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Balloon in a sentence

1. A balloon hit his chest.
2. He is a kite, a balloon.
3. And pop went that balloon.
4. The myth about lost balloon.
5. He assumed it was the balloon.
6. Roy folded like a lead balloon.
7. Use a lightweight ball or balloon.

8. He looked like a deflated balloon.
9. The balloon had yet to be punctured.
10. The balloon gives plenty of headroom.
11. As a balloon wafted over and vanished.
12. The balloon rose and came down safely.
13. Anytime the balloon could have gone into.
14. Will felt the balloon grow huge within him.
15. Way up in the air, in my beautiful balloon.
16. The balloon above my head starts filling up.
17. She sank to the ground like a balloon that.
18. The balloon swam a washing circle up around.
19. Cherrie has taken a pin and pricked a balloon.
20. It was on a Thursday that the balloon went up.
21. She picked him up and ran towards the balloon.
22. However in a hot air balloon it is heat that.
23. Her gladness collapsed like a pricked balloon.
24. It feels as if I’m pushing against a balloon.
25. Love is waiting there, in my beautiful balloon.
26. They brought him a balloon the size of his head.
27. We’ll bring you back a balloon, Loser!.
28. He stood very still with his back to the balloon.
29. What is Endometrial Thermal Balloon Ablation??
30. A man in a hot air balloon realised he was lost.
31. On one such occasion the balloon burst in the air.
32. So, there’s a balloon launch in the morning.
33. You have to blow up a balloon to power the audio.
34. But if you fill a hot air balloon with more air.
35. As it became clear that the balloon was going to.
36. I believe in that lighthearted balloon, the world.
37. The city budget, now at $20,200, will balloon to.
38. The world's a nicer place in my beautiful balloon.
39. I saw the air going out of his Montgolfier balloon.
40. Jo was playing water balloon fights with Ricky and.
41. The balloon turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
42. The nurse that put it in didn’t fill the balloon.
43. She imagined it was something silly, like a balloon.
44. The balloon, freed of the small sour ballast, uprose.
45. Then there are always bags with sand in the balloon.
46. As she watched he threw a water filled balloon at Jo.
47. The balloon fluttered up and down, and at a time, it.
48. None of them had ever seen a hot air balloon in the.
49. They are known as a hot air balloon, and a hang glider.
50. Indeed, I felt like a water balloon that had just burst.
51. The Varboncoeur's had taken the balloon out on several.
52. He took me for a hot air balloon ride on the Fourth.
53. She sighed, exhaling forcefully like a balloon deflating.
54. For something portable, that means you blow up a balloon.
55. When it rose off the netting the balloon jerked them and.
56. He reached back into the balloon and lifted an obviously.
57. My mother was an international balloon and floral designer.
58. The Balloon filled within twenty minutes and had expanded.
59. God, his ego was as inflated as a balloon, Rochelle thought.
60. He had drunk so much salt water that he was like a balloon.
61. At first they could only see two people in the balloon, a.
62. When the balloon released from the barn it had triggered a.
63. He wheeled, following as the balloon spun, and him reeling.
64. The rush of paint sounds like the blast of a hot-air balloon.
65. Raul was excited about it and anxious for the balloon to pop.
66. Now, then, imagine what happens when you inflate the balloon.
67. The balloon above my head starts filling up with question marks.
68. That bastard in the BMW's thrown his fag on top of the balloon.
69. Getting the tubing through the balloon canvas wasn’t too hard.
70. It was followed by an explosive sound, like a balloon rupturing.
71. Balloon that the defendant holds over his head during the trial.
72. Where the pear-shaped balloon is floating aloft, (floating in it.
73. I was so furious that I could have blown steam like a hot balloon.
74. The balloon shadow washed them with panic, rinsed them with terror.
75. It’ll balloon out when I pressurize the rover, but it’ll hold.
76. The balloon like a vast mouldy green cheese stood fixed to the sky.
77. I have another base left over from what is now the trailer balloon.
78. If you blow up a balloon, it will occupy more physical space than.
79. He mind-pictured a whole country full of those smiley balloon faces.
80. Lily was the first to step forward, holding her white helium balloon.
81. Maybe the nurse that put mine in forgot to fill the balloon as well.
82. Geoff’s instructions it took only a few minutes for the balloon to be.
83. You got the balloon, for example, then they left me with the nurse.
84. What’s all this equipment for if you can’t steer the balloon?
85. His capsule was lifted by a vast helium balloon that at take-off was 167.
86. The surgeon inserted a balloon expander beneath the skin and breast muscle.
87. You are in a hot air balloon hovering approximately 30 ft above the ground.
88. The issue sticking out is that the balloon then must not have mass because.
89. Her once logical self-concept was turned drastically into a pricked balloon.
90. He was sure Tellin’s Balloon had passed him while he labored thru the city.
91. In his surprise and disgust Dan nearly crushed the empty brandy balloon that.
92. The plane’s engine is placed inside a balloon and hot air is pumped into it.
93. When a bag with sand is thrown out, the balloon gets lighter, and it flies up.
94. It seemed like I had only just shot the silver balloon heralding its beginning.
95. He hit me like a balloon full of scalding water, with thrash and yell and shriek.
96. The last thing Will saw was the balloon swooping down, as clouds covered the moon.
97. I have plenty of silk in the Palace, so it will be no trouble to make the balloon.
98. Then she raised her hand and, after the briefest hesitation, released the balloon.
99. Talk about shy, he had about as much go in him as a deflated balloon Freda thought.
100. But in all this country there is no gas to fill the balloon with, to make it float.
1. The ball was digging in and then ballooning.
2. The trees were misshapen and grossly distorted, bark ballooning out in odd shapes and angles.
3. They go on all the Seniors" Club outings, try hang-gliding, ballooning – everything that"s going.
4. The great arm raised as the Cook lay his hand upon the boy's shoulder, the bicep ballooning broadly.
5. I wouldn't mind doing this, but I have something very special planned for tonight: I'm going hot-air ballooning.
6. When he focused on it, Mercer could feel his mind ballooning outward, sort of, and tight little bundles of tension in his joints relaxing.
7. Let me put it like this: it’s the worst plan since Henry the hyperactive high-jumping hedgehog booked up a hot air ballooning holiday.
8. Their upper lips burned and cracked, ballooning so dramatically that they obstructed their nostrils, while their lower lips bulged against their chins.
9. When Cory, the freckled kid who’d helped with the ballooning adventure, greeted her, she asked, So where’s the boss today? On another property?
10. Later, while I was wandering around the US and Canada, we exchanged several emails and agreed that I would take an exciting helicopter flight this morning to make up for the ballooning fiasco.
11. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been called the It girl of the stock market, ballooning in popularity by more than 2,000% from 2001 to 2014, and holding more than $2 trillion in investments.
12. Like the hungry protoplasm of an oversized amoeba, ballooning clouds of flapping cloth now completely engulfed him, smothering his face and wrapping themselves ever more tightly around his arms and torso.
13. Kenneth Ackerman's history, The Gold Ring, relates how the two men flooded the market with newissue stock, ballooning the capitalization from $34 million to $57 million (after previously issuing a $20 million convertible in England without telling the public, their directors, or stockholders).
14. But, what might happen if the government were the sole legal lender, and all lending activity was transacted through public banks, instead of private banks? Unearned wealth currently being siphoned by investors in the form of interest payments could be financing public programs, and combatting the ballooning national debt.
1. Recently it has ballooned to about 8.
2. Luck was with him: The chambers ballooned.
3. His cheeks ballooned and his eyes were half-closed.
4. She then ballooned them into the native city under cover of darkness.
5. Problems ballooned because they were, individually and as a group, terrible investors.
6. Her red hair ballooned out around her as she swam forward, bare-headed and grinning maniacally.
7. By the time the lender went through the foreclosure process, that $50,000 initial loss had ballooned.
8. Shapes shifted in front of her eyes, and Twilly’s voice ballooned out of his mouth, volume rising and falling.
9. As a consequence, her personal fortune ballooned again, to reach a total of over 49 million francs by August of 1848.
10. As might be expected, this latest drop has ballooned the premium in IBM options, particularly in the November series.
11. ResCap was a major subprime lender that became an albatross for GMAC when losses ballooned during the financial crisis.
12. Acting as the manager over assets that had ballooned to $44 million dollars, Buffett and his daughter Susie's personal stake was $6,849,936.
13. When we reached the central promenade of the mall, the whole area ballooned: four stories high, escalators and elevators crisscrossing in the black.
14. These days Bogdanov looks clean and successful and has ballooned to sixty kilos of skin and bone, but we’re pretty sure he’s one of the crooks in your organization, Alona.
15. Unfortunately for Benson and Hedges, working capital requirements ballooned, since in its industry it was (and is) necessary that cigarette tobaccos be aged for an average of three years.
16. The head of government forensics described the corpse as ‘grotesquely mutilated’ and claimed that ‘in 30 years’ he had ‘never seen anything like it’ adding that ‘parts of the body had ballooned to bizarre proportions, seemingly post mortem’.
17. By May 4, the day of the official proclamation of the Second Republic in France after the national elections held on April 23, her initial fortune had ballooned to nearly thirty million francs[23], split nearly evenly between her accounts at the Bank of France and at the Midlands Bank of London.
1. The balloons tied with string.
2. I clicked on the balloons to.
3. Hydrogen balloons fly high in.
4. The balloons of fantasy expand.
5. The balloons of fantasy deflate.
6. One of Alan's, maxed-out balloons.
7. The balloons are spanked by rain;.
8. It was pink and covered in balloons.
9. Balloons were still descending from.
10. They also have balloons that you can use.
11. I inspected the balloons suspended above me.
12. The balloons absorbed the impact of landing.
13. Will there be balloons and streamers?
14. Balloons inflated by the nose in one hour.
15. Our own balloons were shot down too, of course.
16. They brought the children balloons and treats.
17. The color selection of balloons will be better.
18. We had balloons at both of my wedding receptions.
19. The words hung between them like weighted balloons.
20. He waved at the children and handed them balloons.
21. Later he arrives with three balloons one being red.
22. D -108-handed out red, white and blue balloons to.
23. His lips were swollen too, like balloons about to pop.
24. Most giant balloons entered and burst in two minutes.
25. Most balloons burst with throwing knives in one minute.
26. Over the decades, the balloons had ripped and filled with sand.
27. A dog with ten balloons tied to its collar was sitting by them.
28. Did we really have balloons and festive streamers in the hall?
29. The balloons were blown and hanging from the ceiling and on the.
30. I could cut off the balloons, but I’d have to dig to get to them.
31. The Red Bubble Girl unmasked? Without her balloons? Is she coming?
32. Herbert with his captive balloons and his colored butterflies and Mr.
33. Most dollar stores have helium balloons they will fill with purchase.
34. If you attach the balloons by tying to fishing string a long line of.
35. The red balloons went slowly up through the Michigan Pines, and up into.
36. The room was lit by a portable gas lamp and decorated with toy balloons.
37. The balloons trailing down your front leave a train behind your rolled mass.
38. You may even spring to get balloons with your name and wedding date on them.
39. The cables suspended between the balloons were hooked on the nose of the plane.
40. They had balloons, aircraft, spies, ground observers, linked by wire to headquarters.
41. Simon’s car’s bedaubed with messages and someone has tied balloons to the aerial.
42. The snowmobile stalled just beyond the doors with me and the balloons strapped to it.
43. We’re not sure if the enemy flies observation balloons at night, I pointed out.
44. Just like the other three panels, the central panel had deflated balloons underneath it.
45. She had enormous swaying boobs that made him think she had stuffed balloons in her top.
46. He practically covered the ceiling of the front room with paper decorations and balloons.
47. So they use their sharp tongues to pop our balloons and send them crashing to the ground.
48. In the moonlight through the ceiling’s trapdoor, her tits look like soft blue balloons.
49. Clifford leapt from the bed, scattering the limp, pathetic balloons, and headed downstairs.
50. Deflating its balloons, the onboard computer reported the successful landing back to Earth.
51. Instead of writing a check for my mortgage payment, will the bank accept 100,000 balloons?
52. Sagan and Salpeter [10] proposed that creatures resembling hot air balloons could exist in.
53. Above him the Martians, not one but a thousand whispering Fire Balloons, it seemed, hovered.
54. Her fashions seemed to give a nod to Alan's world, but at least those balloons were covered.
55. Between Panel A and the workbench were the Mylar balloons Pathfinder had used to tumble-land.
56. One hour before George Mellis was due, a dozen pink balloons arrived, with an orchid attached.
57. Tie your line on a weight that will sit on the floor tie your balloons directly on the string.
58. And the Fire Balloons, lit by an indulgent grandfather, steadied in his massively tender hands.
59. Nearly one hundred years ago two Frenchmen, the brothers Montgolfier, invented the air balloons.
60. Several of the balloons looked wrinkled, and it was obvious that they had deflated on their own.
61. The new squadron to our north was doing a good job of taking care of the balloons in this sector.
62. Balloons and satellites could be used to crosscheck one another and their figures were concordant.
63. Pace the Fifth Dimension and the Beatles, neither balloons nor submarines should be painted yellow.
64. Sagan and Salpeter [10] proposed that creatures resembling hot air balloons could exist in Jupiter’s.
65. The hall is looking festive with balloons and what can only be called bunting arrayed around the walls.
66. Not to mention the three balloons shot down today, all nice and confirmed by ground observers and others.
67. A dozen round tables were covered with black table cloths and a center piece of gold and silver balloons.
68. As it closed up lots of paper hats and party balloons fell out of it and drifted off through the universe.
69. I thought about untying myself so I could stand on the chair and reach some of the balloons with my knife.
70. The room had been decorated with ribbons and streamers and—from God knows where—brightly colored balloons.
71. Are you any better today? Jen asked as she tied the balloons to the railing at the foot of the hospital bed.
72. So, I set up a party for them at Ma‘s place with cake, ice cream, balloons and a few presents, not a big deal.
73. Her cot was smiling with pink balloons and the teddy bears she had received from so many kind and caring people.
74. It was decorated with white frills around the edges and silver and red balloons were hung from the safety rails.
75. The omni boll chewed his cheeks puffed up like balloons, and swallowed before he licked the corners of his mouth.
76. According to Intelligence, tethered balloons were used sporadically at night, although they had no recent reports.
77. Away into deep Illinois country, over night rivers and sleeping mansions the Fire Balloons dwindled, forever gone.
78. On 7 August 2012, Ashrita Furman (USA) inflated 328 balloons using only his nose in one hour in New York City, USA.
79. All it takes are some helium filled balloons, preferably the metallic Mylar type, and some light-weight, copper wire.
80. Away into deep Illinois country, over night rivers and sleeping mansions the Fire Balloons dwindled, forever gone….
81. My first thought was that the balloons were starting to fail in masse, but then I saw the glow that was surrounding me.
82. No one ever noticed or cared about the colored balloons that frequently passed high in the sky, over the Olympics site.
83. The Space Cowboy burst 21 balloons with throwing knives in a minute at Wonderground in London, UK, on 24 August 2012.
84. He was positioned 5 m (16 ft 5 in) from the balloons and used 10 knives in total, which he recovered and reused each time.
85. The change to a higher altitude had caused most of the balloons to puff out to half again as big as when I left the ground.
86. In 1982, Larry Walters tied 24 weather balloons to his lawn chair in Los Angeles and climbed to an altitude of 16,000 feet.
87. However, Katie got some balloons, streamers to hang on the house and white shoe polish to write on the windows of the cars.
88. Helium 2He (24%): Serves as a coolant for nuclear reactors and to pressurize liquid-fuel rockets; used to inflate balloons.
89. The odour reached her and the Sycler moved, eye stalks elongating, like thin party balloons blown erect by a red nosed clown.
90. There were raucous sing-alongs and a captain’s ball, for which everyone was given balloons and noisemakers and party hats.
91. Pigeon egg rain drops plopped around like water filled balloons, attesting to the ferocity of the storm just northeast of them.
92. He could only lift his heavy arms and call upward, as he had often wished to call after the enchanted Fire Balloons, Hello!.
93. He could only lift his heavy arms and call upward, as he had often wished to call after the enchanted Fire Balloons, ‘Hello!’.
94. Ignoring the happy-birthday balloons floating up to the ceiling, I glance at the long box of lilies tied up in a thick, yellow ribbon.
95. Streamers and balloons were hung from the ceiling and walls, and there were tables and chairs around the room adorned in the same colors.
96. Once its onboard radar detected it was thirty meters from the ground, it cut loose the parachute and inflated balloons all around its hull.
97. Then he opens all three balloons spilling a few very compressed lumps of weed and many other smaller balloons of other drugs on to his lap.
98. Tim told me when he had given the owners there package they had asked him what was there and he said just the two balloons and that he kept his.
99. A red alert on the part of more than a few major banks and finance houses had set the pulses racing and all the balloons were going up together.
100. The colourful sight of balloons and welcome signs whizzed past his peripheral vision together with concerned faces as he was wheeled into the lift.

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