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    1. "So little interest that he threw it out," Herndon said

    2. When she looked over the rail as a child, she saw the coy-dog packs tearing at the garbage the residents of her abandoned parking garage threw out

    3. At the end, when Hansel and Gretel threw the witch into the oven, he’d say “now here’s a scary part coming up…” Pap Pap had told them that story a hundred times but didn’t always remember he had

    4. Jerm threw up his hands and reached for his coat on the top of a clothes pile in the corner

    5. “I knew this kid that threw a cat at a ceiling once,” Becca shrugged, placing a piece of ginger delicately on top of her salmon roll

    6. Becca threw her arms into the air

    7. Johnny threw up his hands in resignation

    8. Big Petey threw them down to the ground with a yell

    9. We wiped everything off with warm water, threw away a lot of grains, disassembled the shelves and painted the pantry walls

    10. He swung with all his might and threw her at the wall

    11. He advanced on her and threw out a punch

    12. He actually caught her in the air, held her up for a moment, and then threw her to the ground at his feet

    13. “Get down!” Red yelled as she threw the grenades as far away from her as possible

    14. The people threw stones at Haques and shouted for him to leave

    15. Ackers detached his keypad box and threw both it and his lock picking gadget into his backpack

    16. devastated … not only because she’d messed him about, but because he threw us out of the window because of her … y’see, I reckon he was hoping that we’d be reconciled … we were friends, him an’ me, best friends … he once said that any woman he married would have to accept that I came with the package, I reckon he thought that as Joanna was a friend of mine anyway, it would make the whole thing easier

    17. Archimedes threw himself off the ship and onto a whale that was headed for in the direction of a whaling vessel the pirates had passed earlier

    18. He threw the foul brew that had masqueraded as tea out through the open

    19. “I it was who threw down Knossos and trampled the Greeks underfoot with

    20. I wound up and threw

    21. The catcher picked the ball up and easily threw Stewey out at first base

    22. The third baseman threw him out easily

    23. The girl's eyes opened wide, she threw her head back and gave a long, loud laugh

    24. He threw it down in disgust, it landed on the kitchen counter face up and she could see what was on it

    25. Molloy threw a jellybean into his mouth and chomped on it

    26. I pulled the material up and over my head and threw the sacking to the foot of the mattress

    27. I threw everything that I had at the door, behaving like a two year old having an absolutely heartfelt but ultimately pointless tantrum

    28. It was barely even enough to be called a refusal, but she grabbed him by his exosuit’s front panel, swing him in an arc over her head, and threw him down through the open bridge hatch

    29. When I explained to the telephone operator what I wanted, she just hang up to me! Nevertheless, whenever old-Zarifis calls them for the same reason, the police arrive here in no time so as to restore peace and quiet! When my sister threw a party some months ago, the old man called the police as soon as the clock struck midnight and they arrived five minutes later

    30. Bahkmar threw that out as impossible and began a new line of investigation

    31. The particles Horcheese threw from the emitters were a garbage burst, a throat-clearing test burst of nuclei thrown across a wide area in an unfocused stream, barely accelerated beyond 1/10th lightspeed

    32. He raised a rifle in the air, an ancient Kalishnakov from the days of the founders, and threw his head back and rattled the whole clip into the sky

    33. Yet I tried again, in vain; my gun was nothing but a burden now and I threw it down in dismay

    34. "We heaved and threw, pounded and battered from all directions, never knowing where the next blow was coming from except when lighting flashed

    35. “¡You fool!” shouted the king as he grabbed Lyla by the hair and threw

    36. Between them they manhandled the two ruffians to the rubbish store, threw them in and rammed the door shut, using a nearby length of discarded metal bar to jam the door firmly

    37. He threw her a ferocious glance, recognised that he was being wound up and, reluctantly, snorted as amusement got the better of him

    38. She threw him to the baby dragons

    39. The tooth it threw was huge with a wicked straight-edge point, one like he hadn't seen in thirty centuries

    40. He pretended to stumble and fall down and threw his clothes all over

    41. She threw him a pack of Marlboro’s and took one of hers

    42. He wondered what world she had lost, was it the world of her yaag? "That is true," Alan said, "especially now that I threw the phone out as far into the Lhar as I could throw it

    43. They threw their duffel bags over Jake’s mid section, and Kate climbed on

    44. Jake threw his head up and let out a long plume of fire and uttered a loud roar of ‘approval’

    45. Steve broke out into a smile, “and stop that too!” He threw his hands up, “arrgh!”

    46. “So Steve how was it? You were gone for two hours! What did you get? Steve? They threw questions at him all at once

    47. The two professors continued to teach, but they threw in an extra course – survival; teaching the students to use their wits and their knowledge

    48. I tried to write down the name of the street where the flat was but my new pen had lost its point so I threw it away

    49. She threw her clothes down and stood there naked before him, thrusting her hips seductively

    50. The sight of Ash lying there motionless in a pool of blood threw Oreo into a rage

    1. Throw the cotton balls back into the tunnels and cover the entrance with a large rock

    2. · Remove throw rugs and tack down the edges of carpets to prevent falls

    3. “Actually, I was wondering why everything is white,” she replied, trying to throw Ackers off

    4. "This baggage is getting heavy, I was just going to throw this in the house and borrow a bathroom if I might?"

    5. Several people thought I should make a scene and throw abuse at them both, but I hate that sort of thing

    6. Throw away the contents next day

    7. Throw away any food stuff with cockroach cases

    8. Ever throw a cat at the ceiling?

    9. Don’t throw cats at the ceiling

    10. He continued to throw sticks in while she got settled

    11. " He continued to throw sticks in the fire

    12. , I’ve been asleep for some hours … damn! I’m going to throw up …

    13. This is when you dig into the center of the pile making it look like a volcano has just erupted, then you throw everything back into the center of the pile mixing it up and watering lightly as you go

    14. ‘Mum, let me throw some clothes on and we’ll go look to see how bad the place is

    15. ‘Did she throw you out?’ I asked tentatively

    16. Very basic it was, but I didn’t miss any of the stuff in storage … I recall I made a decision to get rid of all the clutter once we got it all back, but you know how it is … you never get round to it, or else it has sentimental value and you can’t bring yourself to throw it out

    17. I've answered your fucking questions and I've been polite to you, so now you just fuck off before I have Rafa throw you out

    18. The skirt that she was wearing was a last throw of a summer wardrobe

    19. I had only one pitch -- as fast and as hard as I could throw it

    20. Every time it came round to my turn to shake and roll, with every attempt that I made to scale the ladders of hope by constructing impossible plans for my salvation, with every throw of the dice, I just slipped down another snake

    21. He knew the culture of violence was born from the struggle to throw off the Americans, but that was four hundred fifty years ago now, get over it

    22. anyway, I have other things to occupy my mind … like work … and how I throw myself into that

    23. His car is parked in the car park on Sunday – I see it from my bedroom window as I am dressing … it hits me so hard that I throw myself onto the bed and sob into the pillow … I wish, oh how I wish I could see him

    24. When he arrives, I hesitate awkwardly, unsure of my ground, despite my instinctive reaction being to want to throw my arms round him

    25. to throw in my lot with yours

    26. When the men wanted to worship this female goddess, they would castrate themselves and then throw their former manliness upon the altar as an offering

    27. The skirt that she was wearing was a last throw of a summer wardrobe designed for hot, sultry Greek nights, and barely covered her modesty

    28. The soldier continued to throw daggers at Sons’ back

    29. He casts the legion of demons into the pigs, which then throw themselves into the sea

    30. Iain was standing staring out of the window into the garden, waiting for the kettle to boil when she appeared in the kitchen, dressed and ready to face whatever the day had to throw at her

    31. makes to throw a cigarette butt through the open hearse window,

    32. It was then that a folk started to throw rotten fruit at the cage

    33. Houses throw up smoking stacks,

    34. There was a small scattering of throw rugs around

    35. There was a long throw rug down the center leading to the top of the stairway

    36. He grabbed the slobbering mess and tossed it off as far as he could throw it

    37. throw my toys out of the pram, run through the streets screaming?”

    38. to throw away their lifetime collections

    39. He wondered what world she had lost, was it the world of her yaag? "That is true," Alan said, "especially now that I threw the phone out as far into the Lhar as I could throw it

    40. I personally think that he was just looking for a legitimate excuse for Gilla to throw her arms round him … but that could be me being sceptical, I suppose!

    41. She knew sooner or later he'd throw her out and go back to his own kind

    42. When eating fruit do not throw away the peel

    43. ’ Deris said, ducking behind Adamant quickly just in case Berndt decides to throw something else

    44. Do not throw away water in which vegetables have been

    45. ’ He replied with a smile, ‘Come on, or else I shall be tempted to throw you on the bed and forget about my mother

    46. It was only under the severest of admonishments that she had ceased to throw plates, crystal knickknacks and sundry items of cutlery at her parents

    47. Same whine from the Frisbee when you throw it

    48. By late afternoon, I am more than ready to throw in the towel but Berndt drives us on

    49. With an effort, I manage to throw one arm round her neck, swallowing a fair amount of water in the process, but once there, it means she can support me as she swims strongly towards land

    50. Just as I was about to throw the raki down my throat, he laid his hand on my arm, 'No, no, no! Excuse me sir, the raki is for you to rub on your face

    1. throwing at Him, God have enough goodness to deal with

    2. Half throwing me away from himself, so that I stagger as he takes his hands off me, he turns and paces back to the door

    3. Ackers glanced toward the window and thought about throwing the Chip outside

    4. The world was counting on him, there would be no surrender, no throwing away his responsibility

    5. ‘Do you honestly think it is a good idea, Mum?’ he asked, throwing the towel on the bed … I pick it up quickly … when will he learn that wet towels and beds don’t mix!

    6. The soldiers who stopped them are running for their lives, throwing away their weapons as they flee

    7. "How about it Sammy? If you have nothing to hide why would you want to cause a lot of trouble by throwing me out of here? Or even more foolish, attempting to assault me?"

    8. Throwing the old weenie to you?

    9. She kicked at some water, throwing spray ahead of them

    10. ’ He said throwing me a quick smile as he turns into the school gates and parks in the staff area

    11. Throwing my coat round my shoulders, I walk down to his car with him

    12. ’ He answered, throwing open a door at the top of the stairs

    13. Not wanting to raise demons, I don’t mention my throwing up

    14. who had more throwing knives in his hands

    15. ‘Can you imagine it? Me living in a manor house with staff!’ he chuckled, stooping to pick up another stone and throwing it with some power towards the same rock where it smashed

    16. He ran away from it all, throwing his hands up in the air and saying to anyone who might listen, “My wife is dead

    17. This was followed by another folk throwing fruit, followed by a

    18. I was on my knees throwing up my guts when I heard ‘him’ for the first time

    19. In the end, I give in, throwing a dirty glance in the direction of the tormenter standing over me before subsiding against the pillow again

    20. ’ I said throwing my three pennyworth into the mix

    21. ’ Joris said, throwing her one of his charming smiles

    22. throwing a fit on the floor,

    23. He waits until they are nearly parallel with him then stands and raises both hands, making a throwing motion

    24. The monstrous thing growled and reared up; the ‘twins’ attacked in unison, momentarily throwing it off guard

    25. There was no contest; Rah dove on her claws extended and ripped her in two, throwing the halves into the air and flaming then to the ground

    26. ’ I said, dropping the soiled bandage in the basin and throwing the bloodstained gauze away

    27. I tried to rearrange the packages and parcels into a nest where I could lie with my discomfort but it soon became clear I should have skipped the cheese pie and lemonade because before long my stomach was trying to settle on whether or not to surprise me by throwing up over American parcels, Australian parcels or the fragrant cabbage

    28. "I'm working for it," Yarin said while throwing triple scaleskins and raking in three more teners and a bunch of change

    29. Nikos could see the man wasn't welcome in our crowd but being host, he was determined to create a relaxed atmosphere so, throwing his arms in the air, he announced to the room, 'OK everybody

    30. Throwing on my jeans and a jumper, I grab an apple and take Sam out for a run

    31. ‘Brill in what way?’ I asked as throwing the sausages into the frying pan to brown

    32. Just throwing it out there

    33. Throwing her head back she breathed deeply and let loose with a very strange sound

    34. Lord Tarak contacted the Queen’s Hold and asked to speak with First Altera, thereby throwing off anyone questioning a call from his Hold

    35. Her trapped emotions were throwing her off-balance

    36. They stopped throwing torches after that

    37. inhibiting the nerve connections and throwing off the

    38. She got on it, somewhat more steady than she was the night before, and acted out throwing up on him again

    39. throwing; she could have fits that would last for 2

    40. Mind you, Dilly throwing up rather took his mind off my love life

    41. At least I am not throwing up, that is one small mercy

    42. ’ Graham said quickly, throwing a concerned glance at Bill

    43. Alex hits the remote and unlocks the car, throwing the bag onto the front passenger seat

    44. Pushing her back up into an arch and raising Chrissie as she did so, Sheila twisted suddenly, throwing Chrissie off

    45. Sheila, came at her again, grabbing her round the middle and throwing her to the ground

    46. Stunned, Chas lay on the floor for a moment before leaping to his feet and throwing himself at Mickey, his face a vicious mask of violence

    47. comrades, and throwing some of them in turn, Tom felt he was

    48. ‘She’s throwing up and having fits

    49. We were playing cards and suddenly she just fell off her chair and started throwing up

    50. It was as though the sea had got fed up with lying down and was throwing itself at them

    1. She probably would have been afraid of him on Earth, he could have thrown her to the mattress and taken her and there would have been little she could have done about it

    2. She found she didn't remember most of the stuff in here, she probably should have thrown it all out decades ago, the papers that were hers were already obsolete and could now be learned by examining any common electronic device with a polarizing microscope, but twenty decades ago they had been some of the Kassikan's most closely guarded secrets

    3. ’ He said, obviously a little thrown by the fact that it is me

    4. Learning to make compost is a great way to take something that is being thrown away and turns it into food for the soil, for the plants, and food for us

    5. It isn’t as bad as I thought … more neglected than anything and by the time I have sorted out the furniture which had been thrown in here – literally, by the look of some of it - and vacuumed the carpet, the place doesn’t look too bad

    6. idol and for that were thrown into a blazing furnace

    7. thrown into the furnace, they trusted in Him when they were already

    8. My phone rattled out onto the ground beside me where Garda Thicke had thrown it

    9. All my residents have suffered loss as a result of war – either tangible loss in the shape of careers thrown off course or emotional trauma caused by bereavement - and I can empathise with them … if for a different, and drastically less acceptable reason

    10. The particles Horcheese threw from the emitters were a garbage burst, a throat-clearing test burst of nuclei thrown across a wide area in an unfocused stream, barely accelerated beyond 1/10th lightspeed

    11. ‘Your room … someone’d been in there … all your stuff had been thrown all over the place

    12. the pub landlord has thrown off

    13. In the end, she retaliated by forcing him to use the birdery daily to correspond with Lintze, stating that if he didn’t at least do that, she would use the authority she had to have him thrown out

    14. He didn't notice them getting hurt at first, but they could have been thrown and trampled, or eaten by a theirops, or even found by the Angels

    15. at the planks of a capsized lifeboat, thrown up

    16. "I wasn't thrown," Luray said with a touch of indignation, "I jumped down when I first found my beast at the tail of the herd

    17. Satan is bound by chains and thrown into a pit (Revelation 20:1-2, Isaiah 24:21-22)

    18. In Isaiah chapter 24, it speaks in the last few verses about a time when the kings and rulers of this world will be tied up and thrown into a pit for an extended period of time

    19. that falls upon their heads, thrown up

    20. As I leave the cabin, I encounter Berndt just coming out of the heads, bare chested, he’s obviously just got up and thrown on his hosen

    21. thrown away with the peel

    22. With each hit they got on Jake, Kate was thrown into a rage

    23. All during the 3 months since Becky died, Collin had thrown himself into keeping tabs on the Big Black; he practically lived at the Riders Hall

    24. Then my neighbour stood and with feet apart and head thrown back, he poured out a drama like an operatic tenor

    25. The excited painter from Shahpur had thrown in the

    26. The craft came down and bounced once at the outer edge of the runway and then all of a sudden they were thrown forward as the tail hook was grabbed and the craft slowed

    27. Of course, he knew that wasn’t really the case, but once the thought had thrown its grappling hook and caught on the battlements of Tom’s mental castle, there was nothing he could do about the waves of nausea that battered at the door of his mental redoubt

    28. I had thrown them

    29. By the time that he did make the connection he was sinking to the floor and losing consciousness, his head and shoulders wrapped in an old bath towel that his step-mother had thrown over his head as she struck to soak up the inevitable streams of blood

    30. ’ I replied, digging the envelope out of the bin where I’d thrown it automatically

    31. The terrible boots were thrown out with

    32. The explosions caused everything inside this area to be thrown about

    33. He began to move in the direction of the moans making his way around a series of huge consoles that had been upturned and thrown about the room

    34. In her whole life, she had never actually been thrown into a dungeon before

    35. She tells me in an excited whisper that Gary turned up half an hour early with some flowers for Sally and that this had thrown her mum into a right old state

    36. A seed thrown into the sea is jack jacking it off

    37. It was the pre-science Elven religion from Alan’s world with a few more religious symbols and the intercourse with temple girls thrown in, not that there weren’t examples of that in Alan’s world

    38. Dave, in his wisdom, has thrown out the one I put together last week saying that there ought to be something with an Easter theme in it

    39. Bill is too busy to help me out and I am thrown back on scouring my way through recipes on the internet

    40. is he the right person to agitate? That is why bibles are thrown into prisons

    41. ‘The artist would also have to be a starving young man with long hair and cruel parents who have thrown him out to make his way in the world

    42. dictator to be overthrown? Have him thrown into the brim pit

    43. served 25 years in prison, finally thrown back into

    44. knew that wasn’t really the case, but once the thought had thrown

    45. they should be thrown

    46. bath towel that his step-mother had thrown over his head as she

    47. She was true to her word, having thrown a wrapskirt around her hips and maybe gave a brush one pass thru her hair on the way thru the house in what couldn’t have been more than ninety seconds

    48. part of a military hospital thrown up during the recent hostilities

    49. few sessions spent being thrown about by Giles and his new

    50. He ought to have told her, instead of just pretending that nothing was wrong, getting up and going to work as usual … spending the day lounging around the job centre praying that something would come up, but the closure of the works had thrown a lot of men onto the dole

    1. ” They glare at each other until Kevin throws up his hands and waves for us both to continue

    2. Mechanically, she throws another dog on a bun, adds the mustard and relish

    3. As soon as her husband throws off his shirt and tie upon returning home, she snatches the strips of clothing and begins to iron

    4. “Hey, Sade!” She throws a stuffed octopus at her friend

    5. As soon as Barney sees me, he bounds forward and throws his arms round my legs, nearly tripping me up

    6. He throws his pillow at her

    7. John picks up a book lying nearby, throws it at the wall

    8. He hears the waves pounding outside, sits up, throws off the blanket, sits on the side of the cot and looks about

    9. ‘What have I let myself in for?’ he muttered theatrically as Liz, who has been collecting up some of the soggy wallpaper which fell out of the bag, throws a handful at him

    10. That throws me a little

    11. unspools the film and throws it on the ground

    12. She wakes up, throws on her robe, opens the door

    13. A third throws his hat in the air in excitement

    14. an old man, dizzy in the throws of Parkinson’s,

    15. An old man, dizzy in the throws of Parkinson’s,

    16. Grinning broadly, the man leaps off his gg and dropping the reins, throws his arms around Gilla, swinging her off her feet as he kisses her soundly

    17. Joris throws more and more absurd imprecations at his friend’s back, making me giggle even more - the only suggestion that Berndt can hear any of this being the occasional shaking of his shoulders as he fails to suppress his laughter at the ridiculous things being said

    18. Drens throws a friendly ‘good morning’ at me as I stand at the rail looking out over the heaving dark blue of the sea

    19. she throws her head back, grins wildly,

    20. ‘Banswell? Is that near Weston-super-Mare?’ I asked scouring my memory for recollections of that area and finding that it throws up a card

    21. I try to look as though I understand what he is talking about, though the amused look Berndt throws in my direction suggests that I am not as successful as I hope

    22. Without a word, he throws my bags over Sefir’s shoulders, secures them and hands me the reins, storming off to check Adamant is ready to go

    23. ’ I assured him as he throws my bags over Sefir’s shoulders and fastens them in place

    24. It isn’t easy swimming one handed … holding onto the reins is awkward and my legs keep bashing into Sefir as the current of the wasteg throws me against her side

    25. Alastair is sitting at the piano practising; clearly this wild display of bohemian life throws Tilly

    26. She throws on a tatty pair of jeans and an old shirt

    27. She wriggles out of her tights and throws them onto the floor

    28. Helen throws him his shirt and, holding her skirt in front of her chest, she scuttles into a corner, away from the glass eye in the wall

    29. matter how many guys he throws out, or what his batting average is

    30. In her thoughts she throws open the patio doors at her father’s house and takes a slow step around his garden, shuffling past flower pots full of cigarette butts, one more casualty on the mend, a dressing-gowned remnant of the whistling generation

    31. Katie’s here; she rushes over towards the window and looks at me anxiously then, she sobs and throws her arms around me

    32. fielder throws out the go-ahead run at the plate and then gets the game-winning hit

    33. Pulls out drawers and throws the contents around

    34. Second of all, if God throws something into eternal fire, who says that what is

    35. "Why not? It allows him to leak information for the Justicars without jeopardizing himself much, and it constantly throws us off

    36. To dream that someone throws water at you implies that you need to show more of your emotions

    37. To dream that someone throws a water balloon at you represents some negative emotions or anger that is directed at you, but you are oblivious to

    38. arts, in the sense that it combines the best of grappling with awesome throws

    39. Even when a soldier in combat throws himself on a grenade, thus committing suicide, he is doing so because he made a rational decision to protect the right of his fellow soldiers over his own

    40. A dining area took up one section of the room, complete with a circular table with four chairs around it and a sideboard against the wall, and a corner by the windows boasted a sitting area with small sofa—a settee, really—and an overstuffed chair that was perfect for curling up with one of the throws that were scattered about

    41. The same crystalline Caribbean water, iridescent and turquoise, throws its surf upon the beach

    42. In her final throws, the dying girl batted a Sycler away

    43. Question: What do you do if a blonde throws a pin at you?”

    44. What do you do if a blonde throws a pin at you?”

    45. And me being the cat that throws decorum out of the window sometimes and also being the cat that just can’t mind his own damn business; I interrupted their “private moment” and said, “Sup guys …

    46. I said free throws

    47. Jasper was real good at free throws

    48. Christina throws a roll at him

    49. That throws a wrench in his strategy

    50. I watch Four’s arm as he throws a knife

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