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    1. A convoy of trucks roars down the highway

    2. He stubs out his cigarette, straightens up, squints at the convoy, sees something that alarms him

    3. He SHOUTS, his sleeping comrade jumps up, straightens his uniform and the pair snap to attention just as the convoy arrives, its fluttering Arababian flags indicating a royal motorcade

    4. "After it happened, I called out, but the whole battlegroup, the whole convoy sailed on past like I wasn’t even here

    5. "There’s still an invisible Squidy out there that wants to kill us, but if we waste any more time here, it won’t matter if we make it or not because Hardway and the convoy will be gone

    6. The battlegroup and the convoy are the priority here

    7. Once Hardway’s battlegroup and convoy had finally rendezvoused with Admiral Ming’s combined fleet over the debris field that had been an alien task force only hours ago, the Air Group Commander called the Lancers to Bay 23 in full flight gear

    8. We listened again and recognised the diesel growl of trucks moving one after another down the road in convoy

    9. For it was passing, in a convoy

    10. The convoy continued all the way to Smythe’s farm, where they

    11. A few moments later, a small convoy of trucks

    12. Bruce drove it leading the convoy of three road trains that had convened just outside Port Hedland

    13. Bruce reported that the site was clean, so Otto waved the convoy forward

    14. The convoy slipped away into the night

    15. He said that the convoy is a few days behind him

    16. One: there was an enemy who completely over-powered the convoy---and I do believe it was a convoy of sorts

    17. “EMV Vanguard, the carrier, will be arriving here with a convoy of military vessels just two days from now

    18. The motorcycles rode on ahead to check traffic junctions and clear other traffic as the convoy accelerated to high speed

    19. ” The time really dragged now and I couldn’t wait to leave here though I thought I never would but the time came and I did boarding the hospital ship Asturias and then sailing that night in convoy for home

    20. convoy, should be ready any minute

    21. Two days later we headed back into the line we started the march after dinner and it was hard going making our way foreword as we moved up a convoy of ambulances went past us and we stood back off the road to let them pass

    22. Jotting down notes here and there, he asked a few more questions and then dismissed us to go rummage through the care packages and mail that finally made it into the city with the resupply convoy

    23. There I was informed that I was being sent to a battlefront field hospital, and must immediately leave for the city of Sarny in the Ukraine and join a convoy that was heading for Brest-Litovsk

    24. The commander of the convoy was instructed to stop his vehicle

    25. A Jeep came to the front of the convoy and ordered us to turn into a large empty area that most probably once was a football field

    26. When the trucks stopped, I got out and went to one of the cars that escorted the convoy

    27. The convoy of trucks moved ever so slowly toward the city of Kunin, which was two hundred kilometers west of Warsaw

    28. He and the doctor were riding along together at the rear of the small convoy of Land Rovers

    29. Behind her waits a small convoy of vehicles packed with Amity—but not just Amity, because Abnegation, with their severe hairstyles and still mouths, are among them

    30. The convoy carrying his unit through the

    31. The convoy set off in the early evening and reached the exhibition site in the city

    32. In Chapter 5: 3, Amos tries again to convoy this concept using different phases

    33. The convoy bumped and jolted along the dusty track, it

    34. morning before they headed off in a convoy of one jeep and several

    35. Four months after rescuing 133 survivors from the sinking of a transport ship, the 165 foot Escanaba was escorting a convoy from Greenland to Newfoundland

    36. Two enlisted men were rescued by other ships in the convoy (Johnson, R

    37. ) by German U- boat torpedoes while escorting an Allied convoy with the loss of the entire crew

    38. Commercial vessels were to be escorted in convoy movements by smaller, more fuel-efficient, cutters

    39. Lake ice which formed early in the 1995-1996 winter season forced the Coast Guard to use convoy escorts for commercial vessels

    40. 1918 Coast Guard cutters participated in convoy patrols, search and rescue (SAR), and anti-submarine warfare in the Atlantic Ocean for the duration of World War I

    41. Finally the small convoy was out on the open highway and moving through the

    42. “The civilian convoy had military-grade armaments and shielding, heavy armor, and professional pilots,” he said, his crew looked as surprised as they were curious

    43. “The Phoenix is an attack cruiser—more than capable of destroying a convoy even tougher than this one

    44. "How did you find out replicants were on those Rotham ships? The first ones you attacked, the Beotan convoy

    45. "But you didn’t succeed in taking out the whole convoy

    46. We drove for three hours before stopping, and I think that the convoy was driving

    47. The convoy stopped at a rest stop so everyone could use the restroom

    48. that Rosie was one of two women in our convoy

    49. talkies we used when we were a convoy

    50. The Sentinel magic user drew his rune-stitched robe about him as he guided his horse to the head of the convoy

    1. I was convoyed over to al-Asad, the big airbase in al-Anbar Province, where our top head shed was located

    2. I was convoyed over to al-Asad, the big airbase in al-Anbar Province, where our top head shed was located

    3. At nine in the morning, he heard firing in front and shouts of hurrah, and saw wounded being brought back (there were not many of them), and at last he saw how a whole detachment of French cavalry was brought in, convoyed by a sontnya of Cossacks

    4. The artillery the prisoners had seen in front of them during the first days was now replaced by Marshal Junot’s enormous baggage train, convoyed by Westphalians

    5. At nine in the morning, he heard firing in front and shouts of hurrah, and saw wounded being brought back (there were not many of them), and at last he saw how a whole detachment of French cavalry was brought in, convoyed by a sótnya of Cossacks

    1. ‘’Well, he mentions you by name at the end of his report and recommends that you be assigned to the reassembly of the P-40 fighters we brought by sea, then that you help convoying them to the Philippines via the Dutch East Indies

    2. Rhett helping her out of the bondage of mourning, Rhett convoying her through the fire and explosions the night Atlanta fell, Rhett lending her the money that gave her her dreams-why, no man did such things without loving a woman to distraction! start, Rhett who comforted her when she woke in the nights crying with fright from her The trees dripped dampness upon her but she did not feel it

    3. Convoying the Carpathia was a fleet of tugs bearing men and women anxious to learn the latest news

    4. But, sir, I wished to do something; I proposed, in select committee, to strike out those sections which would only do us injury, and then fill their place with sections (which I had draughted and presented for consideration) authorizing the arming of the merchant ships, not for defence alone, but with authority to capture and make prize of any vessel that might assail them while engaged in lawful commerce, and to employ the public ships of war in convoying the trade of the nation

    5. Agreeably to the act for the better government of the Navy of the United States, the ship, with all articles on board her, became their prize; they might have used it to their best advantage; they might have brought her into port, and divided the whole among themselves; but apprehensive that from the crippled state of the prize she might again fall into the hands of your enemy; nay, sir, that your own frigate might be endangered in protecting and convoying her, they with that liberality, with that magnanimity which marks the character of the sailor, determined to destroy her, thereby sacrificing their interest for your good

    1. blitz, all of the inventive rationing, the later convoys heading south, and finally the

    2. We marched on for most of the day and at times we were forced to halt so that convoys of artillery pieces and horse drawn supply wagons could pass us on their way to the front

    3. The planting of bombs were not the IED type aimed at military convoys but simply high explosives inside a restaurant or other civilian targets of opportunity

    4. Convoys of nomads on camels could be seen alongside the road

    5. Convoys that arrived by train stopped at the border and came over to the recruitment camp

    6. In Port Harcourt region (South) attacks on convoys is not unheard off

    7. The Germans figured their fleet was a threat to the convoys which were the only thing that could sustain the British war effort, and the idiots never gave a thought to their own lines of supply

    8. Threats don’t destroy convoys, either

    9. The plain truth was the German convoys simply didn’t exist

    10. All of that wealth was congregated and amassed in even larger convoys that stretched as far as the eye could see, filling up the few roads that carts could traverse

    11. There were huge convoys of ships leaving our

    12. From the riverbanks, their mines and gunfire steadily reduced the river convoys bringing relief supplies of food, fuel, and ammunition to the slowly starving city

    13. Some of the freight companies used cruisers to defend their convoys, but the likelihood of encountering one of those was slim

    14. We are the pirate killers protecting our convoys

    15. Mostly the security service defended the convoys, but sometimes they attacked installations if the pirates or the Federation got too close

    16. She had spent her life on her mother’s ship and in the shipyards that tended the convoys they escorted

    17. They were supported by entire fleets of small and medium class ships as well as convoys of freighters

    18. They had seen convoys move down the road toward the school

    19. “We can integrate Royal’s ships into our convoys for a suitable fee at no incremental cost to ourselves

    20. Three of them traveled with most convoys and could safely repel anything smaller than a Federation carrier fleet

    21. I understand the fire power of our convoy escorts and the security they give our convoys

    22. Life on the station settled back to routine and convoys resumed their transit as before

    23. Even though much of their military was gone, enough of it remained to defend the planet against pirates and ensure that convoys of cargo could operate in safety

    24. “Even with a preponderance of data from the most recent run of simulations, I doubted my own conclusions because during the early battles, Dustin and Matilda were efficient members of the team, but when they left us to take the shuttles, and we attacked the convoys I realized how much better we were just the four of us

    25. Greg said, “Under the terms of the Federation charter and Stellar company policy we delivered one of your ships and we defended one of your convoys from pirates

    26. We would like to spend the next year escorting convoys at the fringes of the system

    27. She hijacks the supply train and convoys that come here from time to time

    28. Their convoy was only one of many German convoys retreating back from the Eastern front, pursued by vengeful Soviet troops

    29. There was however something strange with the convoy, starting with the haphazard mix of vehicle types that contrasted with the appearances of normal military convoys

    30. The primary objective once Bismarck and Prinz Eugen had broken out into the Atlantic was not to engage in fleet actions but to attack British merchant convoys; the Bismarck to deal with the escorts and the Prinz Eugen to dispatch the merchantmen

    31. At this time, eleven convoys including a troop convoy carrying twenty thousand men destined for the Middle East were at sea

    32. Once out they would wreak havoc on the convoys and be almost impossible to track down

    33. Many felt the war was lost, if Hood could not stop the Bismarck what could? What now lay between this mighty German battleship and the destruction of the Atlantic convoys?

    34. However, possibly the main reason was that he was particularly concerned about the effect the British arctic convoys were having on his war against Russia

    35. These convoys were shipping crucial war supplies around the Norwegian coast to his Soviet enemy on the Eastern Front

    36. The major one being that the threat from Brest to the Atlantic convoys had been eliminated and no further attempt would be made to throw German capital ships into the battle of the Atlantic

    37. The Admiralty, in the midst of the Battle of the Atlantic and struggling to get the convoys through were exasperated by this prospect

    38. Britain's bases in the Middle East depended on the free passage of her convoys between Gibraltar, Malta and Alexandria

    39. The pendulum of fortune had swung back again in favour of Britain whose convoys reached Malta safely and the island was now stocked until the following spring

    40. From Norway, Tirpitz could attack Allied convoys to the Soviet Union or make a break for the Atlantic, as did Bismarck

    41. They operated in cooperation with the local resistance to launch attacks on German lines of communication, such as mining roads, destroying railways and bridges, and ambushing convoys

    42. After repairs the Scharnhorst was sent to Norwegian waters to join the Tirpitz in threatening Soviet convoys

    43. For the moment, our air reconnaissance missions show that no other troop trains or convoys are heading towards Vietnam

    44. Let’s move to the vertical of Paris to be ready to harass the ISF patrols and convoys there with our laser batteries

    45. Another problem is that our convoys would be exposed to air attacks by German planes based in Italy, but carrier-borne fighters could counter at least partly that threat

    46. Her reasoning, which I find eminently sound, was that such a massive movement of forces would take days and would basically clog all the available roads and railway tracks with military convoys from Northwest France

    47. We are now waiting for just that to let our tactical air forces loose over Northwest France and shoot from the air the hell out of those road and rail convoys

    48. ‘’Yes, General! All our vehicles are now on the base and our truck convoys are in the process of bringing in our supplies from our ships in Haifa

    49. ‘’After all this is said, we still have 100,000 Jews about to starve in Jerusalem if our convoys keep being blocked by the Arabs

    50. ‘’What I propose is some quick negotiations between me and the Arab commanders of the units posted between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, to obtain free passage for supply convoys

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