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    1. A different tactic would be to praise the child playing nicely and ignore

    2. In despair I tried a new tactic to stave off suffocation

    3. “An old tactic, as you probably know,” Vilbarl said

    4. with his current fighting tactic

    5. contemptuously at the clumsiness of the tactic

    6. ineffective tactic, with Heather silencing the last of Roman’s lessons by putting her

    7. common tactic of war is to sever the supply line and cut off the

    8. century, applied the same tactic, but with

    9. It was a favorite tactic of merchants in Cyrodiil, particularly the Imperial City

    10. Well, the former chicken-out, get-outta-there-now tactic wasn’t always successful for the innocent (or not) offender

    11. He said, ‘I could have left you to your flawless tactic … and end up bitter twisted for wasting innocent lives

    12. An effective tactic by a wily opponent

    13. This tactic worked for the first few sets of downs in which San Francisco went nowhere

    14. ‘Listen, Gerrid, what I was saying at that meeting: it was a mere tactic, just a way of developing an alliance

    15. These things actually happened and that was why I used that tactic

    16. That was utter nonsense because it would have been a very bad defence tactic in court having to admit to using more force than necessary to control a suspect

    17. Nor would it be legal allow a suspect to die by withholding medical treatment, (always good tactic which is difficult to prove in court as the medical system is not that good to start with)

    18. ” Amaranthe tapped a spoon and tried to think of a tactic to win over this man

    19. Survival is a serious matter, and I felt quite proud of my tactic, which was soon copied by the Rooinekke and then everyone else

    20. The terrorists had a vicious tactic of tying a steel cable across the road

    21. Knowing this tactic a few men would jump on the moving truck, and throw the boxes off before jumping themselves for the lieutenant did not slow down

    22. They learned not to waste anything which is a good tactic in any war and saved millions in foreign currency

    23. I am not sure that this tactic helped a lot for it could not be enforced except in limited reservist type operations and many died who were not terrorists

    24. Though it was never seriously considered it could have been delivered by the Mirages using the standard NATO tactic of "toss bombing

    25. It is the same tactic used in Rhodesia and elsewhere

    26. Thus Churchill ordered the targeting of German civilians as a war tactic, not a response to human rights violations

    27. Instead the writing has been primarily from military historians asking the question: Was it an effective tactic? The first survey performed by the US military concluded bombing German civilians did not work

    28. Johnson and Rutherford's guilt is in failing to stop this extermination and starvation tactic

    29. There were a small number of warriors present, but Custer dispersed them with a despicable tactic, using previously captured women as human shields

    30. Shooting on the spot before spectators became a common tactic of terror

    31. It is a favorite tactic

    32. It was an extremely effective tactic that many tried to mimic, but without the nearly instant jump recovery of the Dark Knights, no one could pull it off

    33. presumption; the Lord then gave Josiah the winning tactic of using a trap, so that the

    34. They then fell back, reorganized themselves, and sortied again using a sensible hit-and-run tactic to keep the Frances off balance

    35. and promote something on internet marketing, then use the tactic of contacting vendors and

    36. This is nothing less than one more tactic

    37. ” The tactic of the hysterical subjunctive is to fabricate frightening “what if” scenarios

    38. The tactic of political assassination, perhaps more aptly called the politics of personal destruction, was illustrated at its most vicious in the bellwether case of Judge Robert Bork

    39. That tactic was sharpened to perfection when President Ronald Reagan nominated Judge Robert Bork for a seat on the Supreme Court in 1987

    40. Ward Connerly, Walter Williams, Shelby Steele, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and many other blacks prominent for their individual achievements have felt the lash of this unrelenting tactic

    41. ” Or consider this tactic as stated on television by Service Employees Union International president Andy Stern

    42. The next tactic is to get them away from contamination by parental experience and authority even earlier

    43. Hiding her frustration at his tactic of using a question to avoid answering, she shrugged one shoulder

    44. The owners tried every tactic to try to keep a copy of the unsigned agreement overnight, which would have given them the ability to shop it with other buyers

    45. just have to overlook his tirade as a necessary tactic in an effort to help them regain their

    46. strange tactic, but the exposed rock would mean slow and painful

    47. This is exactly what happened to the regional company I was working with, because they did not develop a tactic

    48. From the tactic comes the strategy

    49. The Tactic is “Big Bad and Bold”

    50. The tactic was free trips

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