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    1. She would theorize and compare to more observation for as long as it took

    2. Some in the research community theorize that the next advance will be in the “reorganization of the structure within the present brain volume

    3. With them, can you even theorize its Scope?

    4. “Your scientists theorize what Uronians learned long ago

    5. If the virus is the problem, then we can theorize about the source of the virus

    6. With regard to conflating computation with reality, people theorize that the universe is in truth a computer or the output of a computation because they do not see that a computer is first an impoverished simulation of physical directedness

    7. “And what did she theorize?” Grakonexikaldoron asked as they turned and flew

    8. From the above, it is feasible to theorize that partial y ionized plasmas of exotic particles self-organized into

    9. From the above, it is feasible to theorize that partially ionized plasmas of exotic particles

    10. Since I was not a fly on the wall during Michael and DD's relationship I can only theorize that their relationship followed the usual Michael Toney boy-girl relationship: Michael and DD began their one-sided relationship with DD only loving him madly

    11. For what we can theorize, Proxima

    12. learning these trades, he was interested in religion and philosophy, and began to theorize and preach to the people

    13. edge that he discovered with those that helped guide him and theorize with him

    14. He couldn’t theorize who else might have

    15. Police reports theorize that this masked thief is probably the vigilante who was executed not too long ago, who has survived and this is how he is exacting his revenge on the city but for now this is only speculation This reporter has to ask can someone stop this man or has more trouble come to New Star since the famous gang riots that took place just weeks ago? For NSC news I’m Mike Titus,” reported the News anchor

    16. symbolic sites and narratives they theorize about

    17. underlying principles and aspects of our observable reality and to jointly theorize and explore what

    18. movement? Science can theorize and evidence their existence and how they might behave, but have

    19. For to affirm they both die alike, and then begin to theorize and extemporize how that death dissolves the beast, body and spirit, so that the beast ceases to be, and that the spirit of man is indissoluble, still arguing they both go to the same place, is a disturbing case of “logic” which may require a place on the operation table

    20. Some theorize if you can isolate the linchpin of a social, economic, or political assemblage, you can destroy it in one fell swoop with a minute nudge or adjustment

    21. And yet the Positivists and all the preachers of the scientific fraternity, not taking into consideration the fact that this feeling is weakened in proportion to the expansion of its object, continue to theorize on the same lines

    1. Many scientists have theorized very convincingly

    2. I have theorized that Daniel was sent forward in time thirty years before I was sent back in time

    3. They didn’t compete so directly in the political sense with Imperial Authority, he theorized

    4. It could be theorized that this land had existed over millennia of time in this densely vegetative state punctuated by geologically short intervals of glaciation as the earth cooled, then warmed again

    5. Because, it is theorized, that the last warming took place over the longest span of time of all the glacial retreats, the destruction of the environment that preceded it has been the most complete

    6. In the beginning, as primarily a vegetarian, it is theorized, hominid was a gatherer of easily available plant life

    7. And so we come to the alternative, a sea-level rise that would have put the gulf headwaters at a close approach to Ur, as some geologists have theorized it once was

    8. This may have given rise to the idea of building the “flood platforms,” first out of mud and silt and then faced with brick that might have been the precursors to the biblical “Tower of Babel” later theorized to be the Ziggurat, near Ur, of Babylonian and the Hanging Gardens fame

    9. From extra-biblical sources it has been theorized that “Abram” (Abraham) as a young man had engaged in the destruction of clay idols and that may have been why the move to Haran was necessary

    10. Of course that has been theorized to have happened 65 million years ago, but it has also been speculated that there is an extremely long cycling process seen within many geological discoveries

    11. Upon impact, it was theorized, huge quantities of earth, vaporized water, and most of the asteroid was hurled into the upper reaches of the atmosphere, some of which, it is thought, may have reached escape velocity

    12. It is theorized that this area was formed not by lava, as would be poured out from a mountain or several of them, but from some kind of breach of the earth’s crust

    13. ” But considering the massive interconnectedness that has already been discovered and theorized that governs our many splendored neural facets, I don’t see much improvement without some kind of volume increase

    14. Scientists had theorized that these sub-atomic particles would in turn be comprised of

    15. This amazing find was already apparent to Einstein when he theorized it in 1905

    16. "Aaron Doub theorized that gifted children’s extra sensory skills could help connect or bridge the present to the future

    17. They theorized that if we placed a gifted person at a location where there is a black hole or portal, it would be the key to unleash the energy to open up the portals

    18. theorized that a sweaty body is more difficult for a predator to

    19. try and explain my cold response to his death, I theorized that

    20. Then the reporter wrote: Since he"d interviewed and investigated many corrupt personalities, he theorized most of the world was populated by similar individuals

    21. looking at the issue theorized that:

    22. ancient alchemists, astrophysicists have long theorized that

    23. Leif, the half-ghoul Sentinel, and mutual friend of ours, has also theorized that the establishment of his race of trolls was due to the absence of sufficient forces to repel the masses of orcs that poured from the mines in Mount Crow

    24. Furthermore, competition over females is argued to have been particularly intensive in late adolescence and young adulthood, which is theorized to explain why crime rates are particularly high during this period

    25. He theorized that the corrupt, by waylaying the children of the poor at school, contrived to nip in the bud the challenge of the have-nots

    26. For many the mind is powerful enough that the fantasy can be carried out in the mind and all outcomes theorized and understood without ever engaging in one single step towards their potential goal

    27. Einstein theorized that matter or

    28. They theorized that since stock prices are

    29. Because of the myths surrounding the Aeolian Master I had theorized and written a paper that there would be some such complex somewhere on Ar and that in this complex we would find a man in suspended animation

    30. From this he theorized that pancreatic Digestive

    31. It is theorized that she ingested something that did not agree with her

    32. He theorized that dissociation is a natural necessity for consciousness to operate in one faculty unhampered by the demands of its opposite

    33. And so, as Harris has theorized, the former leads to prejudice and the latter results in delusion

    34. Baffled by his loss of memory, he shrewdly theorized that he could be dreaming

    35. I have heard it theorized that the transitional phase from the ennui of democracy to the enlightenment of a shareconomy is a collective state of reflective insight

    36. You can use slightly heavier weights with this kind of cadence, but furthermore I theorized that it

    37. theorized that time travel was an impossibility of physics and the

    38. He theorized that all areas struck by lightning were altered time wise,

    39. He theorized that the amount of electricity was

    40. As scientists have theorized a planet men may live on,

    41. The rest of that night me and Elly theorized what Andrew would do, what his favourite colour would be and which food he would hate

    42. Appi got her breath and switched gears once they got on level land and said, “That is what The Elder theorized

    43. Modern researchers have theorized that Saul suffered from a mental illness

    44. He theorized that if a sufficiently dynamic event occurred, something which by its nature transcended linear time--”

    45. dimensions are the Implicate Order theorized by David Bohm as well as the spiritual realm alluded

    46. As the result of years of analysis, he theorized that there is a realm of existence that precedes and

    47. is the source of the “strings” theorized by string theory and the waveforms and particles of quantum

    48. It verifies much of the model of the universe as theorized

    49. They had done just as Sebastian had theorized that they would, if first met with a significant reduction in force

    50. It was long theorized that it was in reference to the kingdom of Kush, but the problem with that is that while there is gold in that area, there’s not the kind of gold in abundance mentioned in the Bible

    1. He theorizes, “Benito and Mishea make a tough decision, supposedly for the sake of little William

    2. These many conflicting loops, IT theorizes is an allegorical experience of a virtual state – a state not recognizable as one's own

    3. and the Implicate Order theorizes

    4. demonstrating what David Bohm’s Wholeness and the Implicate Order theorizes and explores

    5. Barrons theorizes Isla was spared because the sentient evil of the Sinsar Dubh imprinted itself on her unprotected fetus, made a complete second copy of itself inside the unborn Mac and deliberately released her

    1. When values fought for over the centuries are disintegrated in a burst of jackhammer theorizing the words of civil discourse disappear

    2. As such, no further observation or theorizing could have thrown a previous belief

    3. In psychoanalysis the medical practice of theorizing about bodily

    4. theorizing exactly ‘why’ they’d been lied to; and to what extent

    5. But getting back toRaskolnikov, he paid a visit to Sonya’s apartment—and after privately theorizing that

    6. As he continued with how the pile of dried horse dung allowed him to formulate Terence’s methodology in distorting the actual time of death, their reactions were muted but suggested they were quite amused with his abilities and his theorizing

    7. It is all subject to a process very similar to scientific theorizing

    8. Rahul’s addas didn’t catch the eye because he was sermonizing and theorizing at a time when the nation wanted answers to the burning issues of the day—from price rise to corruption

    9. “You know, I suspect most poets would think you were crazy for even theorizing

    10. “The halosq itself doesn’t actually do what I believe that you’re probably theorizing that it does

    11. And yet given all that Colt had done for everyone not one of the group of chattering magpies had even asked Colt’s opinion on any of the plans they were theorizing and voting over like they were an elected Continental Congress

    12. "Is that what you saw or is that you're theorizing?"

    13. “So, theorizing here, Todd Waterson is what? A gay guy who hates his father, so he decides to kill women

    14. Theorizing that they are still alive, could they, even with the help of a brilliant Martian race, have built such a town as this and aged it in so short a time? Look at that town out there; why, it’s been standing here for the last seventy years

    15. He phoned Mars Junction, New Boston, Arcadia, and Roosevelt City exchanges, theorizing that they would be logical places for persons to dial from: after that he contacted local city halls and other public institutions in each town

    16. He phoned Mars Junction, New Boston, Arcadia, and Roosevelt City exchanges, theorizing that they would be logical places for persons to dial from; after that he contacted local city halls and other public institutions in each town

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