but I’d pretty much given up hope, and then that Christmas morning there was a huge box under the tree.
  40. A group of thugs were pestering a young woman; it seemed that she wanted to exit the store with her groceries, but the thugs were blocking her way.
  41. Because of her incessant curiosity, she had been pestering him with questions since she met him, and now he was the one stuck with the consequences.
  42. And if he was already dead, I couldn't bear the thought of the law swarming all over the place, carting his body off, pestering Zee and the children.
  43. I gave into her pestering about how to fly easily, even let her fly the plane for a while under close supervision, before I put it back on autopilot.
  44. A bloke from an outfit I’ve never heard of - Computer Solutions, or something - who’s been pestering me for days wanting to come in and give us a presentation.
  45. He could not bear it either when some one who knew his little ways would begin from pure sport pestering him with questions, such as what he had in his little trunk.
  46. Report debt collectors that offer pestering as a strategy and let you know to lenders that you will not work with a organization that uses misuse as a strategy of recouping money.
  47. For the record, it was well known that these traders severely underperformed our traders to the point where their traders kept pestering Spencer or me or our traders for guidance.
  48. Meanwhile both Heymon and Elmore were pestering him for results, more specifically, hounding him to find the error in his previous observations that allowed quantum information to be created.
  49. He drew up at the gate and swung lightly to the ground and she thought, staring nervously at him, that he looked just like an illustration in a book Wade was always pestering her to read aloud.
  50. In the underground command bunker built under the main headquarters building of the base, Marshal Reyat Khan was pestering his subalterns to act, even though there was in reality very little they could do now but wait and hope.
  51. With the decision made, she knew exactly to whom she was going with the information: that nosey little Indian who was forever pestering Mike and snooping around all over the place, Officer Edgar Vargas, Mike’s number one enemy.
  52. She recognized the remarkably deep and no less remarkably unctuous voice of the chief of the delegation from Trebizon—the one that had been pestering her father for months to promise her hand in marriage to their appalling tallow-tub of a Prince.
  53. His superiors eventually agreed, as they wanted the body, and the case, laid to rest as they had become fed up with cranks pestering them for stories about alien abductions and government cover ups, after the press had received a tip off from within the Met.
  54. Before Zara could say to Leon that the notion of sending young children out on a space walk was crazy and irresponsible, at least four children sitting at nearby tables, three of them preteens, screamed with joy and started pestering their parents for permission to go on the said walk.
  55. As they gazed at the distant burning wreckage and the rising smoke, the movements of the two escapees are noticed by the four lionesses and, as the suckling cubs are scattered and seek entertainment from pestering the males, their mothers slowly pad in the direction of their next meal.
  56. Richard’s first beat back home was the Village, and when there was no news to report—no strike on the docks, no murders, no robberies to go pestering Larry Pulaski about—he spent hours in the jazz clubs, soaking up the between-sets patter of the musicians who came down from Harlem to play.
  57. One quick point on this topic and we’ll move on – it would be really, really advisable that if you are pestering her for sex then that really needs to stop, don’t pressure her, as quite obviously she really won’t want it just yet! Hang on in there and then when you see signs that things are improving, that she’s got more time for you both and she’s less tired - then start using this course to help you understand how you can get into a position where restarting your sex life is a possibility.
  1. Moreover he was pestered by guides.
  2. Every fall we are pestered with the near endless.
  3. Remove tank mates that get overly bullied or pestered.
  4. You are rarely pestered by a pssterer either, but then.
  5. No one pestered them or asked them if they were alright.
  6. A mind such as yours is not pestered by gnats in the night air.
  7. He pestered Bridget for swimming trunks and she eventually relented.
  8. It was like being pestered by a swarm of midges on a hot summer's day.
  9. He explained that many of his Polish customers pestered him about giving.
  10. So after Drew pestered his daddy and me for a few days we finally gave in.
  11. I thought he was kidding at first but he pestered me every day after that.
  12. Whatever, how are you going to use it help us, anyway? Deneb pestered.
  13. They were also getting pestered by relatives who’d heard rumors of coal money.
  14. She had pestered him that his soul was vexed, and he then told her all his heart.
  15. Seems hard to take – being pestered by a load of teenagers, but he didn’t mind.
  16. You don’t know how Kutúzov is pestered since his appointment as Commander in Chief.
  17. We sat in silence, pestered by flies, the patient’s vitals checked every five minutes; they.
  18. Even after this small exhibition was over, she was pestered by a couple of reporters for an hour.
  19. Estwig hadn't pestered too badly to come with them, he must still have a bit of yaag or a girl nearby.
  20. The press pestered him and my poor stepmother, Mary, to death because of these stories Marilyn made up.
  21. All the doctrines, the ideas, the systems, with which Andrey Semyonovitch pestered him had no interest for him.
  22. This may sound mean, but Hikaru thinks it's awesome and always pestered me to play when I was busy doing homework.
  23. He had pestered the two literate adults of the village to teach him, stating that he wanted to be able to read the Koran.
  24. It was about this time that the younger ones in particular began to desire a pet dog once more and pestered Joe to get one.
  25. She pestered Beth with so many questions about the safety of their money that in the end Beth took her to inspect the place.
  26. Shorebirds pestered us, flying into the birds and striking, trying to drive them off and a sure sign that we were approaching land.
  27. Pestered by her mother, when she spilled the beans, her father tried to appease his son-in-law by agreeing to part with his old Lambretta.
  28. His wife, Marfa Ignatyevna, had obeyed her husband's will implicitly all her life, yet she had pestered him terribly after the emancipation of the serfs.
  29. The group pestered him to say yes, his shyness was the reason behind his reluctance of going out, it had been a while since he'd a good night out with friends.
  30. I asked whose idea it was that Raymond became an escort, and he said he had pestered his father until he gave in – a believable scenario once I knew the lad.
  31. Harry told me a similar thing when I asked him once about why he didn't tell me about his training, after I had pestered him about the Ten Tigers my father'd seen.
  32. Why, I know of an incident when the bride was pestered by her in-laws to fetch her jewels even though her father was battling for his life that was the day after her marriage.
  33. When a colossal pockmarked captain, supported by a herd of rabble following at his heels, pestered him by asking "which way to the buffet?" he made a sign to a police sergeant.
  34. Though I used to come here as a friend, Smerdyakov began again, Dmitri Fyodorovitch has pestered me in a merciless way even here by his incessant questions about the master.
  35. After the discovery of the skull and Ted’s initial explanation of the Ice Age to me I had pestered him for more of his knowledge of the time period, as I had become quite fascinated by it.
  36. How I craved to hear that from Ruma but fearing that she might take me as a callous character, I didn’t disclose my diabolical plan to her though she pestered me no end, he said remorsefully.
  37. The Poles don’t get the word play, which is understandable, I was constantly pestered about an advert in which a cartoon dog is supposed to chase a stick but makes a joke about something falling on the floor.
  38. Had I known there would be all this bother about them I should not have gone looking for them, but would rather have added a ten-rouble note or two to them, only not to be dragged here and pestered with questions.
  39. Marilyn was pestered by lawyers in Kentucky for months as to whether she wanted to stake a claim on Jasper’s meager estate, until finally she made it clear—via her own attorney—that she had no such interest.
  40. Garcia's men grew wary of carrying despatches after dark, and gave our lines a wide berth, though starving Negro pacificos hung round the camps in hundreds, and pestered the soldiers, who berated Cubans in general in consequence.
  41. Even though she had only met Jason's little brother Zachary a couple of times she had seen him regularly on the Fame TV channel, usually being pestered by Chauncey Tales and surrounded by beautiful women and ultra cool looking friends.
  42. She had staked out psycho killers in sketchy areas, had spent nights in rough motels or in her car, had worked nights and weekends and pestered cops, even ones she loved, for information that would become a great story, possibly an exclusive one.
  43. On this particular day I awoke from what seemed to be sleep, but who knows, it could have been an abstraction, and looking towards the setting sun, I could make out a shimmering herd of various beasts of different kinds, crawling creatures were near my feet, and a small swarm of flying insects pestered my head.
  44. They tell loved ones to stop their pointless moaning and wailing and crying and get on with their lives simply because the undead do not want to be bothered and pestered by such things… that their loved ones are doing just fine and are waiting for them on the other side… they are not waiting for them on the other side… they are hating them on the other side… and waiting for them to get there so they can get at them.
  1. He constantly and recurrently pesters those nearest and dearest to him in a bid to reassure himself that he is not losing his fame, his magic touch, the attention of his social milieu.
  2. But I will add one essential matter : Tatyana Pavlovna, a true and dear friend to me, pesters me almost every day with exhortations to enter the university: " When you've taken your degree," she says, " then you can consider the position, but now you must finish your studies.
  3. Her original fear of the sky falling having proved baseless, or at least premature, today’s Chicken Little pesters the coop and chicken yard with a new cry: The earth is warming up! The earth is warming up! The Wurm ice sheet covered most of Europe some 20,000 years ago, about the same time the Wisconsin ice sheet covered much of North America.

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1. I’m not going to pester.
2. Well, don’t pester me with the obvious.
3. Selena enticed him to this place just to pester me.
4. The humans here may very well pester us to exempt.
5. Karen would often pester Steve about moving to Hawaii.
6. Louisa would have immediately begun to pester him to.
7. I always hoped you would have sense enough not to pester me.
8. Mike started to pester Orthon with the same question over and over.
9. Clara used her saliva bug flies to swarm and pester Bella and her men.
10. You want to be careful not to pester the user, so keep the invitation.
11. They should be ok with fish larger than them provided that the larger fish don't pester.
12. He’s not chatty and I don’t pester him, contenting myself with watching the land as it changes.
13. Does he only want to keep me here to pester Jabar? I suspect there’s more to it than meets the eye.
14. Another big lawsuit was the last thing on Donovan’s mind, and her intent was not to pester him on this momentous day.
15. I was deciding to either pester Sheila a little more, or follow him, when I noticed Derek shudder as he past me on the steps.
16. I remember I entertained a great objection to your adversary, because I took it ill that he should be brought here to pester me with his company.
17. There were many women much more eager to enjoy bodily pleasures than Ava, so he made sure he wouldn’t have to pester Ava for sex for the next week.
18. After he set Marilyn up financially, moving her into his new home after he left his wife and children, Hyde began to constantly pester her to marry him.
19. Don’t worry about forgetting, however, because brokers don’t want to deal with this, and they will call and pester you to close out your position days before expiration.
20. But why pester one with all this reasoning on the subject? Speak out! You have seen him spout; then declare what the spout is; can you not tell water from air? My dear sir, in this world it is not so easy to settle these plain things.
21. Sarah-Jane remained in a coma, much to the annoyance of the local police who unable to get a statement from Sarah took it upon themselves to pester all of Chesford’ club goers on the pretence of trying to establish a link between the accident, John Simmons’ death and the Roostertail.
22. Everything was there—shame and an assumption of insolence, and vexation at the sudden flushing of his face, and anger and fear of failure, and entreaty to be forgiven for having dared to pester, and a sense of his own dignity, and a still greater sense of his own abjectness—all this passed over his face like lightning.
23. Though she appreciated their concern and efforts to make her comfortable, enough was enough already! Kirby and Adrian, who were seated behind her, took almost exaggerated care to walk around her bandaged ankle, (which was propped up on the ugly lollipop cushion in the aisle, in a regal fashion), whenever they got up to use the restroom or to pester the flight attendants for something.
24. The Elf continued; We must discover only the verity of three things---besides the nagging discordant changes in their command structures---from this particular collection of vermin: Do they pester only select systems; if so which ones? Are their conscripts abetting them willingly or are they truly abused into service? And most importantly: How many more gangs like this are there out there? I realize that last bit of data may be the most slippery to determine.