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    1. chaperon was beaming approval upon them, and the young men were taking

    2. With one white hand he smoothed his pointed mustache, and with the other he held a velvet chaperon with a scarlet feather fastened by a golden clasp

    3. 'The merchant Publio dwells here?' It was more statement than question, and something in the timbre of the voice caused the page to doff his feather chaperon as he bowed and replied: 'Aye, so he does, my captain

    4. He realized that the guard will remain there during his visit in order to act as a chaperon for them

    5. That was unpardonable, and Amy took no more notice of him for a long while, except a word now and then when she came to her chaperon between the dances for a necessary pin or a moment's rest

    6. "But tell me now, count," exclaimed Albert, delighted at the idea of having to chaperon so distinguished a person as Monte Cristo; "tell me truly whether you are in earnest, or if this project of visiting Paris is merely one of the chimerical and uncertain air castles of which we make so many in the course of our lives, but which, like a house built on the sand, is liable to be blown over by the first puff of wind?"

    7. In Petersburg there was a moment when a chaperon was absolutely essential for me

    8. chaperon he was

    9. the late afternoon without a chaperon

    10. It would put her in such a bad light as a chaperon

    11. The little presents he brought her from Nassau, With prices as high as they were, where on earth could she get needles and bonbons and hairpins, if she forbade the house to him? No, it was easier to shift the responsibility to Aunt Pitty, who after all was the head of the house, the chaperon and the arbiter of also knew that in the eyes of Atlanta Melanie Wilkes could do no wrong, and if Melanie morals

    12. Every girl needs a chaperon

    13. The instant the orchestra begins this preliminary canter to the dance, every couple rises, and each girl expects her escort to leave her the moment she reaches her chaperon

    14. She asked me to act as chaperon

    15. One old-fashioned point of view he enforced upon his children’s vision: the elder daughter must supervise and chaperon the younger ones to the last jot, and it must be done without disturbance of the business atmosphere

    1. I also learned that the crucifix was for his landlady – he despised religion, and like so many young men in countries where girls are constantly chaperoned, was happy to satisfy natural desires for bodily contact with other young men

    2. security personnel chaperoned the parties

    3. He was chaperoned by Gail Jones who efficiently ushered him into the office and out again in seconds

    4. Tonight, as Julianne murmured the scribbled words, “A true lady is to be chaperoned on all affairs, with moments of private conversation to be carefully directed by a guardian and, forthwith, necessarily short,” her thoughts were considerably elsewhere

    5. We met in Rome and we spent two days together cooped up in the house, chaperoned by an aunt on her deathbed

    6. It had been an adventure for them, chaperoned by their rabbi, joined by their entire congregation of elderly Jews

    7. the maximum effect while he chaperoned me and my movements

    8. The viceregal houseparty which included many wellknown ladies was chaperoned by Their Excellencies to the most favourable positions on the grandstand while the picturesque foreign delegation known as the Friends of the Emerald Isle was accommodated on a tribune directly opposite

    9. They they knew who made good matches and who did not, who drank secretly, who were to organized bazaars and presided over sewing circles, they chaperoned balls and picnics, have babies and when

    10. ” No sensible girl could promenade the Strand or the Bois after theater hours, no matter how chaperoned, and then make such a comparison

    1. Besides, he was probably bored after spending the last couple months chaperoning old ladies around

    2. I was chaperoning a field trip and we saw him

    3. at least he had a big chaperoning party to watch over him

    4. This circumstance served up another point about stalking, which was the near impossibility of chaperoning one’s own behavior

    5. Philippa remained behind, talking to Caris and chaperoning Odila with Earl David

    6. “And that is why I imagine I will be very busy with my chaperoning duties at the ball

    7. The strain of excessive chaperoning was wearing upon her

    1. “Then allow me to introduce you to the time-honored tradition of sneaking out past the chaperons

    2. Carrol had got English notions about chaperons and such nonsense, and wouldn't let Amy come with us

    3. Scarlett sat in the window of her bedroom that midsummer morning and disconsolately watched the wagons and carriages full of girls, soldiers and chaperons ride gaily out Peachtree road in search of woodland decorations for the bazaar which was to be held that evening for the benefit of the hospitals

    4. ” Behind them streamed the merry cavalcade, girls cool in flowered cotton dresses, with light shawls, bonnets and mitts to protect their skins and little parasols held over their heads; elderly convalescents from the hospitals wedged in between stout chaperons and slender girls ladies placid and smiling amid the laughter and carriageto-carriage calls and jokes; who made great fuss and to-do over them; officers on horseback idling at snail’s pace beside the carriages—wheels creaking, spurs jingling, gold braid gleaming, parasols gather greenery and have a picnic and melon cutting

    5. The walls were banked with pine branches that gave out a spicy smell, making the corners of the room into pretty bowers where the chaperons and old ladies would sit

    6. several of the chaperons in the corner looked their way

    7. Rushworth, on a point of some similarity, and could not help wondering as she listened; and glad would she have been not to be obliged to listen, for it was while all the other young people were dancing, and she sitting, most unwillingly, among the chaperons at the fire, longing for the re-entrance of her elder cousin, on whom all her own hopes of a partner then depended

    8. Norris paid her with as many smiles and courteous words as she had time for, amid so much occupation as she found for herself in making up card-tables, giving hints to Sir Thomas, and trying to move all the chaperons to a better part of the room

    9. It was said that they both gave way in everything to Katerina Ivanovna, and that she only kept them with her as chaperons

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    chaperon chaperone go with accompany attend usher convoy carry follow