Oraciones con la palabra "throw"

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Throw en una oración (en ingles)

1. I WANTED to throw up.
2. Throw it to the cat.
3. Throw her on the bed.
5. I throw things at him.
6. Only one pound a throw.
7. I had to throw you.

8. But she did throw the.
9. That was a lucky throw.
10. Throw on the next reel.
11. I would throw the ball.
12. I didn't throw the match.
13. They can throw off your.
14. Like it was a soft throw.
15. Throw them away, my dear.
16. I could throw it in there.
17. So throw off the bowlines.
18. No one can throw the put.
19. I throw the Runner to him.
20. Elfric would throw me out.
21. Throw out all that would.
22. We should throw it back.
23. You should throw it away.
24. And throw away the rubbish.
25. He proceeded to throw his.
26. Why throw it at her?
27. Why would you throw her?
28. He said, Throw it, O Moses.
29. If you just throw the word.
30. Here, take this and throw it.
31. The boys would throw a few.
32. That would surely throw off.
33. Most churches would throw a.
34. Cooper would have him throw.
36. Did it throw you off?
37. I throw what’s left of my.
38. Should I throw them out?
39. Throw him into this pit that.
40. Throw your things in the back.
1. I heard her throwing a fit.
2. Just throwing it out there.
3. That, and throwing lots of.
4. Ingrid felt like throwing up.
5. Throwing a look to the window.
6. Throwing a ball with one hand.
7. Then throwing down the pen:—.
8. Throwing himself on me like a.
9. Throwing the old weenie to you?
10. They were throwing rocks at the.
11. Corey was now throwing another fit.
12. O'Connor, throwing the end of his.
13. I started throwing punches at Jumbo.
14. Throwing everything out of balance.
15. That is, until I was throwing out.
16. The sea throwing foam against rocks.
17. He wasnt throwing me out of his van.
18. Throwing caution aside, he hugged her.
19. The men throwing over their sheaths.
20. Jaggers, throwing his finger at them.
21. Frank was ecstatic, throwing his head.
22. He stopped throwing stones and knelt.
23. I was always throwing curves at my boys.
24. Minho did, throwing it at the same spot.
25. He had a good throwing arm for his age.
26. James throwing up every inch of the way.
27. When you insulted him by throwing the.
28. It’s like throwing a stone in a pond.
29. She was throwing dirty looks at Sahana.
30. A throwing knife thudded into his chest.
31. Obeast was no stranger to throwing rocks.
32. Throwing a ball overhead with two hands.
33. Throwing it in the trash is a great idea.
34. Not throwing all our cards on the table.
35. Who’s throwing them? she squealed.
36. I felt like he was just throwing me away.
37. And basically throwing open the Mexican.
38. Throwing away plastic bottles; is common.
39. I stall by busying myself with throwing.
40. They took off, throwing up mud and stones.
1. She has thrown me out.
2. Fate had thrown at them.
3. You can get thrown clear.
4. F flat has thrown at you.
5. He was pushed and thrown.
6. He was thrown into the pit.
7. Alex is thrown for a moment.
8. I was thrown into confusion.
9. Nothing had been thrown out.
10. Cyrus Walters had thrown it.
11. Then I was thrown in prison.
12. My shirt was thrown back on.
13. Thrown against a bulkhead I.
14. Thrown away, I suppose, by.
15. The crew was thrown forwards.
16. It was all breath thrown away.
17. I was thrown across the room.
18. We are thrown rather together.
19. They should all be thrown out.
20. Their formation was thrown off.
21. She had just thrown Steve out.
22. They shall all be thrown down.
23. This was thrown back, however.
24. He had thrown everything away.
26. Leif was thrown from his horse.
27. As I was thrown out of My chair.
28. He was thrown out at third base.
29. As if she’s thrown for a loss.
30. And the great dragon was thrown.
31. The thrown apple slapped my hand.
32. What if it had been thrown out?
33. I must have thrown twenty spreads.
34. Patches had thrown a hissing fit.
35. The questions she had thrown at.
36. Being thrown out on the street;.
37. I told him I’d thrown it away.
38. Alaska has thrown its worst at us.
39. I was thrown into some kind of car.
40. They had been the ones thrown out.
1. He throws up a hand.
2. He throws his arm out.
3. He throws his head back.
4. If the stock throws a.
5. That throws me a little.
6. He throws his pillow at her.
7. Cherrie throws him his pants.
9. Pitcher, throws to the Red b.
10. The Old Lady Who Throws Dice.
11. He throws the dice, seven.
12. It throws more money at them.
13. Every time the horse throws.
14. Christina throws a roll at him.
15. The officer throws up his hands.
16. Who throws the greatest party?
17. The free throws, said Kurt.
18. He then throws the ball to Mike.
19. The action throws me off balance.
20. Slothfulness throws one into deep.
21. The toilet throws a shadow on it.
22. Jasper was real good at free throws.
23. He counts six hands-worth of throws.
24. That throws a wrench in his strategy.
25. Wool throws covered a straw mattress.
26. Selena throws a devastating look at me.
27. This throws new light upon the matter.
28. She drains the teabag and throws it out.
29. He throws his head back on the headrest.
30. Grandpa throws his hand at him, Ahhhh.
31. In case she throws up, she won't choke.
32. It’s the way she moves that throws him.
33. I watch Four’s arm as he throws a knife.
34. Breaks or throws things to intimidate me.
35. He drinks a lot, throws beer cans around.
36. It never throws anything out, but it can.
37. He throws, I know, over his shoulder.
38. That's what throws you all off the scent.
39. Jesus Throws Out Laborers into His Harvest.
40. Everyone’s arms twitch, but nobody throws.
1. I threw it to him.
2. I threw my arms up.
3. Ma threw a fit and.
4. He threw a GES at me.
5. He threw a cup at me.
6. She threw him a kiss.
7. I threw the ball back.
8. I wound up and threw.
9. But then he threw on.
10. Rad threw up his hands.
11. They threw us back in.
12. He threw open the door.
13. Threw me to the earth.
14. His horse threw a shoe.
15. He threw a long shadow.
16. Newt threw his hands up.
17. I threw myself out of.
18. The police threw up a.
19. She threw her arms up.
20. I threw myself on the.
21. She threw back the drink.
22. I threw myself into my.
23. He smiled and threw on.
24. Haven threw up her hands.
25. The foe threw spears too.
26. I threw him out as well.
27. I think Mother threw it.
28. Simon threw his hands up.
29. He threw me back instead.
30. She threw a pillow at him.
31. This briefly threw the U.
32. But the rock he threw.
33. She threw the ball anyway.
34. Joey threw a jerky at it.
35. Cleopas threw him the box.
36. Ananya threw up her hands.
37. She threw the old spice.
38. I threw it in the lake.
39. But the horse threw me.
40. He threw some notes and.

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