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  1. Steps to Curing Phobias and Traumas.
  2. You've done the curing very well, Jeff.
  3. The curing and the relief will be aided.
  4. Their accommodation was another rubber curing barn.
  5. The body is capable of handling and curing the pain.
  6. You know, such cases as yours need special curing.
  7. Herring, the mode of curing of, when discovered, xx, 183.
  8. Relaxation, Hopper believes, is vital to curing Hinckley.
  9. I tell you to hope, because I have a method of curing you.
  10. At least this was not a miracle of curing physical disease.
  11. I haven't known that curing of grief and guilt goes that way.
  12. Use this technique for curing yourself of any unnecessary fears.
  13. Sara Noriega, however, achieved the miracle of curing him for a time.
  14. The air was replete with the smells of cooking food and curing leather.
  15. But he was resting under sedatives in Amarillo curing his prostatitis.
  16. The curing process can last anywhere from 1 week to 2 months or more.
  17. Comparatively high quality of these materials is obtained at steam curing.
  18. The slave said it was the holy woman, curing people by her touch of their.
  19. Also, if you feel your stomach becoming upset, take a vial of Curing Pills.
  20. A cure for what? First you need to identify and define what you are curing.
  21. Finally I tracked down further unpublished SETH material relating to curing.
  22. The three steps mentioned in the above chapter are not just for curing worry.
  23. What great distress and intense pain are entailed by treatment and curing!.
  24. Yoga is another wonderful therapy in curing male as well as female sexual problems.
  25. Repeat back to me the spell for curing a poisonous affliction, Fionn whispered.
  26. Or perhaps he was tormented with guilt and thought curing cancer would negate his sin.
  27. The spirit in the crystal emerges out of light reflections casting and curing diseases.
  28. Jacques rushed forward to obtain his dose and experienced the same miraculous curing effect.
  29. In Scotland, foreign salt is very little used for any other purpose but the curing of fish.
  30. Then you’ll want to see the curing process and then the all-important cupping and roasting.
  31. During the curing process your tank may smell pretty bad and a good indication that your live.
  32. To choose the other is a spiritual love, because it leads to life by curing one of selfishness.
  33. Some of the cobra’s scent must have lingered even after curing and it had mixed with my scent.
  34. The Only Way Leading to Purification of the Spirit and Curing it of Spiritual Ailments and Diseases.
  35. She said the princess had written to much the same effect, and added that there was no curing a fool.
  36. When I arrived, everyone except Kellyn was there; apparently she was still in the clinic curing people.
  37. Our struggle against violence and cruelty is only treating the symptoms of a disease, not curing it.
  38. From the selection of the best tonkin specimens for splitting, to the temperatures for the curing oven.
  39. He wanted to teach them that they must cease to regard miracles as the only method of curing human diseases.
  40. Unlike ordinary concrete, silicate concrete is produced on the basis of lime-sand binders of autoclave curing.
  41. However, if you insist on shunning Him and keep on in your error, you will be subject to treatment and curing.
  42. He wasn’t a doctor, but a sedative curing an anxiety disorder? It was too much for his simple mind to absorb.
  43. He apparently used the re-introduction of the sedative as a way of curing the volunteer’s withdrawal symptoms.
  44. Some of them reported feeling better as a result and praised the drug for curing them of their previous ailment.
  45. In all cases, if I have to choose between the knife and the bottle for curing, I really would like another choice.
  46. These oils will seal the pores and hold the natural moisture of the skin and enhance the curing effects of the cream.
  47. We used a sound bite from Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of Weezer, who credited the practice with curing his stage fright.
  48. It also helps in curing Psoriasis which is a chronic disease where in the scalp gets infected with lesions and red dry patches.
  49. I was beginning to think my father’s expertise lay in curing fevers, but was interested to hear that he was able to prevent scarring.
  50. Please keep me up-to-date on the progress The Smile Train is making on curing the world of clefts by sending me regular communications.
  51. This example is from the age of our sir Omar Ibn Abdel-Azeez, and the curing remedy we choose to represent for you is the cure of alms.
  52. Green tea is also considered very effective in curing dandruff which is one of the prime reasons for hair loss in children and adults alike.
  53. This recently approved form of treating severe acne and curing pimples should give you more confidence in the safety and success of the procedure.
  54. When everything fails and you may have exhausted all your resources in curing yourself of this pathetic malady, it is time you consult your doctor.
  55. Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicines have been used for centuries with results in curing low libido in women as well as male dysfunctions.
  56. Then he withdrew, leaving in Alexey Alexandrovitch an unpleasant sense that something was wrong with him, and that there was no chance of curing it.
  57. It was the old Scotch duty upon a bushel of salt, the quantity which, at a low estimation, had been supposed necessary for curing a barrel of herrings.
  58. Nobody has caused him that agony, but he himself has drawn that pain to himself, and the pain he has suffered when dressing and aid is but for his curing.
  59. The writer moved as a ghost might, out through the kitchen under construction into the backyard, where the foundation for the addition was already curing.
  60. On hearing this his parents were much distressed, as they now believed him to be without the means of curing the Czar’s daughter, and began to scold him.
  61. Curing a physical disease does not ensure bringing the person to a state of wholeness where the person feels healthy and complete on all levels of its being.
  62. Ishvara and Jiva were probably off someplace curing their wounds and they would heal soon afterwards, no doubt searching me out when they were rested and healed.
  63. But it would be too openly vile, too flagrantly infamous, if I did not at least restore to P——‘s son the tens of thousands of roubles spent in curing my idiocy.
  64. If the lady had married some page of hers, or some other servant of the house, as many another has done, so I have heard say, then the mischief would have been past curing.
  65. In addition to curing bellyache, a study published in the Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology suggests ginger may have a unique ability to accelerate gastric emptying.
  66. Information I found indicated that the combination of herbs I was mentioning not only had great potential for healing, but they had some miraculous potential for curing cancer.
  67. That is the way with you political writers, Ladislaw—crying up a measure as if it were a universal cure, and crying up men who are a part of the very disease that wants curing.
  68. Of what was that balsam, or, rather, decoction, made, which, as we learn from the preliminary inquiry, you used on that evening to rub your lumbago, in the hope of curing it?
  69. But if you insist on your shunning and keep on your error, you will be subject to treatment and curing, and what a great distress and an intense pain there are in treatment and curing.
  70. Though the prefrontal lobotomy was not recommended for curing or treating intellectual and developmental disabilities, Freeman assured Joe of the efficacy of his experimental brain operation.
  71. Their appeal will be far from any direction to God and therefore it will not help in curing their spirits of their contents, and that is why they will remain in fire abiding therein forever.
  72. Evidently, they had all been supernaturally protected by St Adolphus, whose bones were preserved under the high altar, and whose deeds included many instances of curing the sick and saving people from death.
  73. I wonder! When the doctor sets to curing this butcher, will he try to run away? Will any of his family come forward to intervene with the doctor on his behalf, asking for an end to the treatment to save him?
  74. Some companies are now dropping the ‘r’ from the word ‘curing’ and replacing it with an l because they don’t want to be out of compliance with American regulations by labeling something as curing.
  75. I wonder! When the doctor set to curing this butcher, shall he try to run away from him? Shall any of his family advance to intercede for him at the doctor asking him to stop his treatment and his trial to save him?
  76. The practical examples and the interpreting memorandums from the prophetic Sunna and the deeds of our ancestors are countless, after curing them in the sanitarium of Allah The King and The Most Holy, they led a happy and pleasant life.
  77. The key to curing a vaginal yeast infection without the aid of over-the-counter anti-fungal treatments is to restore the vagina's natural balance between the lactobacillus acidophilus (the natural bacteria in your vagina) and the yeast.
  78. Slag and fly ash materials with different intensity harden in normal conditions and at steam curing depending on their mineralogical composition, chemical composition and active phases content, fineness, type and concentration of activator.
  79. He had recently read a eulogy on a new method for curing club-foot, and as he was a partisan of progress, he conceived the patriotic idea that Yonville, in order to keep to the fore, ought to have someoperations for strephopody or club-foot.
  80. He had recently read a eulogy on a new method for curing club-foot, and as he was a partisan of progress, he conceived the patriotic idea that Yonville, in order to keep to the fore, ought to have some operations for strephopody or club-foot.
  81. Even with dragging the ladder from window to window he accomplished a great deal, and by the time she arrived home Wednesday afternoon he proudly showed Charly the results, paint still curing on a few sills but the storm sash installed regardless.
  82. From my start at the University of Montpellier Medical School, to my training with Julius Scaliger in Agen, to my curing of the plague in Aix-en-Provence, to my building of the canals of Salon, I have always put the interests of my fellow man before my own.
  83. Moreover, Homais, with his head fuller of recipes than his shop of jars, excelled in making all kinds of preserves, vinegars, and sweet liqueurs; he knew also all the latest inventions in economic stoves, together with the art of preserving cheese and of curing sick wines.
  84. Booted out of medical school before he could even crack a book, Nostradamus went on the road, like a carnival doctor, traveling from town to town, seeking out medical cures, learning about plants and remedies, and hoping to make money curing the strangers that he met on his way.
  85. We have made Earth ill in our pursuit of wealth, now, in our pursuit to make her well, who are the eco-nutriceutical corporatenisms that will amass great fortunes for curing the Earth? Of what ailments? At what cost? Towards what end? Sometimes the cure causes greater harm than the original illness.
  86. Despite the fact that my only documented skill in life has been the fortuitous curing of le charbon with my home-made herbal remedies, I neglected my wife and children, deciding instead to tromp all over the French countryside, going from house to house, inquiring as to whether any of the inhabitants needed curing.
  87. This was an astounding modern medical method based on the tests of great scholars of medicine and through which it was confirmed that mentioning the Name of Al’lah results in purifying the cattle’s meat from microbes, saving it from the pain of slaughter, and curing it from the incurable dangerous diseases like mad cow disease and bird plague.
  88. Excuse me, excuse me; of course it would be rather difficult for Katerina Ivanovna to understand, but do you know that in Paris they have been conducting serious experiments as to the possibility of curing the insane, simply by logical argument? One professor there, a scientific man of standing, lately dead, believed in the possibility of such treatment.
  89. And it was this incidental occurrence, in connection with the presence of Jesus and the supposed miraculous curing of the lunatic, that gave origin to the legend that Jesus had cured Amos by casting a legion of devils out of him, and that these devils had entered into the herd of swine, causing them forthwith to rush headlong to their destruction in the sea below.
  90. Earth diagnoses patient Earth with human cell starvation, and correlates starvation with lack of food and not money, the doctor will explain to the patient that it is monergic constriction, and the tumorous growth of corporatenisms, inhibiting the cell's acquisition of food, rather than curing it, that is both producing and exacerbating the human cells' starvation.
  91. Science is of such a nature, that every rural physic-man laments because there are no means of curing working-men, because he is so poor that he has not the means to place the sick man in the proper hygienic conditions; and at the same time this physician complains that there are no hospitals, and that he cannot get through with his work, that he needs assistants, more doctors and practitioners.
  92. Later on, thinking that Amaranta Úrsula was continuing with her repairs so that her hands would not be idle, he decided to assemble the handsome bicycle, on which the front wheel was much larger than the rear one, and he dedicated himself to the capture and curing of every native insect he could find in the region, which he sent in jam jars to his former professor of natural history at the University of Liège where he had done advanced work in entomology, although his main voca-tion was that of aviator.
  93. Come, Almanack! To begin: there's Aries, or the Ram—lecherous dog, he begets us; then, Taurus, or the Bull—he bumps us the first thing; then Gemini, or the Twins—that is, Virtue and Vice; we try to reach Virtue, when lo! comes Cancer the Crab, and drags us back; and here, going from Virtue, Leo, a roaring Lion, lies in the path—he gives a few fierce bites and surly dabs with his paw; we escape, and hail Virgo, the Virgin! that's our first love; we marry and think to be happy for aye, when pop comes Libra, or the Scales—happiness weighed and found wanting; and while we are very sad about that, Lord! how we suddenly jump, as Scorpio, or the Scorpion, stings us in the rear; we are curing the wound, when whang come the arrows all round; Sagittarius, or the Archer, is amusing himself.
  94. Ayurveda, Unani and other herbal ways of medicines: Certain herbs are sure to help females in curing their loss of libido, herbs such as Shatavari, Ashwagandha, pippali,shilajit,.
  1. There he may be cured.
  2. This man has cured the.
  3. It might have cured you.
  4. Unless it could be cured.
  5. The fever had been cured.
  6. Molly knew she had cured.
  7. He cured me of baldness.
  8. He has cured Ellen Bulstrode.
  9. I have already cured him of.
  10. They pray to the sky to be cured.
  11. It completely cured the hangover.
  12. Evidently Búlka never got cured.
  13. They should’ve cured me of my.
  14. I think I’m cured, after all.
  15. To be cured by hypnosis does-237.
  16. Hangovers can be cured with torture.
  17. He took a length of cured leather.
  18. Kitty returned home to Russia cured.
  19. After she had cured her jet lag her.
  20. Close shave that but cured the stitch.
  21. You cured me of that perverted addiction.
  22. I wanted to tell you that I'm not cured.
  23. And more stupidly: expecting to be cured.
  24. However, he was soon cured of the malady.
  25. But I was soon agreeably cured of my fears.
  26. That you won’t, unless you are cured.
  27. This can only be cured by complete silence.
  28. Could it be true? Could I really be cured?
  29. I will not go until my child has been cured.
  30. What has to be cured is what makes him poor.
  31. Drink it and in a few days you will be cured.
  32. You know how they say HIV can’t be cured.
  33. The result is that he is now effectively cured.
  34. What disease did ham have before it was cured?
  35. Can this condition be cured? Garcia asked.
  36. Especially how he once cured a paralyzed woman.
  37. Whatever it was that Haley gave me, it cured me.
  38. Cured in a type of vinegar, from what I can tell.
  39. It means that you are sick and need to be cured.
  40. Lim pronounced me cured, and Mike drove me home.
  41. What other problems were cured? Alan asked.
  42. And the lad was permanently cured from that hour.
  43. Hu, chalk it up to whatever, maybe she was cured.
  44. Tomorrow, perhaps, you will be cured of weariness.
  45. Stace was the supposed witch who cured him Alex.
  46. Those, their spirits have the ability to be cured.
  47. Ignorance can be cured, by study and by curiosity.
  48. Tell him a faith healer or something has cured you.
  49. If the herrings are cured in British salt, it will.
  50. Everyone could see he was cured, and they were all.
  51. When the concrete has cured we lay down eight foot.
  52. If the herrings are cured with British salt, it will.
  53. He who conceals his disease cannot expect to be cured.
  54. You were a lesbian and you’re cured, not a murderer.
  55. Who cured and cleaned my wounds without ever abhorring.
  56. Illiat has cured me of their pain, but not pain itself.
  57. So, Sensei picked him up from the street and cured him.
  58. Many thousands have received my Specific, and are cured.
  59. Your treatment has cured me; Your inhalers are excellent.
  60. We cured that disease a long time ago, Garcia said.
  61. But they never cured a single sufferer from this plague.
  62. Edward was cured with a procedure which involved the.
  63. The subluxation was cured in the neurosurgery department.
  64. I can finally focus on helping the infected to get cured.
  65. He believed, for example, that homosexuality can be cured.
  66. One exposure to vacuum had cured him of all his curiosity.
  67. First, the illness has to be treated and completely cured.
  68. The herrings caught and cured at sea are called sea-sticks.
  69. In effect, Sophie’s endometriosis could only be cured by.
  70. I have been cured of the presumption of thinking otherwise.
  71. They cured the grief and guilt I had in me for twenty years.
  72. But I am cured! Oh, I tell you that I am cured! What an ass.
  73. Dieter told me that the therapy worked and that Eva was cured.
  74. A big handful of Gold Bond had cured up that itch pretty well.
  75. Victims can't break free from this effect, they must be cured.
  76. She swallowed it, and was cured at once and could wave her arm.
  77. The vision is cured of a cataract if there is a divine scalpel.
  78. Uncured live rock is usually a third of the price of cured rock.
  79. Once cured, UF adhesives produce structural bonds and the tan.
  80. Donovan stretched his arms and legs and pulled a strip of cured.
  81. She cured him of his anxiety attacks and a bunch of other stuff.
  82. My rose pill, which I claimed cured the Plague, is also a fraud.
  83. A legal document used when the defaulting party either cured or.
  84. There are many stories of people who cured terminal cancer just.
  85. A steady stream of slaves brought in bags of meal and cured meat.
  86. Some time after that, I saw her, and she said, I'm cured of lying.
  87. Cured and processed meat are more readily contaminated than fresh.
  88. The patient is NOT cured when his or her temperature reaches normal.
  89. There are basically two main types of live rock - cured and uncured.
  90. Maharaj had a plethora of knowledge of herbal remedies and he cured.
  91. Sometimes the default in interest is cured and the issue reinstated.
  92. The Jews therefore said to him who was cured, It is the Sabbath;.
  93. Uta was doing with you? Seeing if you were cured? Zoe finally asked.
  94. But overriding that was the fact that I was not only alive but cured.
  95. The only weakness is their site age, which can only be cured with time.
  96. Now I saw all as it truly was and thanked God that I was finally cured.
  97. But that was when his master, Fionn, had cured him, not some random girl.
  98. Apparently, Marilyn cured Sinatra of his impotency, at least for a while.
  99. That poor financial position seems to have been cured by Wharf’s HK $5.
  100. I heard of Mary Magdalene whom he cured of demons that possessed her body.
  1. That cures all our sins.
  2. They say he cures every one.
  3. There are cures for loneliness.
  4. He is then moved and cures them.
  5. He cures those bitten by animals.
  6. Whooping cough they say it cures.
  7. For me, it cures heartburn every time.
  8. He not only prescribed the cures but.
  9. Then analyze the diseases and its cures.
  10. But they’re not miracle cures, nor are.
  11. Lovern and I used it when mixing our cures.
  12. Some Pests of Roses, their Causes and Cures:.
  13. You said The Pill cures both, you ain’t kiddin’.
  14. She had in her memory many cures from the old times.
  15. Ebola and AIDS are not the diseases; they are the cures.
  16. There are a number of other cures that I discovered during.
  17. We seem to be finding cures for all sorts of things lately.
  18. He is also the remedy that cures the malady of worldly misery.
  19. He is the cure who rules over the other cures, you understand.
  20. He remembered all the miraculous cures he had been told about.
  21. That cant about cures was never got up by sound practitioners.
  22. And those proclaimed cures in a bottle are ridiculously expensive.
  23. I merely helped pave the way to many of the cures that we use today.
  24. It hides the fact that Western Surgical Medicine kills more than it cures.
  25. What is behind pregnancy headaches? Are they normal? And what are the cures?
  26. Such cures must be made from the inside outward and not from the outside inward.
  27. If you worry him with keepers and cures he'll be a physical wreck in a few years.
  28. Here’s a pill for that, and also it cures testicular decay and loss of eyeballs.
  29. Partial protection was a difficult concept for people who believed in miracle cures.
  30. The cures for aging had been lost to most of the population during the Troubled Times.
  31. The good brothers in the infirmary have told us how Alice saves lives with her cures.
  32. He adopted several of my cures, and taught me many things that Mother hadn’t known.
  33. For years Doc’s took care of us—get sick he cures us, get broke he’s there with a buck.
  34. He repeated chants, and recited the recipes for cures, and I prayed with him to learn the prayers.
  35. But it was the physical cures that made the most direct and immediate appeal to the common people.
  36. It’s like taking a pill for a stubbed toe that also cures the plague and grows back missing arms.
  37. Nonsense! said the Cousin, interrupting the Brookline Lamb’s sarcasm in regard to nerve cures.
  38. Yazadril and Hilsith cast hangover cures on their loved ones, then took them home and tucked them into bed.
  39. If they typed in "natural acne cures", then a whole new set of highly relevant results would be displayed.
  40. Let's now study the golden pyramid of the Koran that cures the case of sustenance with its five cornerstones.
  41. In her view, the only apparent cures were the product of the healing properties inherent in the plant itself.
  42. Rob had observed that cures that worked on monsters often served as well with people, in somewhat smaller doses.
  43. It has a great deal of information, including recipes, book recommendations, cancer cures and reviews of my books.
  44. It carries all the list of the curses, some cures, and most importantly, the name of the Vangel—the Cursed Angel.
  45. We can become GOD when a medical doctor cures a newcomer beggar in the hospital, with continuous beats on the heart.
  46. If anything is wrong with your nose, they send you to Paris: there, they say, is a European specialist who cures noses.
  47. Psychologists and Psychiatrists spend their careers in trying to find cures and explanations for these wiring problems.
  48. People would visit to pray for spiritual guidance, cures for their ailments and even happy marriages for their children.
  49. And such cases of mental healing these ignorant and simple-minded people regarded as physical healing, miraculous cures.
  50. If 50 percent of Alt-A borrowers default with zero cures and zero recovery to Radian, Radian could book losses as high as:.
  51. The nurse never gave any interviews, and the newspaper did not publish her name, but we should never forget that love cures.
  52. They share their honey with us and it makes us healthy, cures infections, heals burns or wounds, soothes inflamed throats, stops coughs.
  53. Suppose the cures that we seek are all within ourselves? It would make sense as nature seems to have provided everything we need to live.
  54. It is an evil thing in itself; something like the dose a doctor gives us; it is a disagreeable thing in itself, but it cures your complaint.
  55. Merck focused R&D on cures that were needed, instead of making questionable improvements to existing drugs, as most pharmaceutical firms did.
  56. This chapter offers 11 steps to trading bigger, and potential cures for Trader Wuss Syndrome are offered to help you add size to your trading.
  57. Are there any cures for these potential problems? Let’s say there are tune-ups that can be made to the strategy, but they are not a panacea.
  58. These raise hopes that effective cures based on the organic chemical compounds from this plant can be invented and produced in the near future.
  59. There were saints who performed miraculous cures; some holy people, according to their biographies, were visited by the Queen of Heaven herself.
  60. It’s great to find cures for diseases, but it’s better and much more economical to eliminate the causes, specifically stuff in the environment.
  61. Not one of those cures has been shown to be effective, but talk to women who have been pregnant, and many will swear their remedy works miraculously.
  62. I remember that my wife had once mentioned to me that on the corner of our street there lived an old Uzbek witch, who dispensed all kinds of herbal cures.
  63. Religion cures man’s sense of isolation and spiritual loneliness because man joins an eternal family with God as Father and all of mankind as his brothers.
  64. And this case is a good illustration of many apparently miraculous cures which attended upon Jesus' earth career, but which he in no sense consciously willed.
  65. It is well-known and widely employed by native healers for incurable diseases such as Cancer and AIDS, and many miraculous cures have been ascribed to it.
  66. It is obvious that on this road, with all its increase of the comforts and delights of life, of cures, artificial teeth and hair, and so on, there can be no salvation.
  67. Doctors know a great deal – they spend a great deal of time and money studying – but it surprises me when I mention certain non-drug cures, of which they are not aware.
  68. God the Almighty cures us from our spiritual and physical diseases if we straighten up and follow His orders and communicate with His lofty Presence through real communication.
  69. Now where are the interpretive memorandum and the executive supplements and the practical examples for these two cures? Here are some of these illustrative examples not all of them:.
  70. Built open data portal with open science principles that will greatly accelerate the discovery of better diagnostics, treatments and, someday, cures for diseases and injuries of the brain.
  71. She suddenly always knew way too much history, way too much biology, like the codes to the seven most important plasmids in the ephemerality cures, way too much geography, economic statistics.
  72. Of course Blanche's reception of him had acted as the best of all possible cures, but for long enough he carried the marks of his affliction, despite his present condition of rapture and delight.
  73. I suppose no doctor ever came newly to a place without making cures that surprised somebody—cures which may be called fortune's testimonials, and deserve as much credit as the written or printed kind.
  74. These books hold many wondrous things Roric, cures to diseases, sciences that would make our lives easier and would allow us to live lives of luxury, advancements to give us victory in battle and so on.
  75. This Kumbhaka cures all diseases, bestows longevity of life and awakens the Kundalini-Sakti, which passes through the hollow Sushumna-Nadi to the crown of the head, after piercing one Chakra after another.
  76. If, however, the Bishop had one of his cures to supper, Madame Magloire took advantage of the opportunity to serve Monseigneur with some excellent fish from the lake, or with some fine game from the mountains.
  77. It was a time to exchange the legends of each clan during the evening fires, different cures for illnesses and injuries that worked, and mock battles among the warriors who had come as protectors of their leaders.
  78. At a small distance from her town a monastery was situated, where an old monk lived who had gained a great reputation by his holy life, by his sermons and prophecies, as well as by the marvellous cures ascribed to him.
  79. It is difficult to know whether these cures in fact occurred, and, if they did, whether Nostradamus‘ cures were accidental, but whichever the case, his reputation as a healer began to spread through southern France.
  80. How did Allah changed the difficulties and the misery to countless bounties and favors? By these three cures mentioned in this noble verse, the Koran solves one of the most difficult problems in life and cures poverty.
  81. But why was Caris, the daughter of a wealthy man, working like an apprentice in the kitchen of a side-street medicine woman? While Caris made up the mixture, Gwenda recalled that her friend had always been intrigued by illness and cures.
  82. The Annual Mid-Winter Charity Ball held by David Winslow’s company last night was a major success; more than enough funds were raised to complete a new research lab which will be used to find cures for blood-related diseases and disorders.
  83. Tell him also—and this is why I recall this fact, more true than when it was first spoken—tell him also that the United States never cures a wrong until the people demand it; and when the hearts of the people are reached the Indian will be saved.
  84. I was able to paint a disturbing portrait of the societal attitudes toward the intellectually disabled—attitudes that informed Rose and Joe’s flawed decisions in their desperate search to find medical and psychiatric cures for Rosemary’s disabilities.
  85. And we here, washed and clothed, having left the slops in our bedrooms to be cleaned up by slaves, eat and drink and discuss Schumann and Chopin and which of them moves us most or best cures our ennui? That is what I was thinking when I passed you, so I have spoken.
  86. Booted out of medical school before he could even crack a book, Nostradamus went on the road, like a carnival doctor, traveling from town to town, seeking out medical cures, learning about plants and remedies, and hoping to make money curing the strangers that he met on his way.
  87. But how is it done, and why? By spending billions of dollars on research to find cures for diseases which only rich nations have? While the billions of poor and oppressed are ignored? What they are actually doing is trying to separate rich humanity from all the constraints and balances of nature and the universe.
  88. V series when Dr House gets a flash diagnosis five minutes before the show finishes, having spent most of the episode faffing [messing] around discussing Lisa Cuddy’s menstrual cycle, then abruptly announces that it’s not an infection and administers the patient drugs that miraculously cures them and they bugger off home.
  89. Finally, in 1992, the government broke up the nearly twenty-year-old Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration (ADAMHA)—which had, under one roof, all the “hard science” research into causes, treatments, cures, and preventions, as well as “softer” behavioral and social science research, training, and public education.
  90. In the clamor over the ills and cures (if any) of the public school system the central question is often missing: What is the purpose of educating children? What sort of citizens are we preparing? What sort of future society does the material given to students today imply? What sort of society is needed if the country is to survive? Is this something we can talk about? Not in the public schools if the educrats and the teacher unions have anything to say about it.
  91. And let it not be supposed that opinion at the Tankard in Slaughter Lane was unimportant to the medical profession: that old authentic public-house—the original Tankard, known by the name of Dollop's—was the resort of a great Benefit Club, which had some months before put to the vote whether its long-standing medical man, "Doctor Gambit," should not be cashiered in favor of "this Doctor Lydgate," who was capable of performing the most astonishing cures, and rescuing people altogether given up by other practitioners.
  92. It became undoubtedly certain that even as all those inventions of the human mind, such as newspapers, theatres, concerts, parties, balls, cards, magazines, novels, are nothing but means to sustain the spiritual life of men outside its natural condition of labour for others, so in the same way all the hygienic and medical inventions of the human mind for the provision of food, drink, dwelling, ventilation, warming of rooms, clothes, medicines, mineral water, gymnastics, electric and other cures, are all merely means to sustain the bodily life of man outside of its natural conditions of labour; and all these are nothing else than an establishment hermetically closed, in which, by means of chemical apparatus, the evaporation of water for the plants is arranged, when you need only to open the window, and do that which is natural, not for men alone but to beasts too; in other words, having absorbed the food, and thus produced a charge of energy, to discharge it by muscular labour.
  93. So if 100 percent of subprime borrowers default tomorrow (no more premiums paid) with zero cures and zero recovery to Radian,.

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1. It is not its cure.
2. They sent for the cure.
3. I hope it will cure him.
4. Do you have a cure for.
5. The Cure for Being Single.
6. I'll cure myself of this.
7. This cancer of sins, cure.
8. All creation needs a cure.
9. Nothing can cure the soul.
10. It the grave alone can cure.
11. No time mother need cure.
12. Distraction is a cure for.
13. What is the cure for greed?
14. Forrest is after the cure.
15. You can't, there is no cure.
16. He mentioned it to the cure.
17. To cure the king's daughter.
18. And you say there is no cure.
19. Could this man have a cure?
20. What concerns you is the cure.
21. He has the cure, definitely!.
22. Provided she survives the cure.
23. What about the cure? I ask.
24. We're in kill or cure mode now.
25. Prevention is Better than Cure.
26. The cure was within my control.
27. The Investigator and his Cure.
28. Is there a cure for this?
29. It was a sort of scorching cure.
30. Thinks he'll cure it with pills.
31. Prevention Better than Cure, 75.
32. You will still need to cure it.
33. We have no cure for the disease.
34. And I have my mother’s cure.
35. It was imperative that, to cure.
36. The cure came back day after day.
37. But this is not a permanent cure.
38. London would soon bring its cure.
39. No cure then, she whispered.
40. I need find cure of infections.
41. Tahira, tell us about your cure.
42. She is about to test the new cure.
43. In one hand he held the cure pill.
44. Merely to be there was a cure for.
45. Unexpectedly, her cure was lopsided.
46. Is there a cure? Picard asked.
47. You have a cure, she whispered.
48. Show all that God love can cure all.
49. Cure my parents as soon as possible.
50. They said the process would cure me.
51. Prevention is still better than cure.
52. I must leave, my people need cure.
53. Cure I thought I’d never see again.
54. When I cure them, the snakes vanish.
55. Nothing that an aspirin won't cure.
56. Cure what actually causes the problem.
57. There is no known cure once infected.
58. Prevention is always better than cure.
59. Nothing a coat of paint wouldn't cure.
60. My mother’s cure could be anywhere.
61. Contact with real life will cure you.
62. He asked me to come here to cure him.
63. The verdict would cure past mistakes.
64. I know the cure for that, drink more.
65. He and the Cure threw the intruder a.
66. Kill or cure, Charles Halloway thought.
67. As good as invented a cure for cancer.
68. You see, pregnancy is oddly the cure.
69. M: In some cases death is the best cure.
70. This tastes darn good—might cure me.
71. They can't exactly cure your condition.
72. The bitch! The bitch! I’ll cure her!.
73. Massive action is the cure to all fear.
74. A cure for what? Forrest is ill?
75. The cure is within me, not from outside.
76. The boy replied: There is a cure there.
77. It’s a nasty virus, there’s no cure.
78. Or fi nd a cure, Stoke interjected.
79. I know the cause for it and the cure.
80. Cure my arm, for I cannot dress myself.
81. Boost speed can also cure the character.
82. We can cure it by bone marrow transplant.
83. You should be able to cure yourself, if.
84. But if I did, they would cure it and.
85. Repentance is said to be its cure, sir.
86. It isn't quite the place for a rest cure.
87. It was a wasting disease that had no cure.
88. I need information about infection cure.
89. The Bishop and Cure snorted their contempt.
90. We cannot cure her with powders and pills.
91. Indeed there was no cure, but the ending.
92. I took the usual cure: popping an aspirin.
93. When he is lonely there’s only one cure.
94. The doctor had been summoned, and the cure.
95. But being lied to was no cure and no peace.
96. Apparently it might have a cure for cancer.
97. Good thing old Jeb knows a cure for that.
98. Nature has no cure for this sort of madness.
99. The worst of it was that there was no cure.
100. Can your spells cure those as well?

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