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    1. that God is in control of your situation and you can see the

    2. that, we all wish we could have power to control every

    3. It’s a form of control, but it keeps order

    4. Most of our first jobs were in sweeping through houses: pest control, looking for suspicious activity, that sort of thing

    5. Forces not under our control create most of the problems

    6. For peace, joy and love to exist, we should control violence

    7. "They found they could control it with a helmet

    8. The word keep’ here means to guard and to control

    9. See the Pest Control Chart for other alternatives

    10. Over the years we create a self-image and when we face situations, which are as it is not under our control, we react based on this image

    11. "Venna?" he choked and took a long time recovering, nearly losing control of the boat

    12. Men need to learn to deal with stress through mental shielding which involves developing the ability to disengage from hostile comments and remain in control, first by achieving a calm, relaxed state, and then creating a mental shield between yourself and person responsible for causing stress

    13. Dietary and health related tips for Stress control

    14. Finally, avoid exposure to bright before bedtime because it signals the neurons that help control the sleep-wake cycle that it is time to awaken, not to sleep

    15. Her therapist thinks something similar, though instead he tells her that she is trying to gain control over her life by ironing clothes

    16. Will control fleas, larvae, and most chewing insects

    17. Jim Nichols Thousand Oaks, California in the United States has found that he can control whitefly with hot water

    18. Nichols has filed a patent application for a line of equipment that uses a brief exposure to extreme heat and hot water for the control of whitefly, aphids, mealybug, scale and mite infestations

    19. Here is a list of some spiders and how to control them on your plants and in the house: part of our eco-system

    20. To control, concentrate many times their more on the health of the soil and the health of the plant and less on controlling the red spiders

    21. You must control the ants since they herd aphids which produce nectar which the whiteflies love! See my web site entitled Dances with Ants

    22. You do not have to take control of the conversation; let your grandson steer it in a direction that interests him

    23. When dealing with diseases, it’s the cause that you must control, or cure, rather

    24. The same rules of pest control apply to disease controls, the higher the stress, the greater the problem associated with it and the harder it will be to control

    25. Control the insect populations in your areas

    26. Clay: Clay can be used as a fungal control

    27. The answer here is to control and keep fleas out of the house and off the pets and to reduce them

    28. This is a very strong combination and will kill and control many other insects as well as fleas

    29. Continual use of the dusts, sprays and vacuuming mentioned above will provide a form of birth control for fleas

    30. There are several new products on the market for flea control that works by applying a liquid on their backs and it is absorbed into their system

    31. Unable to keep still in my exasperation, I rise to my feet and move over to the wall where there is a poster about something or other … I stare at it blindly, annoyed with myself for losing control

    32. For long term control of fleas on your property, you must strive to constantly raise the energy level of your property

    33. It will be this diversity that will automatically control the infestation of any one insect

    34. Using Boric Acid: Boric acid can be used in the home to control fleas

    35. Tdehsi's body was born to a hired mother by a father named Leand, a body with a stormy and tragic life until Ava gained control of it

    36. The aim here is not to censor but create a lobby of senior respected citizens who can prevail upon those in control to act when the boundary of decency is crossed

    37. Citronella is an incredible tool in cockroach control

    38. Once the event occurs our cooperation to authorities, encouraging the younger lot to provide help to the needy, taking some sort of control to prevent theft and arsons, regulate the crowd that usually collects and hampers rescue efforts and the doctors amongst us to provide urgent medical aid are some of the tasks we can take upon ourselves and thus be relevant for the society even at this age

    39. Boric acid powder is an excellent, safe (do not ingest! Keep away from cuts, wear gloves) control of roaches inside the home if used correctly

    40. To regain balance we must stop relying on chemicals to control our pests but instead rely more on maintaining a balanced ecosystem, diversity rich with bacteria and enzymes

    41. None of the workers had any muscular control of their faces

    42. Control the watering to avoid constantly wet wood

    43. Here are some natural dusts you can use around the house to control termites

    44. DE is one of the safest methods of providing termite control

    45. She was using all her control to keep herself from running in panic as it was, without some contact with real land, she wouldn't have been able to maintain her control now

    46. Sorry it took me so long to get these beasts under control

    47. Then she asked, "but do you have them under control?"

    48. Stress is the most important factor in pest control

    49. Compost applications and avoidance of high nitrogen fertilizers will help to control in future

    50. Beneficial nematodes are highly recommended for this control

    1. · Ability to realise that food choice and intake is controlled by external cues such as sight, smell etc

    2. It was almost like a time capsule, a time capsule from when pathogens were imperfectly controlled

    3. Deer, Rabbits and most wild life can be controlled by first understanding that they are living beings and have rights too

    4. Vinnie pulled out a small remote controlled device

    5. Vinnie pointed the remote controlled device at her grenades and pressed a button

    6. Slowly, she moved her hand away from the holopad that controlled the androids

    7. Their actions are controlled by certain factors in their environment

    8. Dreaming machines had been a controlled,

    9. the electronic equipment which controlled his vital rates

    10. He would need to be calm, controlled, no matter what

    11. His anger so controlled him that it was

    12. Given the nature of my captivity and the simple fact of guns and knives and men with tattooed arms, I also realised that my anger had to be controlled

    13. Presumably those who thought they controlled the Hammer would continue to get the same 'all's well' and the hammer itself would continue to drift off course

    14. my sides aching with controlled

    15. She handed him the papers Berndt had prepared and watched as his until then calm and controlled expression suddenly reacted to what he read

    16. Even what farmers remain today sit in cabs of big equipment breathing filtered and temperature controlled air

    17. "I was sixteen years old, that's two and a half decades here, before I found out that my parents were really androids, biomechanical devices which were being controlled by Angels, what you call ghosts

    18. Ethereead turned towards the rights and in a controlled

    19. I said out loud, "I knew it," as if I had controlled her mind to let us by

    20. Most illness can be regulated, if not fully controlled

    21. “What were you thinking?” He admonished her in a tightly controlled voice, “Those beasts could have killed you

    22. " He had a feeling that they were controlled by whatever was doing this quantum computing in the depths of space

    23. There were temperature controlled, hermetically sealed, storage units made of glass

    24. “The impactors may be controlled by the entanglement signals,” he said

    25. "The impactors can be coming from as far as out here, and they may be controlled using the signals I've discovered

    26. "She was always too cold, too controlled, too smooth

    27. The Shark-IV had several user panels but they controlled things like what kind of suit it wore, the color and style of hair, features, build, the sound and tone of voice it used, its manners and personality type and what hobbies it should speak of in social settings

    28. Naria’s wrath was tightly controlled, and Duncan had the feeling that if it was turned loose she could easily rip the man to shreds

    29. part controlled me at the moment

    30. A controlled glide, he thought to himself, in the middle of this grand forest - what a pilot!

    31. Lamp A medium which regulates a controlled presence of light

    32. controlled with being externally controlled

    33. They were controlled by an app and billed to your telecom

    34. “So how is the magic controlled,” he asked

    35. The sachet of powder has been retrieved from the lab and is now locked in the controlled substance cabinet

    36. Her mood is one of controlled anger

    37. controlled by the guards

    38. With their feet just wider than shoulder width apart, they raised the lever poles of the diggers, straightening their arms above their heads and in a single motion: both lowered their hands and with straight backs, lowered themselves by dropping into a very controlled near squat, almost a horse stance

    39. The smell of the place is institutional and cloying, especially now that the carefully controlled ambient temperature has been augmented by the bright spring sunshine that streams in through the corridor’s large plate glass windows

    40. It seems they suspect I might have somehow set it up when I was an Angel, before I was controlled by the Instinct

    41. I controlled the game

    42. As the train pulled into the Union Station at 3:25 in the afternoon, the unending clackety-clack of their journey yielded to the bustling throng and controlled chaos of the station and the streets beyond

    43. removed in a controlled way, with the minimum of disruption to both

    44. Most other indulgences were easily controlled, used only as the social situation demanded

    45. All containers used for controlled substances are serialized and inventoried, I’m sure you know that

    46. He hears a voice, calm and controlled

    47. having controlled the worst of his anger

    48. The same way she controlled it until they were light-seconds apart

    49. The Greeks felt their lives were controlled by the Gods above

    50. However, Minos controlled the sea around Crete and there was no route of escape there

    1. Chilies are a great source of controlling many insects either as a powder or as a concentrate that can be added to water and sprayed

    2. Chile Paste is an Asian hot item and is useful in controlling many insects

    3. Castile works very well against many types of funguses such as black sooty mold as well as for controlling ants outside

    4. To control, concentrate many times their more on the health of the soil and the health of the plant and less on controlling the red spiders

    5. They also sample food stuffs before eating can be used with great success in controlling roaches

    6. Anytime you treat the cause, you will be controlling its effects


    8. I also have found it to be true that by controlling the ants, you obtain a greater control of the aphids that are attacking your roses, etc

    9. Changing the behavior of the ants is a very important factor in controlling many pests in the home and garden as well as controlling the ants themselves

    10. Everyone performs various actions under some influence that he is capable of controlling by self-discipline

    11. He had burst in on someone, someone who was controlling a houri simulating one of the female techs from the female side of the ship

    12. He had survived the party, but mainly because so many other things had happened that day, the whole town had found out about his origins and Desa had scared him nearly to death with a song that made him believe she had been controlling his mind with RNAcid for generations

    13. Vitamins, in controlling the body’s use of minerals, promotes a balance in the body necessary for the proper functioning of the endocrine glands and the formation of hormones

    14. He seemed to be saying that the information transfer he had discovered was controlling the impactors that were aimed at the Angels

    15. It all had to do with controlling nerve impulses thru the bodies closest to Gordon’s Lamp

    16. It was capable of controlling the entire ship of the main expedition without anyone on the inside or outside knowing

    17. She had to cut off, but she was frozen, how could she answer these questions? Should she pretend she was sitting in one of the buildings nearby in Zhlindu? Controlling the probe from there? She was just using the asteroid pinball with Narrulla as a convenient prop for a story she wanted to sell? But before she could start to blurt that out, he continued his own line of questioning

    18. That it what a top mage spends his time controlling – the fallout

    19. His staff was perhaps the only thing capable of controlling the Graelic

    20. Executive Function is our intellectual capability of planning and analysis, while Self-Regulation is controlling our emotional reactions to current realities

    21. One of the most important requirements for practicing non-attachment is controlling your attention

    22. Because controlling the contents of consciousness, by itself, can enable a person to be happy and content in virtually any circumstance, the invitation to happiness is constant

    23. Meditation, discussed earlier, is the practice of controlling one’s attention and awareness

    24. The Mindsnapper field that had been controlling him had collapsed with the man-dog’s state of shock

    25. Such a mind must always be thinking, scheming, controlling

    26. In the second figure, It is shown which element is controlling the other element and how all these elements are counter balanced - controlled

    27. Golf was not only capable of controlling minds and storing ruro but he was to be the unwilling transport that would deliver the ruro to the multi-dimensional Elif

    28. There was a quiet clunk from the hatch and then, with a low hissing sound, it gradually swung open, two pneumatic pistons controlling its fall

    29. If mean and improper persons are frequently appointed trustees ; and if proper courts of inspection and account have not yet been established for controlling their conduct, and for reducing the tolls to what is barely sufficient for executing the work to be done by them ; the recency of the institution both accounts and apologizes for those defects, of which, by the wisdom of parliament, the greater part may, in due time, be gradually remedied

    30. Curiously she could find very few positive accounts/reports; Transcenders were not effective at controlling publicity and neither were they big on self promotion

    31. And controlling it is incredibly difficult

    32. Regardless of the obstacle you’re facing, controlling the ball, choosing the best club and setting up your shot are the steps that will get you back onto open ground

    33. But when that didn't work, he attacked me for being too controlling, having unfair punishments and being abusive

    34. that it was a character defect in him as he had a controlling and

    35. Also, when Gore was questioned about his having made contribution requests from his office in the West Wing, in clear violation of the Hatch Act and other federal laws, his response, laughable, was that there was „no legal controlling authority

    36. His response: „There was no controlling legal authority

    37. Breathing and focus, those are the keys to controlling your abilities

    38. If they continue doing the superb jobs they"ve been doing these past two years in the areas of lowering taxes, balancing budgets, controlling regulations, and creating jobs, Obama may just have a tough time of it getting re-elected in 2012

    39. Controlling for inflation, federal tax revenue today is 23

    40. with boss families controlling the New York area, another group

    41. “I believe Commander of the Armies Hollowcrest is controlling Sespian by unnatural means

    42. Although the woman was dead, he had mastered the art of controlling her every movement and directed her through a telepathy which worked when he was in close proximity

    43. Few of the wizards, especially the younger ones, had any retained powers for controlling people and stood no chance of defending themselves

    44. President Bush‘s flawed Immigration Reform Bill providing ―conditional‖ amnesty to 12 million illegal aliens must be reassuring to 1) (Moderate) Republicans who would consider its passage a political opportunity to place the party in better stead with Hispanic Voters and the Business Community, 2) Corporations seeking to attract Cheap(er) Labor, 3) Democrats who, for the same reasons indicated above, are uncomfortable with the idea of controlling our nation‘s borders at the risk of alienating a sizeable voting bloc and (who) would otherwise seize the moment, for purely political reasons, to challenge Republican proposals that (surprise!) ―don‘t go far enough,‖ 4) Multiculturalists and Internationalists likely to embrace such ―reforms‖ as a (positive) first step towards achieving their (respective) Universalist Agenda, and 5) Shakers of Western Culture who would seek its destruction at any cost for its own sake and who would therefore (also) consider such measures as an appropriate step in the ―right‖ direction

    45. William was finally hearing what he had been waiting to get from Frank from the minute he found him, and that was specific information regarding controlling his movement in time

    46. The Democratic Party seized control of (the) socio/cultural debate by ―default‖; that is to say, by controlling the economic purse strings that ran interference for an (increasingly) left-winged agenda out of step with mainstream opinion

    47. The natural formation of the country is the soldier's best ally; but a power of estimating the adversary, of controlling the forces of victory, and of shrewdly calculating difficulties, dangers and distances, constitutes the test of a great general

    48. In fact, Manifest Destiny was always an explicitly racist belief, that white Americans were destined to rule over all land between the oceans, and over all peoples already there, either controlling them or wiping them out

    49. Not entirely unafraid; I feel the controlling of the terror, the terror is there, but you are managing it

    50. His left thumb hovered over the button controlling certain countermeasures including chaff, flares, and aerial mines, but he waited

    1. Attracting and trapping snails is one of the most effective natural snail controls

    2. During the next few years you should work on reducing the chemicals used by ••• then eventually not using any chemicals at all and be 100% Organic! Any problems your plants may have can be treated with the appropriate organic controls; some of which are mentioned in this book

    3. Biological Controls: The use of beneficial organisms offers an effective system of integrated pest management

    4. Controls caterpillars, corn borers and mosquitoes

    5. seconds controls all stages of the whitefly life cycle

    6. The same rules of pest control apply to disease controls, the higher the stress, the greater the problem associated with it and the harder it will be to control

    7. He had been tired of being ignored, so Ackers had found a way to cut through the volume controls and punish Vinnie for treating him with so little respect

    8. She was well away from her command controls now and there would be nothing she could do in time before he got to her

    9. This Chapter will strictly discuss the application of nutritional foliar spraying and not the use of foliar spraying concerning pest controls

    10. That subject is covered in the chapter on Pest controls

    11. and whoever controls that, controls

    12. With the increase of organic methods of controls, we are seeing a reduction in chemical use

    13. The cockpit door opens and the PILOT enters, gesturing angrily at and apparently arguing with his co-pilot, who remains at the controls

    14. It can't be done remotely, human beings must take the controls

    15. They talked her thru to the life support controls, those were the first any space-suited humans would make in re-activating the ship from this state

    16. It was a long process, repairing everything that had to be repaired to get life support working so the hard-wired interlocks would let the main controls be operated

    17. The problem with mind control, she had immediately realized, is the problem of 'who controls the controller?' It was one of those dilemmas of recursions, like 'who created God'? If a device was capable of mind control, it had to be programmed, so the programmer could control it

    18. 'Worthless', muttered Ginger at the controls in San Francisco

    19. I began to suspect what's going on with her last night, when we went out together and she revealed more details about her job: As a sales manager, she controls some teams of commercial travellers

    20. This left the links to the control of the Linshere Paundrocop personification in his process, where he was able to see it was nothing but a standard houri with its pleasure controls hidden

    21. Actually Enrico was no more in the bot than anyone else in the crew, if anything, as a tech, Bahkmar was closer because he could tap into the raw I/O to the device that was the bot and encapsulate Enrico's controls

    22. It was after she tried the controls that she came back out to use the Android's eyes to see what was wrong with the engines

    23. controls that were placed on me early on in my life

    24. "Where is Alan?" he meant to soften it a little but mishandled the controls and only changed his accent a little

    25. It's the light that controls all the colours that we see

    26. Vitamin D controls the calcium content in the blood; excess of vitamin D results in a number of disorders, including diarrhoea, depression, and severe toxic disturbances

    27. “Actually,” Alan said, “It is Ava that holds those controls,” Elmore looked at him funny but Alan didn’t respond to that, it was too deep a systems discussion for him

    28. Not only did he have no details on that auxiliary veron store, all its controls were mapped into Thom's lab and he would have to manually re-map each of them to get them back into here

    29. He wasn’t sure Thom would stay out of the lab long enough for Alan to do anything, but since all the controls he needed were in that lab, he had to try

    30. All the action was in Thom’s lab, and to do anything but watch he would have to get into there after all, re-mapping the controls and instruments at the hardware data layer and manually editing the micro-amp accounting to cover his tracks while he did that

    31. Even with the controls re-mapped, he couldn’t get a lot of info out of it either

    32. "This is his Heaven after all, Theology controls the authorization levels

    33. What are the validation controls in asp

    34. Web user controls :- Web User Control is Easier to create and another thing is that its support is limited

    35. The hacker would only need to set that up to reflect his packets thru Thom's device and on to the controls of that cherub

    36. She visualized the controls of state as an antique panel behind a heavy cast iron plate with a ten pound padlock on it

    37. “Somebody want to help me lift this cover back into place?” Glayet asked as she grabbed onto the right end of the heavy cast iron cover to the controls of state

    38. controls, and rather little analysis on the wider social impact of the

    39. The controls to activate the lamp were operated (as always, mused

    40. And after that, why did she have to get attached to him all over again once they got here? Why did a simple peasant have to look so manly at the controls of that needleboat on that stupid ride? Why couldn’t Tdeshi’s hormones let her be unmoved by the line of his jaw, the ruffle of his hair in the breeze as they cruised the canals all the way to the north end of the burbs and back?

    41. same room; a bed, the controls, kitchen, monitors, everything

    42. controls and turned the beach off

    43. that controls the world

    44. Desa was fiddling with the controls on what would be the amp if this was an old time rock & roll gig in what Earth’s music history now called ‘the age of the electric guitar’

    45. He controls the earth and the heavens, yet He still has time for me

    46. She found that anyone with the patience to learn to program the hardware data could eventually bypass all software controls

    47. He controls the Black Door, isn't that right, LeCynic?"

    48. Other than that, the universe was her verandah on the beach and the returning gravity lowered them gently into the lounge, where the controls for the screens appeared on its arm

    49. A pyramid that I believe is the seat of a secret Dark Lord who controls this world

    50. She sprang to the controls and woke Thom in the process without meaning to

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    control controller restraint command mastery control condition ascendance ascendancy ascendence ascendency dominance master ascertain assure check ensure insure see see to it operate keep in line manipulate restrict contain curb hold hold in moderate verify limitation regulation subordination poise restriction power authority dominion disposition charge domination corner manipulation strategy reign rule sovereignty government sway subjugation guide manage lead govern subject repress regulate reduce hinder navigate pilot drive tame bully whip overpower monopolise monopolize intimidate