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    1. Because walking with God is always accompanied by His

    2. They are accompanied by three militants with AK-47s

    3. He came to hate the laugh that always accompanied these lascivious

    4. He only had to watch for a few seconds before wire-framed geometries appeared around the storage containers making them look like tiny, slow-rolling dice, tumbling over each other through the debris, accompanied by the product codes of the contents and range to the junk

    5. This shared mingling of human substance gave me strength and, like a small bellows, fanned the flame of glowing anger that accompanied my slow investigation of the crime scene

    6. In the days that followed Smiler’s callous little display of brutality I counted the passing moments of my life through the waves of pain that accompanied my steps along the corridor for the morning’s ablutions

    7. My guards had not fixed handcuffs to my wrists nor had the by now all too familiar clank of chain accompanied my move

    8. We existed in a world of intermittent but minor-scale violence accompanied by weird and unexpected instances of compassion

    9. It was coming from well off the direct line to Sol and was not accompanied by drivewash, meaning the ship was trying to enter the system unobserved

    10. Though it was getting toward the time of the week the locals call Noonsleep where he was, he accompanied her as she went to investigate the old ship

    11. A nose rudder began to bite a little soft sand and they began to come around much more quickly, accompanied by painful groans from the coupling knuckles that joined the raft sections together

    12. He came to hate the laugh that always accompanied these lascivious suggestions

    13. hastily left for the station accompanied by Badal and

    14. After a somewhat heated discussion between us, Gilla got her way, this time persuading me to pack several skirts as well as the sensible hosen and shirts which have accompanied me on my journeys so far

    15. At that time Alan knew the next thing that would happen was that he would be devoured, accompanied by the screams of Desa and Luray

    16. Before I can reply, Wiesse materialises, accompanied by two of the High Guild members

    17. Despite the chill air, the early hour and his impending death, the soldier cut a fine, bold figure as he accompanied his guards to the gallows, where he stood to attention on the raised platform and looked at the crowd

    18. One sunny summer day, when Terry was playing on his own at World Cup in his local park, an old man with a stoop, and who was accompanied by a sour looking fox terrier, called Terry over

    19. ’ Muttered Alastair, which sets Karen and I off debating whether men ever grow up, accompanied by the affronted comments of the male sections of the company … no-one, but no-one is ever going to believe this evening

    20. On the contestant’s left arm Adam and Eve danced around an apple tree in full bloom, bothered neither by their nakedness nor by the tambourine-playing snake that accompanied their wild gyrations

    21. Accompanied by paparazzi flashbulbs and reality television cameramen, one by one the young man invited each and every one of the most beautiful and celebrated young ladies in the land to come and stay at his country pile

    22. The family ate supper in tired silence, after which Helen washed up, Ken accompanied Lucy to the main road and Alan lay down on his bed with a motorbike magazine and the latest hard-ass bass lines thumping through his stereo headphones

    23. His stroll toward her was accompanied by a chorus of hoots and howls from all present, lead by the other two soldiers and the boat captain

    24. soldier cut a fine, bold figure as he accompanied his guards to the

    25. Another time we went and watched a guy with a set of pan pipes who accompanied a guy who had a pretty good voice, but he sang bawdy songs that I couldn’t understand

    26. the tambourine-playing snake that accompanied their wild

    27. Alexi took over as Commander of the Phoenix, and Lady Tara accompanied him as scientific consultant

    28. accompanied George on test drives or on trips into neighbouring

    29. It was on one such occasion during this last mentioned avocation, that two visiting gentlemen who had arrived only that morning, accompanied by a third---one of the bachelors staying at the Lodges---happened into Hasting's Equipment Store to peruse his stock of angling tackle

    30. The members of the party ate their breakfast, a sullen silence replacing the bad tempered, early morning repartee which usually accompanied this meal

    31. The next morning after a 'continental' breakfast, Harry accompanied Mr

    32. When Harry boarded the train for Great Malvern and his Entrance Examinations, he was accompanied by Mr

    33. 'Take a seat,' was the brief reply, accompanied by a

    34. accompanied each servant as they entered with their trays

    35. “One moment please,” the voice said, accompanied by a flurry of more

    36. nervously and accompanied his remarks with a quick glance

    37. His body wasn't found until that afternoon and it was his own son who made the discovery, in the company of White Feathers and Titania who had accompanied him there for routine reasons having nothing to do with the stables at all

    38. and white newspaper that accompanied him daily to his morning ritual

    39. accompanied it with a placating gesture

    40. the low humming monks was accompanied only by something simmering in a pot

    41. sailed past, accompanied by theatrical oohs and ahhs

    42. set apart some of the sons of Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun for the ministry of prophesying, accompanied by harps, lyres and cymbals

    43. The sweet scent of frangipani that accompanied our

    44. Only one of these islands is inhabited, and some say it is the most remote place on earth to live! Most are descendents of the Bounty Mutineers and Tahitians who accompanied them

    45. coming out through the back of its head – accompanied

    46. To check its effectiveness, he let if fall, counting the seconds before he heard a distant, satisfactory thunk, accompanied by a guttural scream from below

    47. The high price of provisions during these ten years past, has not, in many parts of the kingdom, been accompanied with any sensible rise in the money price of labour

    48. They walked through the crowded room while every patron they passed shot Alec a look accompanied with a smile, a nod, and in some instances, a wink

    49. Finally, a slumping, white-robed figure appeared, accompanied by an army of black masked killers

    50. Now and again, the mage would join Alec and Solo Ki, always accompanied by the imp Galimoto

    1. Fred accompanies me to the hall, and starts setting out the chairs for the Granny and Grandpa session which is scheduled for this afternoon, the first meeting of the New Year

    2. A wink accompanies her last comment and Apollo begins to understand the situation, but he still doesn't trust her completely

    3. Images spring up in my memory: the face of the woman at the wayhouse mourning her grandchild … that sad mound beside the wasteg … too many have died already … the sigh that accompanies those thoughts is so heavy that Sefir turns her head to peer at me

    4. A chunk of bread spread with unsalted butter accompanies this feast – I’m starving!

    5. There is no limit to the foolishness and extravagance that accompanies them

    6. The increase of those particular capitals from which the owners wish to derive a revenue, without being at the trouble of employing them themselves, naturally accompanies the general increase of capitals ; or, in other words, as stock increases, the quantity of stock to be lent at interest grows gradually greater and greater

    7. In fact, without the fear of failure or the greed for reward that accompanies the self-centered self, you are free to express who you really are

    8. Their wealth would alone excite the public indignation; and the vanity which almost always accompanies such upstart fortunes, the foolish ostentation with which they commonly display that wealth, excite that indignation still more

    9. “False shame accompanies a man that is poor, shame that

    10. the marks of sorrow that accompanies any young hopeless

    11. the type of pain accompanies it is also your share of

    12. When rules and directives suffocate choice we are left with the ruin that accompanies perpetual meddling and leveling

    13. On the other hand, wherever he goes, El Bierzo accompanies him and becomes part of his life, and when he returns to it, he rejuvenates in his happiness… That part of El Bierzo’s beauty, not perceived by the senses, he has not been able to find in any other part of the world he has visited or in which he has lived

    14. compatriots know that that privileged corner of the earth is his favorite and that it accompanies him wherever he goes

    15. Back in Tarrasa, Roger succumbed to the stress that normally accompanies and scourges candidates for a doctoral degree after they finish writing their dissertation

    16. confirmation of an expectation or the eureka that accompanies a change in perception that

    17. One mark of construction is the effort that accompanies the thing

    18. it that Sarah is the young girl that accompanies him around

    19. accompanies the break in symmetry which ensures that the two oppo-

    20. corruption, crime and injustice that accompanies

    21. qualifier that actually accompanies comparing

    22. “What in the world has come over you, Moses, remember, our father accompanies us today

    23. Why could not abide the silence and the seriousness that accompanies the choosing of wishes; moreover, the butterfly seemed not to have noticed that he had been excluded from the group’s collective bargain, so he flew away to find something more entertaining to do up in the sky, which consisted chiefly of singing bits and pieces of made-up songs to himself and swinging his cane around like a cutlass

    24. Dyspareunia is basically “painful sex”, but in layman’s terms it is a “recurrent or persistent genital pain that accompanies sexual intercourse”

    25. Such word-forms are not determined by the thought which accompanies the

    26. suffering which invariably accompanies this Initiation clears off any arrears

    27. He wasn‘t quite prepared for the ungodly pain that accompanies a shotgun blast of 00 buckshot into one‘s lower leg

    28. to understand the language that accompanies it

    29. There is a time approaching when food, money, medicine is what should be sent around the world instead of military force and the war, violence, death and destruction that accompanies it

    30. impressive and the statement “in 24 Hours or Less” accompanies them, it captures the reader’s

    31. It looked sharp as a nine-inch nail, with that certain deadly quality that accompanies something very expensive

    32. There was something reluctant about his voice that hinted of a mellifluous sadness; such a quality often accompanies fond memories now faded but not forgotten

    33. clamor and noise that accompanies the divergent views on the nature of the Rapture is

    34. But the mental trauma that accompanies a

    35. earnings outlook that usually accompanies a Federal Reserve rate cut

    36. accompanies this sort of teacher

    37. Rudra proceeded to leave for Andaman and Divya suggested that she accompanies him in case Ansh catches up with them

    38. Of course, inflation accompanies an aggressive economy with high borrowing activity, but inflation isn’t the force driving the economy, it’s an adverse side effect of increased borrowing

    39. of the lake and also the terror of his mother’s ghost, and to give the reader the delicious and frustrating feeling that accompanies a cheap cliffhanger ending, the chapter ends here

    40. The divines who deny that regeneration always accompanies baptism are as worthy of attention, and as learned and wise, as any divines who ever held baptismal regeneration

    41. One may sometimes tell a lie, but the grimace that accompanies it tells

    42. It always accompanies it circulating around it and never leaves it

    43. that accompanies chronic constipation

    44. Nervousness often accompanies excitement

    45. The multiple cooperations present in an eco-collective of mutual benefit creates a sustainable resiliency that greatly hinders the logic of entropy that accompanies an anarchistic, but not integrative, multiplicity of sovereignty

    46. That is because the appreciating and admiring spirit is indeed, strictly attached to the spirit it admires, and always accompanies it heartily

    47. That is because the appreciative and admiring spirit is indeed strictly attached to he or she whom it admires and appreciates, and always accompanies such a person spiritually and couples with them

    48. Strange that the vanity which accompanies beauty--excusable, perhaps, when there is such great beauty, or at any rate understandable--should persist after the beauty was gone

    49. So sweet of him, poor Miles," Said Fanny, remembering, with the tender smile which accompanies thoughts of past adorations, that raised hand, that beautiful voice

    50. Andrews, whose face had been overspread by the expression that accompanies titters, started to her feet and froze before our eyes into the dumb passivity of the decent maid

    1. Not because he can’t – he knows lots of women who would be more than happy to accompany him – but because he doesn’t want second best

    2. Wrapped as I was in the cotton wool of solitary confinement, unable as I was to express any of my thoughts in concrete form or to engage in conjecture with another rational human being, nonetheless I spent hours imagining faces and clothes and names to accompany the hollow tapping sounds in the night

    3. Beyond that we could hear thunder in the distance, but there was no lightning flash to accompany it

    4. ‘I’m intending that you’ll accompany JJ when he goes across

    5. Do you think you will be able to accompany them? It would be lovely to see you again

    6. ‘They have agreed that you should have company on this journey and are contacting the most suitable men to see if they are free to accompany you

    7. Their dragons suited them well and when given the choice, when the time came, it was with great pride that they elected to accompany the Second of the Ancients overseas

    8. They were suffering from the combined effects of thumping heads, dehydration and the bile churning nerves that accompany deeds such as the one they proposed to execute that morning

    9. ‘I accompany this lady on pilgrimage

    10. She nearly fainted as they explained that, while she was not under arrest, they felt that it would be in her best interests to accompany them to the local police station

    11. And if you want, I can arrange for a documentary crew to accompany you every step of the way”

    12. Tarak turned towards Rayne and explained that women do not enter the court unescorted, so he would accompany her

    13. Duncan also learned that Prime Minister Gordon and two female scientists would accompany him to Earth with the device

    14. 'One guard will accompany you

    15. But he insisted a detail should accompany her and carry any provisions she needed

    16. After discussions between Tara, Duncan, and Minister Gordon, it was decided that Alexei should accompany her to Aura

    17. accompany deeds such as the one they proposed to execute that

    18. interests to accompany them to the local police station

    19. Lord Tarak saw no reason why not and asked several of his warriors to accompany them

    20. Dave didn’t say much but I get the idea that Becky wanted him to accompany her to corporate events – let’s admit it, he’s an attractive guy – but he was invariably tied up with work and isn’t keen on jumping through corporate hoops at the best of times

    21. he wanted to accompany them

    22. He has to tone his usual patter down a little, and his sincere belief that fathers should never accompany their teenage daughters in public is suitably reinforced

    23. drink, and to be joyful: for that will accompany him in his labor all the days of his life

    24. George had just swept the porch and Belle was in the kitchen when Wang Fong offered a story to accompany them in their early chores

    25. After dinner he was glad to accompany her just for the prestige, to be seen out and about with the founder of a Study

    26. “I heard Ava’s gone north so maybe you’d like to accompany me to HarzleTard, I’ll buy this time

    27. “But I will not always have you to accompany me, father, and because of that I am sometimes unsure of my resolve,” said Kaitlyn sincerely

    28. Agent Stenworth in charge of the mission; you will accompany him and the other

    29. Signs and wonders will often accompany their prophecies

    30. accompany this information with a light laugh, smile, or

    31. Again that infuriating, winsome grin to accompany the bad

    32. Lemoss had taken Nimblefax up to Granny's for safe keeping since Fizzicist had insisted no pets should accompany them

    33. Diminish the real opulence either of Holland or of the territory of Genoa, while the number of their inhabitants remains the same ; diminish their power of supplying themselves from distant countries; and the price of corn, instead of sinking with that diminution in the quantity of their silver, which must necessarily accompany this declension, either as its cause or as its effect, will rise to the price of a famine

    34. They have no manufactures, those household and coarser manufactures excepted, which necessarily accompany the

    35. What have my dear friends found to be the ideal gift to accompany such a wonderfully thoughtful cake and party for my,” and she winked: “'twenty-ninth' birthday?”

    36. ” The Elf nodded for Dena to accompany her out of the temple

    37. By being extremely clever, at times, she would induce a boy to accompany her into her quarters at the rear of the store, whereupon she would reveal one of her tits to him, or do some other such startling thing in order to get him aroused sexually

    38. Josh also offered to accompany them, but so half-heartedly it was hardly worth a response

    39. The persons who applied to him for justice were always willing to pay for it, and a present never failed to accompany a petition

    40. When Mother heard of Daniel"s interest in Beth, she insisted she talk with the aunt, and asked me to accompany her

    41. When Eli could make it as far as the latrines two of us would have to accompany him just to make sure that he was alright

    42. However our platoon had been volunteered to accompany the Battalion transport which was going via Southampton-Le Havre so once again after a trip on the G

    43. “Listen Bert I’m just going to get my kit and then I will come back down with it alright we will have a smoke and by that time the girls should be ready o accompany us to the station

    44. By a union with Great Britain, Ireland would gain, besides the freedom of trade, other advantages much more important, and which would much more than compensate any increase of taxes that might accompany that union

    45. He had been invited to accompany the town marshal to check on an old man who lived in a sod house far out of the little town where we lived

    46. Danton refused the offer to accompany them on the return journey

    47. They were built to accompany the merchant ships guarding against pirate raids, as piracy was commonplace in the great sea and to the south

    48. " It was also very possible that a slower propeller aircraft would accompany the helicopters during the fire forces attack to either mark the bombing spot for the fast jets (if needed and available) or give fire support on request

    49. Later in the day, a young man in uniform appeared at my door and told me that he would accompany me to the Russian border

    50. plane to Phoenix so he could accompany Sharon back on a private

    1. headed for the rocks, the accompanying Sea Rescue helicopters had to return to base as the waves were now high enough to be sucked

    2. If the welcome for project staff and accompanying officials is anything to go by, there is already a deep sense of appreciation

    3. Accompanying him is a young woman called Angelica Burford, and yes, she belongs to the Glaston Burford family

    4. This not-so-subtle hint bears fruit and Gilla and I spend the following morning searching the shops for something suitable while Caderl makes the visit to his workers that was ostensibly the primary reason for his accompanying us

    5. Helen also knew that Ken would be uncomfortable with the idea of accompanying his son because of the inconvenience of age, for although the landlord sometimes turned a blind eye to underage drinking, he always kept Sunday evening as a child free haven for the exhausted parents of the parish

    6. of accompanying his son because of the inconvenience of age, for

    7. ‘Would you mind accompanying me to the station?’

    8. ’ The Sergeant instructed his subordinate, the slight moan accompanying this order suggesting that the woman had regained consciousness

    9. been accompanying,” he said slowly, “Some have been, I suspect,

    10. but unsure of the reasons why they were accompanying a supposedly

    11. "I think sir Beauty is accompanying us

    12. reverend professor was not accompanying the students on the

    13. The soldiers accompanying them wore full uniform and they made for an impressive sight where they sat proudly on their steeds

    14. This achievement came not only as a surprise to Mr Pinscher, but also to one other, for accompanying both pie and Pilfer into the room, and gazing at the former with a lustiness almost equal to Pinscher's, was a plump and sluggish brown and white terrier

    15. Instead, they are sent out accompanying the Ezine regular content, and the Ad may occupy one of three possible locations on the Ezine page

    16. His consulting room could not have been less like the clinical environ of a surgery, with its large leather effect high backed chairs and accompanying fake fire

    17. I only sent fragments that meant nothing without the accompanying mathematical

    18. can appreciate the anxieties accompanying such a task

    19. By then, Dad couldn’t sleep for more than twenty minutes at a time, and the rest of us took turns staying awake and accompanying him on his nightly time travels into dream, imagination, and memory

    20. The accompanying information gave a hint of what took place

    21. My shoulders shook as I sobbed uncontrollably, gripping her hand tightly; the sound of the machines accompanying the sound of my unhappiness

    22. With regard to the village principle it must be remembered it is very expensive to build tens of thousands small villages with accompanying infrastructure

    23. Accompanying us was my friend and colleague Raoul de la Sota, painter and nephew of Mexican actor Anthony Quinn, who, years later, also visited our delightful region

    24. All the accompanying priests and officials congratulated each other on this

    25. “Not if she knew it was me that was accompanying you, she wouldn’t

    26. “Hey, and me?” she asked with an accompanying gesture of question

    27. Colling went back to those first weeks they had together, when she had demonstrated such passion, and wondered whether that had been part of a pre-conceived plan to seduce him into accompanying her to Poland

    28. With each unanswered letter he had written to Elizabeth, he had become more and more to accept the fact that she probably really had no further interest in him, and that all her affection, verbal and physical, had only been intended to draw him into accompanying her to Poland

    29. accompanying Shri Maharaj, suggested to Vaijnath that he perform a

    30. In the past when I was first introduced to the phrase, I thought, ‘Finally a presentation of what we know that supports the proposition of “Intelligence” accompanying the beginning and progress of all things

    31. 4 And they brought it out of the house of Abinadab which was at Gibeah, accompanying the Ark of God, and Ahio went before the

    32. Accompanying the army were wagons, herds of animals, his court, female fans of the soldiers, merchants, traders, poets, intellectuals, surveyors, and a historian (a relative of Aristotle)

    33. He blamed himself for not accompanying me so he could make sure I was not compromised

    34. Sephiroth had led Cloud and two of the accompanying Shinra

    35. receipts attached, and accompanying the document is 150 pages of instructions on how to

    36. As a kid I used to think it was a picture book, but it was actually a textbook with accompanying diagrams

    37. The only constants were the sense of power that rested on him and an accompanying sense of grief

    38. The witch accompanying her however made a dire prediction

    39. 71 (A passage wherein the Son of Man was described as accompanying the Head of Days)

    40. Even as the seven soldiers accompanying the party

    41. 19 For the Lord caused them to hear the voice of chariots, and the voice of mighty horses from the sons of Jacob, and the voice of a great army accompanying them

    42. On the way from Wuxi to Suzhou, a Chinese lady who was in the bus accompanying the group addressed the travelers

    43. Jesse sent Jason and Angie back to my suite to get the rest of my things, I could’ve done it myself but he insisted in me accompanying him

    44. In the beginning, Josie had Roger and the children accompanying her to different parishes on Sundays to sell religious books and other materials at each Mass

    45. Roger related the incident to Lucille and the accompanying couple

    46. 71 (A Lost passage wherein the Son of Man was described as accompanying the Head of Days)

    47. Europe and North America has been the necessity, over many years, of the development of an accompanying working class, one compatible with increased production

    48. With the victory of Nazi arms in Europe and the accompanying extermination of

    49. 19 For the Lord caused them to hear the voice of chariots and the voice of mighty horses from the sons of Jacob and the voice of a great army accompanying them

    50. He is totally frustrated by his father’s intrusions and resents being kept in an infantile role, always the little boy in his father’s eyes, with the accompanying contempt, condescension and lack of confidence that characterize the father’s attitude

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