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  1. But what if you have to portray a.
  2. They portray themselves as non-Halloween.
  3. My mother wanted to portray a sense of normalcy.
  4. They portray holding cash as a risk-reduction method.
  5. There is a whole new landscape to portray Star Trek on.

  6. You may just need to look carefully at how you portray.
  7. These texts portray elders who are as submissive to the.
  8. He liked to portray everything big, crazy, and over the top.
  9. Many writers portray success in different ways, but we have.
  10. This can be easier to portray through simple examples than prose.
  11. They portray civilized history as a process of continual improvement.
  12. I feel no disposition, either, to portray the affair of the Chesapeake.
  13. Blake opted to answer the questions in a way that would portray him as.
  14. I wanted to portray to the audience that we were doing well in these so.
  15. This is similar to how physicists portray the relationship of a string to.

  16. What possible reason would she have to portray Sidney Storm as a wizard?'.
  17. To speed up this process, I portray myself in a certain way; it’s a pose.
  18. But passages of his autobiography portray an angry and disillusioned man.
  19. The actor Chaos Terrain had hired to portray the admiral totally nailed the part.
  20. He was going to portray Roger and Marc as even more wicked than they actually were.
  21. One of the greatest lies of the three Faiths of Abraham is to portray our Creator.
  22. But how am I to portray the thousand deaths I died wanting to avoid distressing you.
  23. All this is done to portray a side or aspect to the Bible that has never before been.
  24. The earliest symptoms were important to portray, to show how they are deflected and denied.
  25. Finally, why did the author(s) of the Torah dare to portray both the Almighty Thou (ohvkt) and.

  26. Even when acting, thought Ingeborg, there were depths of baseness the decent refused to portray.
  27. Cast out–To portray as no longer part of the target symbol they were previously associated with.
  28. Candid shots that are took in the perfect moment would help you achieve what you want to portray.
  29. His main interest, it appears, is to portray the dark side of human nature and institutions without.
  30. Some portray the ideal trader as an emotionless robot, with ice for blood and a computer for a brain.
  31. Those decades passed with Kulai even trying to portray Enjteen in a good light to Enjteen’s own mother.
  32. Drawing from his examined life, he set out to portray a young woman’s life on the male canvas of India.
  33. Now he had to give up his identity in order to portray the poster boy obedience to ones father for an heir.
  34. In what manner Thompson will choose to portray this theme is as secret as the subject of Augustine’s work.
  35. Does this not once again clearly portray the prescriptive care taken with remains, even if it just a skull?
  36. They also try to portray a strong nationalistic bent in an attempt to legitimize their criminal activities.
  37. At least that’s how the desperate Time Walkers were willing to portray it—as being putting every man on equal terms.
  38. Their characters, in light of these accomplishments, will definitely be perceived to be much better than what I portray.
  39. However, as before, they fit the mold of the noble savage and portray Indians as having a communistic, utopian existence.
  40. Nearly all history books portray the history of human civilization as a triumphant forward march known as ‘progress’.
  41. While I don't understand their belief or lack of, I respect their decision but I won't portray myself as someone I'm not.
  42. I do not believe we should succumb to a strategy which would portray him rushing from one adulatory situation to another.
  43. She doesn’t fit the stereotypes for serial killers who often portray themselves as obsessive, aggressive, hostile or insane.
  44. To portray one being slain, sawdust blood spilling from its neck…well, it was doubtless innocent, but it was far from wise.
  45. Dan was trying to portray himself as the good boy by shouting her trip to Sydney along with Meryls mum, who was also invited.
  46. Their historians, media and politicians always portray themselves as virtuous saints who promote truth, justice, democracy, etc.
  47. Such approach would portray me as a weakling, suggesting invariably that I could not still think for myself, even as an undergraduate.
  48. Keta said that Sab would be vengeful and mentally unstable and I was beginning to agree no matter how normal she tried to portray herself.
  49. Investing in the United States is imperative because regardless of what the news media may portray, we are still the world’s leader, for now.
  50. The attempt of Science to portray the Earth as an insignificant speck of dust in a meaningless Universe is an abomination of human intelligence.
  51. This biography sets the record straight: Marilyn’s PR decision to portray her mother as deceased had nothing to do with her being ashamed of Gladys.
  52. Progress presented and offered exclusively by big government, bigger multinational corporations, and the biggest demons who portray themselves as saints.
  53. I will briefly discuss many theories and stories that together portray the ways that expected returns are determined, but I cannot give one coherent story.
  54. Although the scriptures portray how these people triumphed over their struggles, it does not show the history of the Jewish people after these periods in time.
  55. In Tarot it gives the feeling of separation and is also used to portray a time of deep contemplation or a process of growth that is not perceived until much later.
  56. No writer has been able more skilfully to give his characters a real personality, or to portray more faithfully their failures, sharp struggles and final successes.
  57. To put it politely the woman covers quite a vast area and the amount of paint required to portray her acreage would be ruinous if you expect me to provide materials.
  58. My wish has been to portray the state of things at the establishment, and as it affected myself, accurately and yet forcibly; whether I have done so others must judge.
  59. For example, if you want to portray the faces of the members of a soccer team after winning the game, then take pictures of them just when the competition is about to end.
  60. At one point Silas pointed it out to me of this double standard that I seem to portray, and again that same night, my brother and John spoke to me about this matter at length.
  61. All illustrations and images in this book do not necessarily portray the view of the author or owner of said illustration or image, nor do the authors agree with the content of this book.
  62. Many words have been written in the past few days since the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, some reflect her perceived greatness and others portray her as a class enemy.
  63. Tempting as the subject would have been to the 'will of man,’ no prophet’s hand was stretched forth to portray on the screen of revelation the awful shadow-picture of the revolt in heaven.
  64. Science has attempted to portray literally everything in the universe as mechanical, duplicated, replicated, repetitive cycles, structures, processes, forms, etc… when the exact opposite is true.
  65. Kenny Boles, a teacher at Ozark Christian College in The Life to Come page 271, College Press, quarts a number of passages, and says these references portray sheol as simple the place of the dead.
  66. I’ve told a lot of stories for the media since Chris died, mostly in an attempt to illustrate that he was a lot more than just the highly skilled SEAL that news reports inevitably portray him as.
  67. She went to Grandma Lucy to listen to what she would be whispering and was surprised of what she heard: Somewhere Over the Rainbow, her grandma’s favorite song, and it was too long for her to portray it.
  68. Rather than admitting the fundamental hostility of humans towards all living creatures: our movie culture turns this around to portray all living creatures as hostile towards humans in the form of monsters.
  69. It was incredible that the angle they took with Bob was to try to portray him as some sort of a cult leader, swaying young people to his side using the internet and pornography to grab hold of their interest.
  70. Why then is there an extensive drive to portray Capitalism in such a negative light by intellectuals, members of the media, and the Democratic Party? I decided to do research of my own to attempt to find out why.
  71. In fact, no description can be adequate to portray the bliss of the Hereafter, which is so eloquently and concisely expressed in the verse: And verily the Hereafter will be better for thee than the present (life).
  72. I find it interesting how many modern biographers oftentimes portray Charles Dickens as a (minor) social revolutionary or a man possessing what is commonly referred to by ―progressives,‖ a ―social consciousness.
  73. In fact, no description can ever be adequate to portray the bliss of the Hereafter, which is so eloquently and concisely expressed in the Verse: ((And indeed, the Hereafter will be better for you than the present (life).
  74. The use of the words "man," "men" and masculine pronouns is meant to include persons of both sexes and is indicative of the author’s historical and cultural milieu and not meant to portray Buddhism as a male-only pursuit.
  75. The machine assumed a more formal voice with an intense feeling of feigned stiffness behind it, intended to portray extreme seriousness though to Hilderich’s ears it only managed to sound like a dimwitted inflated egotist:.
  76. How can the leaders of the thriving house of Judaism truthfully portray themselves as the stump that has been cut-off when they are powerful and wealthy and in bed with the Vatican and its nations? The house of Zechariah 4:9.
  77. Convention and especially satire sometimes portray speculators comically as speculating in pork bellies (in which a real market and real speculators exist) and often "losing their shirts" or making a fortune on small market changes.
  78. And that beast, Conan knew, had been extinct for at least a thousand years; it was the great golden leopard which figures so predominantly in Hyborian legendry, and which the ancient artists delighted to portray in pigments and marble.
  79. You know underneath all this image of a strong willed no nonsense woman I’ve been trying to portray to show everyone, you’re the only one to let this side of me show, I think it was meant to only appear for you, she said softly.
  80. I can"t help wondering why, at just about the time in the 1860"s of the unification of Italy, with the resultant loss, to the Papacy, of the Papal States, the decision was made to portray Mary as having been conceived blameless for original sin.
  81. Thus regarded, the immolation of an animal, the taking away of its life, would portray for all ages the execution of the sentence under which mankind lay—death, like that of the 'beasts which perish:’—a loss of life, and of the prospect of immortality.
  82. An eloquent legislative councillor began his inquisition with words of deadly prognosis, words that were bound, no doubt calculated, to without fear portray the anxious heartbeats of the tens of thousands of recently much poorer people pounding the sidewalks of Hong Kong.
  83. For instance, millions of newspapers publish the same news; millions of companies register the same cadastral data; thousands of softwares and procedures make the same thing in Internet, residences and in the companies; the diverse encyclopedias also portray the same thing.
  84. But perhaps the chief mistake in Art Schools has been that they have too largely confined themselves to training students mechanically to observe and portray the thing set before them to copy, an antique figure, a still-life group, a living model sitting as still and lifeless as he can.
  85. Jesus’ family questioned the legitimacy of His work being that of a Messiah, as He did not outwardly portray the behaviour and characteristics of a King, a messiah who could save the world, and as the oldest son He was not readily available to help support the family which was the custom at that time.
  86. By deliberately conflating wholesome images of grace and beauty and youthful vigor with the iconography and ideology of the Nazis, Riefenstahl would cunningly portray the new German state as something ideal—the perfect end product of a highly refined civilization descended directly from the ancient Greeks.
  87. It was highly enigmatic how such contrasting manners could be successfully combined into one person and how that individual managed to portray herself in different ways to different people—strangers at that, but Feltus resolved that this was merely one of the facets of women that men were not supposed to fathom.
  88. If he had no conscience or else possessed tremendous acting skills, Terence would be quite natural and successful in managing to portray an inconsolable widower; after all, Feltus conceded, this man’s life depended on his ability to deceive the authorities which made him all the more capable of such cleverness and subtlety.
  89. But the writers of the gospels wanted to portray Him as God’s messenger and deceive the populace and people of the community that He was the Son of God, the easiest and most convincing way to gain the peoples’ trust and support at that time would surely have been to write a spin about the power of His ‘physical’ might.
  90. Why? Because they wanted us to see how it worked! Then they let us destroy it! Maybe that was part of their test—to find out if humans are willing to make a heroic sacrifice to save their comrades? To see if our species actually behaves the way we portray ourselves in our books and movies and games? He stood back up and began to pace, faster and faster.
  91. Moreover, to attribute the threat of such potential realities as ‘physical’ and psychological violence, and such spiritual images as eternal punishment and damnation in Hell with Satan, to ‘God’, to the Creator, will, by association, unjustly and unfairly portray ‘God’ the Creator as a vindictive, angry, belligerent and violent Super Natural Being.
  92. In this regard, please do not take my translation of the text in quotations marks as literally accurate, word for word and letter for letter, but rather concentrate on the message the quotations portray, as every effort has been made to accurately reflect the core message of every quoted passage, from his book, in Afrikaans: 5 Minute voor en na die dood.
  93. For instance: how much civilized humor is a negative put-down of someone else? How much of it is one-sided humor; that is not funny to whoever is being made fun of? How much of it is thinly veiled nastiness…? Modern American TV and movies portray all siblings as hating each other… constantly sniping at each other as viciously as possible without coming to actual blows.
  94. One would think that news exists to tell citizens what's happening in the world, but in truth it is merely in the business of making money and taking orders from the government, therefore the stories it reports are carefully selected to carry out an agenda, to portray certain shady government actions in a good light, or to entertain viewers with cute stories that have no real practical meaning.
  95. Now isn’t this a wonderful opportunity for some of the sickest, weakest antisocial whackos to become powerful and have safe, secure, cushy jobs doing nothing? Isn’t this the easiest, best, most cowardly way to institutionalize and portray the sickest inhuman humanity as the highest human good? Simply by worshipping linear logic, and the Scientific Method, as the most sacred and only way any human can arrive at any truth whatsoever.
  96. Sometimes I have not been successful in my purpose, sometimes I have, supporting it upon the shoulders of the truth; which truth is so clear that I can almost say I have with my own eyes seen Amadis of Gaul, who was a man of lofty stature, fair complexion, with a handsome though black beard, of a countenance between gentle and stern in expression, sparing of words, slow to anger, and quick to put it away from him; and as I have depicted Amadis, so I could, I think, portray and describe all the knights-errant that are in all the histories in the world; for by the perception I have that they were what their histories describe, and by the deeds they did and the dispositions they displayed, it is possible, with the aid of sound philosophy, to deduce their features, complexion, and stature.
  1. Fifty ways of portraying the life I despise.
  2. It’s a very simple way of portraying that dominance.
  3. Portraying himself as the father of the Nation, the Father of everyone.
  4. Peter into Black Peter: portraying him as the Devil’s helper?… Duh.
  5. Portraying himself as a ‘natural man’ from the frontiers of America.
  6. This wasa five-act costume play, in prose, portraying the life at thecourt.
  7. His joyful portraying of her spiritual awakening now seemed to him ridiculous.
  8. Portraying his life’s struggles and strife They show his compassion to succeed.
  9. The word was blasphemous, portraying God as something unliving, dead, withered and gone.
  10. We want to take up primary residence in the actor instead of the character we‘re portraying.
  11. They only worshipped icons portraying death, degradation, martyrdom, submission, and resignation.
  12. Bjorn observed a large, bronze fountain, portraying what must have been the Founders of Tinkerburg.
  13. Angry protestors disrupted beauty pageants and defaced posters portraying women simply as sex objects.
  14. Her dark-brown eyes sparkled portraying delight as she shifted in her seat to get a better view of the audience.
  15. As a close friend of Marilyn’s, he may have had a vested interest in portraying the psychiatrist as remorseful.
  16. Foolishly enthralled at the prospect of portraying ‘A Thing Divine’, I asked Alwyn if I had a future in acting.
  17. Your mother is a classic manipulator, portraying herself as a poor, tired, and helpless old lady because you are always available.
  18. Statues of stone, portraying the most venerated of Heroes, were situated at the steps of large temples that overlooked the countryside.
  19. Several color photos made up a collage of sorts from the crime scene outside their home, portraying their mother as a bona fide murderer.
  20. The valey was secluded but enchanting shielding this lake which was once believed to be portraying a sleeping woman in Rig- Vedic period.
  21. Christ’s life portraying His teachings of compassion and forgiveness, was not driven by force or coercion, to compel others to comply with Him.
  22. Think about these guys - John Goodman from Roseanne - think about how they started portraying the American family, and they portrayed it as normal.
  23. Paul is an example of a Great Christian, he lived by Faith he was Great at portraying Christ in his Life, he lived only to communicate Christ to others.
  24. Much of the blame can be put on the media for overexasperating the volatility and portraying the trading aspect of investing as the strategy for the future.
  25. It had to be politically devastating, portraying the government and security organizations as ineffectual, powerless and incompetent to the mourning public.
  26. Not only is that not what the Scriptures teach, it has the distinct disadvantage of portraying our God as a Monster the likes of which the human mind cannot even conceive.
  27. Together, we’re a better actress than Bethanie ever thought of being; two halves of a whole, portraying innocence on the outside while being a fallen angel on the inside.
  28. His quiz result told the world that Agatha, his gentle avatar, the blue-haired grandmother he was portraying, was: Ashley, the preppy, blonde, stylish and out-about-town Olsen twin.
  29. The object of your training in drawing should be to develop to the uttermost the observation of form and all that it signifies, and your powers of accurately portraying this on paper.
  30. At least five-hundred yards away from each side Kiera could see walls of similar gray and black stone with stain glass windows, many of which portraying religious prophets or deities.
  31. The point is this: the conventional western Jewish media propaganda shit crap of portraying Hitler’s National Socialism as the most evil social system ever invented is a total propaganda lie.
  32. The Apostle Paul later on transformed this new gospel into Christianity, a religion embodying his own theologic views and portraying his own personal experience with the Jesus of the Damascus road.
  33. First of all I may say that you probably share the idea that ever since the days of Daguerre photography has been regarded as the one infallible means of portraying faithfully any object, scene, or action.
  34. The stiffness of the machine’s movements somehow struck him as portraying extreme exasperation, a feeling which was indeed verified when the machine spoke, tones of outright annoyance in its vaguely male voice:.
  35. The whole world was flooded with propaganda and lies about non-existent gas chambers and fictitious nazi atrocities and the deception of portraying the Nazis as being consistently Anti-Semitic throughout the war was preserved.
  36. In contrast with Michael Angelo's drawing, note the preoccupation with the silhouette the spaces occupied by the different masses in the field of vision; how the appearance solid forms is the result of accurately portraying this visual appearance.
  37. The insight behind portraying polytheism composing deities without limited number can be explained as follows: when God is false, lacking absolute power, he throws many philosophies for religions to oppose the real divinity of Christ the God.
  38. The premise of Let’s Make Love has Marilyn portraying musical comedy actress Amanda Dell, appearing in an off-Broadway revue that satirizes celebrities, including the fictional Jean-Marc Clement (Montand), a French-born billionaire industrialist who is now headquartered in New York City.
  39. But then, the world, including Raul, had presumed Truman to be killed in action; what now, that he was resurrected? Portraying himself as blameless had come easily but, would it remain that way after he located Truman and heard what he had to say? Several more thoughtful puffs soothed him.
  40. Its surroundings are dull and extremely infected With a coating of dust which covers its interior A dimmed light is shattered in the rear The components are covered with a mist Portraying visions of love that were missed Spurts of water seeps to drown memories sounds Emptiness fills a cushion all around.
  41. And it should be made plain in this record that all these teachings portraying monotheism were largely derived, directly or indirectly, from the preachments of the missionaries of Machiventa Melchizedek, who went forth from their Salem headquarters to spread the doctrine of one God -- the Most High -- to the ends of the earth.
  42. Whereas Charles Dickens once wrote to a friend that the character he most enjoyed portraying was the rogue who transforms himself in a blink of an eye and thereby instantly earns his eternal reward, it is not the nature of a distressed investment to realize its goals in the blink of an eye or even in the turn of a quarter or two.
  43. Besides, his record on Abortion speaks for itself! I suppose my real concern, however, centers on prevailing liberal/secularist sentiments portraying Christians as unsuitable candidates for the Supreme Court, or any other higher court for that matter, lest their religious viewpoints should otherwise color an (objective) interpretation of the law.
  1. Christ was portrayed as a.
  2. He portrayed the loving father.
  3. The woman portrayed on the card of.
  4. In this story God is not portrayed.
  5. His consort is Kali, usually portrayed with a.
  6. It had a picture that portrayed the devilfish.
  7. The vague form in the distance portrayed a door.
  8. The Sanhedrin’s influence portrayed Jesus and.
  9. Anger, peace, thought, happiness, all was portrayed.
  10. But therein lies the rube…vampires are portrayed so.
  11. The profit of this attainment is portrayed in the next.
  12. They portrayed snorting minotaurs and steaming firbolgs.
  13. Well, at least as the old portraits of him portrayed him.
  14. Some of the events portrayed in this book were real events.
  15. Hearst’s New York Journal, portrayed Weyler as a villain.
  16. She is familiar to us because we see her portrayed on our.
  17. All the four kinds of worshippers are portrayed as generous.
  18. The figure of Melchizedek as portrayed here is strikingly.
  19. The serpent is normally portrayed as the embodiment of sin.
  20. Pilate was not the man your history has portrayed him to be.
  21. These are the things about me that are also portrayed in the.
  22. The hermit is portrayed as a white-bearded man standing atop a.
  23. He never portrayed the stone killer in front of Aquana's mother.
  24. It portrayed the ideal of a resultant new order of human society.
  25. On the walls a story was portrayed of the beast and the rhino plant.
  26. This is why the seven stars are portrayed in my right hand.
  27. Shadowing is portrayed as though there is a source of light and, as.
  28. I am using the voice of one the wonderful actresses who portrayed her.
  29. The characters in Sex and the City all portrayed a different attitude.
  30. The old photograph was very close to the image this man now portrayed.
  31. They were portrayed with the tips of their noses touching, their arms.
  32. Justitia, however, is always portrayed wearing a blindfold: she is the.
  33. It was in color, and it portrayed a scene that was shocking and tragic.
  34. He needed to be portrayed as a good man who wasn’t equal to the task.
  35. His bright lively eyes, not furtive or secretive, portrayed intelligence.
  36. In the following verse argument is portrayed by fire we will look.
  37. It was something I only had seen in books or badly portrayed in the movies.
  38. The antichrist is portrayed as conquering countries and taking their riches.
  39. Waldensians were portrayed as witches literally flying around on broomsticks.
  40. The demand curves for this relationship are portrayed in the top panel of Fig.
  41. In contrast, Sebastian was portrayed as a bastion of Cheshire respectability.
  42. He was not some poor little kid as is generally portrayed and he often stayed.
  43. Look at the helmets of Greek warriors, and how Greeks portrayed them being worn.
  44. As portrayed by the authors of (1st) Genesis to Chronicles and (2nd) Matthew to.
  45. Malcolm’s stomach was a knot of nerves but he portrayed a calm and confident man.
  46. Oh she portrayed herself as an adult, she'd continued to 'grow up' in the crystal.
  47. An older man stood portrayed in it and somehow Talaric knew that the man was Tadias.
  48. Amen was often portrayed with a dual feathered headdress that was divided into four.
  49. His face apperared dangerously alluring in the light, portrayed now in exterior beauty.
  50. Britain and France's alleged failure to confront Hitler is also often falsely portrayed.
  51. Instead, they portrayed themselves as the industry leader, when they were not and IBM was.
  52. In the Bible God’s love for us is portrayed in the same model that is given in Genesis.
  53. When depicted as a man, Amen was most often portrayed with a dual-feathered headdress and.
  54. As I/O devices, these androids were quite sophisticated and portrayed emotions beautifully.
  55. He was easily distracted from the reading by the wonders of the world portrayed in the book.
  56. And even though the author(s) of the Torah portrayed the Almighty Thou as possessing gender.
  57. He was just no such teller of tales, despite the way he has been portrayed since his passing.
  58. Wyvern’s have been hunted and persecuted, lied about and portrayed falsely, for a long time.
  59. Yes, George, my best friend it was now evident emotion could be portrayed in the deceased.
  60. They are the “ho’s” portrayed in the graphic “lyrics” of the rappers and hip-hoppers.
  61. They needed to be kept safe from the hands of darkness that had been portrayed as being logical.
  62. He portrayed the elemental needs of the soul with a new insight and a new bestowal of affection.
  63. As for the type of temptation a prototype first generation couple was portrayed by the author of.
  64. Let us remember the price that he paid The deep and abiding love and faith He willingly portrayed.
  65. Like a flying eagle–The original astrological sign that is now portrayed as the constellation of.
  66. Moses, nor any of the other men in the referred to in the Torah are portrayed as a demi-deity (son.
  67. He was truly devoted to his three gifted sons and portrayed the necessary fondness for his daughter.
  68. Keep in mind that the story of the Exodus, as it has long been portrayed, is not literally true since.
  69. The have regularly portrayed millions of peaceful protesters as a few dissident crackpots in the streets.
  70. Man is portrayed by an unrealistic body denying the spirit of normality for invading God's golden integrity.
  71. Sherlock Holmes has been portrayed in films and on TV more than any other human character from literature.
  72. They were portrayed as being more good, more gentle, and more loving, and more noble than ordinary commoners.
  73. These shots could be portrayed as rays coming from the gunmen and hitting where they hit, as in the next figure.
  74. But as with some valorous heroes, the information portrayed his family life as having been anything but glorious.
  75. So, Allers, as a collective conscious, could be portrayed and perceived as a giant mouth with a throat to nowhere.
  76. She still looks pretty but her appearance at that moment portrayed that of a worried soul searching for an anchor.
  77. That is the view through the camera lens and why the cover of This Year’s Model portrayed me behind a Hasselblad.
  78. In the car on the way back to the dorm, Melanie asks Mona how accurately the movie portrayed life as a medical student.
  79. You would not be spies as portrayed on TV and in the movies, but their techniques will help you achieve your objective.
  80. The Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, is often portrayed standing on tiptoe, ready to dart away in the blink of an eye.
  81. For the next two thousand years it will be portrayed as an example something that went dreadfully wrong in this country.
  82. The most portrayed character of any kind is the Devil, who had featured in 849 films and TV episodes as of the same date.
  83. As the archetypically portrayed, demented serial-killer pleads, Someone please stop me! so do I—Please stop me.
  84. Such a type was afterwards portrayed by Tolstoi in his story The Forged Coupon, under the name of the housekeeper, Vasili.
  85. With the emergence of hard-boiled, butt-kicking women commonly portrayed on television nowadays, frontier women who helped.
  86. What was her name? He could even envision the actress who portrayed her in the recently released film version of the novel.
  87. Belle appreciated this feature of her husband at home, but was annoyed when Bob was portrayed as being grim and too serious.
  88. Colbert plays a femme fatale, the wife of the Emperor Nero, bizarrely portrayed by the great, incomparable Charles Laughton.
  89. In her few encounters with Khan outside the arena, he had come across as softer than the killing machine he usually portrayed.
  90. But the image was seven years old, and in truth it could have portrayed any grumpy young bridesmaid with long mid-brown hair.
  91. It is not as often an event as it should be to see a rare exotic flower such as this portrayed before you as an item of sale.
  92. The look on his face portrayed curiosity as he saw them whispering, but he didn't ask, instead he said, I see our patient is awake.
  93. I only hope she is somewhere out there right now, happy with the way that she, Pat, and Marilyn are portrayed in these pages.
  94. Although the island area portrayed a relaxed attitude newly designed and thought out, Cynthia understandingly helped on the project.
  95. Portrayed by twelve-year-old Jodie Foster, Iris behaves like an innocent child by day while turning tricks with grown men at night.
  96. The lover who is a husband and the wife who is in love with the man she has married have never before been so attractively portrayed.
  97. Delos joined in and thought they might be under the influence of some narcotic, he’d seen it portrayed in the crime-dramas he watched.
  98. In spite of the fact that the poet prefers to picture hope as springing, I think that in this case it may be better portrayed as running.
  99. Most of it was familiar to him, such as the first Overlord, Ellik, who was portrayed in golden armor, wielding the sword of victory, 161.
  100. Holding Sandhya in between them, as they looked at each other, his gaze portrayed longing and her look acquired the feeling of belonging.
  1. What the Geeta portrays as a war.
  2. Portrays a glow deep in the night.
  3. This is the war that the Geeta portrays.
  4. The biblical story of Job portrays a just man.
  5. It portrays neatness and helps conceal emotion.
  6. It then portrays the characteristic features of yagya.
  7. Blood Junky portrays the state of vampirism in a completely.
  8. The Old Man and the Sea portrays the much desired transformation in.
  9. But the war the Geeta portrays is not the physical, worldly war that is.
  10. This pattern, however, is not of much use because it portrays the obvious.
  11. Such posturing falsely portrays her as a victim, which she clearly is not.
  12. Li portrays himself as a god, and he puts his followers under control by his.
  13. This purposeful structure is the basis for all of the ancient wisdom that portrays.
  14. Luke also writes about the rock and the church in this way the following parable portrays.
  15. The one-sided view of Nature that Science and Civilization portrays is shared by most humans.
  16. In addition, he cast the incredibly talented Stephen Moyer, who portrays the tragic hero so.
  17. History outlines and portrays this struggle as both individual efforts and as by groups of people.
  18. Modern research portrays the problem of baldness as caused by a hormonal or chemical imbalance in the body.
  19. Like his acting ability or not, he portrays a character that has America in his sights as the last best hope.
  20. The expression that flashes across Julia's face portrays shock from my question, but it also reveals she knows exactly what I'm referring to.
  21. The cross thus portrays the devotion of willing affection and the bestowal of voluntary salvation upon those who are willing to receive such gifts and devotion.
  22. This particular piece, he explains, portrays the intense feelings of agitation of a man who could not reach his lover because his carriage was stuck in the mud.
  23. This is a much faster and more effective way to build a happier world (from within), than trying to change the way the media, society or our culture portrays beauty.
  24. Any so-called student of history who portrays the Soviet State as it became under Stalin as an aberration, just goes to show what a liberal can never admit to: being wrong.
  25. This purposeful structure is the basis for all of the ancient wisdom that portrays the path of truth, wisdom and justice as higher ideals than the path of greed, falsehood, and.
  26. He had been prepared for this and feeding false information easily into the chip from Alexander Finda's microchip circuitry Grailem portrays his new self as happy and in good health.
  27. This passage directly prophesied the coming of the servant of God, or the Messiah, and portrays him to be a suffering servant who would offer himself up for his people so that they could be saved.
  28. This means: If you have a number of versus which portrays a certain teaching throughout scripture, you cannot take one verse, completely out of context, to nullify or wipe out all the preceding verses.
  29. But the subject it portrays is taken from a legend, and you know how to rate legends in matters of natural history! Besides, when it's an issue of monsters, the human imagination always tends to run wild.
  30. Her elegant physical feature portrays the impression of a natural beautiful woman, but harassed by hardship, tortured by many years of endless struggle to fend for her children, she is now dressed in the gab of pity and penury.
  31. Figure 2-1, which shows the recent performance of the Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index, an index that tracks a basket of commodities, accurately portrays the major dynamics at play in the commodities markets over the last several years.
  32. This drama, having to a great extent a biographic character, portrays the torturing condition of a man who has gone through an inner religious crisis, and who lives with his family which, not understanding him, interferes with his attempts to change his life according to the truth revealed to him.
  33. While nothing can be farther from the truth, the Quran portrays many a divine contradictions, one of which is refreshingly welcome in that as against its averment that it carries for man the final message of the God, it states that if all the trees in the end were pens, and if the sea eked out by seven seas more were ink, the Words of God, could not be written out into their end.
  34. If popular consumer culture accurately mirrors what consumers like, and what they are like: does this mean that when modern consumers are with their spouses or mates…they have the urge to vomit on each other in disgust; since their culture portrays love and kindness to be disgusting? Do they watch Nazi Death camp films to laugh themselves sick because the old Nazi forms of brutality and inhumanity are much funnier than our modern forms of inhumanity? Do civilized humans try to be as cruel and unloving as possible just to conform to what their society expects of them? Is this kind of mindless conformity, evil, hate, cruelty, and corruption, hiding under the guise of modern humor, good for us? One effect civilization has on humans is that it turns civilized humans into emotionally sick people, with emotionally sick attitudes, and emotionally sick values and ideas about what is funny.

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