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    1. Remove or trim any brush, etc

    2. Her body was trim but feminine

    3. Ship's foreman Nlara was with them, she usually took charge of the sleep shift, but the journey was so leisurely that there was often a half-hour between trim changes

    4. Her hair was plastered down with rain, but it wasn't very cold, even now, and there were enough trim changes to keep her warm

    5. The shirt he wore was purple with red trim

    6. The stairway to the second floor was of light ash wood, as was all the wood in the house, the moldings, the window trim, and the doors

    7. Wasn't that nice?' She swallowed, 'Do you know, after three years they exhume the bones and put them in a little box and keep them in the ossuary at the entrance to the cemetery? The ground must be too hard to dig deep and it seems before the burial they fill a pillow with olive leaves for his head and they trim his hair

    8. In the meantime she spent a great deal of her time at the country club and gymnasium, toning her muscles, keeping her figure in trim and joining a number of other upwardly mobile wives for coffee mornings, hair appointments and tennis lessons

    9. His lanky body is trim and although he has a healthy appetite, he obviously burns off any excess in nervous energy

    10. She was dressed in leather breeches, a white billowy shirt with a large gold and silver belt at her trim waist

    11. She was trim and lithe in form, but he could not see her face because of the helmet she wore

    12. The first full flush of youth may have passed, but she works hard to keep herself in trim

    13. So although it was their first time on a sailing vessel for which they had to trim sails, steer, and navigate through the wind, they were exceptionally capable sailors from the outset

    14. His first name is Billy, by the way, mid fifties, pretty trim

    15. It was done in red trim cards

    16. gold trim around the base, mouth, and earpieces

    17. Inside it her shape was trim and smooth and perfectly proportioned

    18. a trim chronicle, with the year arranged neatly on the left,

    19. You have to carefully trim the branches that

    20. “Let’s go and trim that unruly bush of yours

    21. “How much time will they trim off that leaving the liners?”

    22. everywhere, and large bits of black plastic that looked like they were part of the internal trim, except there was no internal trim missing

    23. to a number two trim all over

    24. In his mind, he’d already climbed the tree and planned how to trim the dead branches and where to stack the brush

    25. It was small and salmon-colored with dark green trim, tiny windows, and too many shrubs in the front

    26. With a chill wind skidding fresh powder into the building, Amaranthe did not feel conspicuous keeping her hood pulled low over her eyes, the fur trim nuzzling her cheeks

    27. Replete with marble steps, gold-gilded trim, and ornate columns, the exclusive club had doubtlessly never invited an enforcer in without warrant-waving beforehand

    28. trim the Christmas trees for the coming morrow

    29. the barn, where stood the Christmas-tree which he was going to trim for

    30. "They trim their houses with mistletoe and holly so that everything

    31. A youth in a luminescent green shirt with trim of black fringe and patent leather shoes with taps grabbed her hand and gave her lessons in the middle of San José's busiest street

    32. hooves and trim them as needed because infected hooves can affect how

    33. The blast from the propeller hits the aircraft in a helical motion, and most of our aircraft still didn’t have trim tabs or any such consideration

    34. Trim tabs would have made it easier to fly the machine

    35. Its plastered interior walls were set off by dark wood trim around the doors and windows

    36. It was a trim little craft, complete with a small cabin

    37. ” He placed the long strips around her trim ankles

    38. phoenix with black trim splashed the rear panels of each van

    39. Colling could see that the trim on their peaked caps was red, indicating they were probably Red Army, and not NKVD

    40. She had on a white polo shirt with green trim on the collar, white ducks, and tennis shoes

    41. Trim houses lined up behind unnatural green rectangles, bounded by fences

    42. Before moving in, I removed some interior walls and painted the rest a creamy yellow, with white gloss trim

    43. 33 Why trim your way to seek love? Therefore have you also taught the wicked ones your ways?

    44. When she hadn’t been able to settle on anything, Nik chose one for her – a brown silk dress with a little flare at the bottom and white lace trim across the chest and hem

    45. All wore the black armor with red trim of their unit as well as the wary look of hunters waiting for their prey’s next move

    46. It was a very trim ship, not much of a hull, nor as large as the fuchuan type, but rather top heavy with sails

    47. She wore a long, regal blue dress with gold trim, and her long, light brown hair fell past her waist in graceful curls

    48. I was wearing, the only time I ever wore it, the white cotton jumpsuit with eyelet trim that my mother had sent me

    49. There are about 20 trim shops in Jacksonville, and the economy is rather stable

    50. I did not drink again till August 1978 when Larry Ramirez saw me on a break from painting the wooden trim of our brick one story brick house

    1. This sect, all male, keeps its beards and sideburns uniformly trimmed at a #2 setting on their electric razors

    2. John is ushered into the room by Assistant Press Secretary, JED BAKER, 40-something, graying temples, neatly trimmed hair and a smart gray suit with mirror finish shoes

    3. Ricci enters, sporting a fresh change of wardrobe (the guy’s really a clothes horse): This time it’s a palace casual, a brilliant blue thobe trimmed with gold thread

    4. ' He picked up the canvas sack lying under his chair and with infinite care withdrew from it a small, pear-shaped violin and bow trimmed with bells along its length

    5. Situated in the centre of the clearing, the Well is beautifully trimmed with fresh flowers and set about with what I now recognise as Gottestones

    6. His high forehead had just enough texture to show wisdom and dignity, his halo of greying wool neatly trimmed a curl and a half deep

    7. She turned a knob on the panel and words started going by in the glass covered, brass trimmed window next to it

    8. 7Then all those virgins arose, and trimmed their lamps

    9. Up there in the balconies people could be seen in robes, ornate, floor length, and heavy, trimmed in furs

    10. It was trimmed in the same black leather at its edges and around the opening

    11. He had the classic male-model look, and was quite well-dressed for a native in snug pants with a paisley quilted jacket trimmed with suede cuffs and collar

    12. These people also kept their vegetation trimmed a lot more closely than the others, and her probe was soon found

    13. He shrugged his shoulders, blushing beneath his gray trimmed beard

    14. His face featured a prominent jaw, along with an aquiline nose, brooding lips, eyes that went straight to their mark like arrows, and a closely trimmed dark beard

    15. Not to mention that unique cape trimmed in long, black fur

    16. Certainly, he would have replaced the one trimmed with a lion’s mane during the last seven years, but it wouldn’t be anything as coarse as this

    17. shrubs not trimmed, the hallway not cleared of clutter, and the kitchen

    18. “That unruly red bush of yours! It must be trimmed

    19. She undressed and her slave girls immediately noticed the neatly trimmed bush

    20. As he got within a few metres the grounds illuminated by a bioluminescent band running under the solar- panelled roof, revealing the neatly trimmed garden, the blue-white light spilled over to reveal the contrasting wild undergrowth

    21. I hoisted sails, trimmed sails, dropped sails, swabbed decks, greased pulleys, polished brass, secured cargo, and hauled supplies

    22. pausing by the trimmed leeks, courgettes and

    23. The man was tall for a mortal – tall mortals were of a height with Adem and his friends – his head was shaved except for a topknot tail of white hair that fell down to his shoulders, a neatly trimmed white moustache like down-curving horns and a pointed white tuft of hair falling from his chin

    24. Near the bottom of the hill, an apple tree needed to be trimmed, and one spring day Papa set off to do the job

    25. Running back through the avenues of whitewashed houses and neatly trimmed gardens something else beckoned him from beneath his conscious mind

    26. Tall for a mortal, his head is shaved except for a topknot tail of white hair that falls down to his shoulders, a neatly trimmed white moustache like down-curving horns and a pointed white tuft of hair falling from his chin

    27. Very soon, the walking wounded gathered behind him and Flesh’ailer had trimmed the torch, ready for some investigation

    28. Even his fingernails were trimmed and free of dirt

    29. Its green boughs were trimmed with gold and silver

    30. and no holly trimmed the little cabin

    31. Alex trimmed the craft and tapped at a dial with his fingertip

    32. the wooden bed, which stood in one corner of the room, had been trimmed

    33. each side of the fireplace, and these, together with the trimmed posts

    34. He wasn’t particularly good-looking, with a beak-like nose, thin lips and bald head but, he certainly was better company than Leon, appeared more intelligent, was tall, clean-shaven, and what hair he did have was neatly trimmed; not at all what she had expected

    35. I obeyed and found myself wrapped in a fluffy white robe and hustled over to the dressing table chair, where she trimmed and shaped my short nails and covered them with a pale, glossy pink polish

    36. Pushing such memories from his mind, King trimmed the helicopter and brought it nearer to the coast

    37. The kid trimmed out, shutting down the throttles

    38. Maintenon relaxed in his seat, stroking his neatly trimmed, greying moustache

    39. He did so politely, trying to appease the machine’s brooding mood, his voice trimmed and clipped to something an ambassador would use to convey assurance and calm:

    40. The house was white stucco, trimmed in dark wood

    41. For an example at the local government level, when governments themselves do the tree trimming it costs much more and there are longer waits to get trees trimmed, relative to having that job put out to private contractors, with competitive bidding

    42. The hand shifts awkwardly over my hair, and I remember my father stroking my hair when he kissed me goodnight, my mother touching my hair when she trimmed it with the scissors

    43. My muscles remember the movement before the rest of me does, but when I look down, instead of dark marble I see plain white tile and the bottom of a light gray wall; I see strands of blond hair that my mother trimmed, and the mirror safely tucked behind its wall panel

    44. list was eventually trimmed down to the ten amendments and was championed by the

    45. As far as I can see, there are low buildings separated by trimmed grass and fledgling trees

    46. The vessel trimmed sail long enough for Theodore and me to scramble up the ropes onto the deck

    47. Beard: To esteem someone highly; years that show wisdom; to be covered in authority; neatly trimmed: sane, together; or messy: crazy; plucked or

    48. Angie lived in a red brick house with a neatly trimmed lawn spread out before it, and gray stone steps leading up to the front door

    49. He was of middle height and wore a thin, neatly trimmed mustache and beard

    50. It is science that is cut, trimmed, and tailored to serve a pre-determined political end

    1. Above and to one side where there was a place for it in the cliff, the sensuous trimming of the portal flowed up into a bouquet of blooms surrounding a face

    2. trimming the branches of a hawthorn bush, trying to wrestle it back

    3. She watches as he conscientiously crosses and re-crosses the small area of grass, concentrating on neatly trimming the herbage and careful to avoid cutting into the trailing cable

    4. Most who came up here wore robes, he came as close as he could in wide white bells and sleeves with mendelbrots in the black and orange of Internal Investigation trimming the openings

    5. "You could snap your fingers and have the shears do it for you, or perhaps make some tea and cakes whilst we cope with the trimming

    6. trimming the Mistress’s rosebushes too closely

    7. shots before doing it because trimming can injure the hooves and let

    8. “Where are you taking me?” she asked, exhaustion trimming her voice

    9. For an example at the local government level, when governments themselves do the tree trimming it costs much more and there are longer waits to get trees trimmed, relative to having that job put out to private contractors, with competitive bidding

    10. stroking the intricate gold trimming at its butt with his fingertips

    11. Verse 1 and 2, the trimming of a Jews hair and beard was forbidden by the Law of

    12. He was dressed informally in black with gold trimming

    13. David, a little taller than Sean, has polished gray hair and a smile that reveals the care taken in trimming his stubble beard

    14. Trimming and sawing took as much time and more effort, and by the time he drove back to the house some of the romance of being a woodsman had fled

    15. It took us a month to repaint the whole house yellow with brown trimming, and to

    16. Trimming these circuits to track properly was a nightmare

    17. working on trimming the hooves of their team of four draft horses

    18. saddle horses most of his life but had no clue about the draft horses or trimming hooves

    19. the trimming the barber did, and the dark growth mirrored how he

    20. Trimming means that you cut only about a quarter to a half of an inch of your hair every six weeks or so

    21. Trimming the wing feathers makes sense if you often allow your pet to roam about on your shoulder, explore the outside of her cage, or spend time on a playgym

    22. Trimming the wing feathers doesn't hurt the bird, and the procedure is not difficult to do once you've learned how

    23. Some owners let their veterinarian do the trimming at the yearly exam, but this won't be frequent enough to keep your bird safe

    24. Trimming is a grooming chore you'll want to be able to do yourself

    25. Your veterinarian can show you how to trim the nails, which is much like trimming the nails of a dog or cat

    26. Merrel was trimming some jasmine that had gone a little out of

    27. correct trimming of claws, claw stations or scratching posts,

    28. time and preparation to have that perfect Christmas tree with all the trimming in the

    29. We should also realize that at the very least, mowing the lawn, trimming boundaries with weed whackers and using a chainsaw waste natural resources

    30. There was a lady trimming some plants in the courtyard, four flights below

    31. " He roared with laughter, trimming his hair with his hand

    32. Prepare the Swiss chard: After trimming off al the stems, washing and chopping, wilt the

    33. That task was then pulled out of the batch of work, which included the detail-work of fertilising, weeding, watering, and trimming

    34. Aunt Erika gave them a royal trimming down the likes of which I will never forget, and she made them change shoes!” He added with a grin, glancing at the two men in question, who squirmed a little as they remembered the rare lecture they’d been given by the elderly aristocrat, looking like two ten year olds caught out in mischief

    35. many other benefits to exercise besides trimming the inches

    36. with your exercise, it will determine your success at trimming the

    37. serves the same purposes of a trimming knife

    38. (In what the ladies style a "dress pattern," the*cenefa* is of the same material as the body of the goods with thedesign so modified that the *cenefa* may serve as trimming at sleeves,waist line,

    39. “I hate the idea of constantly trimming and pruning something to keep it from reaching its full potential

    40. “You’re welcome,” I said, staring up into his eyes that were as green as the grass he was trimming

    41. With more paint at hand, she set about coating the spokes and the trimming of the cart in strong deep yellow

    42. “These stitches are the cleanest I’ve ever seen,” she remarked, trimming and re-closing the gash

    43. There is a great virtue in sweeping out one's own house and trimming its lamps before starting on the house and lamps of a neighbour; and since new dust settles every day, and lamps, I believe, need constant trimming, I know not when the truly tidy soul will have attained so perfect a spotlessness as to justify its issuing forth to attack the private dust of other people

    44. that if I had made a mistake I could rectify it in the trimming down phase

    45. So, the morning I became aware of the way time was slipping by with no distinct things accomplished, I decided that what was necessary was the trimming of the ship, and the focus on

    46. The section of calf liver that she had been trimming with a butcher knife struck him square in the forehead

    47. ‘At the mast head, My Lord, trimming his sails to the prevailing wind

    48. Another feature about the five in one tool is that it can be used in place of a utility knife for trimming the inside corners from masking tape

    49. When I finished trimming it, I gave it its final shape with the round brush and dryer and, suddenly, the poor girl perked up

    50. Washing the inner and outer walls of your house, cleaning out your gutters, trimming your hedge, cutting the grass, sweeping the driveway… is a way of whitewashing your sterile, civilized environment

    1. ” As a duck with its eyelids, so he with his nose Trims his belt and his buttons, and turns out his toes

    2. " As a duck with its eyelids, so he with his nose Trims his belt and his buttons, and turns out his toes

    3. I picture my mother standing behind me with a comb and a pair of scissors, faintly smiling as she trims my hair, and I want to scream rather than insult her like this

    4. Helping the llama or brahmin as he trims the lamps of the idols,

    5. furniture handles, novelties and boat trims

    6. CALL SYMPUTX trims any trailing spaces as opposed to CALL SYMPUT

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    clipping trim trimming passementerie trimness bring down cut cut back cut down reduce trim back trim down shave pare clip crop dress lop prune snip garnish spare tailored clean-cut trig shipshape well-kept shapely symmetrical graceful clean prepared ordered tidy compact smart trappings gear equipment array cutting priming decoration embellishment reduction shear adjust arrange prepare adorn embellish ornament deck bedeck