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    1. Today I would like to suggest to them that this change of terminology could represent a change in perspective

    2. "What media source do you represent?" Theo was still relaxed, but the young woman had intrigued him

    3. ‘Lucky old Stephen being called in to represent you

    4. ”It’s what you represent

    5. How can we gain more insight to what the darkness and the depths represent if the Spirit and the waters are the opposites? The problem really comes down to the deep being opposite of the waters

    6. The horns represent 10 kings

    7. Is there any crown more fitting for Him to have? Maybe something that we need to examine would be what the thorns represent

    8. The whole was intended to represent the living rooms of sumptuous Stephanian homes, even down to the television set and the welcoming fireplace effect set into a bulkhead

    9. She was still staring at him, "It's just the way you depicted it I guess, most would represent this as a square wave

    10. These machines represent a leap ahead over the old

    11. She would have seen rats in real life, so this was still a simulation, she had not been transported in time to reality itself in whatever era of Earth’s history this was meant to represent

    12. Regular substantial amounts going into the savings account … what do they represent? They look quarterly … yes, that’s right … what sort of payments are paid like that? Interest? Dividends? Would her father have had shares in something? He must have made a fair bit when he sold the shop … what did he do with it? Did he buy shares with some of it? Ann might know

    13. That feeling could only be trying to represent the movement of that data back and forth across the connection to Thom’s quantum state readout instrumentation

    14. He continued, “I shall represent our village proudly, and I accept it as a great honor to always call this home and each of you: my friends

    15. “Now, the Board of Control is supposed to represent all of the

    16. ' So, hearing about the Ten Tigers was somewhat reprehensible to me, and I only wished to distance myself from any taint of exhibitionism they represent

    17. homes, and the Cardinals represent the Church that has

    18. Worse than that, there had been many times she had to spend hours trying to get a person to grasp the concept that marks on paper could represent the sounds of speech

    19. Ava knew Kelvin’s cursor was as accurate a plot of his last transmission as the system could represent to their souls, as was the image of the planet

    20. "What does it represent?" he asked

    21. "What place does this represent?"

    22. "Does this represent a real place?" he asked, waving his arm at the view

    23. These two items represent the process of

    24. represent the blood sacrifice and the washing of water

    25. five giants and the five cities of the Philistines represent the last five strongholds of the land

    26. and their five giants, represent five strongholds of the enemy that remained in the land, resisting the Kingdom of God, and

    27. Mary is not a personality type in this story, nor does she represent some special ministry, but she represents the

    28. These towers represent the

    29. It was not because silver would in such times purchase or represent a greater quantity of labour, but because such commodities would purchase or represent a much smaller quantity

    30. Upon all these accounts, therefore, we may rest assured, that equal quantities of corn will, in every state of society, in every stage of improvement, more nearly represent, or be equivalent to, equal quantities of labour, than equal quantities of any other part of the rude produce of land

    31. As it costs a greater quantity of labour and subsistence to bring them to market, so, when they are brought thither they represent, or are equivalent to a greater quantity

    32. A shilling might, in the one case, represent no more labour than a penny does at present ; and a penny, in the other, might represent as much as a shilling does now

    33. Such knowledge takes us to a level of understanding very few have reached before: from the other side's point of view, though we think highly of us, we represent the ‘bad’ side

    34. commend that it represent me

    35. The symbols on my skin would represent the many cultures witches descended from

    36. The symbols on the top of each foot would represent protection and power

    37. The symbol on my head would represent wisdom, but the inscription on my chest was the most important, because it represented the five elements

    38. In front of each of the five boulders, were five people I chose to represent each element: Willow for earth, Alice, who was Willow’s mother for air, Ash for fire, Maye for water, and Josephine for spirit

    39. Over many years I have come to understand that these inorganic beings represent a far more complex symbiosis, a kind of mirror, where the internal and external worlds are fused at a very deep and intimate level, and this process deepens and changes over time as you burn off your karma

    40. PR is about how you interact w/ & represent yourself to the world

    41. A more direct interpretation of this dream may represent your anxieties of having a C-section in real life

    42. To give someone daffodils in your dream represent unrequited love

    43. To dream that your earlobes are long represent your spiritual or ancestral connection

    44. To dream of reading fables represent your literary mind and romantic notions

    45. The dream may also represent a fresh beginning

    46. To dream of your hands represent your relationships with those around you and how you connect with the world

    47. Hands serve as a form of communication and can represent authority, hate, protection, justice, etc depending on the gesture

    48. To dream that you are changing hats represent your changing opinions and thoughts

    49. To hammer nails in your dream represent your tenacity, persistence and ability to drive a hard bargain

    50. To dream that you are having palpitations represent fears that you are not confronting in your waking life

    1. He earned that tattoo and it represented his profession and his experience and his time

    2. Stu represented the epitome health and vitality, walking with all of the

    3. This planet represented a primitive phase in primate development, the phase of individuals

    4. He represented himself with the most secular personification of any of the officers

    5. From the four places on her torso where the artificial, machine limbs would have attached had they been represented, what looked like endless colored veins extended out from the neural interface ports, representing the connections between the breaching ship’s systems and the neural processors set in Chief Horcheese’s torso

    6. And what is it that is represented at the cross that so exposes them? Nothing more grants us access into an understanding of how they operate like the cross of Jesus Christ

    7. Stu represented the epitome health and vitality, walking with all of the swagger that a broad shouldered and confident young man at ease amid a timeless landscape should possess

    8. "No they are not supernatural, they are simulated humans, as our audio is simulated acoustic energy represented by electrical energy

    9. The Son is represented in the light, and of course the Spirit (ruach) hovered over the waters

    10. God as Father is represented in that He could not just allow the world to continue in darkness and chaos

    11. What is the outcome of such beliefs? What are the practical implications of believing in a trinity instead of a monotheistic god? It is my belief and conclusion that God is only represented fully – even if we want to say that the cross is His core character – only when we can embrace this view of the trinity

    12. The head of gold represented Babylon

    13. The arms and chest were of silver, and represented Medo-Persia

    14. The abdomen and loins were of brass and represented Greece

    15. The legs were made of iron and represented Rome

    16. Fire has always represented cleansing and purging

    17. She represented the good and the bad: the politicians, street-players, gypsies, police, drug dealers, prostitutes and priests - all in equal measure - and in between, the cafe owners and their ten-piece bouzouki orchestras

    18. The captain represented his data access as a phone

    19. career and you want to put that on your profile, then by logging on to your profile, you can click edit and change all your information so you can be represented as accurately as possible

    20. ” Thom had represented it on fan-fold, it was five pages of parts

    21. Lieutenant Imdrun was a very needy soul, and represented himself as a slight man with a forlorn face and droopy eyes

    22. He represented himself just about as he looked the day he ascended, so a mortal would think he was in his late sixties

    23. Represented by an Udjat tincture

    24. Walking to the office from the car park, I concentrate on calming down so that I present a sensible and, above all, normal face to the world as represented by Bill and Graham

    25. and positive things that her father represented to her

    26. pint of beer and a whisky chaser represented a little slice of heaven

    27. The physically represented storage

    28. The fact that he was under strain was represented to her soul by vibrations in those hands

    29. calves to be sold on which represented, Alistair had told Tom, a

    30. clothing and would, he considered, have represented a concise

    31. And, of course, those who represented the interests

    32. Harry settled into his studies, read and reexamined his knowledge of the texts and formulae represented in the tomes until he should at last be convinced that he knew the material

    33. Yet to others it represented an incursion into their determination to remain masters of their houses and homes and other discomfited intrusiveness

    34. It rejuvenated her sense of life, she loved mornings, and sunrises, they represented life in its beginning to her

    35. Gone also was Alan’s respect for the officers and all they represented

    36. represented by cripples and the blind, as well as some of

    37. She represented a travel group out of L

    38. The sound can be represented by electrons instead of air, it has pressure, flow and restriction values in it’s equations just like air

    39. That question was just about the worst taboo in her society, even more so in the parts of that society represented by this expedition

    40. This is represented in the spring harvest festivals

    41. These represented the unconscious itself -- not the "little" personal unconscious that Freud made such a big deal out of, but a new collective unconscious of humanity itself, an unconscious that could contain all the dead, not just our personal ghosts

    42. As I woke up, I knew that my family represented the Church

    43. This difference, however, in the mode of their subsistence, is not the cause, but the effect, of the difference in their wages; though, by a strange misapprehension, I have frequently heard it represented as the cause

    44. Both the pecuniary income and expense of such families have increased considerably since that time through the greater part of the kingdom, in some places more, and in some less, though perhaps scarce anywhere so much as some exaggerated accounts of the present wages of labour have lately represented them to the public

    45. The Lord showed me that the towers represented the rise of the

    46. represented the false religious spirit that the Pharisees walked in

    47. I had the sense that this represented a time of persecution and trial

    48. understood that the trees represented the Church and the Jewish

    49. Protagoras, two other eminent teachers of those times, is represented by Plato as splendid,

    50. believe for a moment that this man represented the will of

    1. From the four places on her torso where the artificial, machine limbs would have attached had they been represented, what looked like endless colored veins extended out from the neural interface ports, representing the connections between the breaching ship’s systems and the neural processors set in Chief Horcheese’s torso

    2. The logic of their minds is not performed with nerve cells and hormones but with silicon representations of neurons with global constants representing hormone levels and digital memory representing nucleotide sequences

    3. He took a wand and drew a curve representing the bottom of the globe, then drew the bundle off of it

    4. On his head played theorems and equations, numbers and symbols, representing the sciences

    5. I’m very convinced that ship out there,” he pointed to the dot representing the bogie on his screen, “is the Curitiba and that it means to take action against us, if it hasn’t already

    6. symbols, representing the sciences

    7. drawn wagons representing the bulk of the traffic

    8. Still, an artificial intelligence representing the leader of the Acheronian Star showing up here of all places is way too weird to be a coincidence

    9. Belle and George were both pleased at the addition; representing to them the new advent of tradition that was soon to transform their family's own training for generations to come

    10. "If you aren't representing Klarrain, then where's the money coming from?"

    11. official institution representing the bad extreme, maybe

    12. The Window is made up of four panes, representing the four areas of

    13. 15,715, representing 54% from the population of

    14. Indeed the shift in human consciousness has already begun and the aforementioned occurrences are representing the following new life themes that will become the norm throughout the world

    15. The capital error of this system, however, seems to lie in its representing the class of artificers, manufacturers, and merchants, as altogether barren and unproductive

    16. Though in representing the labour which is employed upon land as the only productive labour, the notions which it inculcates are, perhaps, too narrow and confined ; yet in representing the wealth of nations as consisting, not in the unconsumable riches of money, but in the consumable goods annually reproduced by the labour of the society, and in representing perfect liberty as the only effectual expedient for rendering this annual reproduction the greatest possible, its doctrine seems to be in every respect as just as it is generous and liberal

    17. I live in a Hogan with four posts representing the four

    18. It had designs carved onto its sides, shapes representing spiders

    19. Each picture, book, cushion was a part of herself, representing some raw emotion or interest she’d felt at some point in her life

    20. “Well there is one thing you are lucky to have someone representing you at the trial it is only because Colonel Jack Harmon made a thorough bloody nuisance of himself at Division that I was assigned to you

    21. “I am Lt Howarth Sir and I am representing the accused it has been cleared by Division

    22. It was simply numbers representing words, which later could be off-loaded into language format

    23. He was already present at the gathering, representing the smaller groups who had no king, the nomads, the outcasts and others

    24. Lieutenant Miley, representing headquarters where the commander-in-chief should have been, concurred in their view

    25. age twenty-one, all representing stages in her life

    26. In that fascinating city, English and Malaysian are the two main languages spoken, the latter representing the national and official language of the country

    27. “You can see three Wyverns, representing Odin, Safaa and Bao

    28. and changing notations does not change the fact that we are still representing the

    29. There are now a confusing number of evangelical associations and pressure groups representing a wide cross section of views

    30. There seems to be agreement among many sources that here the snake is a symbol representing the evil of the world sometimes referred to as Satan

    31. Could the short introduction to the biblical story of Abraham then be a parable representing the movement of followers of EL, the “God Most High” away from the religious power center of Ur? Because it was the eastern anchor of the Fertile Crescent, it would have made more sense to flee up the Euphrates River than to try to escape into the harsh desert environment that was the southern limit of their land

    32. Is that just coincidental? In the Hebrew understanding of numerology the number seven is seen as representing completeness, perfection, and may have some bearing in its use in both instances

    33. raised platform where the soundman and selector were representing on the

    34. Then symbols representing the sounds of language were etched indelibly upon stone, and then on other more portable surfaces

    35. Earlier still in the backdrop of prehistory there seem to have been animal attributes representing powers that Man recognized that he lacked, but had yearned for, over the eons of his rise from out of that natural order that had incubated him

    36. In the first quote Jesus seems to be saying that all children have angelic intercessors, who may stand before God directly in representing or overseeing the interests of children personally and individually

    37. But I understand now what Tori said about her tattoo representing a fear she overcame—a reminder of where she was, as well as a reminder of where she is now

    38. (because of, on behalf of, representing, during, distance, amount of money, instead of) por

    39. I see Tobias standing in the middle of the lawn, wearing mixed faction colors—a gray T-shirt, blue jeans, and a black sweatshirt with a hood, representing all the factions my aptitude test told me I was qualified for

    40. Then perhaps a dozen banners representing various fruits of the harvest were raised to great cheers and spontaneous dancing

    41. Is the variable representing the price of book1 and can be treated like any other ordinary variable

    42. array of structures, each element of the array representing a structure variable

    43. Fig (d): Two ways of representing an object

    44. Abstraction refers to the act of representing essential features without including the background details or

    45. Snapshot: Attachment is also a good way of representing the bug

    46.  Snapshot: Attachment is also a good way of representing the bug

    47. individual locations comforting, representing the irregularity of

    48. tournament continues for four nights, the number four representing Shi, death, in the

    49. “He was an amateur boxing champion in the Ukraine and one match away from representing his country in the Olympics

    50. “Oh god, yes, I think he knows it all too well” Jasmin remembered how in her dreams at times he had shown her the universe in it's colours representing the love and light that consisted in this world and told her how angels waited to guide him into a place so wonderful

    1. The first best is a lion – king of the jungle – that represents Babylon

    2. The second beast was a bear, which represents Medo-Persia

    3. The third beast was a leopard, which represents Greece

    4. It represents the Rome, but ultimately the Antichrist Kingdom

    5. Everything that David was, and everything that David represents, is a depiction of Christ Jesus and His eternal Rule

    6. There is something about that Bride – not of us individually – that so represents God, that He has actually exalted it to a place of stature, and a name above other names, that He calls it part of Himself

    7. She represents someone who is more important to the king than the public suspects

    8. When Patients come for a hypnotherapy consultation, it is always helpful to explain to them the way in which the brain takes in, filters and represents information to consistently produce specific states

    9. Your skin represents the

    10. Represents a named elite

    11. There’s the two flats and a cash sum which represents the sale price of the house when we sold it after Dad died

    12. represents a threat he’s been trying to eliminate from the

    13. “We are equally pleased that this project represents a sea change in the approach to Construction Planning at Waterhouse, and we look forward to your continued adaption to, and coordinated efforts with ourselves and our affiliates

    14. His current name is Brancetrabble, and he is the owner of this castle and the vast fortune it represents

    15. "Your circuitry represents the pleasure of your touch as well as the beauty of your visage

    16. ” The number eleven represents the prophetic

    17. The altar represents justice and the ark with its mercy seat represents mercy, so as one walked though the tabernacle they began with justice and ended with mercy

    18. Bronze speaks of purity, the offering on the altar speaks of sacrifice and righteousness, and the fire represents purification

    19. The altar represents the prophetic ministry and the bowl represents the servant ministry

    20. We understand that the annoyed neighbor represents God, but is God an annoyed neighbor? Jesus makes a powerful point here

    21. Bronze represents purification, and the items themselves

    22. The blood represents the forgiveness of sins

    23. and the water represents the power to live a holy life

    24. represents a spirit of self-promotion, a giant that has caused

    25. Mary is not a personality type in this story, nor does she represent some special ministry, but she represents the

    26. upon the wall of His city, and that this represents a mature bride

    27. people, and the trees coming together represents unity in the

    28. out of Babylon, which represents the world’s system

    29. reward, and we may be assured that it was not less than he represents it

    30. Frezier, who visited Peru in 1713, represents Lima as containing between twenty-five and twenty-eight thousand inhabitants

    31. Ulloa, who resided in the same country between 1740 and 1746, represents it as containing more than fifty thousand

    32. This notion is connected with the system of political economy, which represents national wealth as consisting in the abundance and national poverty in the scarcity, of gold and silver ; a system which I shall endeavour to explain and examine at great length in the fourth book of this Inquiry

    33. When no energy is left, one immediately moves from one state to another, which represents a complete change of reality

    34. I am quoting Céline Dion as an example, not because she is a pop star but because she represents the keenest of evidence that fairy tales are sometimes made true

    35. it is made of, and what entity created it, but to affirm that it represents a continuum

    36. For many people, the psychologist, whoever he is, represents the best alternative

    37. “Okay, each of these objects represents one of the elements

    38. It consists in the exchange of rude for manufactured produce, either immediately, or by the intervention of money, or of some sort of paper which represents money

    39. terms represents religion as opposed to Christianity

    40. To dream that you are playing a banjo represents togetherness

    41. To see a banyan tree in your dream represents shelter and protection

    42. To see a barometer in your dream represents the state of your inner feelings and how you are coping with emotions or situations

    43. To dream that you are at a cafe represents your social life

    44. To see a canary in your dream represents happiness and harmony

    45. This dream also represents areas in your life which are bothering you, disturbing you, and hurting you in some emotional way

    46. To see a carpet in your dream represents your way of protecting yourself from life’s harsh realities

    47. To dream that you live in a castle represents your extreme need for security and protection to the point where you may be isolating yourself from others

    48. To see a dashboard in your dream represents the status of your goals and of where you are headed in life

    49. To see your daughter in your dream represents your waking relationship with your daughter and the qualities that she projects

    50. Alternatively, the dream indicates that whatever that person represents has no part in your own life anymore

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    map represent lay out present stand for symbolise symbolize typify interpret stage act play defend be comprise constitute make up correspond exemplify depict characterise characterize impersonate portray delineate