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    1. And when it comes to Sabrina, I can merely speculate as to what her thoughts could be

    2. we speculate on the heads

    3. This was where he would be forced to speculate on what sort of device or being was performing all this quantum state changing

    4. He made only a couple small tweaks and wanted to speculate about nanites and quantum computing

    5. "That's an inflammatory way to put it," he said, studying her face for a reason she wanted to get him to speculate so wildly

    6. He told Heymon what they knew so far and said, "We were about to speculate where she might be hosted

    7. She’s not a bitch generally, just not terribly bright and it’s fashionable to gossip and speculate

    8. By the time we got to the apartment, I was beginning to speculate on what sort of dilapidated state the place would be in, but I was wrong

    9. I would speculate that our cryo-slicing technique has taken the brain, and therefore the soul, before their decay bacteria could spread thruout the brain and get a read out

    10. Kulai was glad to sit and speculate with him on shonggot and Kassikan politics, but when he got to his finances Kulai accused him of interrogation

    11. The Kassikan had plundered Dempala's ruins for centuries before a Karadarzin potentate would speculate on a voyage that far

    12. Katrina could speculate on the atrocities LeCynic had inflicted on the elven sisters, atrocities which had driven them to suicide, though she tried not to bring such dark thoughts into her mind

    13. not! Both speculate people’s sentiments

    14. What it all meant, she could only speculate

    15. Mercer’s whereabouts were, as per usual, somewhat murkier to speculate about

    16. Although he too was intrigued by the question of the doer’s identity, he dared not vocally speculate

    17. Won’t speculate on that bit, but needless to say the circumstances will be altogether different next time

    18. Can you elaborate?’ ‘I can speculate

    19. We can only speculate

    20. Many scholars today dispute this fact and speculate that the Torah was written by various different people and that it could not have been written by Moses alone

    21. All this makes Governor Rick Perry interesting to speculate about concerning a 2012 presidential run

    22. For my American readers, this fellow kidnapped a lot of children and kept them prisoner at his house for things which I refuse to speculate on as being hurtful to the parents

    23. Well, would the second week end at close of business on Friday afternoon? Or, would we be split up and delivered on Saturday morning? Would they consider the weekend part of the week so that we stayed as a class of four until sometime Sunday afternoon, or would arrangements take a while so that we would stay in our hut until our new owners collected us Tuesday or even next Wednesday? We had no power, but we could speculate, and as that was all we could do, we did

    24. The Union almost lost a top general because of it with consequences we can just speculate on like losing the Civil War

    25. The true Nature of Things is perceived by ―eternal eyes‖ (only) that sees what lies hidden or beyond what our limited senses (may) otherwise speculate at best

    26. While foul play cannot be ruled out, police speculate that the professor wandered off the beaten path, perhaps suffering a stroke or heart attack

    27. He also refused to comment on whether more human remains have been found, and could not speculate as to the source of the rumour

    28. He didn’t care to speculate as to what that price would be

    29. Still, it was interesting to speculate

    30. He could imagine Paola Ramirez telling friends, ‘Some weirdo up in Canada sent me an e-mail,’ and how they all would laugh, and then begin to speculate about the sender

    31. Beyond that I would have to speculate as to what other blessings may have been bestowed, but I have been encouraged into a “Literary Witness” far beyond what I could have ever expected to see in myself until the wonderful occasion that has now come to fruition

    32. Of course, since they had been the most powerful people in the north at one time, one could only speculate what might have been had the Mongols never come

    33. And they use to speculate it just watching it lives

    34. To speculate light in the land

    35. Who knows? And since it isn’t the case, why speculate? It is the exercise of a fool

    36. It is almost an eighth day when twice a 24-hours, that do mean so much on the Earth, I have the honor to speculate Sun in two of its most furious, most shiny, most great and most beautiful

    37. In that case, I can only speculate what will happen, although presumably my part in all this will be known

    38. Still it would be better to know and confront the situation as it was than speculate endlessly about what it might be

    39. siblings and I used to speculate that he would meet them at work, or on the street, or

    40. happened, but with my past, it wouldn't be hard to speculate


    42. We can speculate and dream about ―renewables‖ but right now the reality is that we are totally dependent upon oil for our transportation

    43. They could only speculate what had killed everyone

    44. speculate that illusionary-real oppositions stabilize that individual

    45. undeniable, yet we speculate and practice lazy science if we think that pragmatic aspects are the

    46. I can speculate

    47. I can also speculate that

    48. They are mentioned as if they were juxtaposed to one another, leading some translators to speculate the laws mentioned are on different sides of the scroll

    49. I tried to speculate how much ground they might have

    50. Who could know? Summers wasn't going to speculate

    1. German archaeologists and historians have long speculated over a large amount of deaths in the area dated from the 12th century

    2. "I'm only human," Ava said, "I only speculated on the nature of intelligence, the self and the soul

    3. I speculated on the civil wars and religious factionalism and its effects on young minds

    4. We speculated on possible locations: Oxford, Reading, Bristol or Bath

    5. Steve mentioned how cool the evening it was and Kate speculated that winter would come early this year

    6. Remembering the Queen’s promise, the older riders all speculated and waited for the news

    7. speculated idly that it would be making its way up the overgrown

    8. He had speculated on this very topic more than once over

    9. She got to hear a little more conversation as these people speculated about what they called a 'flying camera'

    10. We speculated on life with such a disability

    11. "Maybe I should go have a chat with Klarrain to see what he knows about the situation?" Klowa speculated

    12. What Catholic Church fructified – maybe speculated is

    13. Herold’s Patience was exhausted by speculated notions of 72

    14. this mentality is speculated today

    15. And so we came up with one idea after another and speculated as to the living conditions, the people and the weather in Lesotho

    16. Of course the West kept quiet and could not be bothered and we have to ask why? Was it because it was black on black violence as speculated here in Africa? If so it means that black lives are simply not that important in deeds to the West

    17. At some point they must have speculated about me

    18. Some speculated his willingness to order two invasions was an attempt to overcome the wimp image, but there is little evidence for that

    19. Looking back on it, she speculated that living in isolation too long had driven her temporarily insane

    20. “He says he should be here in a couple of hours, maybe less,” he speculated, eyes screwed up in contemplative frown

    21. The Army had managed to distribute turkeys to the troops, and Thanksgiving dinner was done up in traditional style, with all the trimmings, including cranberry sauce made by the cooks from cranberries that everyone speculated must have been flown in from the States

    22. A police spokesman speculated that the death of the Nicaraguan embassy employee represented the killing of a murderer within the notorious Tweety-Bird gang – and, through it all, Gordon Edward was portrayed as virtually a national hero

    23. As they ate, they speculated that the dead men had been deserters who had found it more attractive to remain behind as bandits in Poland than to try and walk back to Germany

    24. He speculated that he had probably received his discharge and returned home in the States since he had last seen him

    25. They were mostly for stuff that didn’t need to be stored indoors, they speculated

    26. From time to time I speculated as to what or how she thought about various things…what conclusions could I draw?

    27. He speculated that in the ever-suspicious Communist mind, it had been necessary to make inquiries about the American who came bringing a cash donation

    28. He speculated that it had probably not been too difficult for them to find someone in the Party in Milwaukee who had known his cousin and who gave them the news that Jerry Krazinsky was dead

    29. Of course that has been theorized to have happened 65 million years ago, but it has also been speculated that there is an extremely long cycling process seen within many geological discoveries

    30. They speculated that the man probably just avoided mountains and so passed up on visiting here

    31. I speculated that since there were high priests ruling in parts of it, it was considered holy (although in my experience any connection between priests and holiness was coincidental)

    32. speculated, gazing questioningly at Cloud

    33. He speculated that it was thought desirable to have representatives of all the tribes on the ships

    34. I speculated that the bow would probably be of more use and he had to agree, although he did feel that receiving a salvo from his jagun would be quite demoralizing to an enemy

    35. He speculated that they must have moved in the night into their new positions

    36. person however, she speculated that racism controlled the logical mechanisms of the

    37. speculated that maybe I was nervous about speaking to her face to face after having been

    38. speculated that Bruce held Steinhauser as a shield, adding it's possible that bad luck

    39. Roger speculated that it may have been “a situation where the United States might have had to take a step to protect itself”

    40. speculated that everything is information, although these suggestions, at present, amount to little more than neopythagorean mathematical

    41. I once speculated that this might be a way

    42. and from this, I speculated that they had to be roaming animals,

    43. If you are successful, you may even be able to pay off your mortgage early and buy that second home in the country that you speculated on for so long

    44. Loring’s brother, Jacob Van Allen, died of a heart attack shortly after learning the fate of his niece, the rumor mill speculated there was more to it

    45. They speculated the killer might have gotten Corinna in his car through a ruse that either her mother or Richard had been in a bad accident

    46. In 1931, five months after the Limerick murder and four years before the Loring case, a story by International Features Services published in the Sunday magazine section of daily newspapers across the country speculated on the similarities and differences of the McPherson, Baker and Limerick cases:

    47. “Wil Sattler have to be drafted out?” Miz speculated

    48. While they waited for Tristan's return, Calvin speculated who this mysterious guest was and what link he or she had to the "Class One Cargo

    49. gravitational attraction Scientists have speculated that there could be a large

    50. The men to the left and the right of me were grim, unfamiliar faces; they must have been hidden deep inside the bowels of the ship, I speculated

    1. Who speculates the wished inside,

    2. Are they “Coloring the News,” as William McGowan demonstrates they do in other respects as well in his book of that title? Perhaps, Seligman speculates, the bosses fear lawsuits

    3. to outlast the object it speculates

    4. And what’s that other beach that enters our conscious when our mind speculates

    5. The writer speculates on the reaction Elvis will receive in New York

    6. He speculates that the artificial creation of a black hole through application of

    7. It will aid all the existing materialism, which speculates at present on the dependence of mind on brain, and thence will lead logically to a denial of the being of mind where brain does not exist; even in Deity

    8. It is true she speculates with her own money, not mine; nevertheless, you can understand that when 700,000

    9. Danglars speculates, whereas he never does

    10. Harris speculates that one reason they cannot understand the difference between their expectations and their results could be that they are “of limited mental capacity

    11. Speculation, on the other hand, may be good or bad, depending on the conditions and the person who speculates

    12. He would finish his time at Nertchinsk, and then—more than one gray-haired old man speculates in this way

    1. I’m only speculating on how the

    2. Speculating about or describing in detail what his followers could experience on their own would have detracted from the goals of their practice

    3. She guessed the other client must have left by another exit, not wanting to encounter the other waiting, speculating on that person’s neurosis

    4. ‘By now people will know something strange is happening, the broadcasters will be speculating; they will be telling the populous where it is occurring, and so the people are running towards the zero-point zone

    5. of the field for jobbing, speculating, plundering, office-building & office-hunting would be produced by an assumption of all the State powers into the hands of the general government

    6. They are speculating about the ranks

    7. Speculating about which fears I will have to face, and how many there will be, is useless at this point

    8. Finally… Speculating the sparkling Stars,

    9. campaigns, and speculating about the blank areas

    10. For the obvious question then arises: what give birth to the original mother universe? Where did it come from? And why does it exist? So, by speculating wildly about a multiverse, we have just pushed the problem back one step

    11. Ten years later as the climate warmed a group of scientists started speculating about global warming

    12. speculating that most of them were temporary housing, maybe

    13. Probably to keep the shareholders from speculating

    14. Its reasons could be any, and probably not worth speculating about

    15. Who could possibly compete with him now? We laughed again when we caught sight of our packs of cotton bandages, speculating just how to apply them

    16. He wondered where Thanasi had disappeared to, but knew there was no use in speculating

    17. No use in speculating about the seventy years

    18. A year later, after buying, selling, investing, speculating, a great deal of travel, entertaining and living the life of a playboy – affirmed by the occasional newspaper clipping, his fortune at the age of forty-four amounted to five-thousand dollars

    19. The crew settled on the shores of the Azul Sea, speculating on where to go next

    20. He was speculating and whining about his involvement in the investigation and how it might reflect badly on his career if things went to shit

    21. His mind however, was idly speculating on whether or not the raffle for the car would be drawn a week on Sunday as was planned

    22. He was little interested in speculating over unremunerative problems of antiquity

    23. So I didn‘t waste time speculating about the reason I had this experience

    24. Understanding his friend’s loss, Siri felt his friendship with Hatch grow stronger, and he found himself speculating on the possibility of settling in the delta, but he was set on completing his journey to the Maasai Mara

    25. “Yeah, why is that?” Gulab stuck on the goatees whist speculating that thought

    26. You're speculating, Will

    27. The media are speculating about a corporate showdown between Triplet International and Forrest Enterprises

    28. He had endless reservations about everything, while dismissing his direct experiences with knowing, and his own successful attempts at channeling, by speculating that Bonnie’s teachings and general influences confused the issue—he was probably making up his experiences

    29. Nancy was still speculating about that when she noticed that a blinking light on the desk videophone indicated that someone had left a message

    30. I’ll probably be speculating on its meaning for the rest of my life

    31. ‘You weren’t there and now you are speculating

    32. amongst themselves, speculating about what was unfolding inside

    33. Before speculating further, it is necessary to look at what certainly did happen

    34. Again, I think we would be speculating about that, which could prove very dangerous to us

    35. However, in speculating there has to be a real chance that things could have turned out differently because of forces beyond human control; in this particular case, the weather

    36. She reflected that the rescue helicopter was still here, speculating that it might have broken down, or the criminals had killed the rescue crew

    37. “Again, I am speculating that since Stratavynski had plans for the water treatment plant and water system for the city, courtesy of the now-deceased Max Spalding, he was planning on putting whatever is in this case,” Wickland tapped it lightly with his fingers as he walked, “in the water supply

    38. speculating about new assets, but we know from our study of capital structure that

    39. ‘’A woman just came to the car and got inside it: she must have been the observer we were speculating about

    40. Although she didn't know anyone, she always enjoyed speculating on which of the interesting-looking patrons were locals and which were tourists

    41. I was speculating in my mind

    42. “What are they eating? What are they doing right now?” I was speculating and trying to find out its answer

    43. As I search for Aaron, I find myself speculating if there is any truth

    44. speculating what they thought he might be working with

    45. I am speculating at this, but I believe that the Troi program in his head used this as a tactic to distract me long enough to severe the connection between us

    46. some are speculating that the Federation was trying to gather intel on the Benefactors

    47. The El Mundo gossips have been speculating since early morning about the Japanese guy

    48. The newspapers were running the story, and speculating that the man had been murdered by a Russian KGB agent

    49. A brief stop for grilled cheese and salad at a diner had revived Francis from his trip, and speculating about “whodunit” in the book-on-tape he was listening to on his journey south from New England kept his mind occupied during the simple meal

    50. Little groups of excited staff gathered on every floor, speculating about their futures and

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