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    1. their introductory email to you

    2. “Tonight plus interest! I gave you an introductory rate of 12% rather than 20% per week

    3. After three years the note from Dos University had finally paid off in a position with Rankor Institute of Sound and she was earning a comfortable salary teaching introductory sound system operation to large groups of new techs

    4. these introductory issues, Waddell went on with the questioning

    5. That certain elements in our society consider tax-relief counter productive to the interests and material well-being of every citizen would be advised to sign up for an introductory course in Economics 101! (If in fact our college professors understand its basic premises) It was not owing to chance that Mr

    6. hope is that my Introductory Animal Communication Home Study Course will show

    7. This Course is designed to be an Introductory Tool to help you get

    8. didn’t have time to cover in the Introductory Course or in the Beginning Course, and

    9. This is the introductory book on emotional intelligence with

    10. Annie gave me a searching look (“Ready?”), played the introductory chords

    11. Now, you tell me, would a lunatic be so fast, so efficient? And, when I caught snatches of her singing swiftly—so swiftly (for I had to filter other noises)—I heard her singing an alapana—the introductory improvisation part—unfettered but flimsy

    12. It is, in Roger’s view, the ideal location for an international program in Spain, with the environment of a small city, rich in artistic monuments and folkloric life that provides students with the opportunity to develop an introductory perspective on the diversity of life and customs of ancient and modern Spain

    13. introductory product – while others use Traffic Exchanges simply to build their

    14. We would word-smith these scripts, right down to the introductory remarks asking of the health of the wife and family

    15. You will give him every courtesy during his time with you!” Ulun finished his introductory remarks, the last of which came clearly as an order

    16. You will give him every courtesy during his time with you!” Ulun finished his introductory

    17. DURING HER FIRST YEAR AS AN UNDERGRAD at GN University, Cristal had decided to take a class in introductory Spanish hoping to help improve her communication skills with gamers in Spanish-speaking countries like Mexico and Spain

    18. But in the introductory incident above, the

    19. In the introductory stages there is but a slight

    20. These introductory thoughts are concluded with hope for our essential re-connection with Christ, the

    21. Your article should have an informative introductory paragraph which will

    22. there is an interesting correlation: the more time spent on these two introductory phases, the more restless, bored and unsettled the students become, with less likelihood that

    23. This is because, the first date is usually the introductory part of a potential relationship

    24. Anticipate certain introductory questions, so that you can prepare your answers for them

    25. moved out to overtake a line of slower traffic, whistling the introductory bars to

    26. Joshi did the introductory honors for everyone

    27. With this introductory analogy out of the way, Stallman

    28. The following material is based on an introductory research methods course that I co-

    29. the book, or at least the introductory materials,

    30. introductory statement on the first disk is indeed

    31. the top was the introductory paragraph:

    32. She flashed a charming smile as she started her introductory speech

    33. In the middle of winter she was dressed for summer, almost undressed, in a flowered, sleeveless taffeta dress whose hemline reached to her knees, but exposed arms as white as her bare legs, bare feet and the introductory cleavage of her magnetic bosom

    34. story with an introductory sentence: “Stan didn’t know what the

    35. I had no idea within those introductory terms how great an influence he would have on the rest of my life

    36. two after you are out of the introductory phase of your business

    37. After a long introductory account of things he as always in the past declared Muslims as terrorists who were pursuing terrorist activities all over the world including Zulimistan in one form or the other

    38. This school doesn’t offer any programming classes, not even an introductory one

    39. This can be related to my introductory statement about

    40. This is the introductory model of this popular maze game

    41. And then on top of that you need the other 3 Key Factors of Weight Loss Success outlined in this Introductory Guide

    42. , or an introductory “interrogative hey” ( ›v ) prefix, as in:

    43. Hopefully, the information provided in this introductory portion and elsewhere within this

    44. introductory very, very brief sensory vision of a hovered presence

    45. The first thing I would recommend is that you go back and really read the introductory

    46. there be any introductory speeches, or something of that sort?”

    47. The band scraped through to when the introductory power chords of Crash Thrash Hash sounded out

    48. Suppose you have inherited from a mother who loved them as much as you do a precious shelf-full of the poets, cheap editions, entirely free from the blight of commentaries, foot-notes, and introductory biographies

    49. They were given introductory packages, flyers, and presentation handouts that contained elaborate information about the program

    50. I reread the introductory words

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    Synonymes pour "introductory"

    introductory prefatorial prefatory basic preparatory fundamental beginning background rudimentary primary preparative initial early incipient