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    1. The unit is placed or hung near where there is a fly problem

    2. The Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund gives the current value of your investment by indicating how much each unit of Rs 10 is worth on a day-to-day basis calculated from the daily market value of the funds total asset

    3. ‘Damn you! Leave me alone!’ I cried, hanging up with a crash as the handset hits the base unit

    4. The nurse brought him to the intensive care unit and smiled again as he went in

    5. "Those things aren't allowed in here you clown," Peadar said, "This is the Intensive Care Unit in case you hadn't noticed

    6. "You mean the Emergency Response Unit

    7. This silicon was crowded, but if they pushed the fabrication unit, they might get a little ahead

    8. “Well we found in the barn a small unit with 2 buttons on it

    9. “Is this the same unit that you gave to Joe?”

    10. “Is this the unit, what you call the Travel Device” he held it up for

    11. All the riders had been training hard for weeks; the dragons could all act as a unit on a moments notice

    12. mocking and unit testing

    13. NET process for unit testing

    14. I think the data Thom’s getting is real but it may not mean what we think it does, for instance, there could be a guidance unit on that iceberg but the state changes in the condensates are a reaction to it and there may be a lot less of it because of the heat imparted by the guidance unit

    15. I always found it useful when Rob came home after a day on the hills – it limited the range of the mud! I had them put in about twenty years ago but had to replace the shower unit a couple of years ago, so that is quite modern

    16. of various types of house and small factory unit, the young drug

    17. machine the security unit covered each other, took up positions,

    18. “Was that animal taken from its mother’s womb as this one was? Was it nurtured and loved within the family unit, as this one will be?”

    19. unit barber when they were in the army

    20. I told you about the new shelf and bowl unit we were trying to cut in as I remember, and how we’d had a child, that was a big thing in our life

    21. We'll need another unit

    22. The police officer reports that a second unit is on the way

    23. The nurses attending Bex prepare for her to be moved for her scan and then on to the intensive care unit, where she will be managed until her protective reflexes begin to recover

    24. Billy sits in a waiting area in a corridor outside the main unit

    25. Then, once they have both applied gel to their hands and buzzed for access to the main intensive care unit, she shows him to a room full of screens and monitors

    26. Only two relatives are allowed at any one time in the intensive care unit

    27. Once in the bathroom he slams the door shut on purpose, locks it and pulls the chord that powers up the heated lamp unit and the extractor fan

    28. If it wasn't for the fact that the psychiatric unit had recently closed down for major refurbishment she would have the man marked down as a resident

    29. The smell of the man is in Alex's nostrils as he pushes through the swing doors that lead to the main hospital staircase and he heads up to the third floor to start his search for the Intensive Care Unit

    30. The rest of the pack has disappeared, canteen bound, not expecting any action until the intensive care unit chucks out at around eight o’clock

    31. The secret tells of a short lived moment of peace, a brief interlude, a space between the blip and slide of the monitor soundtrack that pervades every spare inch of the intensive care unit

    32. Bruce took the ILS unit to the end of the north-south runway

    33. “Fuck!” There was still a light on indicating that the Satellite Data Unit was still live

    34. Now he was fighting the best of that broken unit

    35. Dad Perols said the grass was green and would not burn but Fred stuck to his guns and went to fetch his ride on mower with a capture unit attached whilst his neighbours tackled other jobs around the home

    36. Nothing more complicated than one lens, one chip, a body and propulsive unit was allowed within sight of native humans

    37. and buried the family together as one nuclear family unit

    38. Instead, each group is going to be told that it's a backup unit on standby, while a different group will be carrying out the gun deal in another location nearby

    39. They were the backup unit that Griffiths had gathered from the outpost in Waterchester

    40. "Has the backup unit arrived yet?" Griffiths asked

    41. So the backup unit is here…

    42. Song and Deni scurried over to the shelves and with Deni on Song's shoulders they carefully plucked the unit off its perch and delivered it to an appreciative Pim

    43. His job was to perform the same series of tasks on a unit as it passed his station

    44. Most of the tubes, drains and drips had been taken out before she had left the High Dependency Unit

    45. The high changes of temperature in summer and in a winter can be a reason of concrete changes of unit length to 0

    46. For an estimation of efficiency of use of cement the relative parameters describing the quantity of cement or its cost on unit of strength and also ratio between strength of concrete and the quantity of cement are offered

    47. and crushed stone (gravel), parts of unit

    48. Marge watched him with tears in her eyes and slowly snapped the switch that turned off the data unit

    49. Suddenly a grey terminal against the wall started humming and a stream of paper began to come out of a slot located in the front of the unit

    50. Hillary must have heard the unit and came back

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    unit whole social unit building block unit of measurement piece square block factor joint length quantity system complement element component member part total assemblage