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    1. "I thought they were supposed to be thin in this sector

    2. Tig didn’t have time to look away from his assigned sector off the ‘dragger’s right shoulder, but Parker must have hit something with those rounds because he caught a flash out the corner of his eye

    3. These topics along with the assignments give us a good foundation to move into the next sector -- ‘the creative sector

    4. Before we move forward to the creative sector, I want you to think about some questions

    5. It looked as though we were going to a private sector of the grounds, which I thought would be quiet and sound proof

    6. qualifications, the young man found a job in the retail sector

    7. Joe had settled into a job as real estate agent after finishing High School, but by the time he was in his mid-thirties, the housing market had become a hard sell for him because of ongoing problems in the nation’s economy and the banking sector

    8. A flash momentarily illumined the Sector Five view on the main screen then it went dark

    9. This paradigm is prevalent in the corporate sector of many countries

    10. He also remembered the Administration was attempting to revitalize a dormant wind farm sector up in the higher ridges

    11. The Captain seemed to warm up a bit and said she would take them to Sector Intelligence whose mission it was to monitor all movement of people within a hundred miles

    12. “Yes alright Captain I saw you at one of the briefings before we landed but the main question is what the hell are you doing in our sector?” The Captain looked quite abashed as he replied

    13. “The main thing is because of the shambles that has been happening in the bush and gullies we can expect no reinforcements at all and the chances of us holding this sector against a full scale enemy counter attack are nonexistent

    14. Breaking from cover we rushed the forward post yelling like Dervishes the CSM was right and the artillery covering this sector was very light

    15. ‘We cannot return you home, since the council ruled we are forbidden from that sector

    16. “No that’s alright the Fusiliers are having rather a lot of trouble in their trench sector with a Turkish sniper

    17. “Well done young Lamb that’s the spirit well you had better get your kit together and head over to the Fusiliers sector and take these two coved with you to act as gun bearers”, and he and the rest of his entourage smiled at us and walked off

    18. I cleaned my rifle and then we returned to our own sector with the Fusiliers thanks ringing in our ears when we got there more congratulations were heaped on us and I was told how proud the Company and Battalion were of me

    19. “Non to bad it could be a lot worse but mark what I am saying to you watch out for their snipers dead keen in this sector they are

    20. “A lot better than some in this sector the firing steps have been raised a bit and the parapets well earthed

    21. “Soon we will reach the second level, the residential sector, and then I shall

    22. ” Ted was right and the next night we had to put a raid over in our sector to grab one or more prisoners if we could

    23. “Come on you dam Tommie’s we are ready and waiting for you”, and the whole of the German line in our sector opened up firing

    24. I looked at my watch and it was now only 8:15hrs and it had taken less than three quarters of an hour to wipe out most of the Battalions in this sector and so effectively put paid to the attack

    25. As I watched the Germans started to shell our whole sector of ‘No Man’s Land’ when suddenly a shell must have hit our hole and exploded, usually you can hear them and judge the direction but I didn’t hear this one

    26. And both New Jersey and Wisconsin have gone head-to-head with public sector unions, and won

    27. “They’re returning from near the sector of Unity we’re interested in

    28. Somehow he had been identified amongst the millions of others in this sector

    29. “We went firm in one of the houses in Uniform sector and set up an OP on the rooftop

    30. He had access codes to storage complexes in the UK southeast sector

    31. As far as he knew there was no sector commander – if there ever had been

    32. It may be reasonably argued that the Private Sector traditionally attracted (more) talented individuals (less) averse to risk taking in exchange for the prospect of potential advancement while other individuals possessing less capacity (perhaps) or who, lacking the requisite skills demanded by most companies, generally opted for quasi-guaranteed job security provided by the Public Sector

    33. This is likely to change, however, as higher paying positions and job security in the Private Sector are becoming less certain while the alternative prospects for longer term employment in the Public Sector coupled with generous employee benefits, equal or higher salaries and lucrative retirement packages are gradually attracting a broader cross section of recent college graduates including those counted among the ―better‖ educated

    34. It means the lawyer, whether he is an attorney or an advocate, must have passed his bar exams, completed his articles, be admitted on the role of attorneys or advocate and still practise as an attorney or advocate in the private sector

    35. Especially when dealing with the Oil & Gas sector who make all contracts subject to UK or American Law

    36. The new squadron to our north was doing a good job of taking care of the balloons in this sector

    37. “We are pursuing suspected pirate vessels in this sector

    38. Your ship is registered to the Mythological Institute, but there is no record of a mission in this sector

    39. “I will take you to the shop of my brother, who is the finest jewel-cutter in all of this sector

    40. “There has been a great deal of pirate activity in that sector of late

    41. We believe it was stolen years ago in the Corvus sector,” said Clive

    42. “Stolen much more recently, from an exploration team nine years ago in the sector marked on the screen in red

    43. “I’m a Chilliwock from the planet Sleptair in the Corvan sector

    44. Then, as Dave observed, we should do projects with benefits greater than costs, because on average that makes us better off…it raises the value of our scarce resources to transfer spending from the private to the public sector

    45. “Sure…which would you guess gets the higher return on capital investments, the government sector or the private sector?”

    46. “I suppose the private sector, because the special interest problem we talked about would likely cause many low-return projects to be undertaken by government,” I ventured, edging toward the peanut butter cookies in the kitchen

    47. to the loss of potentially thousands of high-paying jobs this sector provides

    48. private sector which was 41,000

    49. federal workers has increased by 129% compared with 74% for private – sector workers

    50. Whilst I don’t have any personal interest in transvestites or the Gay community I find it interesting that Thailand, which has a very liberal attitude towards that sector of society, would legislate against freedom of choice which only affects the person on whom the operation is performed

    1. sectored and local inflation-related problems

    1. Everyone in the Eastern sleep room facility is now dead, plus many more in the Northern, Southern, and Western sectors

    2. “No mother-ship detected in the sectors already investigated, Captain,” Elenir volunteered from the science station as she rose and crossed to her nav post, transferring the sensor and scanner data to her own station

    3. When the chaos ceased, Torbin had a clear view of space, and overlaid symbols and grids denoting sectors and individual stars

    4. I would imagine that there are lots of units like yours that are lost and wandering around in the wrong sectors confused by the ground and the lack of orders

    5. disk or in memory, and the third element was the killer, the harpoon, firing a few small items of trash code into those sectors and corrupting them

    6. On his display tablet Roidon could see her often maneuvering between sectors of the main enclosure

    7. The proliferation of ―sensitivity‖ training workshops and seminars in both the public and private sectors sadly reflect how easily we bruise as a society

    8. (potential) capital from the private to the public sectors

    9. As a sports fan who came of age in the sixties, I often ask myself, what have become of the Larry Czonka‘s or the Bill Riggins‘ or the Jerry West‘s or Rick Barry‘s, White Athletes who once dominated their respected sports? Is it conceivable that, in a day and age when the financial rewards are exceptionally high, (White‘s) have suddenly lost their competitive spark? Or could it be that many have fallen victim, in their own right, to stereotypical standards that seem to favor skill specific attributes like speed or vertical aptitude above other, less ―remarkable‖ qualities equally essential for performing on a higher level? Will such patterns eventually mandate the same type of protective status for Whites that are presently afforded to African Americans and other racial minorities competing in the public and private sectors? The latter is a stretch, granted

    10. There are many exciting opportunities in the garment and customer service sectors

    11. about the possible impacts on American workers and businesses in a number of industrial sectors, along

    12. That situation overloads the other sectors as the organizations with profit or non-profit that hug the social responsibility to minimize the social drama that annihilates the world as consequence of enormous and proven state-owned deficiency

    13. Our proposal gives to the Third Sector the chance of being the best altruistic competitor to the other sectors so that it accumulates immense financial capital in national and international level through to fundraising in the donation form with utilization of innovative methodology that avoids to spend the collected money, that is, paradoxically accomplishes all its process and it accumulates, without needing to spend it

    14. Besides, there is already enormous expense in all the sectors of the economy, without being effective

    15. Our Project creates the amount monetary, economic and political through the agglutination of the activities of the diverse sectors

    16. Also, they reach all the sectors of other countries that didn’t yet implant this Project

    17. Consequently, it will also motivate the other sectors in adopting this new organization style and execution of its activities through the unique task to be more competitive and productive

    18. The monetary volume of this accumulated resource will reach trillion dollars in few years, without considering the receipt of money, goods and services in the spontaneous deposits form of collaborators or individual grantmakers of organizations of other sectors and of altruistic people that believe in the efficiency of our proposal to participate in some way of the XUSING Project

    19. Finally, the solution of the foreign debt and national debt interests for all sectors of the economy and of the human society, it can be creditors, debtors, citizens, producers and governments, because it pays with very little investment what was considered priceless, it generates benefits for 100% of the population, it eliminates the misery, it puts an end to the lack of income and it activates the economic development, without favoritism and without being privilege for minorities

    20. least in 3 languages to the diverse sectors of

    21. Also, the State doesn’t need more to collect tributes for its maintenance and public services rendering, because all the activities social or economic are accomplished in total partnership with the other sectors to generate so desired social well-being and the wealth of the nations

    22. ( user17) PARTNERSHIPS AND ALLIANCES: The goal is the union of forces to reach all the sectors of the human society through the actuation of the organizations of the Third Sector

    23. The people sustain the luxury and the well-being of the other sectors economic or social

    24. It acts in an integrated way and it involves all the segments of the society, country or organization in total partnership, even in the sectors with high competition

    25. This process does with that resources, products and services circulate without “owners” for the society, so that there is abundance of the wealth for complete usufruct and generation of the social well-being to the private entrepreneurs, public sectors and mainly to the population through free market and freedom of expression

    26. I always just took the broken-down sectors of Chicago in stride, as evidence of what happens when people are without community

    27. And new sectors of testers

    28. enough to keep all the sectors of our lives balanced

    29. Success in one or two sectors often goes to our heads, and we assume that these strong aspects can support the other, weaker sectors and carry us forward without a hitch

    30. Even physicians, lawyers, scientists, and engineers, who are successful by virtue of their intellectual talents rather than their physical talents, have to pay attention to the biological and emotional sectors of their lives in order to protect their health and sanity

    31. Remain humble and keep the other sectors in sight and balanced, even at the height of your ca-

    32. A professional man should also contribute to childcare and help out on the domestic front so that his wife is able to handle both the professional and personal sectors in the same way he does

    33. As a result, his personal and spiritual sectors fell strongly out of balance

    34. Each of the eight sectors has an important role to play in the overall quality of our lives

    35. is neglected, poorly managed, or out of balance with other sectors, it has a negative impact on the other sectors

    36. However, when his professional and financial sectors were finally secure, he started to drink alcohol with his friends and colleagues in a social setting

    37. It is critical to our success and stability that we attend to and closely guard the integrity of all the sectors of our lives

    38. Start with your physical, biological, and spiritual sectors, because they are easier to manage, and then systematically attend to the sectors that remain

    39. partition between the sectors at a height of almost fifty feet,

    40. engulfing the now-crumbling gateway between the sectors and

    41. Sector0 railway station north of Sectors 4 and 5

    42. residential districts of Sectors 6 and 8 mourned the loss of their

    43. “We’re leaving those sectors as they are

    44. pleasant façade of the Sectors 2 and 3 suburbs, while others

    45. The individual borders between sectors of the Slums

    46. [W]e remain concerned about the possible impacts on American workers and businesses in a number of industrial sectors, along with the farmers, miners, and small business owners, who could be affected as your agency moves beyond regulations for vehicle greenhouse gas

    47. The businesses included representatives of the agriculture, business, chemicals, energy, paper and manufacturing and steel and iron sectors

    48. there are some sectors within the human species that develop in a certain

    49. driven by the oedipal problem, other sectors have made other decisions that

    50. The room was divided into four sectors each with a batch of one hundred foetal incubators

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