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  1. Was it a scare tactic?
  2. This is a clever tactic.
  3. It is a favorite tactic.
  4. I decided to change tactic.
  5. The tactic was free trips.

  6. This tactic can have either a.
  7. Insanity is their last tactic.
  8. This is a great offline tactic.
  9. Customers may resent this tactic.
  10. Here’s how the tactic worked:.
  11. Most newspapers apply this tactic.
  12. Suicide bombers are a fear tactic.
  13. This survival tactic is not unique.
  14. From the tactic comes the strategy.
  15. Your tactic of ignorance won't work.

  16. KC noticed the enemies’ new tactic.
  17. The Tactic is Big Bad and Bold.
  18. An effective tactic by a wily opponent.
  19. I have never seen this tactic before.
  20. The tactic is known as deal creep.
  21. This tactic worked… for a while, anyway.
  22. Instead, he opted for a tactic of surprise.
  23. This is nothing less than one more tactic.
  24. And taught me every tactic for the contest.
  25. Haven knew that she had to try a new tactic.

  26. He invented the tactic of the Trojan Horse.
  27. Campaigns like this are a great tactic to.
  28. You see every trick, tactic and technique Dr.
  29. Good negotiators have a tactic that can help.
  30. Another tactic is to modify the risk premium.
  31. Maybe they're supposed to be a scare tactic.
  32. They are used as a tactic to raise awareness.
  33. His tactic had only bought him a few seconds.
  34. He'd obviously decided to try another tactic.
  35. Such a tactic will cause you to overeat once.
  36. Myrakova both have repeatedly used the tactic.
  37. This is the age-old tactic of the Trojan horse.
  38. Charly rolled her eyes, but approved the tactic.
  39. But one tactic that stands out; is whitewashing.
  40. This is a tactic that can rapidly grow your list.
  41. It is a cold mental tactic, a cold mental token.
  42. His tactic had gone over better than he’d hoped.
  43. This latter tactic raises adequate capital, but.
  44. Then you would have every imaginable tactic used.
  45. It was a tactic I'd seen Celia use at our séances.
  46. Of course, that tactic had never worked in the past.
  47. This seller used a tactic that can be quite valuable.
  48. This surprise tactic threw the beast into a quandary.
  49. It is the same tactic used in Rhodesia and elsewhere.
  50. His cunning tactic was a complete copy of Wilson’s.
  51. Rape has also been used as a terror tactic against the.
  52. An old tactic, as you probably know, Vilbarl said.
  53. In despair I tried a new tactic to stave off suffocation.
  54. I set out to the south, keeping to my single-row tactic.
  55. This is a very powerful tactic in purchasing securities.
  56. A good tactic is to scan the indicators of important or.
  57. Seizing Western hostages was a favourite Hezbollah tactic.
  58. A good tactic is to ask back what the interviewer has in.
  59. Garcia considered the best tactic and decided on the truth.
  60. Several had tried this tactic, but none had ever succeeded.
  61. More information on this tactic can be found at http://www.
  62. The problem was guessing which assault tactic he would use.
  63. It shows your understanding, your solution, and your tactic.
  64. Fear was their tactic and they worked it to their advantage.
  65. He was probably using that as a tactic to lure me over here.
  66. The added ten percent requirement had been a stalling tactic.
  67. Like many other models, this is more a tactic than a strategy.
  68. This tactic was used with cigarettes, and with chocolate also.
  69. So that is just another tactic to raise awareness then?
  70. That kind of tactic will only backfire on us in the long term.
  71. This is an especially useful tactic if you already have some.
  72. The gap analysis is presented, including your tactic of choice.
  73. This was a really useful tactic and helped me put them at ease.
  74. But then the appropriate problem solving tactic occurred to him.
  75. And were you given a reason for this tactic, Cox interjected.
  76. This entire subconscious tactic is done; as a tactic of avoidance.
  77. Twice Xin had used the same tactic, and both times it had worked.
  78. It was a tactic she used to draw information out of her opponents.
  79. It was a tactic that had been key to winning many of her conflicts.
  80. The home-coons had thwarted every other tactic to keep them at bay.
  81. These things actually happened and that was why I used that tactic.
  82. Search engines caught onto this tactic and created better tools for.
  83. I’d like to say that this business tactic was an isolated incident.
  84. Because the original tactic of winning territory was overpopulation.
  85. Their supposed insanity is a façade, a defense tactic; nothing else.
  86. As for the basic shoplifting tactic, I've discovered that you can jam.
  87. The reason why I call cold calling a premium tactic is that it takes a.
  88. Shooting on the spot before spectators became a common tactic of terror.
  89. Bastard-mate adopted the time-honoured tactic that parents have resorted.
  90. Another tactic is to use your hand to help draw your eyes across the page.
  91. The Japanese were about to learn about the German ‘wolf pack’ tactic.
  92. A different tactic would be to praise the child playing nicely and ignore.
  93. How he wished that that Mei Yinxue was using a diversionary tactic earlier.
  94. The main tactic used to destroy the Earth is the overpopulation of humans.
  95. It was only a simulation, a tactic she could resist if she remained strong.
  96. The terrorists had a vicious tactic of tying a steel cable across the road.
  97. She needed a strategy, a tactic, something that gave her a fighting chance.
  98. One tactic of avoidance of the truth is reflective or deflective projection.
  99. Gerald would send him away for an hour; he’d employ some delaying tactic.
  100. The entire tactic of genocide was an avoidance of admitting it is genocide.

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