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    1. [Was this question designed to play on my short-term memory weakness?]

    2. “Kevin and I used to play Dungeons and Dragons together

    3. The times that you’re playing games, watching television or any other time waster could be used to exercise, to read a book, to play with your kids or learn a new skill

    4. The opportunity to enjoy them, spend time with them, teach them your values and beliefs, play with them, show them how much you love them, that opportunity is happening

    5. He hadn't met her yet, but she was practical and could cook and helped a little with the garden and had a nice enough body and wanted to play with his

    6. Watch how each of the elements that were discussed in this first section come into play

    7. Children of elderly parents can play a key role by checking their parents’ homes for potential hazards

    8. mind can play tricks with you sometimes

    9. God mean business with us, He doesn’t play as far as His

    10. “Why would you want to play that game, old man? It’s old!”

    11. ” He shoved his hands in his pockets, then went to the end of the block to play pachinko

    12. Ants too play an important role since they herd many sucking creatures around from plant to plant

    13. Herndon went to play with his portable terminal on the boat and Ava took a camp quilt to the beach

    14. ‘Of course … though it’s entirely possible that my fingerprints might be on it … I used it in the play

    15. Whether or not they will become musicians or play some musical instruments in their adulthood, love of music is a gift that will continue to enrich them all their lives

    16. apart from during the play, of course

    17. that was a good few years ago, when we did that murder mystery play

    18. For small investors the Mutual Funds is a safe avenue to play this game from sideline with very much reduced risk

    19. PCP includes the proper selection of the types of grasses for your area and the lawns use (are you going to play on it, walk on it a lot, or just enjoy its beauty)? Having a healthy lawn without harsh chemicals is really very easy to do

    20. They had way more money than sense and a bunch of crazy notions, but other than that, they were just big guys who liked to play with motors

    21. Some apprehension of cosmic processes is achieved and universe is clearly understood as a play of the cosmic forces

    22. Do not allow children to play with anything you make from this manual

    23. Whose business is it if I choose to read or play on the computer until 4 AM and sleep until noon? I will dance with myself to those wonderful tunes of the 60 &70's, and if I, at the same time, wish to weep over a lost love

    24. had been taken and Cat knew instinctively that he was about to play the line

    25. the violin, while the others prepared themselves to play cello, viola and bass

    26. "La Grange" continues to play

    27. threads of her invisible web, a subtly delicious hour of play as she watched him eat,

    28. only chance you have is to play

    29. Since she knew the address, she decided to go play in one of Ava's virtual rooms, one they'd recently spent time in together

    30. "All from my parents," she said in response, tilting her head as a signal to come play with her

    31. ‘I used to play that when I was a girl

    32. Somewhere a Carpenters song begins to play:

    33. Neither was ready to play with a cherub yet, though Ava was talking about it

    34. I thoroughly enjoyed the play

    35. " She had to play with drivers and things on screens only visible from her side for awhile to get a voice channel open from a mortal on the ground to Ava's universe here on this idealized Carribean beach

    36. Those screens did not block her view of the latest boat Ava had generated to play with

    37. ‘Oh brilliant! I’ll put you on the list for our Christmas play

    38. He heeds his conduct at home, work, play, worship, and in his thinking

    39. We bring into play just here his "blameless reputation" (1 Timothy 3:2; Titus 1:7) and note the "example" found in such Ch

    40. If you let me borrow Barney occasionally to play with, that would be great, but it is not the be all and end all

    41. His only hope is to play the insanity card

    42. ‘It was extremely difficult casting this play

    43. The play is a fairly classic farce working round this idea, complicated by the writing of a note from Molly to Jim, the errant husband, which then goes astray with predictable consequences

    44. Anyway, I suspect her success was just a foul play, so as to show this special telepathy experiment was not just a flop

    45. He walks home with me after most rehearsals after this, and, as we work on Act 1 of the play, I begin to look forward to seeing him

    46. Because he doesn’t appear in the first Act of the play, Nick’s not needed at the rehearsals yet, so I don’t see him at the village hall when I turn out on Wednesdays and Fridays

    47. Despite this, he’s been helping me by going through my lines with me when he calls round – it would have been a lot harder without his assistance and encouragement – he says it’s helping him keep track of what the play is about

    48. Dave is playing my husband in the play – he’s ever so nice – he’s done a lot of this sort of thing

    49. My bowels refused to play ball

    50. No matter how tired I was though, the play of image, anger, self pity and bleak determination ran unremittingly through the hours

    1. They hugged sensuously and his hands lingered on her chest and ass while she played them over him and straddled his leg

    2. her to try a new sport that is not traditionally played by girls? maybe a

    3. Bitch has played me like a violin

    4. He watched in irritation as the others played through the endless golden plains that stretched across the Universe

    5. The wife played the violin badly

    6. He felt strange, ‘Someone has played a trick on me

    7. Some of the others played along, but I had some self-respect

    8. Euro Super Cop and he had been causing all kinds of trouble in mainland Europe where the big fish played

    9. ‘We played Pooh Sticks, Mum

    10. I had a pretty good arm because I played third base most of the time

    11. This had to be a game they played

    12. The whole episode played out on a video screen, a new level in a deadly shooting game in which we were the canned crowd expected to applaud on cue

    13. I recoiled as images of a burning cigarette end being stubbed out on my bare legs played out in my head

    14. Jaseem played with the girl, bent her over and adjusted her to arousal

    15. " This Squidy had played him twice

    16. He’s run off with Chrissie Tolliver … you know her, she played one of the teenagers in the play

    17. We took part in interesting discussions, we played volleyball with the others, we walked to the nearby village every afternoon

    18. Her eyes played across the faces of the redsuits she saw there

    19. I sat in front of him, watching as he played with the gun, unable to think of anything to say to him

    20. I played the part of the pouting three year old to perfection

    21. The looming thunder of artillery from the previous night had stopped but still the diesel-growl of moving men and transport played out in the background

    22. Of course a lot of those animal calls are actually native music of the 'space' genre being played on sound systems in the apartments of these trees

    23. Despite the fact that everyone she’d spoken to played down the seriousness of the attack, Kara had worked out, by dint of garnering minute details from every staff member in the hospital she had come in contact with … as well as picking Angie’s brains and prising information out of the policeman … that she’d been extremely lucky to survive

    24. The reason that she played with the ouija board in the first place was because she couldn’t express to her friends and family the guilt and shame she felt from her personal lifestyle

    25. But Joris was also an entertainer, JJ … I mean, James … sorry … he was a brilliant acrobat and played several instruments

    26. My friend could not believe that I had never played a single

    27. I went on and played with

    28. They played all day

    29. the bark of the ash trees in the wood where we played

    30. when they played some charity game with Tommy Steele

    31. They played the game of tag which the children had

    32. gap toothed charm while the astonishing cavalcade played again

    33. He loved her hair and the way it played

    34. I played in some bands and was in the university, even wrote a text

    35. when they played infectious smiles

    36. This Greek sea was where the Nereids played, maidens of great beauty, who combed their flowing hair and sang songs of such sweetness that no man who heard them could resist their spells

    37. They played across the intricate cast marble that beamed the walls and ceilings and glinted on the frames of the treasured artworks that lined the forty-foot long side wall of this study

    38. These were long and cultivated and made me wonder whether he played music as well as doing every thing else

    39. ' And then he began whistling the anonymous soulful tune he'd played earlier - but in keys not yet appreciated by the untrained ear

    40. Then the door flew open and a man fell in carrying a Lyra, like the one Alexis played

    41. They made a great fuss and gave him lots of attention whenever he played the slightest riff

    42. The soldier played with the phone all night long, until he was as rich as Croesus

    43. He played me the music and that's what I listen to when I need some meaning

    44. But on the afternoon of the get-together Virgenia's drew people from all over the village and they sat and chatted and played with the children and the children thought it was just like a holiday

    45. It was years ago that Ava played in his universe a lot, helping him design a communications device that fit within the laws of three-d reality on his planet

    46. She and Alan hadn't been lovers then, Thom often played with her, in the personification of a crewman from the Presidente Lula

    47. A smile played across his face as he watched Sally and Oreo interact and exchange greetings

    48. Terry managed to stammer out a high-pitched "Course not", and then he just stood there frozen with embarrassment as the dog played keepie-uppie with all four paws

    49. The people waited, the music played, but it was obvious something was wrong

    50. They crossed arms and joined hands and the musicians played on with a mesmeric, soothing reverie for anyone who joined in the dance

    1. be it whilst they are painting or playing

    2. A different tactic would be to praise the child playing nicely and ignore

    3. She didn’t like that he was going after a killer, and sometimes they would fight about it while I was in the other room, playing with Legos

    4. With my memory, I find myself playing this game quite regularly

    5. The times that you’re playing games, watching television or any other time waster could be used to exercise, to read a book, to play with your kids or learn a new skill

    6. But if you are using your time playing games, going on social media, watching useless

    7. He wondered where she was now, playing in the snows of Kugenzglaw? Or did she experience one winter and head right back down to her old place down Sinbara point? What if she'd come up to the Wild Catch last Nightday?

    8. · In case it is essential to ignore pain, may be temporarily, say while playing a game or attending to a more serious patient, remember that beyond a certain time this could lead to serious body injury to you

    9. Even if you’ve been an avid golfer, a fiend for tennis, loved playing hockey or zooming downhill on skis, you can’t assume you’ve retained your sense of balance

    10. ‘Who?’ I asked, playing for time

    11. · Know the main events of your grandchildren's lives--not only what sports they are playing and when they have days off from school, but also their likes, dislikes, successes, and failures

    12. This whole world is nothing but kids playing

    13. He watched the other gods laughing and playing

    14. That should be him laughing and playing

    15. Away in the distance, I can hear some music playing

    16. I find myself staring at the phone once I have put it down … what the hell is Dan playing at? Standing staring at my house for hours on end every evening? Is that legal? Thinking about it, I suppose there isn’t a law against it if he is standing on his property … would it count as stalking?

    17. The children are playing

    18. After playing with the native data system only a few hours, she already gave Ava's perspective a lot more consideration than she would have just a year ago, well actually a hundred forty five years ago

    19. Everyone stops playing

    20. Whatever it was, it soured her on playing with cherubs for the evening, and for quite a time thereafter

    21. ‘Do you realise we have been playing this for half an hour

    22. I thought the other team was playing dirty by trying to get away with as much as possible

    23. Before Jimmy went up to the plate, the coach told him to bunt down the third base line because the third baseman was playing way back, protecting the line

    24. As I was playing an elderly woman complete with grey wig, I was not overly flattered – even Emma, my daughter, didn’t recognise me in that outfit!’

    25. Andy is playing Jim

    26. Dave is playing my husband in the play – he’s ever so nice – he’s done a lot of this sort of thing

    27. "Wow," he said as he came into view and observed the last houri he had been playing with

    28. He was still playing with the frayed edge of his shirt cuff

    29. He knew how the cheral code for that behavior worked, that probably took a lot of the fun out of playing with them for him

    30. Yet, I keep on playing the role of the match-maker, hoping that Dimitri will eventually be disappointed from Mandy's frigidity and notice me

    31. A small spiral bound notepad and a short, stubby pencil, just like the ones my father might use to mark his score when playing golf at Ouzai

    32. ‘Good God!’ I exclaimed, truly stunned … the bastard was playing with her at the same time was he! ‘She’s only about twenty isn’t she?’

    33. As for the rest, the week in Amarynthos has proved to be really boring, since we've spent most of our time playing cards or chatting with the old crocks

    34. He wasn't playing it however, his mind was far from there, the words of the Haadij still rang in his ears

    35. Whoever was playing God with him here, it was one of those souls

    36. He spent much of his time playing again, mostly training in his adventure parks, but he often stopped and reviewed all his alerts

    37. How would they know it was me? Might they not think that the guards had cottoned-on to them and were playing a joke? Were they even now expecting the doors to slam open and the night air to be filled with the dull thud of fists and boots and wooden stocks?

    38. Could my distorted mind be playing tricks on me? Was the ultimate nature of my lunacy to take shape in a world of imagined friends, of odd and sundry voices rattling off the walls of my empty head?

    39. We resigned ourselves to playing a waiting game, during which Menachem told me about the vagaries of his life, about how he never quite made any decisions, but through a word here and a mutual friend there, he had just gone with the flow

    40. Listening to the night-dead creaking of the building and to the faint strains of a television playing further down the hall in the room where the guards brewed our tea and relaxed when not on duty, I wondered again about this friendship

    41. God isn’t limited to knowing what will happen and thus we are automatons just playing out history according to how God wrote it

    42. He was, anyway, the fittest and fastest of the assembled pre-season breakers, playing at centre with all of the modern power and grace required of a rugger boy

    43. Stu hoped that the place would be full of locals, bewhiskered old men rattling their rosaries and maybe playing backgammon, with their wives, those little old bewhiskered crones huddled in a corner chattering away noisily

    44. ‘What the hell are you playing at?’

    45. She told me that she was playing with an ouija board, and since then had been seeing visions of demons and ghosts

    46. that my son and I enjoy playing together

    47. He was cuddly and playing gently with her hair

    48. the process of playing with the Universe while you

    49. ’ He said slowly as if to an idiot, a smile playing around his mouth

    50. He was playing with her hair, something he still loved to do

    1. In females a hormone (oxytocin) plays a key factor in reducing the response to stress

    2. A radio plays at a low volume in the kitchen

    3. "A theater, plays and such, not music shows although there's music with some of the plays

    4. "So come along," doostEr said, "I'll make sure he plays nice," and gave Tahlmute an eye that said that he meant it

    5. Prince Ahmed, wearing furry slippers, a pair of boxer shorts with Snoopy on them, and a frilly bathrobe, sits miserably on the silk sheets of his huge canopy waterbed, while his portly, graying American lover, RICCI BAOLONI, cardigan sweater and cotton briefs, plays softly at the white baby grand piano nearby

    6. A CNN report plays on the TV:

    7. Pooh plays it with Piglet

    8. Why would it have to be Betty’s smoke detector that plays up? I mutter to myself as I dig in the drawer where the spare batteries live

    9. I watch how the light plays miles into the sky

    10. Hazelnuts are a good source of folate, which plays a key role in keeping homocysteine within normal levels

    11. This is where faith plays a key role in life

    12. a smile plays tales of neighbours and

    13. snow drifts, plays on an endless loop in this headspace

    14. plays an important role in the dating game

    15. Out of this miasma of sadness, the sound of a recorder or something very like it, quietly plays a simple tune

    16. There would be all sorts of programmes – plays, documentaries all sorts of things

    17. He plays a few notes slowly, ‘Got it! That’s a printing error – it shouldn’t be a flat, it should be a natural

    18. She plays in Alan’s universe a lot, she went thru that whole game of her and Thom introducing electronics to Alan’s World

    19. I heard Alastair play in a recital once – he plays organ and piano, you know – bloody fantastic what he could do with that organ

    20. Billy plays a game with her, one they have enjoyed for some years now

    21. ’ I replied, watching his smile broaden as he mentally plays with possible names

    22. Leona fades the microphone out and plays in a recording of police sirens

    23. It hovers on the edge of her consciousness to ask him who he usually plays against but a yawn breaks across the thought

    24. The images of Bex in her hospital bed, wired and comatose, loop back inside his head and the tape plays again, but there’s still no soundtrack

    25. “I thoroughly enjoy Shakespeare's sonnets and plays,” he enjoined enthusiastically

    26. “I mean I've read them all and performed many of them, the plays I mean, with my sisters

    27. The melody of her years plays in time with the memory of her father's dulcet tones

    28. He plays through the melody as I scan the notes and, as he goes into the verse the second time I hum along

    29. ‘Lost Worlds’ isn’t a large band – there’s Mike who plays bass guitar, Andy on drums and other percussive items, Alastair and me

    30. Titania and Hipolyta were thoroughly jubilant at the prospect of performing in public all the plays they had produced as junior thespians in the Livingson great room

    31. As she tallied the slips and listed the preferences, she noted with amusement that Hipolyta and Titania had each listed several plays and set themselves to all the roles attendant to them

    32. They didn't have a real steel-stringed floor model yandrille she could use however, Hazen plays only hand-helds

    33. Of course everyone knows pattern thirteen and everyone who plays has played pattern thirteen, so the way you play thirteen really lets the audience know who you are and what you're going to do

    34. Israel plays a huge part in end-times prophecy, and Israel shows us the signs of the times

    35. Notice this washing of the water plays an important role in

    36. She plays yandrille quite well and sings very well, she plays out in an up-and-coming band, and she loves to have her tits caressed

    37. "I expect its that pink dust" called Sky "plays havoc with the vacuum cleaners as well

    38. fate plays the essential role in their life

    39. Fate plays a smaller role

    40. Later, the reverse process comes into action and plays its role until the moment comes when all particles that had associated with the body get free and move out to carry on their separate mission

    41. Your brand plays a big part in this

    42. On this chessboard, Papandreou plays with

    43. Consider the role copywriting plays in the effectiveness of your marketing

    44. He just plays

    45. The concept of karma plays a large role in both yoga and Buddhism

    46. Prayer plays a central role in devotion

    47. As there is more than 70% water in the body it plays a very important role in the maintenance of heat and circulation of blood etc

    48. Moreover, the climate plays an important role in its effect on the body

    49. In truth, regardless of our occupations each of us plays two prime roles

    50. plays with the directors

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