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    1. Progress presented and offered exclusively by big government, bigger multinational corporations, and the biggest demons who portray themselves as saints

    2. Those decades passed with Kulai even trying to portray Enjteen in a good light to Enjteen’s own mother

    3. You may just need to look carefully at how you portray

    4. These texts portray elders who are as submissive to the

    5. descriptive name in the Bible to portray the essence of a

    6. I can"t help wondering why, at just about the time in the 1860"s of the unification of Italy, with the resultant loss, to the Papacy, of the Papal States, the decision was made to portray Mary as having been conceived blameless for original sin

    7. I find it interesting how many modern biographers oftentimes portray Charles Dickens as a (minor) social revolutionary or a man possessing what is commonly referred to by ―progressives,‖ a ―social consciousness

    8. you do not want to portray that's what you are doing

    9. The machine assumed a more formal voice with an intense feeling of feigned stiffness behind it, intended to portray extreme seriousness though to Hilderich’s ears it only managed to sound like a dimwitted inflated egotist:

    10. For instance, millions of newspapers publish the same news; millions of companies register the same cadastral data; thousands of softwares and procedures make the same thing in Internet, residences and in the companies; the diverse encyclopedias also portray the same thing

    11. writers search to portray the perfect crime

    12. Does this not once again clearly portray the prescriptive care taken with remains, even if it just a skull?

    13. In this regard, please do not take my translation of the text in quotations marks as literally accurate, word for word and letter for letter, but rather concentrate on the message the quotations portray, as every effort has been made to accurately reflect the core message of every quoted passage, from his book, in Afrikaans: “5 Minute voor en na die dood”

    14. All illustrations and images in this book do not necessarily portray the view of the author or owner of said illustration or image, nor do the authors agree with the content of this book

    15. The use of the words "man," "men" and masculine pronouns is meant to include persons of both sexes and is indicative of the author’s historical and cultural milieu and not meant to portray Buddhism as a male-only pursuit

    16. portray to the audience that we were doing well in these so called

    17. I wanted to portray to the audience that we were doing well in these so

    18. However, as before, they fit the mold of the noble savage and portray Indians as having a communistic, utopian existence

    19. Why then is there an extensive drive to portray Capitalism in such a negative light by intellectuals, members of the media, and the Democratic Party? I decided to do research of my own to attempt to find out why

    20. This is similar to how physicists portray the relationship of a string to

    21. While I don't understand their belief or lack of, I respect their decision but I won't portray myself as someone I'm not

    22. Their historians, media and politicians always portray themselves as virtuous saints who promote truth, justice, democracy, etc

    23. “They also try to portray a strong nationalistic bent in an attempt to legitimize their criminal activities

    24. In Tarot it gives the feeling of separation and is also used to portray a time of deep contemplation or a process of growth that is not perceived until much later

    25. and spice, and everything nice"? Does he mean that her features portray

    26. What possible reason would she have to portray Sidney Storm as a wizard?'

    27. Drawing from his examined life, he set out to portray a young woman’s life on the male canvas of India

    28. And that beast, Conan knew, had been extinct for at least a thousand years; it was the great golden leopard which figures so predominantly in Hyborian legendry, and which the ancient artists delighted to portray in pigments and marble

    29. 10 You shall not portray your teacher as a man of sorrows

    30. 3 How cruel and unreasoning to compel innocent children to suffer for the sins of their progenitors, misdeeds of which they are wholly ignorant, and for which they could in no way be responsible! And to do such wicked deeds in the name of one who taught his disciples to love even their enemies! It has become necessary, in this recital of the life of Jesus, to portray the manner in which certain of his fellow Jews rejected him and conspired to bring about his ignominious death; but we would warn all who read this narrative that the presentation of such a historical recital in no way justifies the unjust hatred, nor condones the unfair attitude of mind, which so many professed Christians have maintained toward individual Jews for many centuries

    31. Keta said that Sab would be vengeful and mentally unstable and I was beginning to agree no matter how normal she tried to portray herself

    32. Candid shots that are took in the perfect moment would help you achieve what you want to portray

    33. For example, if you want to portray the faces of the members of a soccer team after winning the game, then take pictures of them just when the competition is about to end

    34. Now he had to give up his identity in order to portray the poster boy obedience to ones father for an heir

    35. Although the scriptures portray how these people triumphed over their struggles, it does not show the history of the Jewish people after these periods in time

    36. But what if you have to portray a

    37. They portray themselves as non-Halloween

    38. Their characters, in light of these accomplishments, will definitely be perceived to be much better than what I portray

    39. All this is done to portray a side or aspect to the Bible that has never before been

    40. If he had no conscience or else possessed tremendous acting skills, Terence would be quite natural and successful in managing to portray an inconsolable widower; after all, Feltus conceded, this man’s life depended on his ability to deceive the authorities which made him all the more capable of such cleverness and subtlety

    41. It was highly enigmatic how such contrasting manners could be successfully combined into one person and how that individual managed to portray herself in different ways to different people—strangers at that, but Feltus resolved that this was merely one of the facets of women that men were not supposed to fathom

    42. than sex, they portray love

    43. At one point Silas pointed it out to me of this double standard that I seem to portray, and again that same night, my brother and John spoke to me about this matter at length

    44. source of anti-Christ, rather than just a source of anti-Christ, is that it plays right into the hands of those who would like to portray religion (including Christianity) as the source of violence and hatred in the world and thus in its fundamental forms something to be eradicated

    45. Blake opted to answer the questions in a way that would portray him as

    46. His main interest, it appears, is to portray the dark side of human nature and institutions without

    47. It was incredible that the angle they took with Bob was to try to portray him as some sort of a cult leader, swaying young people to his side using the internet and pornography to grab hold of their interest

    48. of money, or quite a few other things that they choose to use to portray themselves, I won't accept their request

    49. To speed up this process, I portray myself in a certain way; it’s a pose

    50. She doesn’t fit the stereotypes for serial killers who often portray themselves as obsessive, aggressive, hostile or insane

    1. unending cycle of life portrayed in the music

    2. The Blue Dragons bursting thru the center of the black ones was portrayed with unbelievable force and he could recognize Wolf and Big John

    3. than being a riot of the usual suspects, at least as portrayed in the

    4. Delos joined in and thought they might be under the influence of some narcotic, he’d seen it portrayed in the crime-dramas he watched

    5. He was easily distracted from the reading by the wonders of the world portrayed in the book

    6. clean image he portrayed to the school board

    7. Very few talked of children, so many looked like children themselves, little older than she had been as a mortal, not as old as she portrayed herself now

    8. As I/O devices, these androids were quite sophisticated and portrayed emotions beautifully

    9. Oh she portrayed herself as an adult, she'd continued to 'grow up' in the crystal

    10. Reality moves ever onward though, dynamically bringing about changes big and small of the previous circumstances that had been so artistically portrayed on the canvas

    11. (These were portrayed in the Bible as metaphors and symbolism that demanded exacting skills of interpretation)

    12. In the Bible God’s love for us is portrayed in the same model that is given in Genesis

    13. The serpent is normally portrayed as the embodiment of sin

    14. The sequence of events portrayed in such a scenario, although all the mechanics and the physical cause of such a catastrophe may not be 100% accurate, comes a lot closer to matching the evidence around us in the world today, while it utilises the information as portrayed in the Bible as a foundation

    15. I suppose, rather than compare Obama to Lincoln, or FDR, or even to the inept Jimmy Carter, the most appropriate comparison would be to Chauncey Gardner, the character portrayed by Peter Sellers in the movie „Being There

    16. In her few encounters with Khan outside the arena, he had come across as softer than the killing machine he usually portrayed

    17. The elder appeared irked and serene simultaneously in a way that no human ever could, she thought, though he looked and spoke like the human he portrayed

    18. For the next two thousand years it will be portrayed as an example something that went dreadfully wrong in this country

    19. Wisecracking, precocious young children superseding the worldly ―wisdom‖ of their well-meaning but oftentimes bumbling parents, more often than not, the father; portrayed as ‖agreeable‖, however (somewhat) pompous, over-bearing, self-regarding and someone who just ―doesn‘t get it

    20. Children require the guidance and unconditional support of parents who should properly behave like parents rather than the lingering adolescents oftentimes portrayed on television

    21. What audiences are routinely being exposed to, however, are parents portrayed as unaware, uninformed, unstable in their own manner and out of touch, much to the chagrin of their complacently smug and obnoxious children who always seem to ―Know Better

    22. With the emergence of hard-boiled, butt-kicking women commonly portrayed on television nowadays, frontier women who helped

    23. Perhaps it‘s only me but doesn‘t it seem somewhat ironic that President Andrew Jackson, who sought to dissolve the Second Bank of the United States, should have his portrait portrayed on a twenty dollar bill!

    24. The Motion Picture industry has enjoyed a long running fetish with strong, physically intimidating women routinely beating up on or otherwise skillfully out-maneuvering the obnoxious designs of pretentious, self-centered males filled with a heightened sense of their (own) self-importance; convenient foils portrayed as anachronistic, insensitive, chauvinistic types deserving an occasional thrashing every so often from women scorned or in response to inopportune or unsolicited (sexual) banterings or harmless wisecracks intended to make a definitive statement about strong women coming of age

    25. The west was not nearly as violent as portrayed on film (except in violence done against Natives, where Hollywood has yet to depict such genocide accurately

    26. Colbert plays a femme fatale, the wife of the Emperor Nero, bizarrely portrayed by the great, incomparable Charles Laughton

    27. ” She grinned, pleased with this new explanation that portrayed her as a shrewd manager of her life

    28. Almost all those portrayed as Black Confederate troops were actually slaves drafted as laborers or brought by their owners to be personal servants

    29. Coughlin is often falsely portrayed as a fascist because of his later anti Antisemitism, but had not made his hatred of Jews public at the time the Union Party was formed

    30. Britain and France's alleged failure to confront Hitler is also often falsely portrayed

    31. Had he won a victory, or even anything that could be portrayed as not a defeat, there was enough public admiration for him to win the presidency

    32. Gordon Edward and his Port Authority Police Department portrayed as heroes, accomplishing what the entire federal government couldn’t, and ensuring his landslide victory

    33. Instead of bidding his time, he just literally sprouted wings, grew horns and a set of sharp fangs, a barbed tail, as well as an array of the assorted nasty features usually associated with demons, beelzebubs, balrogs and the armies of hell as portrayed in popular religious fiction

    34. Wyvern’s have been hunted and persecuted, lied about and portrayed falsely, for a long time

    35. A police spokesman speculated that the death of the Nicaraguan embassy employee represented the killing of a murderer within the notorious Tweety-Bird gang – and, through it all, Gordon Edward was portrayed as virtually a national hero

    36. Colling’s opinion of the OSS was, as with most Americans, derived principally from the movies, where it was portrayed as an efficient intelligence operation filled with courageous volunteers who were more than willing to sacrifice their lives for the United States of America

    37. lifestyle that is portrayed by the media purveyors in the world today

    38. The book portrayed the

    39. Hearst’s New York Journal, portrayed Weyler as a villain

    40. The characters in Sex and the City all portrayed a different attitude

    41. abominable beasts, and all the idols of the house of Israel, portrayed on the wall round about

    42. His face apperared dangerously alluring in the light, portrayed now in exterior beauty

    43. “Yes, George, my best friend” it was now evident emotion could be portrayed in the deceased

    44. He had developed a serious expression with pursed lips which looked more bee stung at times and wrinkles that stayed in place as he portrayed the dashing fencer to all

    45. They are the “ho’s” portrayed in the graphic “lyrics” of the rappers and hip-hoppers

    46. Both localities are three to four hours from Florence by bus, but both are almost perfect examples of the period of history that are portrayed in their buildings and their streets: Urbino, a striking flawlessly harmonious ensemble of Renaissance style and tradition, with a fairytale-like skyline yet untouched by pollution; and Spoleto, a charming center of medieval streets and a scenic hilltop setting that overwhelms the sensitivity of nature lovers as Roger is

    47. The cold of the northern Hell with eternal ice and snow, and not the everlasting burning fires more conventionally portrayed by medieval man

    48. Objects identified as Jewish because of the menorah portrayed on them have been discovered around Arles (first, fourth, and early fifth centuries)

    49. the events portrayed in that movie can actually happen in the real

    50. These are the things about me that are also portrayed in the

    1. Besides, his record on Abortion speaks for itself! I suppose my real concern, however, centers on prevailing liberal/secularist sentiments portraying Christians as unsuitable candidates for the Supreme Court, or any other higher court for that matter, lest their religious viewpoints should otherwise color an (objective) interpretation of the law

    2. But then, the world, including Raul, had presumed Truman to be killed in action; what now, that he was resurrected? Portraying himself as blameless had come easily but, would it remain that way after he located Truman and heard what he had to say? Several more thoughtful puffs soothed him

    3. The word was blasphemous, portraying God as something unliving, dead, withered and gone

    4. The stiffness of the machine’s movements somehow struck him as portraying extreme exasperation, a feeling which was indeed verified when the machine spoke, tones of outright annoyance in its vaguely male voice:

    5. are portraying our side of the story as it happened and appeared to us,

    6. Fifty ways of portraying the life I despise

    7. portraying the essence of each creature in its

    8. ” Black leadership, Steele charges, “actually sells black dependency as a white opportunity for moral deliverance” by portraying their own people as “nearly helpless victims

    9. "Thank-you," Monica said as her mouth opened to show her teeth causing her cheeks to rise, portraying a half smile

    10. Foolishly enthralled at the prospect of portraying ‘A Thing Divine’, I asked Alwyn if I had a future in acting

    11. Bjorn observed a large, bronze fountain, portraying what must have been the Founders of Tinkerburg

    12. Paul is an example of a Great Christian, he lived by Faith he was Great at portraying Christ in his Life, he lived only to communicate Christ to others

    13. them for portraying the wolves that way

    14. And it should be made plain in this record that all these teachings portraying monotheism were largely derived, directly or indirectly, from the preachments of the missionaries of Machiventa Melchizedek, who went forth from their Salem headquarters to spread the doctrine of one God -- the Most High -- to the ends of the earth

    15. We want to take up primary residence in the actor instead of the character we‘re portraying

    16. The Apostle Paul later on transformed this new gospel into Christianity, a religion embodying his own theologic views and portraying his own personal experience with the Jesus of the Damascus road

    17. aimed at Native Americans, for the purpose of portraying

    18. His quiz result told the world that Agatha, his gentle avatar, the blue-haired grandmother he was portraying, was: Ashley, the preppy, blonde, stylish and out-about-town Olsen twin

    19. Several color photos made up a collage of sorts from the crime scene outside their home, portraying their mother as a bona fide murderer

    20. It had to be politically devastating, portraying the government and security organizations as ineffectual, powerless and incompetent to the mourning public

    21. Her dark-brown eyes sparkled portraying delight as she shifted in her seat to get a better view of the audience

    22. Portraying his life’s struggles and strife They show his compassion to succeed

    23. Its surroundings are dull and extremely infected With a coating of dust which covers its interior A dimmed light is shattered in the rear The components are covered with a mist Portraying visions of love that were missed Spurts of water seeps to drown memories sounds Emptiness fills a cushion all around

    24. by violence, he is not advocating it (or anything else) in the film, but merely portraying it: "Part of the artistic challenge of the character is to present the violence as he sees it, not with the

    25. slavery and portraying it as something holy, rather than a seal, which

    26. It’s a very simple way of portraying that dominance

    27. both portraying the same message – you have to have a reason to

    28. Think about these guys - John Goodman from Roseanne - think about how they started portraying the American family, and they portrayed it as normal

    29. The insight behind portraying polytheism composing deities without limited number can be explained as follows: “when God is false, lacking absolute power, he throws many philosophies for religions to oppose the real divinity of Christ the God”

    30. Statues of stone, portraying the most venerated of Heroes, were situated at the steps of large temples that overlooked the countryside

    31. This wasa five-act costume play, in prose, portraying the life at thecourt

    32. Together, we’re a better actress than Bethanie ever thought of being; two halves of a whole, portraying innocence on the outside while being a fallen angel on the inside

    33. At least five-hundred yards away from each side Kiera could see walls of similar gray and black stone with stain glass windows, many of which portraying religious prophets or deities

    34. First of all I may say that you probably share the idea that ever since the days of Daguerre photography has been regarded as the one infallible means of portraying faithfully any object, scene, or action

    35. physic Academics present you with when portraying that what they teach you as being the solemn truth

    36. teaching these misconceptions are committing fraud, notwithstanding the portraying of their role in society

    37. portraying Neil’s face, the ruby of his eyes reflecting the neon

    38. shoes portraying great holes through which the bruises of his skin

    39. The point is this: the conventional western Jewish media propaganda shit crap of portraying Hitler’s National Socialism as the most evil social system ever invented is a total propaganda lie

    40. Portraying himself as a ‘natural man’ from the frontiers of America

    41. They only worshipped icons portraying death, degradation, martyrdom, submission, and resignation

    42. Portraying himself as the father of the Nation, the Father of everyone

    43. Peter into Black Peter: portraying him as the Devil’s helper?… Duh

    44. The whole world was flooded with propaganda and lies about non-existent gas chambers and fictitious nazi atrocities and the deception of portraying the Nazis as being consistently Anti-Semitic throughout the war was preserved

    45. Christ’s life portraying His teachings of compassion and forgiveness, was not driven by force or coercion, to compel others to comply with Him

    46. disadvantage of portraying our God as a Monster the likes of which the human mind cannot even conceive

    47. “Your mother is a classic manipulator, portraying herself as a poor, tired, and helpless old lady because you are always available

    48. that not what the Scriptures teach, it has the distinct disadvantage of portraying our God as a

    49. The valey was secluded but enchanting shielding this lake which was once believed to be portraying a sleeping woman in Rig- Vedic period

    50. portraying our God as a Monster the likes of which the human mind cannot even conceive

    1. The expression that flashes across Julia's face portrays shock from my question, but it also reveals she knows exactly what I'm referring to

    2. This particular piece, he explains, portrays the intense feelings of agitation of a man who could not reach his lover because his carriage was stuck in the mud

    3. This passage directly prophesied the coming of the servant of God, or the Messiah, and portrays him to be a suffering servant who would offer himself up for his people so that they could be saved

    4. Any so-called student of history who portrays the Soviet State as it became under Stalin as an aberration, just goes to show what a liberal can never admit to: being wrong

    5. Like his acting ability or not, he portrays a character that has America in his sights as the last best hope

    6. Such posturing falsely portrays her as a victim, which she clearly is not

    7. This means: If you have a number of versus which portrays a certain teaching throughout scripture, you cannot take one verse, completely out of context, to nullify or wipe out all the preceding verses

    8. state-of-the-art facilities portrays its neat,

    9. Blood Junky portrays the state of vampirism in a completely

    10. In addition, he cast the incredibly talented Stephen Moyer, who portrays the tragic hero so

    11. 7 The religion of Jesus transcends all our former concepts of the idea of worship in that he not only portrays his Father as the ideal of infinite reality but positively declares that this divine source of values and the eternal center of the universe is truly and personally attainable by every mortal creature who chooses to enter the kingdom of heaven on earth, thereby acknowledging the acceptance of sonship with God and brotherhood with man

    12. The cross thus portrays the devotion of willing affection and the bestowal of voluntary salvation upon those who are willing to receive such gifts and devotion

    13. 2 Jesus' life in the flesh portrays a transcendent religious growth from the early ideas of primitive awe and human reverence up through years of personal spiritual communion until he finally arrived at that advanced and exalted status of the consciousness of his oneness with the Father

    14. He had been prepared for this and feeding false information easily into the chip from Alexander Finda's microchip circuitry Grailem portrays his new self as happy and in good health

    15. History outlines and portrays this struggle as both individual efforts and as by groups of people

    16. Li portrays himself as a god, and he puts his followers under control by his

    17. Luke also writes about the rock and the church in this way the following parable portrays

    18. Portrays a glow deep in the night

    19. portrays the crescent moon and star to graphically depicts Lucifer

    20. the Islamic Beast Empire, for it not only portrays the Wild Man Ishmael,

    21. It portrays neatness and helps conceal emotion

    22. connected with the crystal skulls that portrays a possible scenario of how World Peace could occur in our world by the end of 2012

    23. While nothing can be farther from the truth, the Quran portrays many a divine contradictions, one of which is refreshingly welcome in that as against its averment that it carries for man the final message of the God, it states that “if all the trees in the end were pens, and if the sea eked out by seven seas more were ink, the Words of God, could not be written out into their end

    24. The Old Man and the Sea portrays the much desired transformation in

    25. But the war the Geeta portrays is not the physical, worldly war that is

    26. What the Geeta portrays as a war

    27. It then portrays the characteristic features of yagya

    28. This is the war that the Geeta portrays

    29. Her elegant physical feature portrays the impression of a natural beautiful woman, but harassed by hardship, tortured by many years of endless struggle to fend for her children, she is now dressed in the gab of pity and penury

    30. The biblical story of Job portrays a just man

    31. This is a much faster and more effective way to build a happier world (from within), than trying to change the way the media, society or our culture portrays beauty

    32. we remember that MacDowell's "1620" portrays the sturdy New

    33. all the greatness it portrays of man’s ability to achieve, out of view it hides a dark side too the brilliance of

    34. science portrays in the modern era it would at least sell some books because some dinosaur

    35. the sketch the circle portrays a glass and the arrow portrays

    36. The one-sided view of Nature that Science and Civilization portrays is shared by most humans

    37. If popular consumer culture accurately mirrors what consumers like, and what they are like: does this mean that when modern consumers are with their spouses or mates…they have the urge to vomit on each other in disgust; since their culture portrays love and kindness to be disgusting? Do they watch Nazi Death camp films to laugh themselves sick because the old Nazi forms of brutality and inhumanity are much funnier than our modern forms of inhumanity? Do civilized humans try to be as cruel and unloving as possible just to conform to what their society expects of them? Is this kind of mindless conformity, evil, hate, cruelty, and corruption, hiding under the guise of modern humor, good for us? One effect civilization has on humans is that it turns civilized humans into emotionally sick people, with emotionally sick attitudes, and emotionally sick values and ideas about what is funny

    38. This purposeful structure is the basis for all of the ancient wisdom that portrays the path of truth, wisdom and justice as higher ideals than the path of greed, falsehood, and

    39. way in which the Bible portrays the story of creation,

    40. This purposeful structure is the basis for all of the ancient wisdom that portrays

    41. portrays the innermost aspects of his or her personality

    42. • Good grooming is important because it portrays who you are and may determine who your friends are

    43. Modern research portrays the problem of baldness as caused by a hormonal or chemical imbalance in the body

    44. But the subject it portrays is taken from a legend, and you know how to rate legends in matters of natural history! Besides, when it's an issue of monsters, the human imagination always tends to run wild

    45. Figure 2-1, which shows the recent performance of the Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index, an index that tracks a basket of commodities, accurately portrays the major dynamics at play in the commodities markets over the last several years

    46. This pattern, however, is not of much use because it portrays the obvious

    47. This drama, having to a great extent a biographic character, portrays the torturing condition of a man who has gone through an inner religious crisis, and who lives with his family which, not understanding him, interferes with his attempts to change his life according to the truth revealed to him

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