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    1. Blugar's Balloon was one of the newest lakerunners in service, one of the new semi-torpedo active-ballast twin hulls perfected by the Skater line that were setting rough-weather records on all the lakes

    2. It was on a Thursday that the balloon went up

    3. He’d bitch about his feet the whole time but then she’d talk bollocks about how they were going to live in a hot air balloon, raining cream puffs on the general population

    4. In his surprise and disgust Dan nearly crushed the empty brandy balloon that

    5. You have to blow up a balloon to power the audio

    6. The world's a nicer place in my beautiful balloon

    7. Love is waiting there, in my beautiful balloon

    8. Way up in the air, in my beautiful balloon

    9. As for the kidnapper, that devious impresario, it is said that he appears briefly in cameo in every one of Archibald’s films, his pale head floating like a spectral balloon across a corner of some vast landscape, sneering and leering and mouthing the words, “I’ll get you back for this you old witch…I’ll be back…”

    10. For something portable, that means you blow up a balloon

    11. Of course there was no way to see where that lake runner was from here, but he felt he was definitely passing Tellin’s Balloon by now

    12. He was sure Tellin’s Balloon had passed him while he labored thru the city

    13. He’d turned the last corner in Shipping Cut when he saw a sail he was sure was that of Tellin’s Balloon

    14. This was more reach than tack now, but it wasn’t a very fair reach and the Balloon should be making about half his speed

    15. He was still at least a thousand feet ahead of Tellin’s Balloon when he was at the lake, but it was going on a foot high

    16. Quietly returning to her room on the second floor, she pulled on a pair of jeans and a red checked balloon blouse

    17. About the last to condense out was the water vapor, and there was plenty of that, so the chimneys had big balloon condensers at the peak looking like a child's drawing of the smoke puffing off the volcano

    18. With that, Drau'd's nostrils flared open, causing his chest to balloon outward as the pair of giant cavities sucked the air out of the room

    19. To dream that someone throws a water balloon at you represents some negative emotions or anger that is directed at you, but you are oblivious to

    20. The train stops, and each child is given a balloon of his or her choice, which is wisely tied to their wrist

    21. Little Matt is one of the passengers on the train, and, with a lollipop in his mouth and a balloon floating above his head, he is a happy little camper

    22. His hand relaxed and dropped from my arm and it fell back white against the dark earth and his whole body seemed to deflate like a child’s balloon

    23. Balloon that the defendant holds over his head during the trial

    24. His words were like a sharp object puncturing a water balloon, and her words gushed out in a wave of uninhibited emotion

    25. It felt as if there was a balloon inside his head; air was being pumped between his brain and skull

    26. Not certain of the strength of the force, the Spaniards fired only a few desultory volleys, but as the vanguard came unseen down the road, the captive war balloon was sent bobbing along in the very advance, just over the tree-tops

    27. By this time the cavalry were starting to deploy along the creek; but when the wretched balloon had finally received its quietus, and sunk amid the curses of the men stricken through its agency by an unseen fire, the enemy had exactly ranged the line of the road, and were apprised that a general advance was taking place

    28. A withering fire was directed against the angle where the balloon had disappeared and along the edge of the wood

    29. Having gauged direction from the balloon, the enemy had poured down their merciless fire without exposure from volleys returned from two hundred feet below

    30. "If you think your getting me into that contraption, you've another think coming, "I told Uncle Hobart, nodding at the old Lada estate, with the large black balloon attached to its roof

    31. "That bastard in the BMW's thrown his fag on top of the balloon

    32. Uncle Hobart had tied one balloon to each arm of our cast iron garden bench and now it was floating a few feet off the ground, held in place by a mooring rope attached to the back of the tractor

    33. “You got the balloon,” for example, then they left me with the nurse

    34. There was something about the way she clenched and opened her fists continuously that made me believe that just a glimpse of her mind right at that time would have felt like a floating balloon does in a shitstorm of monumental proportions

    35. Raul was excited about it and anxious for the balloon to pop

    36. If one preferred satellite and balloon temperature data over surface data from urban areas where heated concrete contributed, then the earth had increased in temperature over the past century less than the latter methods suggest

    37. , and he knew of balloon bombs floating over the west coast from Japan

    38. Her gladness collapsed like a pricked balloon

    39. The smell of rotting nature was overpowering, and she felt her head swelling up like a balloon

    40. The sound of the insides of their bodies sounds like a balloon quickly being twisted near his ears

    41. I was so furious that I could have blown steam like a hot balloon

    42. It feels as if I’m pushing against a balloon

    43. “A hot-air balloon, yes

    44. ” He pulls my hand and drags me to the hot-air balloon

    45. The only way we could swing it, regrettably, given our later difficulty in selling it, was to take an 80% first mortgage, and the Sellers took back a 10% second balloon mortgage due in five years

    46. “I was with Zachary, teasing him about you, him, and the hot-air balloon when an excited Sean burst into the room

    47. belly had suddenly begun to balloon out, and when he had tried to

    48. None of them had ever seen a hot air balloon in the

    49. As it became clear that the balloon was going to

    50. hanging under the balloon

    1. She then ballooned them into the native city under cover of darkness

    2. His cheeks ballooned and his eyes were half-closed

    3. spending on education has ballooned from about $25 billion in

    4. The head of government forensics described the corpse as ‘grotesquely mutilated’ and claimed that ‘in 30 years’ he had ‘never seen anything like it’ adding that ‘parts of the body had ballooned to bizarre proportions, seemingly post mortem’

    5. By May 4, the day of the official proclamation of the Second Republic in France after the national elections held on April 23, her initial fortune had ballooned to nearly thirty million francs[23], split nearly evenly between her accounts at the Bank of France and at the Midlands Bank of London

    6. As a consequence, her personal fortune ballooned again, to reach a total of over 49 million francs by August of 1848

    7. By the time the lender went through the foreclosure process, that $50,000 initial loss had ballooned

    8. ballooned around them and dissipated the darkness that surrounded them

    9. Her red hair ballooned out around her as she swam forward, bare-headed and grinning maniacally

    10. Luck was with him: The chambers ballooned

    11. These days Bogdanov looks clean and successful and has ballooned to sixty kilos of skin and bone, but we’re pretty sure he’s one of the crooks in your organization, Alona

    12. When we reached the central promenade of the mall, the whole area ballooned: four stories high, escalators and elevators crisscrossing in the black

    13. As might be expected, this latest drop has ballooned the premium in IBM options, particularly in the November series

    14. ” However, inventories had also ballooned by $1

    15. Shapes shifted in front of her eyes, and Twilly’s voice ballooned out of his mouth, volume rising and falling

    16. Unfortunately for Benson and Hedges, working capital requirements ballooned, since in its industry it was (and is) necessary that cigarette tobaccos be aged for an average of three years

    17. Recently it has ballooned to about 8

    18. Acting as the manager over assets that had ballooned to $44 million dollars, Buffett and his daughter Susie's personal stake was $6,849,936

    19. ResCap was a major subprime lender that became an albatross for GMAC when losses ballooned during the financial crisis

    20. Problems ballooned because they were, individually and as a group, terrible investors

    1. ―Celeste and me/Go over the sea,/Oh here we go ballooning

    2. pupils of her eyes dilate, the black of them ballooning out toward

    3. “Let me put it like this: it’s the worst plan since Henry the hyperactive high-jumping hedgehog booked up a hot air ballooning holiday

    4. They go on all the Seniors" Club outings, try hang-gliding, ballooning – everything that"s going

    5. The trees were misshapen and grossly distorted, bark ballooning out in odd shapes and angles

    6. But, what might happen if the government were the sole legal lender, and all lending activity was transacted through public banks, instead of private banks? Unearned wealth currently being siphoned by investors in the form of interest payments could be financing public programs, and combatting the ballooning national debt

    7. The ball was digging in and then ballooning

    8. The great arm raised as the Cook lay his hand upon the boy's shoulder, the bicep ballooning broadly

    9. I wouldn't mind doing this, but I have something very special planned for tonight: I'm going hot-air ballooning

    10. Later, while I was wandering around the US and Canada, we exchanged several emails and agreed that I would take an exciting helicopter flight this morning to make up for the ballooning fiasco

    11. Like the hungry protoplasm of an oversized amoeba, ballooning clouds of flapping cloth now completely engulfed him, smothering his face and wrapping themselves ever more tightly around his arms and torso

    12. When Cory, the freckled kid who’d helped with the ballooning adventure, greeted her, she asked, “So where’s the boss today? On another property?”

    13. Their upper lips burned and cracked, ballooning so dramatically that they obstructed their nostrils, while their lower lips bulged against their chins

    14. When he focused on it, Mercer could feel his mind ballooning outward, sort of, and tight little bundles of tension in his joints relaxing

    15. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been called the “It” girl of the stock market, ballooning in popularity by more than 2,000% from 2001 to 2014, and holding more than $2 trillion in investments

    16. Kenneth Ackerman's history, The Gold Ring, relates how the two men flooded the market with newissue stock, ballooning the capitalization from $34 million to $57 million (after previously issuing a $20 million convertible in England without telling the public, their directors, or stockholders)

    1. On the 16th, I produce a birthday cake for Fred and we surprise him with a little party in the hall to celebrate his birthday – complete with balloons and streamers

    2. The balloons were blown and hanging from the ceiling and on the

    3. "One of Alan's, maxed-out balloons

    4. She had enormous swaying boobs that made him think she had stuffed balloons in her top

    5. Her fashions seemed to give a nod to Alan's world, but at least those balloons were covered

    6. Simon’s car’s bedaubed with messages and someone has tied balloons to the aerial

    7. The hall is looking festive with balloons and what can only be called bunting arrayed around the walls

    8. They were pictured as bigger than today's floaters with open decks and enormous sausage balloons and horizontal fans to drive them, peddled by most of the troops aboard

    9. Dingle does not appreciate machinery flying over his home and considers your flight path a severe nuisance, perhaps you would change it, come down the outer coastline or stick to hot air balloons was his suggestion"

    10. bursting balloons in the ears of sleeping beauties, and I tell you,

    11. The train rolls along toward its other stop on the schedule, and the sight-seeing is pretty good, as, up ahead, Sadie, Rachel, and Gretchen are waiting and, to the delight of the children, they are holding colorful “bouquets” of balloons

    12. over the reasons before she heard bursting of balloons, the creak of metal being pried apart

    13. have candy and balloons for the kids, coffee for the grownups,

    14. Pace the Fifth Dimension and the Beatles, neither balloons nor submarines should be painted yellow

    15. Her cot was smiling with pink balloons and the teddy bears she had received from so many kind and caring people

    16. Once Josie had her dressed in her pretty pink outfit, many photos had been snapped and all the gifts, flowers and balloons had been taken to the car, we were ready to leave

    17. of a sudden there appeared on the lawn with us a clown, balloons,

    18. They had balloons, aircraft, spies, ground observers, linked by wire to headquarters

    19. The odour reached her and the Sycler moved, eye stalks elongating, like thin party balloons blown erect by a red nosed clown

    20. “We’re not sure if the enemy flies observation balloons at night,” I pointed out

    21. The new squadron to our north was doing a good job of taking care of the balloons in this sector

    22. Not to mention the three balloons shot down today, all nice and confirmed by ground observers and others

    23. Our own balloons were shot down too, of course

    24. According to Intelligence, tethered balloons were used sporadically at night, although they had no recent reports

    25. So, I set up a party for them at Ma‘s place with cake, ice cream, balloons and a few presents, not a big deal

    26. Using both weather balloons and satellites, temperatures had fluctuated, but there had been no or little average change over the last thirty years, except for a spike in 1998 felt by Lomborg and others to be related to El Niño

    27. Balloons and satellites could be used to crosscheck one another and their figures were concordant

    28. Did we really have balloons and festive streamers in the hall?

    29. The colourful sight of balloons and welcome signs whizzed past his peripheral vision together with concerned faces as he was wheeled into the lift

    30. Ignoring the happy-birthday balloons floating up to the ceiling, I glance at the long box of lilies tied up in a thick, yellow ribbon

    31. My housemates, some of whom I still keep in touch with, also remember the many parties we had there, with streamers and balloons all over to dress the decrepit old place up

    32. “Will there be balloons and streamers?”

    33. Toward the end of the Cold War the Coast Guard signed a contract to acquire three balloons (aerostats) that could be attached to ships and tethered more than 2,000 feet in height

    34. Balloons were still descending from

    35. The balloons of fantasy deflate

    36. The balloons of fantasy expand

    37. proposed that creatures resembling hot air balloons

    38. Sagan and Salpeter [10] proposed that creatures resembling hot air balloons could exist in Jupiter’s

    39. Sagan and Salpeter [10] proposed that creatures resembling hot air balloons could exist in

    40. The Red Bubble Girl unmasked? Without her balloons? Is she coming?

    41. We had balloons at both of my wedding receptions

    42. Most dollar stores have helium balloons they will fill with purchase

    43. They also have balloons that you can use

    44. The color selection of balloons will be better

    45. You may even spring to get balloons with your name and wedding date on them

    46. If you attach the balloons by tying to fishing string a long line of

    47. balloons can be made into an arch very easily

    48. Tie your line on a weight that will sit on the floor tie your balloons directly on the string

    49. However, Katie got some balloons, streamers to hang on the house and white shoe polish to write on the windows of the cars

    50. So they use their sharp tongues to pop our balloons and send them crashing to the ground

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