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    1. From the selection of the best tonkin specimens for splitting, to the temperatures for the curing oven

    2. It was the old Scotch duty upon a bushel of salt, the quantity which, at a low estimation, had been supposed necessary for curing a barrel of herrings

    3. In Scotland, foreign salt is very little used for any other purpose but the curing of fish

    4. and duration of curing for different conditions:

    5. Unlike ordinary concrete, silicate concrete is produced on the basis of lime-sand binders of autoclave curing

    6. Slag and fly ash materials with different intensity harden in normal conditions and at steam curing depending on their mineralogical composition, chemical composition and active phases content, fineness, type and concentration of activator

    7. Comparatively high quality of these materials is obtained at steam curing

    8. as before £ 0 12 3¾ From which the shilling a barrel is to be deducted 0 1 0 £ 0 11 3¾ But to that there is to be added again, the duty of the foreign salt used curing a barrel of herring viz 0 12 6 So that the premium allowed for each barrel of her- rings entered for home consumption is £ 1 3 9¾

    9. per bushel supposed to be the quantity, at a medium, used in curing each barrel, is added, viz 0 3 0 the premium for each barrel entered for home consumption will be £ 1 14 3¾

    10. Steps to Curing Phobias and Traumas

    11. over the years for treating phobias as well as for curing traumas

    12. “Our struggle against violence and cruelty is only treating the symptoms of a disease, not curing it

    13. I was beginning to think my father’s expertise lay in curing fevers, but was interested to hear that he was able to prevent scarring

    14. Curing a physical disease does not ensure bringing the person to a state of wholeness where the person feels healthy and complete on all levels of its being

    15. When I arrived, everyone except Kellyn was there; apparently she was still in the clinic curing people

    16. Ishvara and Jiva were probably off someplace curing their wounds and they would heal soon afterwards, no doubt searching me out when they were rested and healed

    17. Even with dragging the ladder from window to window he accomplished a great deal, and by the time she arrived home Wednesday afternoon he proudly showed Charly the results, paint still curing on a few sills but the storm sash installed regardless

    18. The air was replete with the smells of cooking food and curing leather

    19. Then you’ll want to see the curing process and then the all-important cupping and roasting

    20. At least this was not a miracle of curing physical disease

    21. And it was this incidental occurrence, in connection with the presence of Jesus and the supposed miraculous curing of the lunatic, that gave origin to the legend that Jesus had cured Amos by casting a legion of devils out of him, and that these devils had entered into the herd of swine, causing them forthwith to rush headlong to their destruction in the sea below

    22. He wanted to teach them that they must cease to regard miracles as the only method of curing human diseases

    23. He apparently used the re-introduction of the sedative as a way of curing the volunteer’s withdrawal symptoms

    24. Some of them reported feeling better as a result and praised the drug for curing them of their previous ailment

    25. He wasn’t a doctor, but a sedative curing an anxiety disorder? It was too much for his simple mind to absorb

    26. "I haven't known that curing of grief and guilt goes that way

    27. Or perhaps he was tormented with guilt and thought curing cancer would negate his sin

    28. Later on, thinking that Amaranta Úrsula was continuing with her repairs so that her hands would not be idle, he decided to assemble the handsome bicycle, on which the front wheel was much larger than the rear one, and he dedicated himself to the capture and curing of every native insect he could find in the region, which he sent in jam jars to his former professor of natural history at the University of Liège where he had done advanced work in entomology, although his main voca-tion was that of aviator

    29. In all cases, if I have to choose between the knife and the bottle for curing, I really would like another choice

    30. Information I found indicated that the combination of herbs I was mentioning not only had great potential for healing, but they had some miraculous potential for curing cancer

    31. brief, the physician is charged with curing the patient and must

    32. for use of his curing barn, he could then save the remaining

    33. the curing barn, and at this point, one half going into more cleared

    34. success curing plague victims

    35. Booted out of medical school before he could even crack a book, Nostradamus went on the road, like a carnival doctor, traveling from town to town, seeking out medical cures, learning about plants and remedies, and hoping to make money curing the strangers that he met on his way

    36. From my start at the University of Montpellier Medical School, to my training with Julius Scaliger in Agen, to my curing of the plague in Aix-en-Provence, to my building of the canals of Salon, I have always put the interests of my fellow man before my own

    37. Despite the fact that my only documented skill in life has been the fortuitous curing of le charbon with my home-made herbal remedies, I neglected my wife and children, deciding instead to tromp all over the French countryside, going from house to house, inquiring as to whether any of the inhabitants needed curing

    38. depredations and also peaceful methods of curing them as the

    39. The key to curing a vaginal yeast infection without the aid of over-the-counter anti-fungal treatments is to restore the vagina's natural balance between the lactobacillus acidophilus (the natural bacteria in your vagina) and the yeast

    40. Also, if you feel your stomach becoming upset, take a vial of Curing Pills

    41. Some companies are now dropping the ‘r’ from the word ‘curing’ and replacing it with an “l” because they don’t want to be out of compliance with American regulations by labeling something as curing

    42. Some of the cobra’s scent must have lingered even after curing and it had mixed with my scent

    43. ‘That is, even for curing your ailment, whatever it is

    44. some cases for curing tuberculosis

    45. The spirit in the crystal emerges out of light reflections casting and curing diseases

    46. those men and women divide thing are not as important as curing her!”

    47. But if you insist on your shunning and keep on your error, you will be subject to treatment and curing, and what a great distress and an intense pain there are in treatment and curing

    48. Their appeal will be far from any direction to God and therefore it will not help in curing their spirits of their contents, and that is why they will remain in fire abiding therein forever

    49. Nobody has caused him that agony, but he himself has drawn that pain to himself, and the pain he has suffered when dressing and aid is but for his curing

    50. I wonder! When the doctor set to curing this butcher, shall he try to run away from him? Shall any of his family advance to intercede for him at the doctor asking him to stop his treatment and his trial to save him?

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    curing hardening set solidification solidifying therapeutic restorative curative recuperative rehabilitative remedial corrective