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    1. unending cycle of life portrayed in the music

    2. The Blue Dragons bursting thru the center of the black ones was portrayed with unbelievable force and he could recognize Wolf and Big John

    3. than being a riot of the usual suspects, at least as portrayed in the

    4. Delos joined in and thought they might be under the influence of some narcotic, he’d seen it portrayed in the crime-dramas he watched

    5. He was easily distracted from the reading by the wonders of the world portrayed in the book

    6. clean image he portrayed to the school board

    7. Very few talked of children, so many looked like children themselves, little older than she had been as a mortal, not as old as she portrayed herself now

    8. As I/O devices, these androids were quite sophisticated and portrayed emotions beautifully

    9. Oh she portrayed herself as an adult, she'd continued to 'grow up' in the crystal

    10. Reality moves ever onward though, dynamically bringing about changes big and small of the previous circumstances that had been so artistically portrayed on the canvas

    1. The expression that flashes across Julia's face portrays shock from my question, but it also reveals she knows exactly what I'm referring to

    2. This particular piece, he explains, portrays the intense feelings of agitation of a man who could not reach his lover because his carriage was stuck in the mud

    3. This passage directly prophesied the coming of the servant of God, or the Messiah, and portrays him to be a suffering servant who would offer himself up for his people so that they could be saved

    4. Any so-called student of history who portrays the Soviet State as it became under Stalin as an aberration, just goes to show what a liberal can never admit to: being wrong

    5. Like his acting ability or not, he portrays a character that has America in his sights as the last best hope

    6. Such posturing falsely portrays her as a victim, which she clearly is not

    7. This means: If you have a number of versus which portrays a certain teaching throughout scripture, you cannot take one verse, completely out of context, to nullify or wipe out all the preceding verses

    8. state-of-the-art facilities portrays its neat,

    9. Blood Junky portrays the state of vampirism in a completely

    10. In addition, he cast the incredibly talented Stephen Moyer, who portrays the tragic hero so

    1. Progress presented and offered exclusively by big government, bigger multinational corporations, and the biggest demons who portray themselves as saints

    2. Those decades passed with Kulai even trying to portray Enjteen in a good light to Enjteen’s own mother

    3. You may just need to look carefully at how you portray

    4. These texts portray elders who are as submissive to the

    5. descriptive name in the Bible to portray the essence of a

    6. I can"t help wondering why, at just about the time in the 1860"s of the unification of Italy, with the resultant loss, to the Papacy, of the Papal States, the decision was made to portray Mary as having been conceived blameless for original sin

    7. I find it interesting how many modern biographers oftentimes portray Charles Dickens as a (minor) social revolutionary or a man possessing what is commonly referred to by ―progressives,‖ a ―social consciousness

    8. you do not want to portray that's what you are doing

    9. The machine assumed a more formal voice with an intense feeling of feigned stiffness behind it, intended to portray extreme seriousness though to Hilderich’s ears it only managed to sound like a dimwitted inflated egotist:

    10. For instance, millions of newspapers publish the same news; millions of companies register the same cadastral data; thousands of softwares and procedures make the same thing in Internet, residences and in the companies; the diverse encyclopedias also portray the same thing

    1. Besides, his record on Abortion speaks for itself! I suppose my real concern, however, centers on prevailing liberal/secularist sentiments portraying Christians as unsuitable candidates for the Supreme Court, or any other higher court for that matter, lest their religious viewpoints should otherwise color an (objective) interpretation of the law

    2. But then, the world, including Raul, had presumed Truman to be killed in action; what now, that he was resurrected? Portraying himself as blameless had come easily but, would it remain that way after he located Truman and heard what he had to say? Several more thoughtful puffs soothed him

    3. The word was blasphemous, portraying God as something unliving, dead, withered and gone

    4. The stiffness of the machine’s movements somehow struck him as portraying extreme exasperation, a feeling which was indeed verified when the machine spoke, tones of outright annoyance in its vaguely male voice:

    5. are portraying our side of the story as it happened and appeared to us,

    6. Fifty ways of portraying the life I despise

    7. portraying the essence of each creature in its

    8. ” Black leadership, Steele charges, “actually sells black dependency as a white opportunity for moral deliverance” by portraying their own people as “nearly helpless victims

    9. "Thank-you," Monica said as her mouth opened to show her teeth causing her cheeks to rise, portraying a half smile

    10. Foolishly enthralled at the prospect of portraying ‘A Thing Divine’, I asked Alwyn if I had a future in acting

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